Dropil Coin ICO – How To Buy

hey what’s up guys there’s a new ICO
it’s called Dropil and we know the developers so exactly this guy this guy
this guy this person and he’s from Orange County supposedly because it says
was California yes it was an Orange County names developer and so you can
see what he’s been doing and he’s working at this company for six months
so she went to Westwood and you see all his information he’s actually American
he’s like full-stack and he’s gonna make ERP systems now he’s just making his own
coin so each coin is point zero five per token and you can buy drops with the
following different coins like Bitcoin ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin cash, neo monaro
Z cash – so so far I like this so basically drop coin makes money
through trading and differences between the exchanges like for example go crypto
market cap so if like bitcoins the difference in the exchange is like this
is like in like the Korean exchange is a little pricier is it make the difference
so you’ll get this percent for okay there were some like twenty dollars so
that’s what drop point is trying to do so the minimum investments on the 100
bucks so far since I know the team looks like has a pretty cool white paper weed
on your own so yeah that’s drop coin so they’re American team and they’re in
Orange County so he’s an orange and you can wash your videos on their
YouTube and they have an American accent and you know what they look like you
know what schools and where they work or used to work so this is a pretty
trustworthy ico and i highly recommend it and yeah Peace out

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