Electroneum Coin Partnerships: Why is it so hard to complete?

Roger ver says Bitcoin cash is the real
electro diem he’s come up with some good stuff oh my gosh so Mike watch goes do you think it’s
possible that electro neum will hit 10 cents this year and I am gonna say it is
possible I’m gonna say that if the news is super good as good as I hope that it
can be that we could exceed 10 cents that’s my personal opinion now I know
there’s a couple of folks out there who’s claiming that it’ll be $35 I’ll
buy the year-end and I had a telegram chat regarding that also yeah that’s not
gonna happen buddy in 60 days ten cents that is a a very plausible amount and
I’d give it 50% the 50-50 chance it could go higher than that based on if
the partnerships turnout and happen as we expect them to and you know I can’t
imagine put it this way I can’t imagine the partnerships not happening I can get
I can imagine the partnerships getting delayed is you know whenever you think
your things go on fine and dandy there’s when you deal with these large companies
they they get a group of 15 people together they’re sitting in a big room
around a big circle you know they think they’re the Knights of Galahad and and
you know everybody has to give a yes before moves on and one guy goes yeah I
want to swing this but the papers uh it’s yellow and it’s brown I want the
paper blue it so everything go make the paper blue we’ll meet next week so you
know it just it’s very difficult the bigger the
companies that you try to partner with you’re guaranteed more delays I tried to
do a job for hewlett-packard in IBM now they came out with this computer rack
system it was a blade server they came to me and they wanted me to make a
mock-up so they could easily take it to trade shows and it was gonna be based
out of cardboard and some other stuff now I have Hewlett Packard behemoth of a
company IBM behemoth of a company and they obviously you’re making a product
together so I got these two crazy companies putting people together in a
group to come up with plans of how they’re gonna market this thing and take
it to trade shows they contact me by time it goes back and forth I develop a
sample if I send it into them my time they evaluated go back to their other
opposing companies get approvals come back and talk about it some more it took
six months this is a stupid cardboard display
took him six months and I said okay it’s because we love it we have some good and
bad news we love it that’s exactly what we wanted I said great how many do you
want she goes none I go away me lunch goes it took six months for us to get
this together it’s already obsolete and the new versions coming out I can’t win
so dealing with these large companies everything that could go wrong will go
wrong there’ll be somebody in there who complain about the font on the type on
the letter there’ll be somebody that doesn’t like the color and it all has to
get resolved have patience have patience we’re on the right track have patience
everyone saying electroni ‘m is also subject to partner stipulations on when
to release information if electroni n’ announces prematurely that could land
electroni ‘m into legal trouble and people need to chill and be good all
yes yes can you sign this contract it will be probably a non-disclosure they
don’t want no some of these companies are probably public companies they don’t
want to run on their stock in case things go wrong things have to be
changed they have requirements because of them being public to the stockholders
to keep things stable and they want to be able to modify things on the fly so
you’re signing a contract is a nondisclosure in it and nothing’s to be
released until both parties agree at a certain date and time where that
information can be released so that you are a hundred percent correct no
information is going to be spewed from the mouth of any of the electronics
senior executives until it’s ready not only for electroni ‘m but for the
people that they’re partnering with and the fact of the matter is I’m sure
electroni um’s always ready to go those guys are they got their sneakers on
they’re always running around they’re ready to go it’s the big companies just
going back to what we just talked about they’re bigger the companies that you’re
gonna partner with the harder it is to get a deal put together just the nature
of the business just the nature of the beast it is what it is so you are on
target congratulations to you smarter than the average bear

13 thoughts on “Electroneum Coin Partnerships: Why is it so hard to complete?”

  1. We are all bullish for deals this year but they may be dragged out until next year if integration only started in Sep? So could be Q1 next year. So yeah delayed likely.

  2. Wassup Dino! So you think it's possible for ETN to hit 10cents… But Naga said it's going to hit $35 by Jan 1, 2019! ?… ?

  3. I totally agree companies take time before making deals this is very normal. Electroneum will make the deals and viral growth is happening quicker than any other cryptocurrency! Love ur videos Dino!

  4. Hi Dino love your relaxed style and 100% agree about the big corps if some of the Fud muppets had actually listened to some of Richards interviews he alludes to the same issues about the bigger Companies and getting the deals over the line how they drag on and lawyers making a killing people forget ETN is 1 years old teething problems are part of life i am looking forward to November after KYC for whats to come. Really good video thanks.

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