Hello again and welcome back here in our new video today i’ll be going to share to all of you a new wallet where we can get free bitcoin or satoshi Hello Are you one of those who want to earn extra money online? If yes, just click the SUBSCRIBE button and also click that bell icon for you to be notified with my new videos that we can make money online I’ll be going to put the link in the description and this is the video of the steps on how to earn here okay Once you’ve clicked the link that was in the description you’ll be redirected here okay This wallet is BEC BEC wallet Okay so, just click the circle with the word Receive in it okay once you clicked that just put your phone number okay, let’s find PHP because we’re here in the Philippines and, enter your phone number okay that’s it then just click send for the verification code to be sent to your number Okay complete first the captcha here on BEC and then, it will be sent to your phone number and just wait for the code for you to verify and just submit it alright after the previous step you’ll be having Congratulations on getting your amount of BEC wallet mine is 3.7 and on how we can get it is go to the app to get your BEC amount Okay you must download the BEC waller either on playstore or on appstore if you didn’t download, you can’t get the bonus BEC wallet balance and because I use IOS I’ll open it via appstore okay, we’ll just wait and, that’s BEC wallet it’s color blue and that’s what you’re going to download on your playstore or appstore okay we’re just going to get it we’ll be right back after i downloaded it alright, i just downloaded the BEC wallet we’re going to open it so we can start earning here okay just allow it or it’s up to you if you want to get notification then just scroll right for us to be at the main BEC wallet that’s it enter BEC wallet the characters are in mandarin just agree because we can’t even understand it okay so just enter the phone number you used on getting the invitation code to get the bonus just enter the same number and that’s it I fast-forward it to be faster and this is the interface of the BEC go to coffer all of our earnings will be there here in BEC okay number one on how to earn is the rewards it’s like every 6 hours will be having a reward and it has also a countdown and I have just received 0.6 BEC at first it maybe 1 and 30 timer but the rest is 6 hours that’s it as you can see we instantly got 15,515 satoshi okay next is the play lucky wheel to win the prize okay 1 free draw per day and that’s it you can earn BEC 100 BEC 200 BEC 1 BEC 0.1 present ticket 0.5 BEC so, let’s try it out just click start and it will spin that’s it they won’t give you exact BEC 100 only the present ticket will be given to you this is because it is free withdrawal there’s a fee everytime you withdraw here in BEC wallet so, that’s it You have drawn today come back tomorrow tomorrow, it will be having again a satoshi discover market and let’s get back to out assets and that’s it we still don’t have BEC wallet so we need to create okay that’s it you can click Learn First if you don’t know much in technologies or background on crypto that’s it but I’ll just skip it so, that’s it we’ll be creating BTC/ETH wallet okay just put the wallet name it can be your name like for example, mine is Aiza okay just Aiza Mercado for me not to be hard and the password is 6 to 16 digits with letters okay it can be 1234567 ooops okay enter okay, I was wrong 8 okay it must be with a letter on it so aiza okay create wallet okay you can backed it up that’s it words will just popup and just follow their instructions so, that’s it we now have BTC ETH and BEC so, in BEC that’s our BEC wallet number alright and, that’s it so, that’s it guys that’s how simple you can use this BEC wallet so we now have 15,562 satoshi and how to withdraw this that’s it guys they have “KYC” or Know Your Customer so, that’s it they have ID verification and guys, this is the proper way on how to verify your ID hold your passport or any ID and write the date on the paper with BEC wallet and then your picture alright, here PRC Card PRC Card is only allowed on passport it can be passport or can be any government ID so that’s it guys on how to use this BEC wallet okay the every hour that we can claim and this is the per day play lucky wheel so that’s it you can also invite if you want you can have a big income if you invite so, that’s it guys we’ll just going to wait for a few days for me to earn here and i’ll be going to teach you the proper way on how to withdraw here on BEC wallet thank you once again for watching that’s it because someone requested me to make a video of BEC wallet so whoever you are I forgot the name here’s your request so Thank you guys and have a great day!

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  2. Mam pag hindi po ba makumpleto yung verification dun sa setting Coins. Ph hindi mo ba ma cashout yung pera na ipinasok mo? Pahelp nman po

  3. May mga naging update tong application na to guys as of (2/18/2019).
    1. Naging english language na.
    2. Yung lucky spin di na BEC yung makukuha, "wealth" kung tawagin na makukuha mo.
    Yun lang mga napansin ko pero in short na update na nga as of February.18,2019

  4. Done poate aiza , nasubscribe
    Penge load te aiza ?? kahit 50 LA ng po
    Thank youpo In advance kung papalarin po

  5. I'm just loving your channel and your updates. Been listening since December and glad to see you getting the growth you deserve.

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  7. maam pg mg withdraw k ano poh yong bitcoin address??yon po vha yong user name mo?bitcoin winner -free btc po yong apps q n ginamit.

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