Dragon Mining Review of a Real Bitcoin Mining company

hello this is Colin speaking and in this video I want to show you a very exciting and new website and company which is a real company that mining bitcoins it's called dragon mine I found this opportunity and Bitcoin mining business through sunny go via and Tony I've been falling for the law six months or so he's a big network marketer in South Africa and also becoming worldwide in cooker very respectable network marketer with fallen or thousands of of members and what I what gave an Bergen mining a lot of credibility that you will never never or I haven't seen it at any other mining or a lot cloud mining or any of these mining companies online he said he is one of the members that that that that helped start dragon dragon mining and it came everything came from all the scams he lost a lot of money and his members lost a lot of money and they did saw they're going to build their own mind and he just even we didn't just say that they actually went there you can see these this is a top management then you can see the top corporate team and then you see yes Tony speech and yes of others of Africans wellness of epic and network marketers that that are involved with this company and then you'll also see on the website here they actually show the where out we the mining takes place I'll just show you Tony's in this video showing us the actual mine and you won't see that the base timing but if you can go and watch this video yourself when you follow the link in the description below and you can see that actual that is the computers mining and undistorted I think in in March but in the last two weeks they have opened it now for the retail to for for people to buy contracts it starts at $25 and you can decide other Bitcoin or hit the rhenium to mine and buy but it's these all kinds of contracts here and you can obviously pop up and run like that but hardboard my first contract lost ninth of the sea all the evidence and do my own due diligence and I recommend you do the same but you'll see with this company you see much more much more transparent than any other company ever seen on the internet regarding before mining also like before mining because it's much cheaper to get the bad points are really then going to buy bitcoins with you go buy bitcoins it's going to cost you you're gonna pay fees about 10% worth traders so that also drove me to Bitcoin mining and that's why I've tried other Bitcoin companies but they all failed because at the end David was scans this is a real Bitcoin mine and like you can see in the video and Tony they went all the way to America from South Africa to go and inspect the mining and he's one of the leaders there now because he's got so many people that have contributed to the equipment purchasing of the equipment day and obvious you can go to a attorneys Facebook page just such a they just responded to one of mine Macomb means so that's I can see is on the internet and is available year he gives all these details we went to school we staying get into my car and go to his house and and Austin was going on so that you all that gives it a lot of credibility I just want to see you can also see where I responded I asked him a couple questions last night before I joined and he responded within a couple of minutes so yes all on board the contract law slide and and I just wanna show you this if you amended Montano my password but my next vid I'm going to show you how I'm going to buy uranium as well anything is you gotta remember it's going to take in 12 days so put away 12 days for them to buy the actual equipment and set it up before I start earning from the mining you can see so everything is zero zero zero yeah I wanted to shows me our mini contracts on board but I just bought their level 1 contract yet sees the new $25 contact you purchase yesterday's is 60 days of 7x talking away so but I've going to dig out how much is their return and then I'll give you feedback on that but I've been told it's something I think the thing for mine but that's almost too good to be true but so I'll hold investigate and did you know okay so in the next video we're going to show you how to buy your web going tour by not with my contract but yes I highly recommend you click on the link below check it out dragon mine I check out Tony and see this is a solid company a real company that you can trust so this it got in equation 2 please comment below or contact me on Facebook up with my facebook link below as well and yeah thank you very much for watching bye bye

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  1. Thank you for all the comments and views, but I am not promoting Dragon Mine anymore. I am very happy at Genesis Mining and decided to stick to GM.

    Here is my playlist for GM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-biuGRogqT0veNSqpdoxNp6oJyyl1g5Q


  2. Service delivery is almost non existent. I wanted to withdraw of my EXP balance, I have been waiting longer than a month and still no reaction, despite all my enquiries.

  3. https://ilondonmodel.usitech-int.com/

    I'm with Dragon Mine but I think the company in the link above is incomparable and the profit is more than 10% a month check it out

  4. hi, i have a question. i purchased a contract and after 11 days it started to run. now its been running for 4 days and i only can see the GH/s earned but not the BTC earned. since i accepted 100% as repurchase amount, my question is, wont i see any btc earnings until i change the repurchase amount because what i am doing is just to repurchasing GH/s?.

  5. they don't reply to my emails, even though i opened an account , something fishy, sent them a test fee of 25 US and their timer failed and lost the money

  6. Hi, I did sign up and tried to contact Tony De Gouveia, Global Director of Marketing but his not responding in Facebook.
    My problem is that, I cannot login to my account because of the Enter second factor: I didn't able to finish it to my smartphone. Can you please help me how can I contact their support?

    Appreciate for any advice Colin,. Thanks

  7. If anyone wants to start with Dragon Mine, you are more than welcome to start at bit.ly/BitcoinDragonMine

  8. can you tell me how much progress you have made so far with. your package? Did you get the franchise package?

  9. can you tell me how much progress you have made so far with. your package? Did you get the franchise package?

    EMAIL PARA CONTATO:[email protected]

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