$ELA Rong Chen: The Interview You NEED TO SEE! Top Undervalued Crypto 2018

hey I'm sitting here with the man the myth the legend wrong chin he we just had alas dose one year anniversary presentation I must say that was amazing wrong okay yes let me explain your feelings right now after seeing the community come together well actually I'm a little bit relieved relieved because after all I think it's been a long journey and also my understanding is the loss is actually definitely more than one person and more than one organization so I'm really happy to see now there's such a good crowd and community and trying actually they're willing right think of yes they're the believers this is the this is the group we have around right here this is the evangelists these are the believers these are the ones that's gonna spread alas dose to the every crack of the world right that's something you know hard to believe when I start this journey and now I see where we are here today so explain how the journey started well the journey started eighteen years ago since not that long ago but then eighteen years her baby has grown full grown well we started for doing a so called a safer internet but then I didn't really at that time thought about where the money come from and which market was that for I should have but now today coincidentally I think we're just lucky enough to have this blog chain thing kind of softer the problem you guess otherwise how who is going to support this new Internet yes exactly exactly and the blockchain was you know the kicker that put this all together it was the last piece right yes exactly cuz uh throughout the eighteen years basically the technologies really I matured even though it's slowly this really slow but then it's much secondly cuz the market 16 years 17 years ago was not really ready because people don't really realize the the threats from the internet like viruses Network attack at that time you know because people didn't simply didn't take that pay that much attention but now it's a as the spread of IOT devices and also because of when we talk about flock chain value internet when you transfer value when you transform kind of crypto money right then the threat definitely is that's threat so what's wrong it's not a lot stronger because say if you send me a Bitcoin and in a turn I should be give you some digital assets right because without a middleman right you give me the coin but you don't know whether it's just that it's wet exactly yes so you guys are taking on some of the big projects in blockchain aetherium eos to beat aetherium as we know aetherium has the most d apps on it right now to beat aetherium you got a hold the contrarian view something opposite of what aetherium is doing and that's what Alaska's hold that's because for my age I'm more lane well then I guess I don't want to be a competition or directly challenging anyone because so we are we have a different point of view which is true because we're building a so-called safer internet that said internet really is an internet of computers or Internet of machines and of course there's humans or IOT devices well not it's just all connect interconnected right now but to my mind the blockchain is just one computer one specialized computer whether it's a US or whether it's a theorem is just one company one computer right one computer no matter how powerful it's just one computer one computer can never can never solve the world problems yes definitely if you look at the real world there are so many different kinds of computer right there supercomputer for scientific computing there's a real-time computer for autonomous driving then there's a mobile phone being a mobile computer it's a saving energy you know cool enough to boom put in my pocket mmm-hmm so definitely there's no single computer click fits all and the e theorem is sort of one smart contract running computer specialized whether it's powerful enough it depends on the situation yep so I don't wanna argue or challenge but on the other hand since we are doing an internet wanna collaborate with all computers you want a class right we want to connect with all computers so in a way we're not it's a you know orange at the Apple we're not really directly competing with them so talking about etherium you guys are trying to create an etherium side chain of course yes yeah so how is that going to work exactly we'll if they're EMD apps be able to you know will they have to migrate over to the last dose or will they be able to still be on the etherium well that's two things because we definitely because the theorem is the most popular smart contracts platform so that's that we do imagine their yaps of alaska's the apps running that said we're basically merging so called option of changing the flag platform which is the lastest carrier carrier is a peer-to-peer network and connecting all computers so we don't really have a of chain so to speak right it's just one platform that's that working to us porn off side chains on demand instead of having a public chain of 10,000 nodes actually we curse porn that's a seven note sidechain or you haven't no such and more than one note side chains say let's say if we bet on football game do we really need $10,000 yeah one because that one randomly pops up on this reverses carrier it's not fixed IP website so you don't know which one I don't know which one because NASA's asteroid autonomous running no one is controlling even the carrier right so no one can predict where's this machine is popping up less were true machine popping up and also the virtual machines can do run the smart contract where you know we both are confident with if we don't then you are a node I'm a note and yet a third note so I have two to one ratio yep and no I don't trust you you don't trust me but then let's say cook up a two to one ratio alright so and of course you can run a little bit more like five node seven nodes that said that will be much more efficient and but then we do want it to be running like a u theorem smart contract because that's the most popular their existing so many smart contracts already yep we are or soaking the tool of last those contracts the u.s. is smart contracts I like see game see programs but not that said we're also going to work with you laughs you theorem public chain as a friendship that's true true level thing oneness I wouldn't do sworn off a side chains running it Serbians right that could be destroyed after the lay right let's say with that game then we today would kick it in but the game is tomorrow after the tomorrow it's destroyed yeah it's a destroy but that smart contract the program saved in your car drive in my cloud drive when the smart contracts are launches it reads the smart contract from your pocket I know you didn't manipulate because the hash no yeah Reuben you haven't done anything with it land or because also I have the smart contract so but actually that the game right and the result will be stored as a hash to the public chain and if you want to repeat we could repeat this process otherwise we don't really have to save that the side chain yes right and butter on the other hand if you German has 10,000 nodes running their public change there's so much as digital assets have heard it been stored because like token issued the taking crystal take a TD sold those for digital as has existed um the theorem hopf chain yep so we could just leave them alone as a computer as a public chain computer so the Eliza carrier just have the IDs from the glasses popping chain but then it doesn't really prevent applications to go access someone else public chain right so to us they're like a Sachin so long as the apps like the off chains of a theorem using Rd IDE and using our way of finding the website's the business a routing thing mm-hmm if there's following this one then II turn will turn into our so called a French chain yes yes I remember the friend chains yes so talking about friend chains neo you guys are gonna be working on a neo friend chain as well correct we are or supporting the neo smart contracts into onto our side chains okay okay oh so let's talk about some of alas those early days so back in Microsoft how did you come up with the network is the computer or the C++ virtual machine how did that actually the Orangemen idea came from the java authors which is back in 92 was 1992 1993 ish and there was a slogan called the network is the computer even though most people don't know what they were talking about but then by 1998 which was like the six years five years later and knackers up realized actually the previous OS or device OS like a Windows 95 windows and a Windows NT was an NT 3.5 3 NT 4.0 NT 2000 I mean Windows 2000 they were in there developing milestones in the pack line but then we realize there's a need for so-called net the network computer because that device OS really taking care of the device without worrying about the network the applications have to take care of their network themselves so if they go onto the internet being cheated because they routed to a different fake website and the who's to blame it's not the device of us they have their own that consumer have to simply kick themselves yeah hey how come you don't have stronger password and how come you don't know that DNS or middleman attack yeah hey guys what do you expect for from the consumers so there you need a so called a network OS basically saying I'll take care of all the network access on consumers behalf which basically meaning without letting applications go on to the Internet themselves because the applications if the applications go on to the Internet literally they cannot kidnap users that are and took it away wherever they want so that without understanding you that's why Microsoft designed this o-net instead of you know something else why it's the name coming from rights the network OS keep generating and receiving all in our packets on users behalf so then basically that means applications services front and back-end they could not generate network packets all the network packets being indirectly managed by the narrow ass that was the key concept it's not by me it's by the team or by the industry oh we I was trying to do it I was trying to convince there's a team not even myself there's a small group of folks believed we should do it in parallel we should not only do it in intermediate language we should all in native language in native the Arbutus there are two problems with intermediate language one is a because intermediate language cannot run 100% of the programs if you want to write a game engine your honor either in learning algorithm you are a writer a multimedia codec you have to go down to the CPU level but if you have a virtual machine yet you have a back door then the Sun boxing or the bats are off that's very obvious we're going to me adapt even as I can so another problem of intermediate language like Java is like even our understanding how are we to generate Network packets at five something so called a matter data-driven remoting so the matter data-driven actually they sounded so-called Magaddino and then in order to general network packets you need to have the other party follow exactly the same protocol real they were otherwise you generally narrower package and the other side doesn't care doesn't receive it right it cannot generate message back then what's the use for generating network packets in the first place yeah exactly there isn't it just on that meaning you take care of and yeah enjoy yep on consumers behalf right but when you talk about network packets and again that goes to native because so far if you just do Java and to end whatever you have JavaScript why don't we have a seizure you can to take care of what you you're just taking care of one language just one what about that what about the other I have so many different languages so different so called frame words you want to take take care of them all yes so that's why you need to go down one level lower right to the Machine the CPU level that's another reason we a small group we believed in the native remoting but then at that time Microsoft made a decision saying we're going through the so call this way on the farm that's a steve ballmer right we've had on the farm on c-sharp they think that I could clone to say we don't want to do this the natives were sure nothing saw that disappointed me had it laugh I'm sure it is yeah yeah and then so we start from scratch and building the native we ends and that's a long journey it's a long journey it is but it was a step that needed to happen I think well yes later on is proven that the intermediate intermediate language approach was around route to take and after the failure of Windows Vista actually macro Sam went back to do the native version which we proposed we're very 98 the end result actually it's Windows 10 hoho hey viewers yeah yeah listen to that so Windows 10 actually is the C version soft out that really not then since it's I've been long gone so we're doing a C versions of Java and in the way compatible with Android framework so which is completely two different apology yes yes so explain to me how that felt you know when you your pride and joy of what you've been working on wasn't accepted by Microsoft you know how did that make you feel well it's a beautiful endure because it's kind of like I knew it her lesson I mean I already I had already laughed like seven years many years and so it's too late for me to go backward on the other hand we had lots of hardships on our end so I don't even have a moment for happiness yeah because I have enough troubles already yeah yeah so but that's what I was trying to say without that happening alas those wouldn't be here yeah that's a kind of like too true but so we've been struggling actually for like 17 years until we run into this crypto thing we held the blockchain yeah so explain to me what happened when you guys found the blockchain so how did that make you guys decide like let's start an ICO by 2016 I when I seriously look into the blockchain because at that time you know the crypto price was rising right so gaining momentum from the Masters and its view on the news everywhere so of course it caught my attention I looked into a little bit more and interviewed quite a few guys in the crypto world then I realize actually there are really complementary technologies with one or the other neither will succeed Yeah right so you will have to kind of mix the two Mirjam and work merge them together so with that realization I start a journey you know going to write up powerpoints of proposals talking to like a handful and other folks but eventually a handful and Luciano Pittman they decided to invest it into us sending you into the master's project ok so that was the kicker for it all yeah and work works out fine and it worked out great yes yes so I know you have some good stories about Satoshi so I would like to ask you about that I don't really have any story no not a story but a theory about we uh uh yeah I don't know I just I knew custody theorem said unit is called die I just knew got dies bad yes at Microsoft because we diced a Danny or we were a close friend really close friend yeah we were really close friend cuz we were once actually uh ways we dies ahead he actually sold his a startup to Microsoft really so in 92 like I'm early yeah so at that time I was thinking maybe one day I should work on a startup and having my own ideas or something so we we talked many times about new startups together so I visited his home have dinner together and talking about what's the possibilities and stuff but they never really got started but in a way of course through the senior died I'd met the junior doctor junior year yeah the junior actually was the author of be money which was the very first reference and then he was the very first first author of the first reference of satoshis my paper yeah yeah that's hey somehow it's not you in social events but then you asked them the senior died if his son was Satoshi didn't you yeah I mean I asked quite a few years later I asked whether because there's a speculation wait wait I could be one of the candidates 105 most possible candidates to be Satoshi so I run into the senior died I asked him you know it's your kid Satoshi and basic said not herself he's his kid had correspondence with Satoshi that is litters away laid eyes not so Toshi but he had correspondence yes that's very interesting that's the story that I like to hear those type of things they're very very end there's just like gossip it's just gossip but I love gossip you know who doesn't so um what are you most excited about for Alaska's future in terms of you know the projects coming on top yeah as people can see today we're announcing the Alpha it's very rough actually very simple so called alaska's apps running inside the glasses browser but then given that I'm very encouraged because I believe with this first of all demo is very rough but on the other hand if you understand what's really really under the hood that's a lot of work it has been achieved and given this end-to-end demo you know from the personal cloud drive get get some videos and/or pictures go all the way to the browser on the other side and popped up without HTTP without directly exposing HTTP without directly giving you a key address right they have gone a long way a long way and even that check into github I hope the international developers because a lot of enthusiasts they could look into the code and polish it and improve it it so it'll be much more efficient than organizing a company because then the boss doesn't really know much right because that involves so many asks aspects of the internet area and so that's where we we expect the communities will junkie in and giving a rough architecture of the smart web and the community should improve it in an organic way yes yes so how do you see this revolutionising like industries like the movie industry well because first of all we want to be able to be safer internet mmm-hmm so then the safer internet doesn't make anybody any money but then with a safer internet and it'll help the business of how they can do more business right similar with the trust the trust itself is not a business transaction but then it helps the business do to do more transactions yes so that's that we have a three we have basically four pillars Elias projects has four pillars the number one is actually the design has carrier that's that's easy to understand it's like AT&T carrier carrier without AT&T it's a autonomous driving the reason why it's autonomous running is because there's a blockchain under the irulu and minor the kind of putting up this whole Santa's carrier right and also the blockchain issuing ideas for the carrier instead of AT&T give you giving you their idea so then you can see the connection between the Santa's carrier and the blockchain and on top of this carrier AT&T has phones and that's end-to-end peer-to-peer one phone call me other and playing games through one to the other one with the other so now can we build virtual machines like cloud-based virtual machines on both sides so they're the virtual machines will say personal data soul or you own your own data yep then you need the virtual machines basically to quarantine your data are protecting them from being stolen premise of their various offers yeah right so that naturally comes a carrier and a virtual machine one time so those sad but then they're just technology they're just trust they're just security but they don't really make money yep making money would be buy you have some digital assets in your virtual machine will call them digital silos then you want to ship your digital assets to a different silo yes you're selling your digital assets from one party to another we call those digital assets like that we encrypt them back into something called a show capsule which is just binary format designed by our vassals so we send us digital capsules from one merge machine to another and then the virtual machine runs the disco capsule and check validates do you still have the run to try to run it right because used to be owned by party one now you send it to ship it to party too even though you still have the bits on your hard drive but you shouldn't have the right to run it anymore because you hammer it so that it's already gone yes where did it go so in some valley data is verified by the virtual machine and then if you look at though we film so we're like a week we want a butane we want to build something like because they have short videos or movies as encapsulated as digital capsules yep you know you can think of games or ebooks all those things will be encapsulated assets as a society that's right and then when you when we encapsulate a short video into it so capsule basically work it's like you're added in a world you'll save as a PDF now instead of save as PDF you save as you so capsule you know lucky you're printing it how many copies one print you don't say okay 100 copies yeah right then then basically you save 100 teacher capsules right and it's recorded on the blockchain right so you have 100 you say yep and I can't produce anymore well if you produce anymore you're violating your own contract you are basically to retire see your own work yep right because I'm gonna sue you because that's a contract if you have me by one of your caps of your sake because you're saying you only made 100 mean but say if there's a hundred and one who is violating it you are yet say you save another hundred basically you intentionally dilute the lufia the value of up your own asset interact so so then you ship it to another one so the middleman got a cut and you don't own it anymore so you should value the ones you only have 100 just sell that's a limited edition you know whatever turning pop turn the popular now you may want to sell few and keep a few for yourself yeah or something so that those are the young experiment we would love like we film or view chains guys through experiment there's with this right it's just we are not expert in social media or filmmaking but we are the enablers right trying to make the film a low-bottom is business model which never existed before on the internet with the blockchain classes a safer internet and you know anterior capsule we really hope that's something really really exciting and looking forward to it and to ask for what they can do with it I only have high hopes I don't know yeah the sky's the limit right exactly so with alas dose it is a highly not controversial it's something that I think a lot of big business and governments around the world aren't going to be too fond of do you have that feeling that I don't know because alas those is uh open sores neutral and autonomous running right we're not really being towards one company or the other and then we're really really just open sourced right there's a not even a server sponsored by your elastication right okay so everything is decentralized all the individuals the users of you Lhasa so they have to in the future they have their own car drives except Alaska's Foundation doesn't have a Cloud Drive before you know collecting other people set us so even if a government wanted to try to shut down Oh Astros theoretically they couldn't uh in a way that's true too because it's a completely decentralized it's like a blockchain there's no organization running it yeah like you said a server but then there's a core team developing the software right which is a slightly different game because of there's no website to solder shut down yep so to speak but on the other hand if you look at it we are really high build a if you'll see you'll Asus logo it's a team here your levels right one is actually about the physical Internet the physical Internet actually is decentralized if you think of the current internet anybody can buy a server and get an IP address in your hand and around the internet being you know access or so in that case uh people could put in the server and detect other folks collecting other folks information or attacking others that's the drawbacks of the calm England but it's a decentralized yes and the what we're saying is like a Linux and tcp/ip they were they are actually at the physical level physical machine level and on top of it we're building a virtual level were truth here which is the cloud drive to base the virtual machines we call them personal cloud computers basically they are just those silos there are software machines whatever you call them and or so we're building the virtue the SunTrust carrier which is another latin corazon ttle network right between connecting the teach those silos that which missions that what I'm saying is that if you look at a phone the phone the hardware phone is actually on the physical network yet the hardware phone knows where you are that's a were in Thailand or which like GPS or how many stabs you walked and how many messages you send in blah blah but they are the virtual machine level the verge machine is like a sphere like a genie so to speak inner lachen in like the Latin is the phone genius someone some something like in better didn't you know left in this hardware shell so what I'm saying is when one software-defined computer one to Salah want to send a crypto when you send a digital asset from one personal cloud computer to another one right it'll go to the bar chain get the Papa keys and private keys in crit data and for the other party to that decipher correct so what a salience you can get the key from public chain but then which encryption algorithms you're going to adapt then in that case if the software-defined phone knows you are in Thailand is there a government requirement which kind of encryption algorithms you should use sinner right that's different so we can literally get the encryption algorithm from the hardware machine from the local carrier of Thailand the new real cow cold yeah real right carrier and then alas those carrier which is the virtual world and the real island carriers they can physical one yeah right we could get encryption algorithms from the local carrier and encrypt your message and send it three of the people that's just preventing the third party commercial companies like from including privacy running off of consumers but on the other hand to like anti-terrorists for government needs I don't see a problem right because they can be truly grab whatever is required we should be able to comply to the local encryption algorithms because it beats like if we go fly we have this so-called error whatever key that locks right that's an error or whatever save locks and so normal people couldn't open but then you know the customs should be able to open that please yeah if they have if they have the key so that's an interesting concept so regarding the component assembly runtime that has been something that I've done a lot of research on how long has that been worked on was that back in Microsoft days where you know that's actually the first thing I worked on year 2000 really yeah yeah yeah cuz that's what I mean by when we when I realize we should be able to do it in C actually the C language it doesn't have metadata and so then the C language cannot implement the sole quota might have taken me remoting because it doesn't even have a metadata so the very first thing is I would build the metadata into the seas that's programming language so that's the very first thing I did in in year 2000 mmm but then of course it took several years to mature the current components and the runtime each early much the same as in 2008 2007 because at that time it's already matured I haven't changed much not much from when haven't changed for ten years wow that's amazing yeah and that's a critical component of last it is because so that's what we use to generate all the network packets wow that's amazing that's amazing so the future of vlastos let me ask you what you see five years down the road alas this is gonna be five years uh actually given the it Suzy has a community here I see another nice cable or not as good as a company but uh another web is coming another web is coming another web it's bigger bigger web because of the last web was a web of information and this our web is a web of code that's why I call it a smart web it's like the smart phone smart phone is the phone that runs apps smart web is the web that we run SAP yeah yep right so with that understanding basically with the computers training we have only two things on harddrive data code and which one is a more important because it's more like a and go back to high school normal High's with college calculus right function constant is a function but a function may not be a constant house meaning a number so a number actually is a function the function is not necessarily a number right so what themseives data actually it's cold but code is not data right so then which one's bigger so this one definitely I see in five years for everything as what we predicted it'll be a much bigger tidal wave Wow Wow I hope so but then I I'm kind of relieved today because my duty is a kind of offloaded from Yamaha Diaz first of all you know being a CEO of company the number one job to get money for your employee yes which is really really stressful I'm Jay assess whether you like it or not Knights payday you have to make it mm-hmm but now if I'm fired I may not even meet up so in the way right yep so I feel you should feel a little bit early um ah yes a lot and/or so for like a product definitely I don't I mean that's given my page I only know one thing actually the only thing I know was my type a that to me remoting leeches have nothing to do with most people right yep and so now I kind of feel or so I don't know whether I should go back to senior college to learn a you lassos programming so that's what I'm saying is you you said like as a CEO you want to be able to give your employees a paycheck what you're gonna be doing with elasto says you're gonna be putting a paycheck in all of our hands and pocket that's the community thing right yes exact immunity thing if they bolivian like a yahweh basically it's a token of appreciation that's ela worth anything literally not it's like a piece of money note that's the piece paper words any needs really no no but then if more people believe in it you're really creating that economy that makes the people were something yes right that's i printing that money really it's not a big contribution but then the community how together would make with the believers i build the economy then the little token of effusion or something okay wait but then definitely it's young yeah me paying you guys you guys make the thing ya value we're gonna own our data and we're gonna be able to show this sure sure so that's kind of why dog saying you're putting us a paycheck in our pocket but it is us doing it at the same time but you created it wrong and you started the career I started but then I don't really want to be being considered as the one made it as a sadly the simple idea started was wearing a humble engine that's the only thing right cuz most of the ideas from it some about yeah well you're very humble or on your very you're very humble and and and I look up to you I bow down to you oh yes what do I think absolutely I don't want oh oh well you are amazing wrong go ahead yeah it's besides I said Oh in the future I'll help you know evangelizing the whole idea maybe took my wife traveling or giving me some clods and then little bit more relieved don't have to have a pressure to make a payday exactly yep exactly well I thank you so much this was the excellent our is this our third and third interview third interview together and yes so thank you very much for all thank you you

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  2. Considering that they are partnered with Matrix AI Network in the "META Alliance". I could imagine them moving from Ethereum over to Matrix, since Matrix its blockchain is the most advanced one in crypto.

  3. In a few years, there will be Bitcoin, Elastos and everything else will continue to be called Altcoins 🙂
    Thanks Chico for another great video on this gem, Rong is such an inspiration…

  4. 那么 讲到以太坊
    So, talking about Ethereum,
    你们想要建立的是以太坊的侧链 对吗
    you guys are trying to create an Ethereum side chain, of course.
    So, how is that going to work exactly?
    Will Ethereum dappps be able to,
    被迁移到 亦来云Elastos上吗
    you know, will they have to migrate over to Elastos?
    Or, will they be able to still be on Ethereum?
    这是两种东西 因为我们肯定… …
    Well, that’s two things because we definitely…
    Because Ethereum is the most popular smart contracts platform,
    so that said,
    we do imagine their dapps, of Elastos dapps running.
    We’re basically merging so called on chain,
    off chain in the flat platform,
    which is the Elastos carrier.
    Carries is a peer to peer network
    and connecting all computers.
    So, we don’t really have off chain so to speak.
    It’s just one platform.
    这也就是说 我们可以根据需求开发侧链
    That said, we’re going to spurn off side chains on demand.
    Instead of having a popping chain of 10,000 nodes,
    actually, with the spurn, let’s say 7 node side chain
    or 11 node side chain or even 1 node side chain.
    Say let’s say,
    if we bet on football game,
    do we really need 10,000 nodes.
    Nodes confirming results
    That’s right.
    Probably just need one.
    因为那在亦来云 Elastos搬运工这个平台上会随机出现
    Because that one randomly pops up on this Elastos carrier.
    It’s a not fixed IP website,
    so you don’t know which one,
    I don’t know which one
    because Elastos is autonomous running.
    没有人可以进行控制 即便是搬运工 对吗
    No one is controlling even the carrier, right?
    So now one compared to where this machine is popping up.
    It’s virtual machine popping up.
    And also the virtual machines can
    run the smart contract to where, you know…
    We both have confidence with.
    If we don’t,
    那么你是一个节点 我是一个节点 还有第三个节点
    then you are a node, I am a node and yet a third node.
    So we have 2:1 ratio.
    I don’t trust you,
    you don’t trust me but then,
    let’s say, who got the 2:1 ratio.
    当然 你也可以开放更多的节点
    And of course, you can run it a little bit more,
    比如5个节点 7个节点
    like 5 nodes, 7 nodes.
    那也就是说 我们的效率可以高得多
    That said, that will be much more efficient.
    But then, we do want it to be running
    like an Ethereum smart contract
    because that’s the most popular.
    They’re existing in so many smart contracts already.
    We are also do Elastos contracts.
    Elastos smart contract,
    like C programs and whatnot.
    That said,
    we’re also going to work with Ethereum public chain as a friend chain.
    Elastos is a two level thing.
    One is, were going to do sworn off
    利用以太坊EVM运行环境的侧链 是吗
    side chains running Ethereum EVMs, right?
    That could be destroyed after the…
    Let’s say we had a game and today,
    我们入场了 但比赛明天才开始
    we kick it in but the game is tomorrow.
    After the tomorrow…
    It’s destroyed, yeah.
    It’s destroyed.
    But that smart contract,
    对应的项目还储存在你的车里 在我的车里
    the program is saved in your car drive, in my car drive.
    When the smart contract launches,
    it reads the smart contract from your contract.
    现在 你不需要进行操作 因为hash已经通过了验证
    And now, you didn’t manipulate because the hash is proven.
    You haven’t done anything with it.
    因为我也有那个智能合约 所以
    Because also I have the smart contract, so…
    But after the game, right,
    and the result will be stored as a hash to the public chain.
    如果你想要重复 我们也可以重复这个流程
    And if you want to repeat, we could repeat this process.
    Otherwise, we don’t really have to save that side chain.

  5. 这就是我们现在拥有的组织
    This is the group we have around right here.
    This is the evangelist.
    These are the believers.
    他们会把亦来云Elastos 传播到
    These are the ones that’s going to spread Elastos
    to every crack of the world.
    在我刚开始做这个项目时 很难想象能取得这样的成绩
    That’s something hard to believe when I started this journey.
    而现在 看看我们今天取得的成果非常不错
    And now, see where we are here today.
    So, explain how the journey stated?
    这个项目是18年前开始的 … …
    Well, the journey started 18 years ago since…
    not that long ago.
    But then, 18 years, baby has grown, full grown.
    When we started doing a so called safer internet,
    但是在那个时候 我其实并没有
    but then, I didn’t really have that time,
    thought about where the money come from
    and which market was that for I should have.
    But now, today, coincidentally,
    我认为我们只是足够幸运 才建立起这么一个区块链的网络
    I think we’re just lucky enough to have this blockchain thing.
    这个网络可以用来解决一些问题 因为除非
    Kind of solved the problem, because otherwise, how…
    who’s going to support us, new internet.
    是的 没错
    Yes, exactly.
    And the blockchain was the kicker that put this all together.
    It was the last piece.
    Yeah, exactly.
    Because throughout the 18 years,
    I think the technology has really matured.
    技术发展得很慢 非常慢 但是它已经成熟了
    Even though it’s slowly, really slow but then it’s matured.
    第二 因为十六七年前的市场
    Secondly, because the market 16 years, 17 years ago
    was not really ready
    because people don’t really realize this threat from the internet.
    比如病毒 网络攻击
    Like viruses, network attack.
    在那个时候 你也应该知道
    At that time, you know,
    because people didn’t simply didn’t pay that much attention.
    但是现在 物联网设备的广泛传播
    But now, it’s the… as the spread of IoT devices
    and also because of when we talk about blockchain value internet.
    When you transfer value,
    你是通过加密货币来转换的 对吗
    when you transfer kind of cryptomoney, right?
    那么威胁无疑 … …
    Then the threat definitely is…
    这种威胁是非常强大 规模也庞大得多的
    That threat is a lot stronger and bigger.
    It’s a lot stronger because say, if you send me a bitcoin
    然后作为回报 我应该给你一些电子资产 对吧
    and in return, I should give you some digital assets, right?
    Because without a middleman,
    you give me the coin
    but you don’t know where are the digital assets.
    Exactly, yes.
    So, you guys are taking on some of the big projects in blockchain,
    Ethereum, IOST, to beat Ethereum.
    正如我们所知 以太坊现在有最多去中心化的软件
    As we know, Ethereum has the most dapps on it right now.
    为了对抗以太坊的风险 你需要采用相反的思路
    To beat Ethereum, you got to hold the contrarian view.
    Something opposite of what Ethereum is doing
    and that’s what Elastos hopes.
    因为 在我这个年纪
    Well, that… because for my age,
    I’m more lean more than that
    because I don’t want to be a competition
    or directly challenging anyone.
    Because we are… we have a different point of view,
    which is true.
    Because we are building a so called safer internet.
    可以这么说 互联网其实是计算机的互联网
    That said, internet really is internet of computer
    or internet of machines.
    自然 也是人类的 物联网设备的 还有其它许多东西的
    And of course, there are humas, IoT devices, what not.
    它将一切事物联结了起来 对吗
    It’s just all connect… interconnected, right?
    But to my mind,
    the blockchain is just one computer,
    one specialized computer.
    不管是YaaS 还是以太坊
    Whether it’s a YaaS or whether it’s Ethereum,
    it’s just one computer.
    One computer.
    One computer no matter how powerful,
    it’s just one computer.
    One computer can never solve the world problem.
    毫无疑问 如果在现实世界里
    Definitely, if you look at the real world,
    there are so many different kinds of computers.
    There are super computer for scientific computing.
    There’s a real time computer for intelligent driving.
    Then there’s mobile phone being a mobile computer.
    It’s saving energy
    and cool enough to put in my pocket.
    所以毫无疑问 没有一台计算机可以解决所有问题
    So definitely, there’s no single computer could fix all.
    And the Ethereum is one smart contract running computer, specialized.
    Whether it’s powerful enough,
    it depends on the situation.
    So I don’t want to argue or challenge,
    but on the other hand,
    since we’re doing an internet one,
    collaborated with all computers.
    You want to collaborate?
    And that, we want to connect with all computers.
    All computers.
    所以从某种程度上说 我们不是同一个东西
    So in a way, we’re not.
    It’s orange and apple.
    We’re not really directly competing.
    Competing with them.

  6. 大家好
    I’m sitting here with the man,
    是一个神话 一个传奇 他就是陈榕
    the myth, the legend, Rong Chen.
    我们刚刚举办了亦来云 Elastos 一周年纪念典礼
    We just had Elastos one year anniversary presentation.
    我想说 这真是奇妙 榕
    I might say, that was amazing, Rong.
    Thank you.
    Let me… explain your feelings right now
    after seeing the community come together.
    事实上 我现在感觉有一点轻松自在
    Well, actually, I’m a little bit released, relieved
    因为毕竟 我想这是一场旷日持久的战斗
    because after all, I think it’s been a long journey.
    所以我个人对亦来云 Elastos 的理解
    So, my understanding is Elastos actually,
    definitely more than one person
    and more than one organization.
    So I’m really happy to see now,
    有这么多人组成了这个规模不小的社区 大家都在努力
    there’s such a good crowd and community and trying…
    事实上 他们也很愿意学习
    Actually, they’re willing, right, to pick up.
    They’re the believers.

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