EARN FREE $200+ USD | Php11,000+ | 3200 XLM | GIVEAWAY!? Masmic Contest 2

Just in case I’ve won this contest I will share part of the prize to our viewers And I assure you that there will be a giveaway Hello everyone! I am Jhazel de Vera And I am back in this channel So if you are new to this channel Click on the subscribe button and the notification bell to be updated with my latest videos About homebased jobs and online earning opportunities Before we start with our topic let’s do the special shoutout to one of our avid viewers Shoutout to Hajiba Harib And he said, “Could you give me a shoutout ma’am Jhazel Thanks for the information you shared. I admire the way you speak for real? (lol) I am from Sulu, Philippines. One of your Subscribers” Hello to everyone in Sulu, Philippines Never thought that they are watching my videos too And if you want to get a shoutout on the next video Just comment down below For today’s video we are going to talk about Masmic.com And if you can still remember, I made a video about it In that video I taught you how to sign up So Masmic.com is basically a kind of website where you can earn money by answering questions Don’t worry because the questions being asked are not about your personal life The questions are mostly about facts, controversies, history and etc. (depends upon the person asking) The people who are using this website as a client are asking questions to gain more knowledge And your job is to give information or to share what you know for the client So this video is to inform you about their upcoming contest well actually it’s ongoing now It started last August 14, 2019 up to September 11, 2019 Am I right? September 11? Yes! That’s right! It is Masmic.com’s Ambassador Contest 2 My Husband: lol “Part 2” (not 2) (We are arguing) lol It is Masmic Ambassador Contest Part 2 (lol) Because the Part 1 of the Contest just ended recently And now they have a new Contest to those who want to promote their website So in this contest you have a chance to win 3200 worth of XLM And it is equivalent to 11 or 12 thousand Philippine Peso=227.5744 US Dollar The prize is good How to participate in this contest? You can participate in the competition by inviting people to register on Masmic using your referral code Now, as your referred users earn for their answers and voting contribution, you earn 5% of their rewards for your referral earnings That’s it! As your referral earnings increases you move up the leaderboard and qualify for top positions That’s how it goes to participate in the contest This videos is not just for me to get referrals But for you to earn as well And if you have already an account in Masmic.com you can comment down below your referral code So that those who haven’t registered can also see your code (they might use it and you can earn) Here is for the reward criteria Top 749 users with highest referral earnings earned during the contest period (August 14, 2019 – September 11, 2019) We still have lots of time to get referrals The Top 749 will share the total reward pool of 32, 900 XLM That is the total amount of prize they will give to Masmic.com users. Only referrals acquired during the contest period will be considered for this competition Your referrals before August 14 are not counted It should be on the Contest period (August 14 – September 11) This is the reward Eligibility and Distribution As you can see, Masmic is very fair since they are showing how they will distribute the 32, 900 XLM to all the participants in the contest You can see everything here including: Rank, Eligibility, Reward, Number of Positions and total rewards As you can see, those who have at least 400 referrals can get a prize of 3,200 XLM You can see everything about the distribution in the link I will provide on the description box so you can review it and for more information about this contest If you have some questions about the contest, I will link down below their frequently asked questions Hoping that it will give answers to your questions But if you still have some questions not answered on their FAQs, you can message me on my Facebook page So that’s it And this video is not just for me to get referrals Just in case I’ve won this contest I will share part of the prize to our viewers And I assure you that there will be a giveaway Alright! So well, anyway guys! That’s it for this short video I just want to announce this so that you can also join the contest You can comment down below your referral code so that you can have a chance to be one of the winners WE ARE HOPING! And thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed this video, give it a like and subscribe to my channel Click on the notification bell to be updated with my latest uploads And don’t forget to subscribe to my 2nd Channel: JhazeldeVera VLOGS OKAY? ^_^ Have a nice day! God bless and Goodbye!!!

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  1. Nice vids po ate. Godbless.
    Padamay ng code. Thanks


  2. Sa mga may gusto pa matuto kung paano kumita ng pera online dyan visit lang kayo dito sa channel ko guys! Legit din lahat dito pramis 🙂

    Nag papa giveaway din ako free loads at diamonds sa ML!

  3. WOW!!!!!! Ang ganda ng pagkakaEdit mo sa video mam! Nakagreenscreen chroma po kayo astig! Lupit ng editing skills level 99999999. Pashoutout idol!

  4. Appreciate naman natin ang EDITING SKILLS ni mam jhazel! Napaka-Smooth at premium ng video mo mam pang Netflix quality haha! More power sana manalo tayo sa contest. God bless po idol


  6. Hi ate jhayzel remember me ? im your number one fan about your earning sites pa shout, out po next video and sana mabunot ako sa Give away ate jhayzel ?

  7. Hello, Ms. Jhazel. Pa-shoutout Po. Been a silent viewer for months & I love how you explain the details regarding the new jobs. Great job & more blessings to come. God Bless You! ?

  8. Thanks Mam Jhazel de Vera for the info on how to earn in Masmic.


  9. This is really cool you've sent me over $2431 of this tool now available for you to speed up the registration
    howmakemon.win?5TlQIW Great Work…

  10. Hi, Silent Viewers po ako sa inyo.
    Thank you po for sharing something para kumita and may honest review tlga. Now you are my most trusted vlogger here when it comes to earning for free.
    Pashout out na dn po. Heheh

  11. Hala, nag-improve yung video niyo ate jhazel. Ang ganda naaaaaa.
    PS. Ano pong ginagamit niyo sa pag-edit ng video? Thanks po.

  12. pa shout out po sa Next vid miss ganda.. god bless po. ? https://www.masmic.com?action=referral&referralCode=6DN9TX1H

  13. Hello po ate jhayzel. Idol na idol talaga kita . Btw pa shout po sa next vid mo pasama na din po sa mga kapwa ko taga zamboanga city. More power to you po.?

  14. Thanks sa video po mam 🙂 🙂 Start Earning XLM just sign up and answer questions : https://www.masmic.com?action=referral&referralCode=4O5T9G3Z

  15. i signed up in masmic using your ref link. thanks for your info. legit po sya at nanalo na din po ako sa pagsagot. here is my link. https://www.masmic.com?action=referral&referralCode=PDHZJJHZ

  16. I really like the way you deliver yung content ng videos nyo po. Napaka-informative. Helpful na helpful talaga. Pang road to yaman talaga ?? Pa shout out naden ate Lodi ?

  17. Hi, how do you get the payment? I registered under your referral code. And where can I find my own code, too? thanks!

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