ELECTRONEUM Coin Big Big News and more to come!! LIQUID SISTEMKOIN

hello what are you guys doing here oh my
gosh have you viewers well I’m gonna sit down and do a live show I guess that’ll
work out for everybody yeah what the heck we’ll do a live show tonight all
right glad you guys are here I’m thrilled
let’s take a look there we go that’s better
hey so keep in mind I’m not a financial advisor I’m just the goofy guy in the
straw hat mumbling at the screen having a little bit of fun fucking about crypto
with you guys tonight so pretty excited I see we got a full
house so that’s even better I can’t even begin to call off names and who’s in
here but I’ve talked to a few of you guys in the pre-shift in the preset and
I appreciate each and every one of you joining me tonight that’s pretty awesome
so we’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight a couple of things we’re gonna talk
about the big big news a lot of big stuff going on for electro neum and
we’re gonna talk about it and what it all means
additionally I got a couple packages in the mail we’re gonna do a mail a mail
bag see what I got maybe it’s something fun I can tell you right here it just
says like droning them Academy Oh let’s see what I got from electro Neum
Academy I got this other package here we’re gonna pop open see what’s inside
I’m gonna give away some crypto tonight and we’re gonna try to take as many
questions as possible so we got a lot to go over and I’ll try to take as many
questions that appear in the chat so when I tell you to put some questions in
to make sure you do that and of course you can randomly put in any kind of
comments anything good funny interesting as you know I make those things up and
I put them in the little shows the the little bite-sized shows throughout the
week so you may be featured in one of those bite-sized shows if you have
something exciting to say but we got everybody out there Paul crypto tarik
sergeant of Marines crypto dog J Sullivan Dijon
that’s the Skeleton King Charles gambling’s out there rip like promote Oh
Michaels out there Marcos out there 99 cents is out there crypto turkeys out
there big chunk of people if I missed you sorry Michael st. various prices
rising nicely Faris is doing some amazing stuff there technology is being
used and being shared across the comodo network so yeah you’re right
various coin I’ve been mining I think gonna get a fracture I got like a coin
or two a day but it’s worth the time and effort I have a feeling it’s gonna be
worth while mining adventure so you’re right on target there Michael alright
first thing let’s get the goodies right off the bat let’s find out how much how
many kryptos we’re gonna give away tonight by hitting the generate button
remember anything under 50 is 50 and you get electroni embarrass coin and web
dollars based on if you put your address in the last show which was last weekend
I think it was David Friday but it could have been Saturday but I think it was
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three of my favorite coins and excitement galore all right so let’s
take a look let’s let’s get yeah let’s get
yeah boy you guys got a lot of stuff at the various Israeli electron you ma
suspicious package Paul goes yeah that looks like a suspicious package do you
know yeah well it was small or maybe it would be suspicious but since we were
doing it let’s talk about I’m gonna share with you let’s do the mailbag
let’s do mail time whoa mail time let’s take a look at this now
if you haven’t want a shield so chill you want me to shell something of yours
you can send it to my warehouse and then I’ll take a look at it and put it on the
show and chill it for you so if you have something you want to sell your your you
have an e TN store and you have something really cool you could send it
in I will show it off will show your look
your store or your product and then we’ll give it away as a gift to one of
the lucky viewers so feel free to do that you can send an email it’s in the
contact information on my YouTube page and I can give you the address to do
that so first package up PI square bucks curious what you guys think is inside
anybody have any ideas now keep in mind it’s from electroni ohm Academy so this
is something that I picked up last week and the reason why I went I went to the
I went to the electron name Academy Store you too can do that and there’s
lots of electro Neum items on there along with core or emerge they also have
a lot of awesome stuff and you can put it in there now originally I was going
to pay for this with a credit card and the fact that it matter is is because it
was out of the country my credit card company declined the purchase I’m like
son of a gun well this is a perfect example of why I need electron llaman
game-changer so I changed my payment method to
electro neom and in a few seconds it was paid for and ready and sure is
dingleberries the thing showed up real nice and smooth let’s see
Duncan thinks it’s a wig you Felix thinks there’s a coffee mug Matthew
thinks it’s a straw thanks Duncan I appreciate that there I
give you like Duncan things I need I need a pen I need a piece of hair to pay I’ll remember that Duncan I’m gonna pop
this puppy open and the surveyed sex receipt right to Dino it did it’s been
and if I want to return it I can do so with my handy-dandy trusty receipts my
like Joan iam oversized coffee mug purchased with electro neom nothing else
but election iam I received an item through the mail purchased on a website
and paid for with electro neom this is what electron IAM is all about amazing
this is a giant pint sized cup all I need is an autograph on it from Richard
I think crypto nwo’s but trying to get a mug signed by Richard for years but yeah
this is it this is it michael says he has the same same mug
give the dog thinks that Richard ELLs it was in the box richard was not in the box so I’m all
excited I have my electronic mug you two can have one all I gotta do is go out to
Cora merch go out to electro neum Academy there may be other stores out
there but I do know of those to get yourself electroni a mug awesome that
makes my day alright next package anybody have an idea put it out there
hold that over my head so you get an idea of size pretty thick it is slump
see it is squishy and no it’s not a wig it’s not a wig Duncan it’s too big to be
a wig Matt the hoodie hey gob investment is that they’re gonna see GRB I love
your channel you have great stuff on there smooth voice you obviously know
what you’re talking about we’re glad to have you in the electronic
community you’re a prime example and of a quality YouTube channel so we
appreciate you all right so so crystal Turk thinks it may be a beach towel or a
jumper a jumper whoo a beach towel hey edge pumps out there bomb yeah Oh thinks
it’s black market organs I should hope not because I’m squeezing it like don’t
squeeze the Charmin now I place the order for this probably not even a week
ago this came quick holy smokes guys want to see it let’s see if we can
break out the bigger camera let’s take a look let’s pull it out oh yeah I got myself let’s see if it’s
electroni um like Trillium blanket Sherpa blanket look at that thing right
from one condo well I’m Karos artwork clear anything
how about that I could be all snuggly warm but my electroni and blanket I told
you I was gonna get something from one cat oh hi nothing why let’s see we could
roll that up there yeah it’s the Sherpa blanket now this thing this thing here
has the really soft fluffy part on the inside I upgraded to the Sherpa and it’s
got the short hair on the outside so that the print goes on real nice looks
real good and then you got that nice fluff on the inside so you can take it
and you wrap yourself up in this thing got myself my electronic blanket there
we go look try and fold this up keep it on the couch
today I’m watching the little TV get the cold out this way there I’ll be able to
snuggle up and get my wife next to me and we’ll be like up in the TV there
watch and check out our electro diem you guys need to get one of these this is
awesome definitely need to get one of these it was like 45 bucks or so it’s
definitely definitely soft and fluffy definitely gonna keep you warm I’m
diggin it it’s good stuff guys you don’t know what
you’re missing all right so that’s my my packages for today
electroni a mug in an awesome blanket from one can oh now check out our video
that did you spin I guess then I did did you spin crypto and it’s it’s it says
electro diem you’re a real piece of work and that show is about five six minutes
and it talks about one can O’s wet products and website and basically it’s
just his graphic that he made and he won in the 242 contest and I thought it was
a really pleasant piece of art so I picked that up so don’t squeeze the
electro diem well my dog squeezy I can’t help myself it’s so soft there we go
yeah you can get up you can get the regular one then you can get the
oversized blanket and then you can upgrade to the Sherpa which gives you
the short hair and then the long hair on the inside or the fur on the inside I
elected to get the bigger blanket and I elected to get the Sherpa they were
options it did cost a little bit more I don’t yeah it’s just a packing list I
don’t think I don’t remember off the time with shipping and everything and
all the two upgrades I think I spent $64 somewhere around that area I think
that’s what I did that have costed me with with all of the
grades so and the shipping so that was pretty good
all right into the Halloween contest with that okay cut out little holes in
it be a ghost whoo hey you guys crack me up all right so everybody loves the
blanket all right that’s good stuff let’s close out now time well that’s
that’s done now we got the winner for the end of the show we got a pick
obviously so let’s close that up let’s get into some stuff and then I’ll take
some of your questions as we go along let’s see what’s up next okay now first thing we want to talk
about there’s a lot of good news that have recently come out and as you all
know electro neom told you that they were working on stuff I’ve been telling
you electro Liam’s been working on stuff I mean I love my pull the pop and and
not the fret and you know and you get people all the price goes up is because
it’s coming down a little bit and they start panicking they start saying mean
things you you know either you believe that in the project or you don’t you
know that the guys are working on stuff it’s just a matter of when it comes out
yesterday I did a video about partnerships and how complicated it can
be if you get a moment and you have not seen that video watch the video you’ll
get a little better understanding of sometimes why these partnerships take a
little bit longer than expected but at the same time I have no doubt in my mind
I see the electro neum guys running around with their sneakers I know
they’re working hard they’re literally running and taking care of business and
I want to make sure you guys clearly understand this is just the starting
point just the starting point it’s gonna be
yeah continuous snowball this is the beginning of an avalanche for electronic
no doubt about it and we’re starting to see the rumbles that Avalanche hasn’t
started yet we’re just starting to see the rumbles so let’s talk about a couple
of the news that came out today through you guys right now one of the things
that came out and I’d start off with system coin and oh this is mine so you
guys know you always see this thing hanging on my ear instead of wearing
those big headphones that everybody wears I got this device and it transmits
to to this not a hearing aid it’s a it’s a transmitter you can hear the music
probably guess the music stops hope it’s in a low mode and it and I put that on
here so that I can hear the music and and the stuff that’s on the screen when
I play a video so that keeps me in touch with what’s going on with the system and
so I don’t have the way those big otherwise I can put my hand on okay is
that all right so this is the beginning of the rumblings of an avalanche for
electro neum and this Avalanche is going to happen over the period of years and
there will be a lot of amazing steps each one may be a little step here a
little step here but when we start and we look back behind us we’re gonna see a
giant cascade of events that will bring electroni ‘m from obscurity into being
the most well known cryptocurrency on the planet simple as that
so let’s put me over to the side here I’ll squeeze on over this weekly on this electro neom system coin first
announcement for today now system coin if you guys want well
this is back up a second if you guys were watching the video on mix channel a
couple of you guys we were talking on my telegram channel now hey if you’re not
connected to my telegram channel you are the last one to find out information the
guys that were connected to my telegram channel had a chance to talk to me they
were the first ones to know and to have ideas because I as soon as it became
public we put it out there so that you could be alerted and a lot of the guys
like the talking dream up ideas on the channel so you might want to connect the
telegram get yourself connected to then just been telegram challenge now system
coin if you and we were talking about the video and on all about tech one of
the topics that Richard had brought up was lira lira being in the currency the
Fiat for Turkey and you know we were talking on a telegram channel Donna
that’s kind of odd that’s kind of weird why would he bring up the lira well we
find that out today he’s bringing up lira because if we take a look now see
yeah CCN is an awesome website and the reason is because these guys seem to be
one of the more truthful and honest news coin sites so if you have a chance OCCC
ENCOM do yourself that favor put that on your list of websites to take a look at
all right now she’s a CCN one of the guys on the
digits been telegram channel had brought this up and he said hey I found this on
CCN it says Turkey sees the best likelihood of mass adoption for
cryptocurrency and you can go through the article I’m not gonna go through all
of the goodies but basically they had a survey and one of the countries being
Turkey is 18% they had polls in each of the countries and in Turkey 18% of the
folks believe that cryptocurrency adoption was going to be very important
to them and you can see that in Romania being number two which was kind of
surprising you had the USA yeah I’m not taking any phone calls right now
yeah the USA in their coming in what’s that one two three four five is coming
in six that only eight percent so you might want to take a look at this after
the show I’ll see if I can put this into the comments so you guys can go to it or
just go to CCN and you can look at that and you know they’re motivated there
because they’re losing they’re losing the value of their money and this is a
problem for them and of course that’s because there have been the governments
have had some issues and the u.s. is doing what they feel they need to the
rain in Turkey but at the same time the folks of Turkey are trying to find ways
to be able to secure their funds and it seems to be relatively popular in Turkey
to do that so some of them are putting their monies into cryptos since they
can’t put them into US dollars anymore so take a look at that article you’ll
get a little background information about the turkey and turkey and the
lera all right so that comes to system coin system coin is the largest in
Turkey as an exchange for cryptocurrency so the important part here is is that
being part of the EU this is going to be very prevalent for the EU and Asian
country middle east to be able to interact with system coin to secure
cryptocurrency now normally you go in you by your your Bitcoin and then you go
over into the and then you trade your Bitcoin for electro Neum system coin is
gonna be a strategic partner this is not just a listing all right the exchanges
are recognizing the importance of what of electron ium is doing where electro
neum is going to be there considering electron IAM strategic partners and for
that fact they are actually pairing fiat to electron IAM electron IAM that you
keep in mind this is gonna break away from bitcoin what rolling them is gonna
probably be the first one to be able to break away from the leash of electro
Neum and and this is important this is just more than a listing additionally
with this there’s going to be some pairings and you could take a look on
here they’re gonna pair electron them with bitcoin with US dollars and with
the lira so this means that the folks there will be able to go in transfer
dollars into system coin and be able to purchase directly electro neum and sell
right to electro neum bypassing bitcoin this is
going to be huge and system coin recognizes the value of electro neom and
what it can bring to to them so they are really strong little it just want this
one strong with electro Neum my young padawan so this is really important
stuff yes it’s in Turkey it’s the first one but this is the direction that
you’re gonna see exchanges in companies go with electro Neum they’re not gonna
just all we carry this cryptocurrency we have it on our exchange they want to be
part of the electro Neum future they are partnering up with these at least these
companies are wanting to have strategic partnerships with electro neom they want
to get on the electro Neum train so that they can be part of the growth they see
they know the value of having a kyc compliant that’s gonna have a foot
directly in the FinTech industry and how it can bridge cryptocurrency right to
them this is another level of interaction with these companies in
these exchanges and these folks that want to carry land and accept electro
neum I’m gonna go through all these things and then I want to talk to you
guys about what all this really means but it is really important guys even
though it’s in Turkey and and the European friends and the guys out there
all you guys out there and in Europe and Australia and
the Middle East and in Asia will probably have a bigger benefit than the
u.s. folks and I can only say that because obviously US has issues with
with with the Turkish government and we may or may not be able to use it so I
don’t know I’m just throwing that out there I I don’t know what the
ramifications of this is yet for the United States citizens but as of the
moment the rest of you guys are going to be in great shape and I’m hoping that
there won’t be any problem for us now this means that it’s paired somebody is
a vendor they can accept electro Neum have it sent to their system coin and
then instantly change it over to US dollars euros or lira for some reason if
you want to do that but miss you need two US dollars so that 9 euros I made a
mistake did not yours into Bitcoin or US dollars I’m sure at some point they’ll
add the euros but this is gonna create gateways keep in mind they have instant
payment will have gig websites so that you can make money Vince the payment so
you can sell your stuff and where’s you’ll be able to make money getting the
money in a now remember I’ve had a lot of videos regarding this there the last
piece of the puzzle is how do you get money in how do you get money out as a
vendor it’s starting to happen these are the types of things that are creating
complete life cycles for electro neum and once we see some partnerships with
these phone companies and it’s starting to get out they’re starting to everybody
has it then they have a liability to the transfer purchase earn it you’re talking
a massive situation of adoption over the period of 24 months I think is
gonna be pretty realistic to start seeing some dramatic effects stop going
on telegram complaining in a week it goes up and down this is a 24-month
situation or better where you’re gonna see amazing amazing returns for those
amazing benefits for those that helped get this program and get these things
together that that believe in electro neom scooped up some so that they could
be prepared people like myself and you guys out there we went out and purchase
something this is a perfect example velocity of money you know picked up my
electro Liam and I purchased something with it it was sent out to me well that
guy has the electro Neum and he’ll take it and maybe he’ll buy something else
with it that is what makes a lifecycle that’s what makes adoption and when you
start having access to over a hundred million people even if twenty million of
them get involved it’s still far more than any other coin get involved in the
next six months that gets things rolling it’s gonna happen guys it’s gonna happen
now let’s take a quick look you guys are running through the screen and my little
little thing here can’t keep up with it all I have to go to a page when he gives
me like 12 pages I’m just gonna go right to the regular chat here let’s see hey
Shay he’s out there yeah michael says I just picked up 5,000 more
coins oh that’s good stuff Michael let’s see if I can scroll up here and see what
we got yeah like it’s Michael Sam yep just picked up 5,000 more coins while
watching the show good for you Michael and price is good at the moment he’s
starting to go up again you know when you get that little dip because
everybody always going up again you know there’s stuff going on we gots my
announcement number one right that’s the number one system coin don’t take it
lightly it is a an example of what’s gonna happen going forward
a prime example and you’re gonna be surprised at how much it’s gonna be used
Bangladesh so beer good to see you out there and so
Bangladesh all right okay you guys got let’s get stuff let’s keep going and
then I’ll get to the questions as you guys you have all sorts of stuff out
here all right so next that was announced today is a
coin exchange that we’ve been talking about and one that you guys need to look
into so a couple things you’re gonna want to
look into first is the liquid exchange you give then you gotta want a Google
liquid World Books so that you understand that I’m gonna try to put
some links after the show down below so you guys can get a feel of what exactly
what’s going on liquid 23,000 followers all right liquid
is based from coin these guys know what they’re doing they don’t falsify or wash
their their numbers are accurate so they’re not going to be at the top what
everybody else is washing their their their coins they got true numbers in
there and liquid clearly understands what is going on with electro Neum and
how important and unique electroni amazed by having kyc capabilities built
into the coin they can trust it they know where the stuff’s coming from they
know that they’re not gonna run into any legal implications or compliance issues
with any of the government’s liquid is going to be a very important exchange
and one that i will be this weekend setting up an account for now that I see
all see that they’re doing what they say that they will be and with that in mind
I’m gonna set up a liquid account for a couple of reasons and I’ll get to those
let’s take a look what’s going on here liquid adoption is vital for the growth
of cryptocurrency adoption they know this adoption is vital for the growth of
cryptocurrency they can talk about any cryptocurrency they want they could say
Bitcoin they could save Roger verbs be cash but Bitcoin cash or whatever that
is they can say – they could say the light coin but what they put in their
Twitter is adoption is vital for the growth of cryptocurrency and electro
neom is at the forefront out of the 3,000 coins that are out there
electroni ‘m is what’s on their brain and there’s a reason for that and all of
you guys that are here probably know that y-you know where electroni about
this and why electrode IAM is gonna be so important and liquid understands
liquid which is the coin network clearly knows that electro Neum is going to
change the way cryptocurrency works and is going to truly make everything happen
by bringing it into a mass adoption state they have they have confidence
just as you should now what I every time I see a dip I
bought on the way up I saw the dip on I bought some more I have yet to sell one
electro Neum I have no intention to send electron my guy get him I keep getting
them I keep getting them off to the paper wallet they go keep that in mind
guys it’s only it’s only beginning now if you take ten percent of your
portfolio to trade up and down on the dips that’s a smart idea once in a while
to do that you might be able to earn some extras in between the dips and
they’re higher than the Ray of the highs I can’t I can’t fault anybody for doing
that I would not be selling all of my electron him and then trying to get him
on a dip but you’re gonna end up like bill bill solos like charlie man when
the price went up he got only half of what he had before so you gotta be
careful that’s why if you’re gonna play gonna play with ten fifteen percent
maybe twenty if you have urges the day trade or want to buy in and get out and
try to make an extra ten percent nothing wrong with that that’s what it’s all
about continued good luck I hope that works out for you
I would never do more than 10% but that’s me
I’m just Chris guy in a straw hat what do I know all right
liquid specifically punches this particular Twitter with electro neum is
at the forefront electro naeun can be sent and received from any smartphone
while the vendor can easily implement an instant payment system via a simple API
they recognize not only is it vital for the growth of cryptocurrency and the
reasons being is you can send it then receive it from the smartphones and then
be able to use it as instant payment at stores and websites that are just going
online laughs every time I turn around there’s another website accepting
electro neom now I’m actually I most of my website uses something called X card
it’s a Russian base shopping cart and they have a lot of them a couple hundred
thousand implementations working with a developer currently and we’re trying to
get the the API put in place so that we can roll out electro neum an X card
because I want to be one of the first ones to have it and be able to accept it
we have a lot of a lot of items that we want to make available and that’s
exactly what they’re talking about here liquid understands that electron emits
not just a cryptocurrency that people are going to just buy in a hole it’ll in
sand and save and they they and they got Bitcoin and they got it in and they got
it in a little cup in there then you stick it in their pocket nitronium is
gonna be a fully lifecycle you can be able to earn it on your smartphone
you’re going to be able to purchase it directly with with fiat dollars you’re
gonna be able to earn it you’re gonna be able to spend it instantly make an
instant payment it’s a reality on a website no I got my
mug instantly on a website paid for it in under five seconds somebody made and
earned some electro neom and then we’re happy to earn the electro diem they were
thrilled you can go ask electron iam Academy or Mac or merch if they’re
thrilled to earn electro Neum by selling some wares and this is gonna go on all
over the planet whether you’re in India Africa the Middle East even those guys
in New Zealand and Australia they’ll want to be able to sell services sell
products and earn electro neum because they know they can do other things with
it and if they need to cash it out the Fiat to pay their employees places like
system coin and liquid are gonna deliver that because they know what that there
the life cycle they want to be part of this they know this is gonna be big big
I’m gonna say that up close big it’s gonna be big so big news electroni ‘m 2
euros pair coming in November 5th you will be able to purchase electro neum
using your euros getting rid of bitcoin throwing that leash off our neck be able
to start breaking away so if Bitcoin goes up and down and will matter it’s
gonna take time it’s like it happened instantly but you’re starting to put
that crack in there where we can separate ourselves and be our own I’m
not trying to be its own thing it’s owned him it’s only ecosystem I
know you guys call ecosystems I call it echo system this is important
and what’s more important is the guy who’s selling me this cup a guy who sold
me this blanket and whan cat all in there and then and the website that sold
is wonderful blanket and my website if you purchase something on the site at
the store that vendor will now be able to have a liquid account they’ll be able
to have the money the the crypto the electro Liam gets sent instantly to that
particular account I’ve had a video about this the concern I had is that
delay okay you know if it goes up and down remember I was telling you if it
takes an hour that kind of limits the vendors because the price could go up or
down and they can’t take the chance on certain vendors like food where the
margin is so tiny 5% or so high-end electronics computers things like that
the guys are working with 8% margin so maybe maybe 10 if they’re lucky they
can’t you know they would like to take the chance it’ll go up but they can’t
take the chance it’ll go down they can’t lose money
liquid you’ll be able to to have the money instantly transfer it over and put
into the liquid so when they pay it’ll go right into liquid and I’ll let the
blockchain and I can instantly sell it into Fiat all you do is collect your
money and you can pry I don’t know I have to ask liquid I don’t know maybe
they even have a daily batching process where they can transfer your Fiat back
to you or something I don’t know something I can look into but you can
see it’s just starting to become a payment system this is when you go into
in the future there’s maybe a couple of years from now but you go on a future
you’ll be able to use cash credit card paypal or electro Neum
it’s gonna be a payment processing it’s a it’s a product it’s a system it’s not
just a cryptocurrency it’s a system of method of payment a complete product
electro neum is gonna be like you know later the synonymous Thank You you say I
want a band-aid well you know you want a bandage to put on your finger it could
be you know made by Walmart or Walgreens or band-aid themselves but everybody
calls it a band-aid electro neum is gonna be synonymous with earning
spending and using cryptocurrency and the payment method I might pay for it we
electron iam mark my words don’t doubt me gonna take time all this stuff
doesn’t happen overnight I don’t want anybody whining doesn’t
happen overnight over time what Charlie’s gonna be
synonymous with pain crypto instantly I’ll put ten bucks on that this is big
this is big news number two and this is big because this is bigger because it’s
liquid and let me tell you about liquid and and don’t take my word for it you
need to go out there and you need to research it yourself you need to look at
the liquid world book here’s the problem I made a video I’ve been doing a lot of
videos to bring you guys to the point of today and I’m hoping that you’ll see
that if you look at some of the videos over the last week where it’s taking you
and why all this stuff starts to now make sense of all those questions and
videos that I put together the world book I had a video is why is
the price higher on one exchange and not the other and I was telling you about
arbitrage and other guys moving around world book with liquid being they’re
gonna be the forefront for this these exchanges that will be out there and
they’re gonna have communications all into this world book you’ll be able to
place an order to sigh at the sell or to buy and they’ll look at their and at the
liquids exchange first to see if they can fulfill that order if they can’t
they will instantly go out to each of these different exchanges and find if
they can pair your order with somebody this is gonna keep the prices all even
it’s gonna give you amazing amounts of liquidity because now you know if I have
my coins over on this exchange and I have my coins on that exchange and then
I gotta have them on on liquid and I got a transfer them with they keep them all
in liquid and you’ll be able to now access the liquidity of all these other
exchanges so liquid doesn’t have to have billions of coins they can have each of
them can have a hundred million there could be ten exchanges with a hundred
million there’s now access to you to a billion coins this is big this is big
and what’s bigger is that liquid once us to be in the forefront of their products
because you know why they can trust electron IAM they know that that it’s
they’re not gonna run afoul of any government you they know that it can be
trusted they know vendors are gonna use it because they can trust it and what
liquids doing is producing a solution for those vendors to be able to accept
the electron IAM and then instantly change it over into a fiat pairing and
get that fiat money into their coffers so they can pay their employees
maybe the vendor might keep a little electron IAM scrolled away for
themselves for the future this is not just a listing on an exchange get that
out of your head this goes beyond listing a coin on an exchange this is a
life cycle this is the next level of the of bringing cryptocurrency not just to
the masses but giving them the tools to be able to interact with it to move it
around be able to do stuff with it you see what electron has been doing you
guys yeah you have some people out there well they’re not doing anything I don’t
hear anything why is it Richard posting on the forum mm-hmm
gets me crazy they’re putting all of the mechanics together why go out there and
start doing advertising for cryptocurrency what are you gonna do
with it yeah you get Bitcoin you gonna do with it you stick it in your pocket
and you hold on to it for four years that’s not what electron um is about
electro neom is about making a complete life cycle of earning it spending it
having vendors being able to access it to be able to transfer it in and out you
guys see where this is going these types of mechanics this is what they’ve been
working on in the background so now you have the ability to get it in be able to
earn it and be able to move it here be able to transfer it be able to instant
payment it buy a product get yourself coffee mug electroni of course and these mechanics now make it all flow
you can do something with it what do you do it you know hold on take a Bitcoin
thank you sticking on your ledger wallet like charity um you could now do stuff
because they put all the gears they’ve been sitting all this time carving out
little mechanical gears putting these gears into place into this amazing clock
and now as it spins up now you have things all whirling and twisting and
thing characters going around and things happening now you start getting it into
the hands of people so I’m you know I’m hoping the end of the year we’re gonna
see stuff being announced I’m hoping you know they delivered what they said in
October that didn’t have some exciting news I’m hoping November will see some
other exciting news come out of them and based on what I see so far I have no
doubt in my mind that they still have a ton of items a ton more gears that
they’re gonna put in place mark my words like my words there’s
gonna be more and more and more stuff and you know you can have that initial
rollout there’ll be a lot of exciting things they’re gonna start to get some
more partners and then they’re gonna see all this stuff happening other people
are gonna start to ask other companies now remember I have this whole week I’ve
did a whole bunch of videos I talked about how hard it is to get partnerships
these larger companies are gonna want to be part of this they’re gonna see hey
you got a way to go in you got a way to to get the money out you have a way to
earn it you have a way to spend it instant payment you have the KYC
compliance you guys have a complete life cycle cryptocurrency nobody else has we
want to be part of this now I made a video that talked about how hard it is
to get these partnerships these larger companies are gonna take some time you
know one guy wants it this way one guy wants
that way they gotta have a vote watch my videos from this last week go back and
take a look at them you’ll see each one of the videos that I put out I’ll talk
about a particular topic that brings us to today not that I knew that this was
gonna happen today but what do I know I’m just extract our guy you know a guy
the straw hat I don’t know anything so it brings us to today and these things
that how important they are and how things like this are gonna solve all of
those problems that I talked about throughout the week real important it’s
bigger than just being listed and we want you to see the mechanics that are
happening right before your eyes so you understand where this is gonna go now
when we start to get some partners when we start to get the electroni a map into
tens of millions of people and then that keeps going and you have a lot of people
now earning it they’re gonna want to spend it on something they’re gonna
connect up to one of these guys I’m gonna say and send me a mug or they’re
gonna send it to liquid and say send me some money they’re gonna want to earn
they’re gonna say hey I’ll make you something I’ll make you something before
I’ll make you a graphic I’ll turn you into a picture for 200 electro neum and
he’ll earn it and they’ll be happy to earn it because you know what it’ll be a
lot of cash to them cuz they can now turn it into fiat easily liquid World
Book it’s gonna give you that ability to now interact and not only that be able
to transfer you’ll be able to work in different currencies it’ll automatically
transfer the US dollars into euros or to whatever strange come is what’s strange
money you have in your country I don’t know what you guys have in Australia you guys selling their kangaroo pouches
or something I don’t know but the fact that it matters this is greater than
just being listed on an exchange something that even finance can’t even
provide liquid is gonna do this is important look into it research in
liquid world book liquid exchange look into it and especially if you’re out
there and you’re a vendor this is your gateway now I’ve been little bird told
me that at some point that they will also add US dollars into a trading pair
at some point so we’ll have the ability to purchase electroni arose in USD it’s
big it’s big guys real big ET an euro come in the liquid November 5th
you guys out in the European Union I am jealous beyond belief jealous jealous
jealous you’ll be the first to be able to try that out I can’t get my hands on
any euros and if I did it’d just be sitting there looking at it ain’t gonna
transfer my us to euros to just throw by it but I’m gonna be in line you can be
able to do my etn to us and of course if you I want to do you can go to system
coin so some coin will do that for you right now ETM in euros November 5th
now system coin they’re not live yet they’re working out some last-minute
polishes they have it all kind of working there they’re working on because
you have to send your electron oh my dress and then there’s a payment ID so
that makes sure that it identifies you there they’re working out the last of
the the software to get that up and running they may
they’re hoping to have that done you know by Wednesday they said maybe Monday
so you can’t put any coins yet into their wall into your wallet that system
coin but you can get yourself set up at system coin and be able to purchase with
USD once it goes life it’ll it’ll be soon they’ll be soon let them work it
out but they’re committed they’re not playing any games they’re getting a set
up they’re getting taken care of and so we have two giant big news things it’s
good stuff full life-cycle guys it makes a big difference and these are just the
first two rocks to start to slide down the hill yeah you’re wait you wait world
book this is big stuff let’s go to let’s see if I have it here liquid swirl it’s
medium there we go out on medium there’s a description of world book they talk
about cryptocurrency conversions the component of the world book would
automatically convert all currencies to local pairs for the individual trader
based on real-time information from forex so you’ll be able to move money
from USD to euros that’s just another service that you could do it’ll be able
to do currency conversion it’ll have the matching engine you know it’ll match
millions of transactions and seconds remember what I told you if the price
you you know you want to buy it at a certain price or sell it at a certain
price it may not be selling on liquid at that price but there may be one of the
attached exchanges where it is and you’ll be able to use liquid and be able
to score a hit on another exchange even though you’re on liquid because they’ll
parse it out and find through all those that are working together we’ll be able
to find and it goes vice-versa though they’ll be able to interact it’s gonna
keep the stability of electro Neum you’re not gonna have price
remember I had a video why’s the price different on another exchange this is
gonna keep it nice and even it’s gonna keep it stable now there’s gonna be
influx of value but it’s gonna be stable between exchanges real important so this
is good stuff guys take a look at this this is a medium article you look it up
by liquid world book just type in liquid world book you’ll see the medium
information now you also have Joomla the guy who who created the Joomla actually
owns Joomla com he finished up a access and created the electro neum ecommerce
package and you’d be able to actually go to to the website and it’s called a call
the etn commerce that calm and get the download the software and set up a
Joomla Joomla procom web cart and it’s all based and you know connected up with
the with electroni amande instant payment already built into it you can
demo it there this is the stuff that’s gonna Levin happen guys you’re gonna see
all these different web sites and the manufacturers of these carts start
integrating electro neum directly into the packages and a few of them have done
that already and you’re gonna see more and more of
these web carts build the electroni I’m into them so no matter you know you’ll
be able to open a full web store this is why I’m I’m working with the developers
for x-cart to be able to do something this where they can you can plug in the
electro Niall module and and can start to accept electron IAM as
payment all of these different carts are doing this the guys have got to see
where this is leading you guys are the first ones you’re paying attention
you’re paying attention because you’re watching digit spin crypto and you’re
getting this information for anybody else and you’re seeing how it hopefully
I’m helping you see how all this stuff is gonna connect and how it’s gonna make
a difference in the way everything is gonna work it just won’t be a crypto
that people buy in hole before store values so that they can speculate on it
this is gonna be something you could do stuff with this is gonna be a usable
crypto functional full life-cycle guys like this I’m making that happen just
another example it’s so important its own point I I hope I’ve been able to
really express this you all should be extremely excited beyond belief to start
to see stuff like this happening with coin which system coin with Commerce and hoping to see a phone provider by the
end of the year what’s not sooner this is what we need you’re gonna see a lot
of this stuff that starting to happen guys let’s take a look at the chat let’s
see what you guys are all right if Phoenix the rising phoenix rising
goes oh the cats out of the bag the majority of bitcoins usefulness is
solely to buy other cryptocurrencies due to all the BTC parings liquid electro
neum 2 euro pairing is a major crack in the BC Bitcoin foundation absolutely you
know they they they see what electroni emit could become and where it’s going
and they want to be part of this there’s no doubt on it I I’ve had videos in the
past where I’ve told you you guys go look at my videos you’ll see I have one
specifically on on liquid and I told you in that video that liquid wants to be
close well electron IAM there you go there you go it’s gonna be more
important than ever all right Jonathan Middleton welcome to the show Jonathan
he goes I sold a ton of other coins after today’s news I’d already bought a
ton more well good for you Jonathan it’s gonna be important to keep in mind
electrons of all cryptocurrency goes up and down all cryptocurrency is gonna be
affected by stock market crashes also cryptocurrency is gonna go up when
there’s tons of money thrown into Bitcoin it’s gonna be a fact of of the
situation but you know when when electroni Amir’s from now and electrons
a buck or greater in my personal opinion you look back and say well I bought it
at two cents or two point one cents or 1.5 cents it doesn’t matter I was
worried about it back then I shouldn’t be today as you shipping your champagne
you’ll be fine Phoenix thinks that Bitcoin will not be
the top crypto in the future that’s a hard one to call out yeah you have to
admit they have a stable Network they have some good development that goes on
with it it is kind of taken over by certain groups and my kin you know I I’m
not sure you know I don’t know you know Bitcoin may end up being like a savings
account you buy some Bitcoin and you put it in saving you don’t write checks
again it against your savings account you don’t use your credit card against
their savings account you don’t buy stuff you don’t get paid and it gets put
in your savings account it’ll goes into your checking and then
yeah you squirrel some away maybe Bitcoin may end up being a savings
account like Charlie M is gonna be a checking account who’s that sergeant Marines goes hey Dino check out
the Economist magazine 1988 I believe they were predicting electro neum is the
global currency yeah I saw that they’re showing global currencies whether they
think it’ll be in the future it’s possible you know we all know it’s gonna
happen at some point it’s just a matter of who what where and when so it’s
possible guys it’s possible you guys sitting on ten twenty thousand electron
ium could be valuable in the future for yourself alright let’s see what they get
yeah it’s got all sorts of stuff going on here Johnathan’s going oh yeah everyone
forgets electro Neum has pairs also with the British Pound yeah this is true I I
believe in some of the changes there that doesn’t Earling you’ll be able to
transfer it over you would think they it would have that since they’re from
England themselves it’s important all right hey we got electron in community
out there good to see you appreciate you stopping by it’s all good all right you
guys have any questions throw them out there this is a good time to do it I not
going to be able to go back to the 40 pages that you guys created so I’m gonna
go forward so if you had a question you put it before put it in now all right
Colin brown saying electro niyama also said they will be making kyc more
accessible to everyone in the future for the very small percentage of the people
in the third world countries who need level or two they will have a solution
you are a completely correct Colin they are yo D is committed and so is electro
neom to find solutions to make sure everybody gets included and they will
find ways to make sure that it meets the standards of the EU standards you know
keep in mind these aren’t electrons electron is not telling you I need kyc
they’re saying we’re gonna be kyc compliant they’re meeting the the
European Union standard of kyc so available they’ll find solutions and the
two of them have been working out pretty well together alright so I’m expecting
good stuff from from the two of them to make sure that it all works for
everybody all right ten ten ten ten stock market crash was no coincidence
Dino Colin saying no no you know I actually don’t own any stocks at this
time in my life so I haven’t had a chance to pay attention to it as much as
I should I do a cursor re because I know that if the stock market crashes people
get skittish and I would expect the cryptocurrency
market to to follow suit but until until it actually happens when we won’t know
because we haven’t gone through it yet all right Fugazi Naga motto
Fugazi Naga motto he says I feel like having hundreds of thousands of
electronic means just not enough well I hope you have the finances to get
yourself some more you know if I get an extra hundred bucks you know I pop it in
now and I’ll pick up a few extra electroni of myself or 50 bucks or
whatever you know it adds up every once in a while a heads up and then you know
have enough to squirrel away onto a paper wallet dig a hole put it in their
backyard make sure you wrap it in plastic first you can scroll away in
your back ya backyard like a night guys he’s saying even 1 million makes me want
to have more it’s like a donut you can’t just eat one right you gotta go to the
second donut Adams going I think turkeys gonna gobble up all the
electroni ‘im no pun intended that’s possible you know they don’t want to see
their value of their lira go down and you know and I’m making X amount of
dollars to do my job you know and I gotta buy food and whatever you know
what they may put it into so it’ll hold the value and then they can go to the
supermarket and then teaching you know pay for theirs pray for their gross pay
for their groceries with electroni I’m right on there instant payment you know
countries like Turkey I’m probably gonna want to
the the people of turkey may want to take advantage of it and they could end
up being very big there alright so Phoenix is going hey digit
span does Richard Ellis announce partnerships on November 12th good
question and even if I knew I couldn’t tell you what I can tell you is that
obviously kyc you know it happens it closes it starts up on the 12th they
extended it to give more time to everybody I would expect after that’s
considered active that I I personally would think that after that happens I
would tend to think that something between November 12th and the end of the
year we should see some additional exciting news that’s what I would have
to say regarding that all right okay now the 12 players saying electro
neum wallet is available for a deposit on system point I have last time I
checked like I said they were still working out some fine-tuning and the
wallet was locked for deposits so unless you know just before the show they
changed that you know I expect it to be locked for deposits and from what I
understood it’ll be you know probably the latest would be hopefully Wednesday
they’re hoping early next week that they can start accepting deposits over at
system point that’s what I understood you may know something that I don’t all
right so kyc finishes on the 12th but I’m sure partnerships will be random
news times as deals closed not but not until kyc complete yeah Fugazi Nakamoto
you’re correct I you know the ones that they have in the basket they’ll work on
getting them signed off get all the i’s and t’s crossed off and then they’ll can
probably start to announce those and roll those out over the next period of
time hopefully hopefully before the end of the year and after that I think that
you’re gonna start and it’s successful I think you’re gonna see large as I said
one time big big companies and kid says hey Fugazi naga motto you can have a
hundred million electron iam and you’d still want more of them it’s like a
collectible you know you like baseball crypto capsule says hey Dino just want
to let you know you need an electro Neum straw hat
right up on the front they’re gonna put on the side I’ll get a sticker I’ll be
like the official electronics truck yeah Sandeep goes hey Deano you’re so smart
can you tell me what the price of electroni am next year this time no I
can’t I’m not gonna lie to you hey listen
there’s plenty of other channels out there that will give you all sorts of of
prices you know go ask them I can’t tell you what it’s gonna be yeah yeah I can
tell you that I expect it to be at least 10 cents I would hope that it would be
at least a quarter there’s a possible to be more than that sure sure and anything
more than that it would be real good gravy that’s the truth that’s really you
know the truth I think it could be greater than that it’ll be greater than
10 cents you know I try to keep it as real I know you guys sometimes some of
you guys get upset with me cuz I’m not giving crazy price predictions or
telling you what you want to hear now I’m telling you what I think the truth
is and you know I know not everybody values that they like to go and and
listen to the guy that’s gonna tell them that they’re gonna be you know a hundred
thousand dollars a coin or whatever it is or a hundred dollars a coin in 60
days I don’t do that here I’m sorry I try to give you as much real information
as possible so that you can make informed decisions based on realistic
expectations and events that are going on I hope you make a good decision for
yourself and don’t take my word for it you listen to what I have to say you can
listen to the other guys what they have the same your make your decision
hey Joseph Meyer goes hey hey do you know what I like when you do they sound
added to the to the phone to the instant payment system so Colin brown he’s he
still saying he says it’s a sergeant and everybody else still agrees that electro
Neum could end up being the one-world currency through ease of use mass
marketing partnerships and the reasons go on and on The Economist The Economist
was referencing us for sure right there was written in 88 though and you know we
existed but they were defining what could end up being that and we fit that
classification as when I say we electroni who fits that classification
so it’s possible what do I know Hegel’s out there I’ve seen you in a
while well do you know electronic mom see ya extra saying it was offline about
two hours ago in maintenance mode and that system coin yeah that’s how I
understood it to be so 99 senses so Phoenix is saying 99 cents is looking
forward to his CLI wallet instructional video so that’s great it’s good at you
doing that stuff Matt and I’m glad you have the time I don’t have as much free
time as its mad parent Li I get caught up with everything that’s going on and
I’m sure Matt’s a busy guy it’s not like he’s just sitting around
he’s got a family to deal with and to support and to love so you have to thank
Matt for taking some of his precious time to do those things for people
did you spend you a proficient on CLI how about a CLI video well since Matt
said that he was gonna create one I’m not gonna step on his toes I’ll let him
do his thing and if he doesn’t get it right I’ll let you know but yes I use
the CLI all the time and it’s it’s fun and kids saying he likes to get the news
after the fact not beforehand so but not before the deal is done
so yeah I think as far as like trillions concerned they’ve been letting us know
after the deal is done sometimes the partners get the
information out there too soon and there’s been a couple exchanges that
announce stuff and then I’ve taken their time unfortunately and it looks bad on
all electroni ‘m when it’s not even their fault okay vikas he wants to know is there any way
to transfer Fiat into crypto without paying 16 percent at a Bitcoin ATM
awaiting 12 days on coinbase yes yes and those are gonna be done with things like
liquid things like system coin and there’s more and more of those come out
now there there’s a I’m looking into a company it’s out here in Florida
somebody gave me a lead on it I’m one of my videos and it’s another company that
allows you to purchase with fiat there’s also the cash app which is from PayPal
so you can connect it to a bank or use a credit card to buy Bitcoin now the
problem we have is every single bank is denying the ability you use a credit
card if you have a debit card I have a bank and I try to use my debit card and
they stop the transaction because they are it’s we weren’t sure that was you
and it went in today and I keep telling the I keep telling the security
department that is a valid transaction let that transaction go through yes yes
mr. Deano we will we will get that straight now we’ll make sure that the
transaction I go to do it again the next day and it gets denied and then my car
gets locked again and I’m like furious with my bank I’ve went down and I tried
getting like a you know a Walmart pay card a go bank card and a green dot bank
card and just try to see why and it doesn’t let you do those even though I
did kyc to to configure that bank account they won’t accept those types of
cards the banks are making it really difficult they see the writing on the
wall and I guess they’re going you know if we’re gonna go out we ain’t gonna
help when I helped helped cryptos put us out of business if we can help it and
they’re doing everything possible to make it a miserable experience to try to
get your darn money in into it coin base was pretty good I
got locked out of coin base because I made a made a payment
I can’t purchase like himself I made a payment with my bank that that was
transferring the money on the credit card nor on the bank and everything and
they stopped the transaction because they don’t want the money going out to
claim days coin ladies got mad at me because the transaction got denied and
they put a lock on my purchasing abilities so I gotta go at the coin base
and you guys released this my counts like because of my stupid bank and
they’re like oh we’re gonna look into that and we’re gonna escalate that to
the next level and you never hear anything from the next level coinbase
customer service sucks it just sucks simple as that there’s no other way to
describe it but suck hmm it’s unfortunate but true I hope they get it
fixed all right ACH is one way it’s really tough so we
had to cash app you had there was another one coin mama
check a look at coin mama they charge a fee it’s a little bit more than coin
base but I had more success with coin mama and it’s definitely cheaper than an
ATM where else that I had success hopefully with liquid I’ll I’ll have a
better chance of being able to transfer funds theory it’s not easy they’re not
making it easy not making it easy at all let’s see here zero fees on liquid Colin
sane Vera fees on liquid is an absolutely massive idea I like where
you’re taking that Colin good deal alright he’s illegal saying Mattie a
youtuber gives me a hundred electron iam in his channel good for you
legal made a hundred the electron iam M kid goes hey when electronic moons we’re
gonna have to change mats channels name from ninety-nine cents to a dollar 99 I
like that that’s great right Capital One Bank of America all blocky yeah Capital
One and Bank of America they won’t let you do anything
paid got awful TD Bank is very crypto friendly I hope they take a look at that
I’m ready to go down to my local credit union or something and open it up an
account because it’s just it’s getting out of control there they’re just
everybody’s trying to stop you from doing it
it’s crazy do-do-do-do-do-do that’s to put man on yeah I got to get some live I
got to get a call in I don’t know I’ll have to do that what didn’t want those
those were fun when we had the two I’ll have to talk on that and see when he’s
available if Matt’s available I can send them a link and we can get him connected
even if it’s on his it’s fun I don’t know if he saw if he’s available let’s
see here 1998 since then yeah cuz now it should be 99 cents the 99 bucks yeah it’s like collateral okay I think I’ve
got pretty much all the questions there and we’ve been on for about an hour and
a half let’s see who’s gonna win what I’m gonna do is um let’s make sure I
didn’t miss anything let’s go over to YouTube we are 55 people out there
that’s awesome I like when that happens all right let’s take a quick look at
YouTube just in case anybody put in their last minute address let’s see if
we can find if there’s any comments that I can you know check off the box make
sure they got added and make it fair for everybody like comments and usually they
show up at spam because it’s in there okay so we’ve got a couple people that
put in a right perfect don’t have to worry about it
let’s let’s pick a winner let’s go here and I gotta go back to this alright
let’s get my fat of the way I’ve already pre-loaded the the last live video we’re
gonna fetch survey says twelve comments or available member you
have to have an address to be a winner and Jack Johnson says thank you for your
videos did you spend you have a great channel bud and he has an electron of a
dress Jack Johnson has won himself seventy eight seventy eight all good
stuff through the electro neum that’s gonna be one electron it’s a thousand
dollars that’s gonna be seventy eight thousand dollars worth of lunch on him
hold on to it I’ll get that out the little bit later at the end of my night
tonight I got actually I still working I got a
lot more stuff to do and printing out some good stuff so I have it hey you
guys don’t forget wake up think about electron think about the lifecycle think
about what’s going on before you make your decisions to sell all of your
electro neum make sure you’re making the right decision hopefully this
information makes it easier for you to make a good decision
I appreciate you visiting the show I love each and every one of you
and it’s exciting to have you here ciao

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