Earning Interest W/ Ethereum & Stablecoins? Using #DeFi For Passive Income! ?

so let's talk about something really interesting over the past couple days we've clearly watched the market not exactly you'd start to fall off but we're clearly not going parabolic so what if you felt strongly that the market has reached its temporary top not saying that's what's gonna happen but if you felt strongly about that what would you do for some people the answer would be to move into a stable quaint position lock up their capital wait for the market to drop then sell back into the crypto assets it's not a terrible idea and some people have made a lot of money during this bear market doing so but what if I told you you could be earning interest on your stable coin assets so while the markets going down not only are you locking up your capital allowing you to buy in at a lower position you're also getting paid to do so the best way I've found to really engineer your wealth is to find jobs for your capital to always have a job for your money and the rare circumstances where you can do multiple jobs at the same time locking up capital and earning interest for example and importantly beating inflation while you're doing so well that's a pretty sweet combination right there but how do you do it well I want to turn your attention to Dharma which just launched yesterday they're officially open to the public now meaning anyone can earn interest or take out a line of credit against their cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world you can borrow aetherium at a point ten percent APR and die at a four percent APR with any wallet and no madam s required what's more is that you can turn around and start lending that aetherium or die out at a 2.5 or 8 percent APR respectively so this is awesome and more importantly it's also secure and no point is Dharma forcing you to give up ownership of your funds you don't have to choose between losing control your funds or managing your own private keys hopefully the impact here is quite clear by having a system of online protocols that allows you to borrow and lend and keep control of your assets you've effectively replaced retail banking in its entirety that's the basis of the concept of defy or decentralized finance a subject that I'm currently creating a class on so if you want to learn more about Dharma the links in the description below and if you want to learn more about defy as a subject overall definitely check out my class and some of the other videos that I put out recently regarding defy and one more thing to mention is that I've never paid for any of these videos I wanted to showcase Dharma because I feel like this is an awesome opportunity for someone who isn't looking to do anything complicated like day trading and wants to earn a nice consistent income for their crypto assets one thing to mention is that Dharma is subsidizing their interest rates so it won't always be 2.5 and 8% respectively we've seen this on other platforms like compound where initially back in December I was loading out at an 18% APR on dye and really the importance of Dharma in my opinion is that it pushes the defy space forward gives people an alternative to the maker ecosystem for example and it gives you interesting flexible use cases like hedging and using other assets as collateral my opinion there's too much in collateralized debt positions already there's too much dye in the system makers should want this competition I expect Dharma to be cheaper and more attractive than maker for the time being so let me know your thoughts about defy about Dharma maker crypto lending and loans and where you think things are going as always thanks for watching and if you happen to be in Los Angeles for the crypto invest summit definitely come up and say hi I'll be the tallest and most Awkward guy there alright guys thanks for watching I'll see you in the next one Cheers you

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  1. I love your videos, and I subscribe with alerts so that I can watch them – unfortunately I really dislike the other content on Ready Set Crypto by other presenters / authors and I wish there was some way to only get alerts on yours, as I find I’m ignoring more of the alerts from RSC now 🙁

  2. Watching your videos gives so much information and is one of the most educative in the crypto space. Much love man. I, nevertheless actually was a buy and hold kinda person and it did me some good and much harm and i was at a point almost giving up on crypto completely and selling off what i had left (4.8 btc). People like you and Jeremy Castellano gave me the strength to hold on and reap big off btc. With your technical analysis i am well informed and with the trade strategies and signals of Jeremy Castellano, my profit is now very consistent and keeps growing in the region of at least 400% ROI weekly. As an entrepreneur, you must not forget the real objective which is making money and you likewise must never get emotional and do the needful when required just like the lyrical legend Kenny Rogers said, you've got to know when to hold, fold and walk away. A combination of good strategies, signals and guidance is what you need to profit off crypto simply put and my experience with Dennis Wirth gave me all of this. Thanks to him and thanks to you. Jeremy Castellano's contact details are [email protected] or whatsApp +15183519039 if you are looking to make some real profit off crypto or if you have some inquiries to make about creating and growing an investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies.

  3. Hello Doc. I subscribed for the DeFi masterclass earlier today. However I still don't have access to the class. I have sent a mail to support but thought I could reach you faster here. Thanks

  4. Fyi…0Chain will pay 10% annual staking interest UPFRONT! + You can use free cloud storage while staking. Faster, safer, cheaper – decentralized Dropbox-cloud storage 😉 as a content creator you should really check that out!

  5. Nexo also lend and let's you earn interest on your cryptocurrency, they have been operating for 10 years. But this I will also take a look at thanks for the info.

  6. stablecoins are discussed almost everywhere nowadays however traders have to really watch in which assets they invest. there are a lot of scam projects like usdc that is totally unreliable

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