EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for improved agricultural supply chain transparency

India's agricultural product export growth was the highest in the world in a decade with every passing year India is steadily increasing its contribution to world food trade with the onset of digital India Indian food trade is poised for huge growth and profits as the agricultural produce travels from a farm to the consumers plate different stakeholders play key roles across multiple processes a typical agricultural supply chain involves complex interconnected processes between various stakeholders such as the producer inspection and insurance companies logistics and shipping agencies bangs manufacturer and importer before it reaches a consumer sitting in another corner of the globe however in this long process there are quite a few challenges importers find it difficult to track provenance to understand the place of origin and quality of the imported produce as the produce moves between multiple stakeholders the ownership or custodian information becomes difficult to trace centralized bodies especially private agencies that certify Crom produce may not be trusted by international importers information flow between stakeholders is sequential leading to potential delays in downstream decision-making overall stakeholders lack transparency in this process and lose track of relevant transactions so how do we tackle these challenges introducing edge were blockchain framework where all stakeholders can form a private network and gain transparency in every transaction using a distributed ledger any activity can be documented and stored in the distributed ledger only with consensus among all participating stakeholders thus making the network mo trustworthy than any individual entity untrusted stakeholders can transact amongst each other through smart contracts without the need for a centralized body every stakeholder will have their own copy of the same distributed ledger which enables information access in near real-time in other words the people intensive international trade finance process can be made simple with an electronic decentralized ledger connecting all points of the supply chain easily identifying the place of origin ingredients and proof of ownership of the produce at any stage meet Raj Kishor from Uttar Pradesh who specializes in mango cultivation every year large sells a bulk of his mango produce to Mohan who owns the Royal pulp Factory in uttar pradesh mohan intern receives an order to export mango pulp to charles Becker who owns Becker packaged foods in Germany Raj Kishor will be on-boarded to an easy-to-use mobile lab where he adds the details of his land through this app he will add details about his crops request inspections and get his produce in short at the right time the contracts between branch and Bohan as well as between Mohan and Charles are stored on the blockchain network as smart contracts each activity is verified by a minimum of two other stakeholders on the same network with the onset of the harvest season relevant stakeholders certify the produce with standard certificates once the mangoes are harvested raunch generates the invoice and requests a pickup the logistics company picks these mangoes up from Rajas farm and delivers it to Mohan swear house the delivery receipt is updated and made available to all stakeholders on the network once Mohan accepts the consignment the smart contract between Mohan and Raj is executed and Mohan spank will be notified to initiate an open account transfer to Rajesh Oh spank the transaction details will then be updated on the blockchain network meanwhile Mohan is busy making mango pulp to be delivered to Charles Becker the pulp is inspected and certified as well Mohan then issues an invoice to Charles child's tracks the provenance of the product entirely from where the mangoes were cultivated to the inspection and insurance details perform accepting the invoice Mohan then raises a shipment request with the shipping company once the bill of lading is uploaded by the shipping company the smart contract between Mohan and Charles gets executed and chances Bank initiates a payment to Mohan spank the transaction details are updated on the network thus child sitting in Germany is able to remotely track the provenance of the mango pulp imported from India overall an 12 blockchain framework simplifies life for everyone in the supply chain it ensures that all stakeholders gain transparency in every transaction through a trustworthy private network and increases the acceptance of Indian produce globally

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