23 thoughts on “Earning Passive Income Investing with the NEO Cryptocurrency (NEO GAS)”

  1. So the more NEO I have (I only have 1 coin) the more GAS I will get and I’m less time?

    and the GAS is the passive income?

  2. The ratio between gas to NEO is about 1:4 most of the times, so if you sell the gas for the NEO it’ll always grow exponentially

  3. it is not profitable, to buy neo only for passive income, it is too risky. If you want to buy neo only for the value of the token go on.

    You have another passive income option like Tron, or Ontology.

  4. NEO is a shitcoin and funny how you shillers are supporting a coin coming from a country that does not support Crypto and decentralisation. Keep throwing away your money.

  5. Thanks for covering NEO, Is there a table of cryptos that shows what the passive income rate is for different coins ?

  6. Another nice vid. For my part I found neo good. No downloading the blockchain, no complications, just stick neo in a wallet and you get income. As you say, not much return, but real easy. Unlike most POS coins, where you have to have a full copy of the blockchain.

  7. Neo is a communist coin Chinese government controlled and will use it to control all its people a massive worry

  8. I'm personally rather the protocols that pay dividends in their actual token. Last week I put 940k of Tron in the Tron wallet, where you freeze it for 3 days (locked for 3 days). This gives you the exact same amount in another ecosystem token called power (used in trons wallet ecosystem) where you vote, and give your power tokens to a super rep… Who runs the system in a nutshell. They pay you (the voter) dividends… In 3 days I made $6.50 usd in Tron from me doing this process. That is good ROI

  9. This is generic old news. EVERYONE knows that you get GAS from holding NEO. You were better in the old days when you had the surfie look. You're too much of a "suit" these days.

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