EARN $0.25 In 15 SECONDS (Fast & Easy PayPal Money)

HEY! do you have a phone if you do what
if you could make money with your phone in this video I’m going to show you how
to earn 25 cents in 15 seconds over and over again right now before we get
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make money online alright now let’s get started so this video I’m going to show
you this brand new strategy for you to make money online in 2019 with nothing
but the phone that you have right now okay listen I’m going to show you
exactly how you can earn money over and over again with this strategy
alright but I’m gonna show you how this platform kind of works first okay so
this is foap so right now I’m going to click in the market and let’s check it
out okay so this is a place where people can come over here and purchase images
does that make sense so like for example if like businesses magazine students
entrepreneurs they like this make is this image right if they want to use
this image in their are like presentations in their magazines or like
for their web sites or social media obviously it’s copyrighted so if they
want to use it they have to pay for it they have to purchase it okay so here
you can see this is how people can actually make use of folk calm now again
I’m going to get to how you can earn money in just a second so here you can
see these images people will have to buy right there to purchase it they have to
pay for it is that making sense okay so now that you know how people have this
platform actually works where people look for images that you want to buy and
they buy it that is how you can actually earn money okay so for it to start
earning money with this platform you are going to go over to four creators right
you can actually sell your content okay so make sure you keep watching because
I’m going to show you a lot of Goldeneye that’s a lot of awesome tips that will
help you increase your income okay so by going to sell your content this is how I
can make money right so I’ve already showed you I have proved to you that
this is a website where people can actually go over there to purchase
images to use in their magazines for their websites for any use k now at this
point some of you may be thinking like oh wait is this website like legit is
this for real now let’s check out the home page of foo
all right look is Facebook if this is the Facebook official marketing partner
okay they have partnered with brands like Nivea Kraft Volvo okay Heineken all
right let’s scroll down even more let’s find out what other brands they have
partnered with okay they have also been featured by Forbes magazine TechCrunch
okay Inc ABC News NBC all right so here you can
see they are partner with Nivea and all these different brands alright so if you
are worried whether this is like a trustworthy sign or not
well that’s no longer a worry okay that problem is solved okay now let’s move on
let’s talk about how you can make money right for those of you who are action
takers okay so for you you can actually make extra
money with your videos and photos with your phone as you would know now what’s
really cool what’s really awesome is that food is available on both iPhones
and Android phones so this is an equal level playing whew okay yeah no excuses
whether you are on iphone whether you are using an Android phone you can make
money with folk alright isn’t it awesome okay so how you’re going to make money
is you’re going to take photos you are going to take videos and then you can
put it on folk and then from there when people buy it as you saw earlier in this
beginning in the beginning of this video if people buy it and guess what that’s
how you make money does this make sense okay so how does this work
like I said you will simply upload your videos and photos and you can earn money
okay and then folk is very very popular for has a lot of audience key so when
you post a video and and photo a lot of people will see it a lot of eyeballs
will see your contents okay and then when people buy it and then you are
going to profit from it okay so of course they do have different missions
I’m going to get to that in just a second because when you go and use
missions when you take advantage and leverage missions within middlefoot you
are going to make even more money okay so just uploading random photos and
images you can actually use missions so I will only share it for those who are
actually committed and actually this entire video all right so for you
to get started you can just get it through your app store right but don’t
go there yet okay make sure you finish this video so that you won’t be lost all
right so of course like I said for is very popular
there’s over 2.9 million creators K and it’s trusted by all the big brands that
you saw just now alright to get started just go to fuck comm get it on to your
Apple App Store or to Google Play if you’re on Android but again keep
watching for now so make sure anytime when we find different methods to make
money online you always want to be sure that these methods are legit ok so look
this app has been featured on ABC News okay I’m not gonna play the video you
can come and check it out ourselves but this app has been featured on ABC News
it’s been featured on CNN BBC the New York Times and measurable and all these
okay so here you can see other brands right MasterCard Ogilvy AirAsia Bank of
America Nivea alright so if you’re still worried if this is like a budget method
or not then you’ve got to stop worrying about it okay now let’s talk about how
you can get paid right this is one of your biggest concern right let’s go over
to support let’s check it out okay we can go to FAQ right so of course there’s
a lot of information but let’s go through how do you actually get the
money first right that is the golden question okay so look for users PayPal
to pay the photography’s which is you okay so you if you are if you have
PayPal then of course can get P if you don’t have people think we’ll do people
come in just register for an account okay and then from PayPal you can
actually register I mean after you have a PayPal account when you have the funds
you can transfer from PayPal to your personal bank account okay so that’s
great I mean PayPal works for almost all countries in the world okay so now like
I say at the beginning you could upload videos and photos yourself but instead
I’ll just do it randomly you can actually join missions okay by joining
missions you can get paid more okay so how do you join a mission well actually
we can go over to this main page we can actually check out here under for
creators there is this thing called active
missions okay let me click into it and here are like the premium missions
or the regular missions here you can see that if you did there are different
themes by the way so is like for example let’s just start from the bottom so if
you have a photo that is real related that is relevant to media then you can
post over here and then the reward is $100 okay let me just
this up in a new tab and let’s check it out okay what’s really cool is you can
actually see other people’s images these are other people’s images that you have
submitted okay so of course for this tube you would need to have a media
praana right otherwise you can take something that is somewhat relevant to
media like this or this right so of course you’re going to read through find
out are there rules don’t put other brands show the natural side of the
pictures now of course there you what is hundred dollars isn’t it awesome okay so
their theme is bedtime equals to my time okay
so anyway you can check out you can get a lot of inspiration for this okay so
this is why mission is a great way for you to make even more money because the
reward is nice right it’s hundred dollars instead of just uploading random
random videos okay let’s not all this alright media has another one then
there’s also like crazy plan people if you have a plan they can take photos of
your plans and then you participate in this mission there’s also a mission for
heineken okay so you can check that out again the real one is pretty decent it’s
hundred dollars okay for example certain missions they pay a lot okay can
actually earn up to $1,800 $1,800 by showing them your best photos and if you
have your favorite spot at home take a picture of it and then you can
potentially earn $1,200 as a reward isn’t it awesome that’s pretty
incredible isn’t it so again for heineken there this hundred dollar
reward so come and check it out okay there are different rules but of
course make sure you pay attention to them and then you can also take note
take a look at all the recently uploaded photos right like this okay now again
don’t forget you are going to get a reward okay so make sure you read the
rules clearly and if you don’t dry that all you have no chance of John of
actually winning any rewards okay does that make sense
now then there’s also the ones that I just mentioned $1,200 or $1,800 that’s a
lot of money right so make sure you participate and join its rewards instead
of just posting random photos and videos okay so let’s continue with the FAQ
there’s a lot of information like getting started selling a folk uploading
your photos how do you join a mission how do you join a premium mission saw
the photo and all these things he me coming read through them but let me just
go through very very briefly so they have regular missions so take note k for
regular missions there’s only one winner but if
potentially and 100 to 500 dollars okay but again there’s only one winner so
you’re on the joint as many missions as possible okay but that’s not that’s not
the case I mean it doesn’t mean that there’s only
one person who will receive money because when you submit your photo in a
regular mission people can actually purchase it for $10 each okay so it’s
not as if you like only one person we don’t make money okay even if people
purchase your images you can still make money all right so they can purchase it
for $10 each if it’s an exclusive mission then the price can go up to $60
all right so this is why I would encourage you to participate in as many
missions as possible because look if you are the winner then of course that’s
great you are going to get a reward but if you are not even if you even if
you’re not the winner you can still earn money by selling in
your regular missions by just selling the photos matter of cost premium
mission is a lot better right because premium missions will have multiple
winners can them connect up to 60 winners permission okay and then of
course premium missions the rewards is a lot higher two thousand dollars okay so
whatever it is you should just drive as many missions as possible as long as you
are able to join right of course this depends on the different theme if you’re
if you are eligible if it makes sense for you then go ahead and join it hey
uploading photos this is pretty simple you can come and read this FAQ yourself
okay so this is it this is for comm is an official Facebook marketing partner
is partly all of these different brands as you saw for ourselves okay he has
been featured a lot of different news channels and Forbes magazine and all of
these so come and check it out for herself
so this is for calm and this is how you can earn money with just your phone hey
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