29 thoughts on “EDUMACATION – College Students Would Rather Take $1 than 1 bitcoin (worth $8,000)”

  1. I am in my mid forties and the biggest mistake i ever made was going to college and then university. I should have worked and bought a home. All that debt kept me back. Just like the rich hoped it would.

  2. People prefer junk food to wholesome food. People prefer inactivity, watching TV and couch-potato-hood to exercise. People prefer entertainment and diversion to enlightenment and education….so…what's new???…

  3. Way to alienate people by calling them zombie, idiots, fools, etc. and then also spouting the Fox news crap about AOC and communism. And no, I never went to college, but I know how you get people on board and how you put people off

  4. Amazing video! I laughed all the way through! Long Bitcoin, Short Colleges!! Yo rule Jeff, I follow you from Bolivia.

  5. Hey. What is the exact spot you are right now in Honduras? The name? I would love to visit it and maybe buy property there. Thks.

  6. I went to college and worked as chemist then some more college and now I am CPA. That CPA license won't matter when it comes apart.

  7. It is realy sad. What will all these people do when SHF in the near future?
    They realy need the nanny state.

  8. PS scientific method is non-political and taught at university 🙂
    a shame most politicians have not clue about science

  9. I love the cynicism in your language 😀
    PS careful with that sunburn…. the DNA errors build up, throughout the years…. leading to nasty skin troubles possibly, down the road

  10. Yes!, As an official card carrying member of the U.S. cult(ure) I can personally testify that from my mother's womb I have been
    WMD industrial toxic waste poisoned here with hydroflurosilicic waste, plus included nasties via my bathing/drinking water..
    This region of world is truly ground zero for the zombie apocalypse!!
    Somebody hates us here really badly to poison us like that, and all the while lie to us and say systemic drugging with "flurode" is for our teeth…. Even the peeps here with full on dentures!!! For your teeth, wink wink…
    Love your story, love your content, love being someone joining the land of the living… Distilled water is a trillion times better than the zombie juice force fed to the slave class here in the US…
    Peace, love, & crypto currency…

  11. Bags ha ha Ha ha ha… LMFAO… I love you Jeff… And imagine I was so guilt ridden by my family and my culture for not attending college I’m a college drop out, I’m a bum, I have no future, actually believed it for a while…

  12. I was in El Salvador and Honduras in 2017 . Roatan is nice. But El Salvador is kind of unsafe at night

  13. They are just following the example of their masters: https://www.usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html

  14. I agree, Jeff…am ashamed of our people. Most are clueless. The Globalists have done an excellent job of dumbing down Americans over the years.

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