Earn $100 In Free PayPal Money In 10 Minutes! ?? – Make Money Online Tutorial

– In this video I’m gonna
teach you how to make $100 in free PayPal money
so you can get started, and this is completely easy for you guys to start making this work, okay? So, let me go ahead and
go over these disclaimers because you need to know this. So, this is 100% free, you don’t need any money to start. This system is built for you. All you have to do is drive traffic. So, I’m actually gonna teach you how to create your own little website, it takes around five minutes and I’m actually gonna create
it in front of you guys. And you just create it, and you’re gonna add your own links to it, so your own referral links. These are gonna be two apps that you’re gonna sign up with and one pays $10 per person that you get to sign up under you, and the other one pays $5 per person that you get to sign up under you. So, these are completely free apps, completely free for people to sign up, so it’s gonna be easy for you guys to start getting paid and
earning money per referral, because you’re gonna have a video that’s actually gonna teach them how to do it, you know, for free and they’re gonna go through
your links in order to do so. So, stayed tuned to the end of this video. So, this system will remain free if you share my video on
social media and forums. So, this video that
you’re watching right now, if you share this video on
social media and forums, it will remain free and
it’ll be in the system as far as the video and
everything will remain free, okay? So, all I ask that, if you
make money with this system, and I’m pretty sure that you guys are gonna make money with this system, or have made any money
with this previously, I want you guys to comment your results in the comment section and comment thank you if
you are grateful, you know, that you’re gonna have
a whole system for free. 100% free that you guys can start making some
money with right now. Okay, so let’s go head and get started. First thing I need you to do, first of all, you don’t have
to leave this video right now, let me explain the whole system and then you go over there and sign up. But you’re actually gonna sign… You’re gonna click the link
in the description below, it should be the first link, you’re gonna go over and
enter in your email address, that’s the email address that you want me to send
you different app promos, so when new apps drop and
things of that nature, it’s just allowing me to send
you that type of information so you guys can be the first
to start referring people before it gets saturated. But once you enter in
your email on that page, and the page looks like this. Okay, so let me just type
it in really quickly. Oh, before I get started,
payment proof of course, $170 so you know you’re at the right place and you know exactly that
I’m making money online, and if you didn’t see that, you can just see my name
right here, Jaffry Ward. So, you can actually
see that they actually came to me and I actually
paid my PayPal account. Okay, so this is free PayPal money, none of the B.S. I’m actually gonna teach you how to do it. So, you enter in your email, your best email in here, and then you go over and you’re gonna go to this page right here. This is the page and this is the video that you guys are gonna copy and create your own site with, and you’re gonna create your own buttons that’s gonna have your
referral links in it. So, what I’m gonna do is, I’ve already started working on a site. Oh, I forgot this, this is code, you guys probably don’t know what that is. Okay, let me hit this really quickly. And let me move my face
over here really quickly. Okay, so I just recreated
this particular site, and what I’m about to do is I’m about to place
this video into this video and then create some buttons so you guys can see how it’s done. Okay, so I’m using Wix. All I did was sign up for Wix, Wix is free, just went
and got a blank page, put a background behind here, so background, I put the
money sign behind here. I went over here and I added some text. I gotta move my face in order
for you guys to see this. But you can just see I added text to here, and I put, I basically put the same thing that’s on here, it was just how to make $100 per day using a smart phone. Which is the same video that your gonna watch when you join. Okay, so, what I need for you guys to do, like I said, after this video, you gotta watch this video through and actually sign up
for both of these apps, and then there’s some
other money making apps that you can sign up for as well. So, sign up for these as well, then you’re going to get
your own referral link and you’re going to be able to copy that referral link and start
referring people directly to these particular sites using my video. So, how you copy my video
is you just click this, this is a unlisted video and it won’t be. You have to go to my
actual page and actually, you know like I said,
put in your best email to get to this particular page. You have to do that in
order to get this video, because this video is unlisted. So, I’m gonna pause it and all you doing is
basically copying this video. And all I did was insert a
video up here at the top, I insert the video, YouTube. And right now, I’m just gonna edit it. So, I’m going to paste my URL in here. Paste and playback options, I want it to auto-play, you know, when the video comes on. You can add some other stuff in here. You can let it play in a loop and if they finished watching the video. Okay, so that’s good to go. And what now I’m gonna do
is start adding buttons. Okay so, I’m gonna add
this button right here and I’m just going to get this one. This one, did add it there. Let me go back over here. Add the button. Okay, so I’m gonna take
this button down here. And the two apps that we
are gonna be using is Waldo, like I said, once you go
to this particular site and learn the whole system, and I also teach you how to refer people, But you’re gonna be sending
these people directly to your own copy of the website when we telling them
exactly how to sign up. So, in the particular video I tell them to click green button. So what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna go over here and customize this, and we’re going to turn
this green real quickly. So, green, that’s the green that’s on my thing right there. Gonna change the text
and we’re going to say Waldo… Waldo Sign Up. So this is one of the apps that you wanna get access to. Okay, so I’m going to change
something else in here. Go this design really quickly and I want the text to
be a little bit bigger. So, let me just increase this font size. Okay, it’s too big. Let’s go… Let’s go right here. And then we just going… Let me exit this really quickly. Sorry about that. We doing this on the fly. We creating this video on the fly, not creating this video probably, we creating this website on the fly. So, I’m just going to… That ought to be good right there and I’m gonna move it over to the side. So, like I said this is for
more than Waldo and Dosh. So, what you’re going to need to do is you would need to come in, open this up in a new window and you can add your own website address. So, post your new website address and you wanna open it up in a new window. So, once you’ve successfully
signed up for Waldo, like I said, you will get
your own referral link. So let me just go over here and get this referral link really quickly. You can see I got $400 in here waiting to be withdrawn. So, that’s gonna be some
more free PayPal money and this is all from this system. So let me copy this referral link. You gonna have your own referral link and how you know if you’re ready to start referring somebody, if you get your first $5 bonus that mean you good to go. If you don’t have your first $5 bonus, don’t start referring people, that mean you not qualified yet. And like I said, you can just go over to this video and
watch that whole video on how to get qualified and stuff. So, and you know, you basically know how to do the whole thing ’cause I explain it in that video. So, basically you wanna
hit done right here, you wanna insert this link and you wanna make sure you hit done. And you wanna create another button, matter of fact can I just copy this. That’ll be cool if I can
just copy the same layout. Yep! Copy design. Apply. Okay, oh wait, let me do this. So we just going to create another button and be done with this. Okay, so, same button down here. We going to stretch this out. And you know, just like that. Okay. And we’re going to put Dosh sign up. Okay. And… Put it right little p. Okay, well that’s not all, let me do that. And we do the same thing,
we’re gonna add a link. So, we’re gonna go to the web address. Make sure you’re not hitting pages, make sure you hit web address. And I’m just going to
go get my other link. So, I’m just going to copy
this link really quickly. You would get your own link, your own referral link to Dosh, you would get that and you will come here and you will paste it in here. And that’s it, you hit done. Boom like that. And let me move this over a little bit so it don’t seem like this. So, and there you have it. The only thing you going to
need to do is hit publish and what I’m going to do is I’m just going to put Test Site. Test Site. Boom. Save and continue. And… Publish now. Publish now and view site and when the site opens up I think it’s gonna
automatically start playing. Okay I got it muted right now, but it’s gonna
automatically start playing. And this other shit is gonna
tell people how to sign up. And this is… Only took me around 5
minutes to create this site. So, this is just 5 minutes to sit here and create these sites. And only thing that will be different is these links down here. It will have your links in here. So, instead of my links
it will have your links. So, your link to Waldo and
you get $10 per referral that you refer to Waldo regularly. Get $10 for any person that
signs up through your link. And for Dosh, you get.. Excuse me, $5 per referral. And I’m teaching them
exactly how to sign up, exactly how to recreate the website and exactly how to start driving traffic. So, you will create your
own website like this. Like I said, the link is
in the description below. Sign up, sign in. Use your email in here, sign in. Sign up with these two links down here to sign up with these two apps and then just create your own website. Just like this And when people go and actually go through your link to sign up you’re actually gonna be getting the referral commission and I’m not gonna be getting
a referral commission, it’s gonna be through your link. So, I’m actually selling
the system on your behalf. I’m actually teaching
people how to sign up and make money on your behalf. So, you go down there, you go to the link in the description below, sign up. And sign up for each one of these apps in this particular order, Waldo and Dosh, sign up, get your referral links and then just take my video. I just showed you how
you can take my video you can rewatch this video. Take my video, paste it on the webpage, put some text, put the same text up in the front of here. And the buttons down here. You can use Wix or you can use Weebly, it doesn’t matter. And the only thing that you
would do differently is, you know, put your own Waldo link in here. And this will have your
own Dosh sign up in here. And when you drive traffic,
like I teach you how to do, ’cause driving traffic through Facebook, so you’ll learn all
about this in this video. Matter of fact is I
think it’s all down here. I’m on my fourth load up
and I actually teach you exactly how to drive traffic. So when people are
interested in, you know, learning about how they
can make money online, all you would do is
basically just send them the link to your particular website. And I do all the selling
and telling for them. I teach them exactly how to sign up and exactly how to
start making some money. You don’t need to do anything, I’m just selling and
telling on you behalf. And they just go down here, sign up with your link. You get the referral commission
and you’re making money. So that’s how you can make $100 per day from your smart phone. This is $100 in free PayPal money. Now you can get the money transferred to your bank account or whatever. I’m just saying free PayPal money, because I don’t know if a lot of you guys have PayPal accounts. And you, you know, exactly
start making some money today. So, go ahead, sign up, get started. Watch this full video,
sign up successfully, get your links, create your own website. Start promoting and
start making some money. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’ll talk to you guys on the next video. Peace out.

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