Electroneum Coin Instant Crypto Payment, is it good for Vendors? Future Prediction?

a good question for me he goes
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soul so h-bomb I’m saying I recently asked
Matt from 99 cents great show if you guys get a chance go visit Matt 99 cents
with Matthew Gray he’s got an awesome show does tells you all about what he
thinks all about all sorts of stuff the electro neum and other coins he says
here that I recently asked Matt from 99 cents about volatility for vendors
giving the transaction is an instant for the vendor how do they retain their
dollar value from their sales so how I see this working is clearly you do
you’re doing insta pay it’s off off blockchain the instant pay on the hybrid
is produced and you have a guarantee of X amount of electro neom being
transferred to you that instantly then gets put onto the blockchain within a
reasonable amount of time and then there’s a transferring so I would tend
to think that you know somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour I would hope the
electro neum would show up at the vendors address and I think that would
be a good benchmark to shoot for now there are exchanges for example bit
tricks you can if you if they if they had or when they have electro Neum on
their exchange you would be able to receive electroni amande you can set up
a check box and it will check your wallet address every 30 seconds or every
minute and if it detects electroni them in there it’ll instantly
sell it at the current going price so that our could change I mean it could be
volatility up it could be volatility down
and or it could end up being the same price and that is one of the situations
that you’ll have with crypto and no matter even if they had a blockchain
instant payment it’s the same problem how do you get it back into Fiat because
they can’t pay today can’t pay their employees with with crypto they have to
give them you know some Fiat so there is a liability there for them where they
could gain and or lose funding so you I think what you will see vendors that
openly accept the crypto will probably be for smaller goods and services
initially as they go along now I think that there will also be payment systems
or places where you’ll be able to set up an account as a vendor and as soon as
the money goes in they will be able to instantly transfer it into fiat and then
send you the the funding I have a feeling if I was and nobody has said
this to me but if I was electro neum I would go find somebody that can do etn
to fiat pairing and I would set up a gateway directly to them so that I could
instant payment the gateway on their hybrid on their centralized system would
then instantly send a notification to the Gateway to the hots of the pairing
company by pairing exchange and they would instantly get a notification of
electro Neum and they would instantly sell it right there on the spot meaning
that this could all happen in under 60 seconds so it would it alleviate
that one our randomness of funding and I think that if I was in electronic shoes
I would be looking for a Fiat pairing vendor that could do something like that
that’s just my personal thoughts on the matter is with 30 years of technology
experience and then I can then put on to the blockchain that that money was
transferred or yours or given to electro Neum so electroni of themselves can send
that over and then they can put on the blockchain that Dino did an insta
payment and send it directly to this fund that electron Liam has to backfill
that money that was sent to that Fiat pen pairing vendor I don’t know all the
mechanics behind it but I would look at something like that to make it truly
instant pay and instead as time went on this could be a year or two down the
road but I would look at at that as a solution because that would make a
vendor a lot more comfortable not having to worry about that one hour of
volatility that could happen and by doing something like that would open up
the doors for large-scale purchases where a company or should I say and or
small margin purchases such as things as you know food electronics that type of
stuff where the the margin is you know sometimes five percent eight percent and
they can’t take a chance not even if they have a chance to make more that
they won’t take a chance on losing so but if they can do an instant where it’s
instantly paid and electro neum instantly sends that information to some
kind of a pairing provider and they turn it into cash that they can go up then
pick up or it gets deposited into their bank account
solved just my thoughts you asked me the question that’s my thought

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