what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re gonna be talking about what’s
going on in the crypto space including electro neum big news has come out for
electro neom and I want to share that with you guys today in this video as
well as of course covering some of the big news articles and again looking
through the overall market so guys before we get started if you want to see
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time we release a new video now the two news articles that I
separated for us today both kinda tax-related but you know taxes is a big
thing big thing in the cryptocurrency space we are waiting to see how certain
regulations and how texts are gonna work is it going to be taxed as you know
capital gains it’s gonna be taxed as income a lot of things still to be
figured out but Georgia is apparently the next state in line to accept crypto
for taxes and licenses this is cool all you guys remember a little bit ago we
talked about another state forget what state it was but they were accepting
crypto as a form of payment for taxes so crypto being treated as a currency which
is all we technically are have been asking for is whatever
it’s what cryptocurrency was meant to do it’s honestly what we’ve been waiting
for so it’s great to see that you know more and more states in the u.s. to
which you know you and you if you guys know you guys want invest in AI cos US
has not allowed us presidents and usually US and China people residents of
those two countries I’m not allowed to invest in AI cos at least for most of
the big ones so you know starting to see the US and certain states accept
cryptocurrency it’s a form of taxes as payments you know and form a currency
definitely a good sign for things ahead now this one’s a little bit less good
news I mean I guess it’s not bad news but basically coin base has informed
13,000 affected customers of imminent data handover to the IRS so the IRS the
Internal Revenue Service basically collects your taxes they you know
everyone does everyone wants and doesn’t want to pay them everyone wants to pay
them because that means you’re making more money
you’re paying them a lot but you don’t want to pay them because it’s like half
your salary gone that’s no fun for anyone so do us space crypto currency
exchange and wallet service coinbase you know Columbia is pretty much the biggest
most beginner friendly exchange out there sent an official notice from
Friday February 23rd which was two days ago
– approximately 13,000 of its customers whose information is legally required to
turn over to the US IRS the IRS has initially asked coinbase in July 2017 to
hand them over to see and those trying to catch people who are cheating on
their taxes and not declaring because not a lot of people to claim
cryptocurrency in their taxes in the last few years so you know I guess
they’re trying to crank down on that if they’re gonna accept that as a currency
it’s got to be taxed like everything in the world we cannot escape taxes we can
hope that they get lowered but there’s no there’s no way you’re gonna be able
to skate taxes so coin bases had to turn over 13,000 effective customers give all
the information to the IRS and those guys will be hearing from the IRS in you
know if they’re if they did something wrong they’re going to be hearing from
them probably within the next couple weeks months let’s see what happens but
you know those were the two big articles I want to talk tax related which to me
is a good thing in the cryptocurrency space because it means we are starting
to get recognized we’re starting to get treated the way we want to you know it’s
not this isn’t one but it’s not one of those things where old cryptocurrency
shouldn’t be treated as a currency oh but we’re not gonna ever get taxed
because taxes is we don’t want taxes but this we want you can’t pick and choose
it’s a whole bundle it’s going to get taxed that’s just the way it is now
cryptocurrency market can just hit the refresh bright a four hundred twenty
three billion dollar market cat we’ve had a few days of correction you guys
remember we had a nice little run and then you know a good week of runs
basically and then now we have a week of read with very few coins in the greens
such as aetherium classic V chain nano that’s right nano in the green and a few
others I don’t know but mostly coins are in the red which again guys you guys
have been subscribe to channel for a while you guys know what I
think of this Black Friday for crypto currencies go to buy an ant’s go pick up
your favorite all coins because when we do enter a bull run you don’t want to be
left behind waiting for the chasing of the lowest price because chances are you
are 99.9% going to miss the lowest price very few people get lucky
yeah it’s luck get lucky enough to purchase at the lowest price possible
like the exact lowest price possible very few people actually get lucky
enough to do that but now is that time guys to stock up on your favorite um
your favorite all coins and your favorite crypto currencies mine
personally I’m going forward I’m holding a lot of bitcoins I think big point has
a lot of potential in the bull run you know it is the biggest cryptocurrency
everything’s gonna be following it I think there’s a long way for Bitcoin to
go still so a lot of my portfolio is currently held in Bitcoin I know a lot
of you guys also have coins such as Tron and you know electro Neum stuff like
that which we are going to talk about in this video but I just want to say you
know if you guys have been waiting to put more money into cryptocurrency and
there are alt coins that you want to buy but you haven’t really bought yex you’ve
been waiting I would not procrastinate too much
longer don’t forget though guys I’m not a financial advisor this is not
financial advice this is just me giving you guys my biased opinion I make videos
for educational and educational and entertainment purposes only so make sure
you do your own research before you put your money in anything now that we got
that out of the way though go buy your favorite all coins it’s a good time it’s
a good time now I watched rate guys I’ve been actually holding onto this for some
time you guys remember I’ve showed this in a few videos now a little bit of
technical analysis on Bitcoin and again resistance and the support lines of the
basically the descending resistance support lines we had a channel built up
here broke down below that now I’m looking at the 200 a day support to kind
of um you know hold us up and try to turn us over into the bull run we I
don’t have the hundred day moving average yeah this is a torch day moving
average I don’t have the 100 day moving average out here but I’m not on the
graph but I do know that that was a resistance point for us over here which
kind of was another reason that resistance Plus this resistance
kind of held us and made us turn on down now hopefully the 200 will be the
turning point where we can start moving upwards this 200 will kind of get us to
roughly $9,000 I believe that’ll be where it’s at which we’re not too far
off right now currently sitting at nine thousand four hundred so it’s only four
hundred away so you know in the world of crypto that’s like a few hours possibly
it’s it’s not a lot but yeah so hopefully we’re gonna keep this chart
open hopefully we’re gonna see Bitcoin and therefore the market recover in the
next coming days I’m excited I think it’s a lot of opportunity in the market
like I said I wouldn’t poke rastan eight on buying your favorite coins for too
much longer now what the moment you guys have been waiting for the moment you
guys been waiting for electro diem so thank you Joseph Kennedy for posting
this in the cryptocurrency allstars Facebook group link down below in the
comments you guys can go ahead and join free to join almost 750 members it’s
been growing like crazy and there’s a ton of value proof right here I’ve used
several posts um that people have posted in the group I’ve used them in videos
because they’re good posts they’re updating people and this is just an
announcement from the founder electro neum richard else and basically what
they were saying to kind of have a quick skim through here I’m not going to read
it word for word was gonna have a skim through they are going to be in the
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is gonna be a conference for them there can
they have their own booth it’s not the biggest booth but it is close to an
entrance so there’s a good place for them to get recognized and the most
important thing they are looking for out of this whole thing is networking the
most important part is probably the networking we thought we should get a
presence there as the first cryptocurrency to be a GSM a member who
knows who will meet and what deals we can generate from here we’ve seen a huge
interest from this sector so far so you guys know Lesley you guys have been
killing and looking for partnerships looking for exchanges to get on looking
for you know just constantly constantly just making things happen that’s one of
the reasons I like electro Nia now big news on exchanges is they’re working
closely with COO coin to get that live as soon as possible hopefully this week
and hit BTC just reconfirmed and that they
are cute and do to be added hopefully again during March so within the next
month there could be two big exchanges that we
see electro neum on crypto business l experiencing issues but they are helping
crypto piya try to overcome those problems now also another thing is that
for whereas it here is news awaited for the mobile minor so for Androids will be
launched this week during the Mobile World Congress as well as the solution
for iOS phones and they hope that have that available this week as well this
then means that all electro neum iOS users will be able to install the app
even though the app is in beta form it’s going to be functional you can mind
electro Neum and you can keep your earnings which probably the best part
you can keep all the electro Neum that you mind very exciting stuff going on
here in so much news that came out from this post I’m very excited to see what’s
gonna happen they’re going to keep us updated on new deals they just signed
another two agreements one with a company that has asked to a further 30
million users is crazy who are keen to recommend our app and one with payment
integration company to help us integrate with mobile operators allowing their
users to purchase airtime and data with electroni huge huge huge a post again
Thank You Joseph Kennedy for posting this in the group there is so much
information on here so much information so many new things coming out so many
deals being word just kind of a great update for everyone who’s in electro
neum to know what’s going on to keep calm if you guys want to check out more
you guys can check out electro Neum Facebook page they post everything on
there very up-to-date every time there’s news again this was definitely posted on
their Facebook page we just got Joseph to copy and paste it
on to the group so that everyone in the group could see it in case they aren’t
following the Facebook page for some reason but yeah big news coming out for
Alec showing it and if we take a look it’s up 5% basically today four and a
half percent today let’s give it a quick refresh oh there we go
five and a half percent today now there we go so it’s at 7.6 cents again the
whole almost a half a billion dollar market cap I think it still has a ways
to go it’s all-time high right here was in the 22 cents so you know this was
back early January when everything was you know everything was moaning and like
every other coin that we say like like every other coin in the market except
for the exception of you cashed the fan the famous and the fantastic thousand
percent in one day you cash but yeah every other coin has been going down a
decent amount and now they are starting to try to recover and hopefully this
news will again help propel atonium to where it could go because these guys are
gonna tell you these guys are killing it when it comes to partnerships deals you
know their marketing was great their team knows what they’re doing and they
you can tell that they want this to work and they want like they want to see
electron team succeed which is huge because surprisingly enough you’d be
surprised how many people are just content with having their their share of
the coins for being on the team they don’t really care too much about what
happens to it I made money it’s okay you see that a lot in cryptocurrency that’s
why there’s a lot of scams out there but in that kind of jonathan- you know
people thinking negatively of cryptocurrency which is a secret which
is a shame but without further ado guys I just want to share with you guys
electro Neum huge potential hopefully by the end you know hopefully by the next
few months we can see it reached 22 cents again I don’t think it would be a
problem if we enter a bull market I think this deserves to be a billion
dollar coin it has everything there to be it it’s in an industry which it you
know it’s a leading it’s the leading cryptocurrency in the industry on other
people and we’re gonna try to copy what they’re doing but they are so far
leading and doing it well so if they weren’t doing it well that’d be an issue
because other competitors are going to come up and take over but they’re doing
it well so I still have faith in electro Neum and I think Alec showing it has a
long way to go so guys hopefully you enjoyed this video let me know down
below what you guys think of electro Neum and the huge news that all the huge
news that’s been coming out with electro Neum as well as the taxes for
cryptocurrency up being able to pay your taxes in cryptocurrency I think that’s a
great thing I think that’s just showing people accepting cryptocurrency as a
form of currency which is what we wanted in the first place so guys thank you so
much for watching this video hopefully you guys enjoy
don’t forget subscribe if you guys are new and you have not subscribed yet
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys later today for another I see a


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  2. I've decided to start buying on Sunday and sell during the week because it seems like every Saturday and Sunday price goes down then back up during the week

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  5. The value of ETN will be zero for thousands of us if ETN and Cryptopia do not fix this ETN withdrawal issue. And now ETN says Cryptopia will "resolve the issue" themselves? Makes me even more concerned we all all loose our ETN by it being lost at Cryptopia.

  6. Hey Patrick! Thank you for the shoutout! But you forgot the most important thing within the update! They are working with the 6th biggest law firm in the world on something "top secret" Richard said he couldn't even hint on it, but what a lot of the ETN community is speculating is a bigtime partnership to come of some sort!

  7. I cant wait for what will happen on electroneum after world congress
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  8. Not going to the moon this decade. Circle pay just bought poloniex. This scuppers electroneum as circle pay already has the tech for P2P fiat currency transfer on smart phones, so combining this with a crypto exchange is streets ahead with technology. Also the mobile miner is a marketing scam, it doesn't mine it just gives away coins to help promote its use.

  9. The mobile miner is Crap. (With a capital C!) Yes I understand it is a mining "experience", I have mined ETN on PC. The minimum payout is 5ETN. It counts up in seconds in 0.00001 ETN at a time, does not run (or increment) in the background and absolutely floods your phone with ads. (This is where the revenue stream is for ETN) even when you are doing other things, ads take over your device. Oh and it stops counting (mining) until you accept, reject or close that ad. Ads come in batches too. Unless you are going to sit and reject ads all day this will accumulate nothing. It's basically a faucet.

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