EDC Blockchain Wallet – Advantages and methods of trading EDC coins on IDAX.PRO

Hello, friends! ICOlime is here with you. We have already talked about the EDC Blockchain
project on our channel. We analyzed all the strengths of the project
and talked about the exchanges that coins are traded on. These reviews are available on my channel. Although they are in Russian, for your convenience,
I added subtitles in English. Today I would like to share with you my preferences
in exchanges on which the EDC Blockchain project is traded. Let’s start…. To begin with, I would like to explain in
simple words what a cryptocurrency exchange is. This is a special Internet platform on which
an existing type of digital money can be exchanged for another type of money. EDC Blockchain is already represented in many
famous cryptocurrency exchanges such as IDAX, Bit -Z, DigiFinex, CoinBene, and the list
is constantly growing, and the volume of EDC coins trading is also growing, which allows
for a stable development of the platform and the project and opportunities multiply. There have never been any problems with exchange. All the presented exchanges are fully secured;
exchange and withdrawal take literally seconds. But I chose 2 exchanges for myself. And in today’s review, I will talk about the
first one – the IDAX exchange. I would like to highlight a few important
qualities for the user. First, the exchange is very famous and is
in the top 10. Second, EDC coins are traded in two currencies
that are important to me: BTC and USD. Third, EDC coins can always be changed at
a favorable rate, and instantly withdrawn to your wallet and vice versa. Fourth, the exchange is fully technological,
it does not freeze, does not give out connection errors. In other words, everything works perfectly
in it. Fifth, the exchange has a well-operating mobile
application for iOS and Android. Let’s try to go through the registration process
on the IDAX exchange. First, we need to register. It is very easy. We open the site and look at the registration
button in the upper right corner. Now we need to fill out all the items, namely
Email, Password, password confirmation, and referral code if someone invited you. We click the checkmark of the agreement on
all the conditions that you have carefully read and click to create an account. After that you will receive a confirmation
email, in the form of a code that you must copy and paste into the confirmation email
window you will be redirected to after you create your account. The IDAX Exchange immediately offers to secure
your account with two options: either 2FA or SMS confirmation. We choose what suits us best and move on. The IDAX Exchange offers 2 pairs of EDC Blockchain
tokens exchange – BTC and USD. Daily exchange volumes are high; there are
enough orders to buy and sell. This means the EDC Blockchain token feels
great on this exchange. But what if you want to send the EDC Blockchain
token to the IDAX Exchange? Open the token replenishment panel. To generate a EDC Blockchain exchange address,
click Create; the system will offer you an address and a unique memo code, which you
must indicate in the transfer. Next, open the EDC Blockchain wallet, click
the button to send coins. Fill in the required amount and address, be
sure to indicate the memo code. And click to send. Everything is pretty simple! The system took 2 minutes to process our transaction
and the coins have already arrived on the exchange. But what about their withdrawal? Everything is just brilliantly simple. Click on Send, insert the wallet, the number
of coins, if necessary, make a memo code, and send it. Done! Summary. The stability and security of the exchange
are very important for each user. The offers of the IDAX exchange for its users
distinguish it from othes. It is a fast exchange with its mobile application;
it is in the top 10. It provides fast withdrawal and input. I recommend it. ….. was with you.

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