Elastos in Trouble? French Banks STOPS Withdraws [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

good morning everyone January 22nd and it's having again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news today is a special day live session on Tuesday I've stopped doing this for a couple weeks but I might start doing it again because because I like to I don't really have to give a reason but thanks for tuning guys there's there's actually some stuff to talk about including what I found about alas dose and how they may be in trouble and also French banks are stopping withdrawals I mean what's going on with that so I'm gonna talk about that talk about a few other things give update on nulls as well since it was requested but thanks for tuning guys always appreciate your support make sure you hit the like and subscribe to channel and make sure you hit a notification button alright so the usual people Webber John I see a lot of people Tony crypto D Casteel thanks for tuning in make sure you hit the lights and let's get started and do Q&A afterwards alright so what did I find yesterday I was writing insider for writing a newsletter from my insider group and I was digging around looking for updates and I found this about e last dose and I think this could be this is a troubling sign and I want to bring it up because this was just released a few days ago you last dose is pretty good about weekly updates and there's a lot of technical stuff that they're doing and I said that I think they're layering a few things last minute that can be concerning one of those things is a new consensus protocol proof of stake one that's gonna be combined with their proof of work so they're gonna go with the hybrid setup and they originally said they were doing this to prevent Forks okay interesting but now it's coming out that they might be doing it for other reasons and not that it's a bad reason but it's just it is what it is and what do I mean by that we know that or a lot of you guys know that you know you last dose you know their their main consensus protocol or consensus consensus algorithm is merged mining and they partner up with bit Maine very early on gia wonwoo actually has a large investment in the last dose and the reason for that is because bit Maine owns the largest mining pools out there okay in terms of Bitcoin mining pools they control BTC calm and aunt pool which is over 50% of the hash rate for Bitcoin alone just from those two pools and you last those merge mining is the beauty of it is once you get that software installed basically miners can mine the Bitcoin and yo'ii at the same time so it doesn't actually stop or decrease hash power so which is great so miners combine both at the same time it's a huge positive for you last dose because you don't get you don't need miners to specifically pick out like which one to mind you could mind both BTC and meet you know at the same time now because of all the bit main problem okay there's rumors that it's gonna shut down Jevon will got kicked out in a company you know are they go survive there's a lot of stuff coming out right about bit Maine fingers crossed that they actually stay alive and you don't just shut down but this was given ok this was released in this weekly update by Ron and he basically says that the lastest foundation has attempted to comp it main but contact bit main regarding a distribution of ela and miners themselves can also contact PTC directly you'll ask those foundation set inquiries as early as October 2018 BBC replied that at the time they need to upgrade the front and software in just their payment system accordingly the Alaska's foundation will continue contacting BCC comm regarding this matter at this point in time we're not able to promise the outcome we are deeply sorry and disappointed in current situation BDC calm now here's the kicker we will actively search for altar mining pool and launch open merge mining as soon as the DPOs layer releases so this is what I was saying at first they were saying they were moving to proof of stake because or I'm sorry dog steak because of you know they want to prevent hard work but no I think they knew this just early is it October 18th at everything that's been mining right all this merge mine that's been going out bit Maine has not been released bit Maine actually has been hoarding all the ELA and you know the giving excuses and that was back in October so now fast forward three to four months later where they're in worse financial trouble maybe they'd sold it all maybe that's the reason why you know a you know besides the token release maybe they have more down more pressure then then they should have had because maybe bit me was selling it off we don't know but it shows that this relationship with bit Maine is not solid by any means okay not anymore maybe early on it was but now they they can't even get an honest answer from it mean so they are desperately now looking to move to dogged proof of stake because they can't just get off a BDC calm right now if they did the entire the entire network would go down so they're kind of they're kind of stuck right between a rock and a hard place so that's why I think this is the real reason why they're moving there are adding a consensus algorithm delegate prove a stake so that they can actually power the network and that moved their merged mining to another mining pool so I don't think a lot of people's paying attention to this and this was stated stated in a weekly update that came out a few days ago so I think this is pretty significant now I do think you last those will get through this okay they will get through this this is not does not a deal breaker or a project killer by any means but it does show that in the meantime right they might be struggling a little bit until they get delegate approval estate going until they move the merge mining out and there's this question mark around bit Maine whether or not they're gonna release those tokens so they're hoarding it they're go release it where to go do and and this relationship between bit Maine and alas those seems to be broken at this time so that's why I wanted to talk about I lead with because I think this is pretty significant one of the bigger news that's out there about some of the projects that I like and there you go and we'll just have to wait and see what happens right alright so that's what I want to leave with next up is just a significant this is not about a project but now because of all the turmoil and everything that's happening in France French banks are reportedly not not only closing but they're faking glitches and they're stopping withdrawals so so that's that's interesting so basically there's it's been reported that for every $100 of deposits that French banks have an average and they have an average of 3000 of loan money so that's a ratio of 30:2 one and that is horrible horrible and supposedly there's a lot of ATM that's closed due to glitches when there's really there isn't and it's just being closed and in the French the French banks not allowing people to withdraw and in this article it's interesting when when Greece had their economic collapse you know they also do the same thing where they limited withdrawals to about 60 euros per person and people were waiting like up to 10 hours at the ATM machine so the reason why I bring this up is because it's one of the things that people don't realize right and you think France is is not a third world countries a first world country right you never know right a lot of people depend on banks I do too I know all of you guys do but if there's some kind of economic crisis financial crisis the banks are not reliable they're not on your side they're not looking out for you they are looking out for themselves they are a business right so it's one of those things where I think a lot of people depend on the banks and they think well you know if something happens I'm protected they're gonna help me no they're not this is one of the beauties of Bitcoin and crypto sin general you know you get to you get to control what's going on with your own asset like if you have Bitcoin you safely secure it you can do whatever you want with it you can withdraw it you can send it to someone else you can use it there is no no one let's go tell you yes or no unless you keep an eye on it exchange but still that's the beauty one of the big draws to cryptocurrency that a lot of people don't focus on right it was created after financial crisis because of all the financial disasters that was going on after the housing bubble and and now we're seeing kind of the same thing and plus we do see this in other countries like Venezuela in a lot of the South American countries to where there's hyperinflation and and your your money is just going to waste like $100 becomes you know with inflation becomes $90 the next week $80 next week $50 a month from now so there's a lot of these real world use cases for Bitcoin and crypto that I don't think a lot of people focus on but this is a good example why you can't really trust banks to to look out for your best interest that's not what they're about they're they're looking out for themselves all right so I think this is also pretty important this is why I want to bring this up to just kind of remind you guys why Bitcoin and crypto is pretty important right all right so let's move on there's a lot of other news someone sent this to me a Swiss bank falcon launches a crypto wallet withdraws to fiat and this is interesting and the are go allow bitcoin pecan kashi tharam and litecoin at this time so i don't know what exchange or if they're running their own exchange because it hasn't really come out but they go allow you to withdraw directly to fiat so this is pretty significant because if you have a lot of fiat on a non i mean if you have a lot of crypto on a non fiat exchange and you always wonder how do i get my money out this is pretty good and it's backed by swiss bank however i just don't know what kind of fees they charge and so forth but i thought this is pretty interesting this is this is one of those things that helps with a foundation right the fundamentals getting better anything that's going to help people you know utilize Kryptos and actually withdrawal that's a positive that's a positive all right so let's move on from here the other thing is this will this is this is one of the things everyone's asking about right where's bottom is bottom here and something that relates to that notice this this morning I think this is pretty significant in terms of whether the bottom is here or not it's looking like it's here and this is the reason why because a lot of people anticipated that we're go down to 3100 and yesterday night someone attempted to do so you can see on the five-minute chart on BTC someone dumped Bitcoin tremendously okay about a hundred points so someone or bot whoever decided hey let's give it a try let's dump and see what happens and he did and guess what there was enough buying power or buyers that made that trigger and it came right back up and I think that's pretty significant we haven't really seen that recently so the fact that someone trying to drive us down didn't work and recovered almost instantly I think that says a lot so is the bottom here I do believe this range and I talked about it well I just always said 3,100 or 4,000 is in range that we're in and now we're even a tighter range about thirty five thirty seven hundred I still believe this is bottom I think that I've always said that you know we're closer to bottom than we are to top right and we are at a point where if you look at I forgot I haven't brought this up for a while if you look at psychology at a market cycle you know we're kind of beyond capitulation now right people aren't even people aren't even at that point people are angry and we're really past angry because most people that are angry are now just depressed or gone and and it just makes me feel like we're right around here that we're in depression stage and any kind of rally and you guys know this to any kind of rally people are disbelief like it's not gonna last there's no way we're gonna go up right where I mean everyone is like that the confidence is shattered so it makes me think that yeah we are we are at bottom but that doesn't mean that we're gonna recover right away we're not gonna go to 20,000 like within a month but if we have seen bottom and we're moving sideways and we start slowly moving up and we start recovering and then one of the triggers hits then we could start seeing some significant moves and rally back up which is good but I think this is this is a very big telling sign that we haven't really seen before were a whale or bot tried to drive us down and it didn't work and it came right back up and it relates to this article because basically some trader also said the same thing that he seemed volatility being so low and weird it's in tight range and he expects that we're gonna see a lot of sideways movement in 2019 and I think that's not too bad that's not too bad as long as we don't go any lower I think and we could consolidate at this level this is actually a pretty good thing so I just want to bring that up because I think this is very significant very significant all right all right moving on what else is there yeah I read this article but I didn't really like it but basically so once said that you know what eventually gold okay it could be it could be the the new gold standard the digital gold standard and it could crack 10 million someday right and we have heard predictions about 100,000 250,000 a million dollars now someone else is coming out and saying it could hit ten million dollars one day who knows maybe in 50 years maybe in a hundred years this could be the case because remember bitcoin has a finite supply right unlike anything else out there that doesn't have a finite supply bitcoin does so maybe he'll come but I don't know that's way too far out for now I saw back just tweet this out that there are a lot of career opportunities and mostly in Atlanta but there are some in other regions of the you New York San Francisco sober but there's a lot in Atlanta so and there are some international so I know a lot of you guys are professionals maybe you're interested I just wanted to bring this up to you back of course is is is something that we're all waiting for it to come right all right what else is there so you know this is rumor ville speculation that hi be might not be able to survive the bear market which is kind of surprising because they are exchange and most exchanges you know they thrive because regardless with a bearable market people are making trades they still make fees so I kind of find this hard to believe that they're struggling to survive unless somehow they took a lot talk out a lot of debt to get things going but I don't know this just doesn't really make much sense to me so all right so yesterday I brought up a reddit post about Apollo and how people are speculating that it is a pump and dump scheme and you shouldn't trust it and the day afterwards it seems like the founders of whoever just dumped it it went down as you know I think right now it's down 30 or 40 percent it was down 50 percent and it was even lower than that at peaked around 78% so again it shows that Apollo that this this thing might be might be ending soon so those of you guys are actually in Apollo you might want to think about getting out and as it's one of those projects that I know there's a army of Schiller's that always ask me about it and so forth but like I said anything that comes out that fast that popular and sounds questionable is usually too good to be true and that's what Apollo looks like all right engine wallet engine wallet is a wallet that I like okay it is Universal wallet they have a lot of stuff and they are integrating with khyber so that you could do in wall exchanges and this is this is what I like hiber because of this they're making partnerships like this they made partition my ether wallet too now they're partnering up engine wallet so a lot of these wallet makers you know the ones that aren't focused on decentralized exchange or hybrid exchange this is a good alternative right Khyber is actually pretty easy to use except it's more like a decentralized centralized exchange it's it's it's not completely centralized so yeah but I do like engine and I think this is a big thing for them so I just want to bring that up and also engine is involved with gaming a lot of things with gaming and so forth so this is this is something where like someone like idle which is also a universal wallet I really like before they are going their opposite route where they're developing their own hybrid exchange which is out but not out completely and idle I don't talk about idle a lot because it seems like they're velman efforts have just basically halted there's so many things that should have been out already and it hasn't been released so makes me think that yeah it might be a while before to go get everything done so alright so moving on crypto Pia people ask me well crypto Pia if they're go get their funds back and it seems like the police is making progress I don't know what that actually means and even if they catch the people that actually stole it doesn't mean that they go have the cryptos yeah and still they haven't released they haven't oh here we go here we go this is funny thieves took ether and ERC 20 tokens valued at 16 million dollars okay and and the thieves actually took the second largest thing that they stole was done to claim that's funny that's really funny three point five million worth at 2.5 million where it's identifying you know I I always speculate I'm like dental cone held so well as Prague because all these dentists hold it right but I guess a lot of people trade down the coin and crypto fee that's pretty funny um well I guess if you lost your tender coin it's not funny but I was actually gonna say I I didn't know what the list of the stolen coins were and a good visual of it so those of you guys that that have fun stolen you know stay tuned we'll see if crypto Pia can get it back lastly for nulls they just released this yesterday community progress update and they did a lot of you know a lot of development with the Knowles 2.0 blockchain explore their new wallet they came out a new test net they also came out document portal which is pretty good which actually has a lot of documents and so forth and they also talked about this which is pretty interesting because this CC ID which is which is uh which is assessment out of China and it they're coming out with new ones now so there's a new one that's called top public black chains and creativity and also is listed up there but their main one their main you know just public blockchains in general nulls has climbed up to sixth place and i'm waiting for the next one to come out because i'll start out at like 20-something no i actually started out worth below twenty something and then i got to twenty something climbed two teens now it's in the top ten so be interesting to see the next one that comes out if it climbs even higher maybe four or something so it does show that the the chinese government is paying very careful attention to nulls and that's pretty much it that's pretty much it guys hopefully you guys caught most of that alright so let's do Q&A make sure you hit the likes hit the like subscribe to channel Chris if you actually heard what I said no it's not fun and I'm bringing up this concern because I don't think a lot of people are talking about it and basically it shows that you last us for those of you guys are tuned in late that you last dose and their relationship with bit main is is in trouble and it's mostly because a bit main and it's because bet main is in the financial troubles and they are go shut down right or it looks like to go shut down and because emerge mining you last us in trouble because if bit main clothes now bbc.com then what is powering the network right so so I do think alas was in trouble temporarily in a short term because they're trying quickly to get their proof of stake or delegate proved mistake layer going so that big is still power to network and move off of btizzy.com and this is based on what Ron said because I think and it says in here on gives an update so I'm sure other people have asked him about it otherwise he wouldn't be talking about this but this is something that a lot of people already thought of it's like hey what is gonna happen to you last dose if something happens to bit mean and all the mining pools so a Bitcoin fund manager finally kicked off YouTube that's interesting a lot of eels I asked about him but he has always been shady so that's that's interesting I've never heard about grin but let's look at it real quick what there's not even a coin call grid what is the best wallet that's a good one you know I there's a so many projects now right so many projects have run to come out their own mean that's all now the best wallet for them has is their own wallet because a lot of these Universal wallets are more or less ERC 20 base so a lot of these projects before you can store on that wallet because it was still URC 20 base but a lot of them now has moved off so it's kind of hard to say what's best out there like I just mentioned today engine is pretty good I know is still one of the easiest ones to use but there's just a whole bunch is desktop wallet like exodus of course ledger and then you can store a lot of ye'are c20 stuff using my ether wallet and also ledger integration so it's kind of like all over a place now there's not one that I've heard of and there's traditional ones like jacks and so forth but there's not one that heard of that really supports everything because now things are just kind of becoming fragmented in terms of wallets so I don't know so I don't know if that answer this is your question Nick I heard that – Jia Jia I think Ambrose's I have heard of Ambrosius they're in a supply chain space I reviewed them before they were lacking IOT senses I remember but they were more concentrating on pharmaceuticals like tracking you know medicine like if someone's tampered with medicine and so forth I last time I read in their white paper there we go I'll try to see they could work with someone like Walton chained and utilized their their IOT devices but since then I haven't really paid attention to what they're doing let's take a quick look at their blog the progress report for January security audit and they're working on m-net explorer dashboard okay they're going to a lot of key events the business team interesting is is talking with PwC and Deloitte to do a lot of joint value proposition using the tools and ecosystem around umbrellas that's interesting although that might be difficult because PwC is already teamed up and actually investor and be chain and Deloitte has their own blockchain team so maybe it could happen to Lloyd now this this concerns me additionally okay we are happy to announce that the token lockup of the team and advisers is going to be extended by a minimum of one more month until at least February 22nd a further update on this what will be posted in due time so it sounds like the team probably okay has has probably no intention of selling but there is a lock-up and it's let's go expire but the visors on the other hand advisers are not so attached to any single project they might be wanting to sell but so it's not the biggest concern but just one thing to remember to look for if they're gonna release their these tokens next month whether or not they are going to be sold on the open market what is the future of mining the future of mining is it seems like everyone wants to move to proof of stake or delegate Provost stake everyone wants a move on approve of work but proof of work is you know it I think it's going to be here to stay i think coins like bitcoin and litecoin are ghost a would prove a word pretty much forever because it is it does work is secure and it's too difficult to do a 51% attack because it just takes too much caught it's too costly and it takes too much hash power so I think a lot of these coins will stay proof of work the ones that ready exist now all the new coins going forward I think is all go be some variant of proof of stake or delegate proof of stake and I even read that card on oh they're moving completed to prove a stake to they I mean they just released a white paper actually it this month same thing they're moving completely to prove mistakes so everyone is going that direction because it just makes sense it doesn't force people to pay a lot of money to buy GPUs or ASIC miners you smell a lot you spin it you run some software and that's it you're running a note so that makes a lot more sense and you know you don't waste electricity all that stuff so that's kind of thing I think mining will stay around for the coins that the big coins that are still using proof of work but eventually all the new coins everything is gonna be some variant of proof of steak or dog a prove a stick HPB has been around for a while they they use they use hardware acceleration they use cars to to to supposedly speed-up transaction so I have not kept up with them recently but they were really hyped up before because you know they were claiming 1 million transactions per second because of these accelerated cards now one thing that I'm not sure of and I always push it on is how many people are gonna actually buy those cards right so it's one of those things were again prove a snake they'll get proof think much easier to get going if you want to run HP be using the acceleration cards you have to buy those cards and I don't know how much it is you gotta have a computer that's able to do it and so forth so shiny that that is correct actually nulls underscore CR u is is the one that that my insider members are utilizing and and run by one of my signer members so that is correct all right so here's an interesting question ripple has a partnership with many banks but these banks don't necessarily need x RP that's true and I'm hearing a saying by IBM s teller or your thoughts on it what's interesting because I did interview Jessie lund from IBM the world wire product which is meant to compete with ripple that is based on stellar so the native token is gonna be stellar although he said that it can projects can utilize other tokens but it makes more sense that they wouldn't utilize stellar Aksum because it is powered and it's running on top of the stellar network so that that just basically means that yeah it's it it could be anything but most likely it will be stellar now in terms of ripple all same thing ripple has now over 200 banks and financial institutions in ripple net and only a few of them are testing at rapid which really requires XMP but it doesn't really matter because have that partnership going right they had that relationship eventually eventually Ripple let's go get in a year and say hey you want to save money or you want to test this out whatever it gets them going it's really easy to get them going on a new product rather than say someone you know that's out there that's not that has no ties with them it's gonna be much harder for them to do so I think ripple is in a really good spot if if X rapper really takes off that X RP is go skyrocket but right now I know it's a challenge and it might take years before any major banks start utilized x RP but but they're in a really good spot they're signing up banks if I institution its left and right and even though they're not utilized x RP yet you know x RP also ripple also you know how collects fees and and makes revenue from other things like utilizing X current and so forth so overall ripple as a company which is really hard which is really hard to identify in a crypto world right because all these projects are kind of like projects or they're open-source they're not really legit businesses and ripple is actually one of them which which actually people hate but ripple is one of the only companies out there in the crypto land they actually gives out quarterly reports and stuff like that with a traditional CEO and vizor II team and board and so forth so they actually operate like a true business Peter Bratt set of TA predicted styles going to zero in a bull market based on market cap can I can't hit $50 well you do the math where is icon they have four hundred and seventy million tokens so let's do four hundred seventy million times fifty dollars would equal twenty three billion dollars so twenty three billion dollars technically yeah it could happen because rippling thorium is pretty close to there yeah I mean it could happen but I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon and for that to happen then rip War III um and everyone that else is probably I don't know way way higher than that so theoretically it could happen but it's unlikely harden was tired yesterday I was watching that game but some of these Sixers were were double and triple teaming him all game long and plus he was just tired from the game before against the Lakers so he really struggled yesterday Krypto J stop stop trying to shell waves okay waves if it's in a pump great okay stop trying to to try to get people to sustain the pump but looking at CMC CMC today we know Tron start moving up yesterday kind of because all the excitement after night Ron in a bit torrent knew so trata is doing pretty good I noticed also while scrolling down we chain is actually pretty good today almost 7% me chain is still really undervalue got chain-link that's up 9% really good for them I actually do like changing a lot silica also their main that is right around the corner so that is also want to be looking at you got auger down almost 10 percent no idea why any significant loop what loop ring is in an ultra pump right now and 40 almost 40 percent loop ring is actually not a bad project but it's just being pumped what I'm probably a bindings pump going on right now fathom also pretty high order is going up mix in 10x is going down like it should I don't know how 10x got up to top 100 again probably do the pump patient I've been up here then the coin is going down good but it's still in top 10 which is not good Raven coin up temp you love him percent pretty good I like Raven coin so you got some movers but I think most of these are pump groups and I said watch out for these massive pumps okay it could last an hour at the last day the last week but as soon as the pump is over it dives okay so try not to foam rolling those into those pumps usually will get burned Oh max salt that makes sense can you explain Merkel trees it's kind of like what DAGs are made of and it's rather than just think about it rather than a blockchain where each block is following one after another after another Merkle tree is more like it could take different paths that's going one place that's why something like iota or or nano or even hollow chain they're more based on that so that's why they're there scalability is pretty much infinite and what they're much more efficient because they're not actually really blockchain so that's the easy way to think about it what's for lunch today I don't know I haven't decided I want to go see the movie glass I might just eat there but there the room two reviews for it really sucks the critics really suck so I don't know that's about it all right guys I think that's it like I said title is his lastest in trouble maybe but it's not due to their own fault it's actually because a bit mean and I don't think anyone predicted this that BIM would have such a hard fall because they were on top of the crypto world they were making billions upon billions upon billions but because of greed and overall crypto winter bit main is struggling heavily and we don't know if they're gonna be around but because of you lassos tie with bit mania and their mining pools due to merge mining they might be struggling a little bit until they can get their dog and proof of steak consensus layer in and then they can move the mining pool so I want to bring that up also the other topic was French banks right there they're not allowing people to withdraw their supposedly faking glitches but overall this is a good reminder that banks is not looking out for you it's not in their best interest to help you it's in their best interest to help themselves and profit for themselves so this is a good friendly reminder of one of the great use cases for Bitcoin and crypto alright guys that's pretty much it hopefully hopefully you guys enjoyed that make sure you hit the like subscribe the channel and we'll see you about tomorrow whether or not I'll have a live session so stay tuned alright take care guys bye bye

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  2. 33:00 RippleNet is a business but owning their token does not entitle you to any ownership in, shares of, dividends or profit sharing from the company.

  3. Even though I disagree with your Elastos analysis, good job putting the pieces together. Nonetheless your Bitcoin chart analysis and bottom calling is awful, you've been spitting the same shit for a year.


  5. Preach about banks brother. Rehypothication, fractional lending…systems created to keep the average person down and fill the coffers of "criminals"

  6. Elastos actually had no agreement with Bitmain. Blessing in disguise for elastos, but it's doomed anyway

  7. CHAINLINK has been the most consistent project (price wise) since last year (even more stable than BTC). It has moved from $0.19 on 12/15/18 to $0.56 today. Keep an eye on ZIL and LRC over the next week – should be a fun ride ! 🙂

  8. Hey George.
    Check out this article about law change in US.

  9. Come on, you should do some better research on Elastos before spreading this FUD. The merged mining with BTC will be publicly available in few months. It was never a question of exclusivity for BTC. Also ELA that BTC mined are all in one wallet for all to see and none was moved.

  10. Elastos is a scam project. The elastos foundation is manipulating the price and their community are like sheeps. They take blindly all sorts of information that they feed them

  11. I switched off at the point you started speculating about whether the mined ELA has been sold off and hence lowering the price….you can still see it sat in the wallet…

  12. Thanks for the news.
    We still have not capitulated fully. We are in the first leg of capitulation. We "have to" touch 2800 at minimum with wicks or 1-2 days around $2K, then hanging out in 2600-2800. That's BEST CASE scenario. 3200 will be hard to chew through b/c it's 1) previous support 2) strong fib line 3) 200W moving average. Due to this, we could very likely be squeezed between the 200 day MA (falling) and the 200W MA (rising) this entire year (hanging out $3200-$5800) until they meet, or we could form a triangle and dump around June 1st +/- 15 days.

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