Earn $120 Free PayPal Money Watching Videos! *PROOF*

– In this video I’m gonna
teach you exactly how to get paid by watching videos. If you’re new to my channel,
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different ways to make money online, and how you can make money online, basically by promoting
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relatively easy for you guys to make this money, you can
make over $100 doing this. I’m actually gonna show you
proof and I’m actually already showing you proof, ’cause
I’m in my PayPal account. So far I have earned over
$60 just by doing this, you can see the payments that
are coming in, from Coinbase. This is really simple, I
wanna teach you exactly how to do this, as well. So let’s go ahead and get started. All you’re gonna be doing
is going to Coinbase, and if you don’t have a Coinbase account, you can go through the
link in my description. Also I have other links of
apps that you can make money with as well, in the description as well, also with instructions. You can earn cryptocurrency
by basically just watching these videos, you watch these
one-minute to two-minute videos, you take a one-question
quiz, and then they send you $2 in the cryptocurrency
that you’re learning about. So, in this case, once I
finish watching the video and take the quiz, and
watch all of these videos, I will earn about, let’s
see, two, four, six, about $6 in cryptocurrency. Basically, they will pay me
$6 in Dai, and what I would do is I would just go ahead,
and I will just show you some proof of this. So what I did was, I said
what I do (chuckles), what you need to do, excuse
me, is once you earn that Dai, you just basically sell it,
you turn it into U.S. dollars and then you take that U.S. dollars and you withdraw it to your PayPal So this is what I did with the first one, let me go back to it
so I can show you guys. For a Stellar XLM, all I
did was watched the video, answered the questions,
and then I refer it four friends down here. Once I referred those
four friends, I got $40. I took that money and I
sold it and I turned it into U.S. dollars, and then I withdrew it directly to my PayPal,
and this way you can see the PayPal proof, and
that’s how I got paid money from watching videos. It’s really simple, this is world-wide, Coinbase is in a hundred
and I think eight countries, including Africa. I know a lot of you guys
are in Africa, so you can definitely do this and earn some money, and then withdraw it to your PayPal, and that is that simple. It’s really that simple. So once you do that
you just send the money directly to your PayPal,
and it usually gets there between one to two minutes. It’s very simple, it’s
very easy for you guys to get started. So like I said, go ahead,
you can earn around $100. I still got a good $54
left in doing this stuff in order to get my full amount,
but I’ve already earned $50. I think it’s $10 on here and $10 on here, so that’s about $60, I
think you earn about $120 just by doing all of these
and you can withdraw that to your PayPal. That’s $120 in free PayPal
money just by watching these two-minute videos on
each of these cryptocurrencies. But like I said, once you
get the cryptocurrency, it’s gonna go in your wallet,
so I’mna just show you this in another wallet so
you guys can understand this very, very quickly,
where’s the EOS wallet. So here is where I’m talking about. You’re gonna receive
this in the EOS wallet, you would just come up
here, you hit trade, and then you hit sell, and you just select the wallet that you
got your free coins in. In this case, I don’t have
any to sell, but you can see I had something to sell
right here, and basically I would just, you just wanna
see the sell all button, you hit sell all. It’s gonna turn it into U.S.
dollars, or whatever currency that you are, you know,
whatever country you are in, whatever currency that you
guys use, it’s gonna turn that into that, and then
you just come over here, hit this, and then withdraw. There’s gonna be a little
section right here, where you hit withdraw,
and you can withdraw to your PayPal instantly,
and it’s there, like I said, within five minutes. It’s all you’re doing,
so you’re earning crypto, you’re earning the crypto
currency by watching these videos, you take
in the cryptocurrency, selling each of them, you
turn them into U.S. dollars, or whatever currency is in your country, and then you withdraw it into your PayPal. Very simple, very easy,
I hope you guys got value from this video, hit the
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enjoyed this content. Also, if you want to learn
how to take $2 of the money that you make over here
and make a whole lot more, I’m actually gonna show you how to do that with Digit and, what’s the
other one, Digit and Capital. I don’t have Capital
here, but I’ll put Capital back on here, I’ll actually
show you how to earn with Digit and Capital. I’ll take that money and make more money, you’re gonna earn $10 for putting
$1 into a savings account, and you can earn $5 by putting $1 into another savings account, so you can actually turn
those $2 and make $15. I actually write about that
in the description below so you wanna go down there
and read the description. Once I get done with this video, but that’s for another
video, and I also teach you how to sign up for the rest of these apps and refer people and earn
a whole lot more money. That’s all I got for you
guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope
you guys go and take advantage of this and come and
say, I’mma take advantage in the conversation below
if you gonna take advantage of this, ’cause I wanna
know the serious people. That’s $125 that you
didn’t have to do nothing but watch videos and earn free money for, so I hope you guys, like I said, take advantage and do this. Like I said, I’mna have
to whole dsscription of how you can earn more,
’cause this is a one-time thing. Once you earn the money, you
can not re-earn it or whatever, once you earn it, it’s just gonna be $120 in your PayPal account. But you need to learn how
you can earn even more, so I’m gonna teach you that
in the description below, so make sure that you
read that description. Have a nice day, Like this
video if you enjoyed it, and I’ll talk to you
guys on the next video.

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