Electroneum Crypto Currency ICO Launch Review Price – Can You Become A Millionaire?

electroneum crypto review all right what’s going on peeps gene
wolfe here with probably the first one of my personal views and journeys into
cryptocurrency i don’t do a whole lot of videos because like many of people i’m
still learning how to do cryptocurrency i do trade now I’m not crazy full-time
trader but I do make trade I do trade with Bitcoin mostly just because it’s so
easy to make money with right but I’d have been invested invested into a
couple icos and a reason being is because you just
have to put you know after you do your research your due diligence the smartest
move is taking a bit of risk and just before I go any further I’m not
providing any financial advice here alright I use my own money and I share
my experience and journey into you know using my own money into things whether
people do it or not pulley up to them you’re your own adults but I’m just
sharing my experience right now so electro neum electro neom came across my
desk like both two weeks ago and I went over the white paper I went over the
company looks really good probably one of the best I SEOs I’ve come across and
it’s going extremely well not not just for the for the people who are raising
the crowd funding for the ico but to use a database the number of people who have
joined and are taking this on is is is crazy and it’s going really well
for a lot of people and a lot of heavy hitter marketers are getting on board we
should tell you something about it as well so first off from my own due
diligence and research I’ll come out before I even go any
further they seem legit for in my opinion so I have invested some money
into the ICO into the product right to give you an outline of what it is it’s a
video game which people can you utilize to generate
some electro Neum revenue tokens and then use those tokens to mine and
basically it’s a game and you so people electroneum crypto review are gonna be able to download that ronia
map and basically play the game to earn some tokens let me scroll through here
to give you an some more outlines about it across something to consumers market
that’s a teeny a check and yahoo so one of the cool things is that you’re gonna
need to understand about cryptocurrencies is is news when news
starts popping up all in these finance directories and websites and information
websites and there’s a lot of progress going on with with different types of
icos the ICO is become very successful in that because there’s a lot of hype
and hype increase the value of IC OS updates increase the value of the IC OS
and one of the cool things is the owner you actually this well the CEO of
electro neom which his name is Richard Ellis and this video is a pretty decent
video here he talks about a lot of different things that they’re going to
be doing and talks about the app and how people can earn revenue and where
they’re going what the direction is so at the end of this video I probably will
have a little short couple of minutes in there so that you can check it out and
you can check out some of the things that he has to say about the product so
stay tuned to the end of this video electroneum crypto review alright but to give you to show you like
I’m not a mother both shitting you guys here this is my electroni of back-office
you can see right here gene my email up here I put in point 0 6 in bitcoins so
far which has a value of thirty-five thousand five hundred and eighteen etn
tokens I got the thirty percent bonus because I joined a
couple before the bonus ended which was on the fourth Oh four days ago Wow how
would I mean two weeks ago alright so two four days ago joint but um so they
got the sale another so you can get actually 20% bonus perk doll so you get
120 coins per $1 deposited right purchase when you purchase the ICO and
that is a 20% bonus rate and it drops down to eventually on October 31st which
is one they’re going to be the line that the launch and that’s really cool for me
I’m not super excited about because I don’t have to wait a whole year to see
where this thing goes right it’s I’m gonna be able to find out right away you
could purchase electroni ‘im with etherium Bitcoin or you can do these
other methods here which i think would just be like bank transactions or
something like that I don’t know how they did but I just sent some Bitcoin
and took care of that right so yeah I’m just too sweet I put in about two
hundred seventy-five dollars worth of Bitcoin and I’m actually gonna be
putting in another me see probably another two hundred two hundred dollars
in Bitcoin and yeah so I can bump that up to about 60,000 70,000 possibly yeah
bout 60,000 in ET coins now when you do the math just to give you guys an
example to show you the potential okay Matt it when this goes live so let’s
just say I’m at sixty thousand coins electroneum crypto review alright this is what I could be making
if it was at like four dollars per etn coin right even that one etn coin at one
dollar it’d be worth $60,000 so massive potential here and the reason why I say
there’s massive potential here is because of where they’re going because
of the updates they’re rolling out because of
quality because of the people who are behind it
electro Neum is is created and run by pretty much coders right the marketing
side of things that is very easily attainable and could be launched by
different bringing in different people people who understand marketing right so
the most important thing here is the technology and infrastructure in which
this ICO can be launched in that they’re always going to be able to have sustainability and you know you and you
can actually put your faith behind these because these people know what they’re
doing they’re coders right know the marketing side of things as they said in
this video here they don’t know a whole lot about marketing but what they but
that’s not hard to take care of right I mean they got marketers like me coming
on and sharing this information so I mean I highly encourage you to get
involved I mean I’m not gonna compare this to Bitcoin or like it’s gonna be
the next big coin or the next you know eutherian but you know it’s got massive
potential and and that is the key here as you can see how much you theory am
raised and how much bitcoin is raised so let’s just what is Bitcoin out like
4,600 I think right now let me see oops in here $4,600 so let’s see there at eleven
hundred and sixty this is how much money they’ve raised so far five million five
million five five minutes five poll 5.3 million dollars in the first month
really good right I mean that’s some electroneum crypto review amazing potential I mean just with that
money alone they’re gonna be able to launch this thing really well I mean a
lot of people are gonna make a lot of money on it so I got my link in the
description I mean you know I got my money in this company I you know highly
encouraged if you if you’re looking for a really solid ICO to get involved with
to get involved in this I’m gonna be coming in with between 500 to a thousand
dollars worth you know for me it’s just a no-brainer and the the massive
momentum that it’s carrying right now a lot of marketers are getting on board
and you know one of the cool things you’re gonna be able to get from me is
if you need some help or you need to got any questions I’ll add you to my
cryptocurrency chat on Facebook so just send me a message before you friend me
send me a message and then we can chat and then I can add you I can you know we
can make sure that you’re a legit person and you know much I don’t just accept
random people right I talk to everybody that I accept on Facebook and we could
talk about the cryptocurrency and I’ll add you to my sis to my cryptocurrency
chat support group in which you’ll be able to get more information about icos
and other things that I’m doing to generate cryptocurrency online and yeah
so links in description coming this electroneum crypto review however much you want
I mean it doesn’t really matter there’s no limit just get some electron you you
need a little bit right take advantage of the momentum that is being carried in
by marketers promoting it like I mean me and other marketers there’s some heavy
hitters getting involved right now all right click the link subscribe to my
channel for more information about cryptocurrency and money-making
opportunities I also run motivational Monday series in which I share my life
cheri inspiring motivational stories mindset stuff and just overall just to
inspire people you know let them know how I went from being you know in
poverty to being a full-time marketer online making a full-time income all
right guys

22 thoughts on “Electroneum Crypto Currency ICO Launch Review Price – Can You Become A Millionaire?”

  1. Nice video Bro…I'm already invested in the ICO. I like the fact that you are not pushing for people to join under your referral. You got straight to the point and no BS. I truly believe this coin will be huge. I'm holding quite a bit and hope it takes off soon, or I will just sit and wait. I like to comment on videos and I don't hold back. Your video made my positive list. Good Job Bro. When this coin takes off, I'll see you all on the moon.

  2. Actually they are one of the best in marketing. The Ceo owns a marketing company worth over $50,000,000. They help fortune 500 companies with marketing online. This is why this coin is doing well. Best of both worlds, Marketing and coding skills.

  3. theres going to be 21 billion coins, i checked other coins with billions of coins and xrp is closet and its at .24, but took 3 years.

  4. Bought some  but where can you see the amount of tokens you have ? And when will it be available to trade on exchanges ?

  5. I am definitely going to invest more now after researching more and watching your video! Do you have any other ico's right now that you recommend buying as well?

  6. Great video. You bring up alot of good points obviously you in it to win it which is obvious but I like the fact your digging deep into it and not just throwing your link around, I joined through your link by the way and purchase .32 in btc. Thanks for the info

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