Hi and welcome back to FXproBitcoin.com so you have a coin or a token that you want to get on the exchange How can that be done? It’s very simple. Just follow these instructions first of all Go to FXProBitcoin.com go to Open an account Fill in your information standard information that you would Use to open up an account anywhere and Then click on I accept Number two get your swift coin wallet Whether it’s for an old version of Windows current version of Windows Linux Android or Mac if on a Mac just download this software from parallels.com and you can Install the Windows version of Swift coin on your Mac Once you get the confirmation email after registration Go ahead and Log in to your account and fund your account with $500 in Swift coin and You can choose your method of Deposit On your Dashboard And get in touch with support Let them know what you’re doing or what you would like to do and Get your account funded. So opening the account is Free there’s no fee. You’re just funding your account so that you have something to trade with and Then you head over to list your coin on the exchange at FX Pro Bitcoin comm and Go through the questionnaire. It’s not very long You want to add a crypto currency or an exchange Currency as the case may be and these are the standard questions that you would expect to be asked for Listing your coin the particulars of your coin and the development team and stuff like that. So all of that will go to Support and support we’ll get back to you. Meanwhile, you’ve got your account and Once your coin is listed on the exchange It will appear it will appear here the users will be able to log into their trading account and They will find Your coin on this list And Then once it’s on the list, they will be able to buy and sell and you can also buy and sell your own point This tab FX is for X and this is crypto and this is the list of Crypto that’s on this Demo account tab this is just a this is just for demonstration purposes and That’s it so Suppose that your coin is a BBC Clients can add that point And then it will be found on the trading platform where they can go ahead and Go long and go short FX pro Bitcoin comm will make a market for your point It does not need to be currently traded on other exchanges FX pro Bitcoin will make a market for your coin and There’s no Volume and you can also trade the coin So if you’re trying to get on to the big exchanges this is a good stepping stone for you Consider FX pro Bitcoin comm as your gateway to the big leagues Thank you very much and we’ll see you at the next video

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