Earn BAT On Publish0x + Massive Growth

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about how brave BAT basic attention
token for the brave browser their token is now integrated into publish0X at
least for the next couple of months and the reason I wanted to share it with you
is because I think BAT and the whole set up of brave and what they’re doing I
think it’s really really relevant and I’ve made two videos on it previously
one that was not that long ago and one a few months back and you know they have
an amazing program they do a lot for their creators the advertisers
publishers and just the users in general and the reason why it’s so relevant to
coming to publish0X is because I’ve been using publish0X for a while now
and it’s a really great platform and the fact that now you can earn dat makes it
even more relevant in terms of coins or tokens that are the most easily you know
tradable or have the most value in terms of you know adoption and people using
them and the amount that dat has been growing
I think BAT is their most relevant coin right now on publish0X so let me just
share my screen so as you can see right here hopefully it’s not too small but I
noticed on my last post I’ll zoom in here actually I noticed on my last post
that instead of earning bounty I was receiving some BAT now so that means
that they have gotten set up on here and if I go to my dashboard I can see my
lifetime earnings and this month’s earnings for be eighty and again this is
very relevant because dat is already an amazing amazing token that you
earn from watching ads from being a creator now on top of all of that
whatever you decide to share on publish0x you could be getting some BAT tokens
and again this is very very relevant because BAT is getting a ton of
adoption right now let’s go check out ba batgrowth.com
and as you can see here over the past several months they’ve been getting a
lot more adoption you know it’s been really spiking up lately a lot of
YouTube channels are using this websites twitch channels Twitter reddit Vimeo and
github and then you could see the historical data for people who have BAT
addresses which is also going way way up lots and lots going on for ba t lots of
great data points here for you to check out I’ll link this in the description
for sure and again highly highly recommend using brave I’ll link my
referral link if you would be so kind to download it through mine if you have not
already and yeah like if you check out some of the YouTube publishers there is
a lot of big big publishers on here so like trap nation 9 billion views
almost 26 million subscribers you can see a lot of these channels are actually
pretty prominent channels and it’s very smart of them to be using this because
it’s just gonna give them more and more income why not right
because some people so here’s the thing right if you think I don’t think people
are really going to bother to donate to me or send me a tip it’s like well
actually if your users are watching your content and they have Auto contribute on
which a lot of people use because you can just use brave as a way to earn for
yourself or you could send tips or to make your life easy you can just Auto
tip people that you go and visit so if you watch someone’s video on youtube and
they’re signed up you can automatically tip them for having
you know watch their video and spend time on their page so if you have Auto
tip on and you know you’re still viewing all of these as you would normally
because obviously they’re getting the views if you’ve got auto tip on then
when you go and you view it’ll just automatically tip them so it doesn’t
really impact your experience if you don’t necessarily want to collect it for
yourself and just sell it or whatever you’d like to donate some of that to
creators auto tip is a really easy way to do that and again it’s like you go
and you visit their twitter or their youtube and you’ll send them a tiny
little tip super easy and it won’t impact your experience if you just set
it to be automatic and again there’s a lot of channels on here you can you can
go all the way to page three thousand two hundred fifty one but we’re not
going to scan through everything I just wanted to give you guys an idea of the
growth that they’re experiencing so I guess they’re going to start working
with SoundCloud I assume at least so that’ll be very interesting to see for
for musicians and artists to start you know adopting this as well and getting
on board especially since the number one YouTube publisher is trap nation it
would naturally be you know a normal next step to take that they would start
using SoundCloud as well and I’m sure this will continue to expand until it
has reached all platforms hopefully but yeah guys let me know are you using
brave Ian are you taking advantage of their Creator program did you know that
publish0X is now rewarding be eighty tokens there’s so much going on for
brave there’s a lot of opportunity here they’re going be at the futurist
conference in Toronto on August 13th and 14th the 12th is really just like a
party it’s not gonna be where the actual sponsors and companies will actually be
there but on the 13th and 14th I’m definitely gonna be over there at their
booth and talking with some of the teams so you might see me there let me know if
you guys are going to futurist conference because I try to go every
year and I will be there this year let in the comments below about that and
again let me know what do you think about all this adoption for ba t where
is it headed do you have a price prediction because I have high hopes for
this this just looks like it’s going up and up and up and up but um you know let
me know and and what do you think about it being now integrated for rewards
on Publish0x what do you think about the whole brave browser in general and
just the ba t joking the the ba t token in general let me know your thoughts
below I’d love to hear from you guys as a good creator who is using this I fully
endorsed this and I I endorse other people trying it out too because you
know why not get some more money if he could actually I’ll show you how much
I’ve earned so far that I’ve actually withdrawn I haven’t withdrawn all of the
brave tokens that I’ve earned but I’ve gone about thirty five dollars almost in
u.s. dollars for for break four brave basic attention tokens almost 170 so you
know it’s it’s working its way but um yeah I mean I I plan to mainly just earn
them but I might eventually just invest because this is looking really prominent
and I mean I probably shouldn’t invest earlier than later but um you know we’ll
see I have no doubt that as more and more
and more people come on more people are gonna it’s going to be normal that
everyone’s just using brave and a lot of the creators are just gonna massively
benefit from this shift because it’s gonna help them get some of that revenue
that they weren’t able to get before but now they’re able to access that also
check out veracity which you can use with this to get even more attention
tokens but there’s this VRA versus BAT anyways again let me know in the
comments below I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off,

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  1. Why is the coin price diving right now tho. I've got a few bucks invested in it and hoping it climbs at some point. I am using brave right now but I think it's more for people that have channels

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