Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

hey everybody welcome to the dollar vigilante we're here in Las Vegas at Freedom Fest it's kind of free to me here although not free up Casey territory he just came from Argentina I just came from Mexico or both commenting on how little we like actually coming back up to the US because of some of the freedoms although we are enjoying ourselves here at Freedom Fest as Doug was pointing out to me these a lot of people yet hasn't seen in a long time so we are having a good time here so I'm so glad to have you dropped by Doug so we can ask you some questions I know you must get a little tiring for you to answer all these questions all the time but we really do appreciate it Doug you just came up with a new book in the last year so why you just let's start there let's talk about the book and what it's all about well Jeff if I was a good promoter which apparently I'm not I'd have a copy of the book that I can hold up to the camera so people could see it all that but I've decided that I want to do novels well first of all let me preface we were just talking before the camera went on about the fact that books as a medium are probably dead ducks because people spend all their time if they read at all it's and aren't just watching videos on the internet they read short articles and stuff like that so nobody's reading books anymore not really and there's one point five million new ones published every year and they're all saying me me me me so it's hard to stick your head above water but with that preface preface I've decided to get into the novel business because it's a one out of a thousand or one out of a million chance but if it's a good novel it might have legs like Atlas Shrugged or something so last year at this time at Freedom Fest we released the first of a septet of the high ground series which was called speculator about a massive gold mining fraud in Africa and a bush war and interesting stuff stuff I like not the Frog part in our hero Charles Knight 23 years old makes a couple hundred million dollars as almost all of it stolen by the government he goes off and we are seven years later and he just decided he wants to do something so he gets into the drug business illegal but there's more money in legal drugs and there aren't illegal drugs which is marvelous and who woulda guessed so it was more murder and of course he makes a lot of money they steal it again so it's a hell of a good book it's called drug lord you'll want to buy it trust me yeah check it out our senior analyst at bogus read the book and he said that it was an amazing book I've tried to read through as much of it accountants so busy but you're another right you're one of those internet guys Jeff so I understand completely yeah actually I you know I kind of felt bad over the last few years because people would ask me like what's the last book you read I'm like I haven't read a book in years I just we live sort of like this attention deficit disorder sort of a lifestyle noun like unless you're in a place like you are in less tension to capita in Argentina and you're riding horses and stuff and it's not your kind of lifestyle then maybe you could sit down with a book but for people like me that we're just kind of going I'm on YouTube I'm here if I want to read something interesting it's like okay there's an interesting article by this guy want to read this all there's a good YouTube video this guy's talked about something I wanted to hear his comments but to sit down and with a book it's just not as easy as it used to be listen I'm an especially bad shape because my hobby has always been ancient history so it's bad enough trying to get yourself ramped up to read something current that's relevant but I'm reading about the Battle of Adrianople and 378 AD who cares bitter Keynes me though that's I guess what's important that's good so yeah this has been a West to last talk so I guess the biggest thing that's happened since we've last talked of course is Donald Trump I'm sure you've got some commentary on what you think about him I know you know he was kind of surprised a lot of people he got in maybe you could talk about that and tell tell us what you think about what he's done so far well so far Donald Trump has been very very good to me because I placed a bet with Marin KATUSA for a hundred ounces of silver but he was going to win I thought he was going to win I still have my finger on the pulse of the hoi polloi to some degree and I thought the natives were getting restless so I guessed right on that that's the bad news about Donald is he doesn't have any philosophical core he doesn't have any beliefs he's you know always he's like a guy that sees a good idea and he chases off at well at least he's a business guy business background so the things he'll do are going to tend to be less stupid than what a professional politician would do but the interesting thing to me is the way the deep state hates him viscerally because he's always been around them but they realize he's kind of a loose cannon and they can't control him and they hate him maybe they also hate him because all those people in the red counties around the u.s. supportive and they hate those people too so I think the u.s. is on the ragged edge of a civil war it won't happen because the average America is drugged up with Prozac and valium and I don't know 100 other things like that and he's so fast but he can't get off his couch and nobody knows what a gun looks like anymore I mean so no we're not going to have a civil war but these people hate each other no I've never seen anything quite like it before even in the 60s it's interesting because you pointed out most people in the u.s. they are too drugged up to dumb down to Florida to vaccinated and too fat to even get off their couch to fight so all the battles are going on on like the internet on you to feel okay about sex but you are right the vitriol is almost shockingly like over-the-top like both sides seem to be talking and I can't do it– I can't I can't tell the difference between brocco bomber and Donald Trump in really and anything that's really changed like nothing really changed like you know maybe Donald Trump's on Twitter more that's about all I could tell but they're talking like this is like you know this is the end of days this is like we have to this is the final we have to fight these people it's like why yeah it all comes down to statism of course and they both like Donald wants his idea of making America great again as making the US government effective again god forbid he succeeds in that so no it's a it's just bad dude I think what might set it off unless it's these carrier battle groups they've got off the coast of Korea which might start a nuclear war and that could be sticking your nose into that hornet's nest but I think what might set it off is when the economy collapses again it smells to me pretty much like 2007 and when it comes on glue this time the analogy I've always used in the past is we entered this gigantic financial hurricane in 2007 and it was very ugly in 2008 and nine when we went through the leading edge of the storm it's a gigantic storm so the eye of the hurricane is much larger than I thought it would be but now it's pretty clear that we're going into the trailing edge of the storm and this will last a long time and be much worse and much different than it was and that might get the natives on the streets with they won't use pitchforks so I guess they'll have to use iPhones just mistreats yeah they'll be downloading a Donald Trump's ratings on Yelp or something like that okay it is interesting though because and that's a good point that it really it always comes down to money doesn't it people can complain about this or that but it's really when they have no money or they do have money that that's when people really start to actually do something and and we've seen that so many times in his long have you heard that uh I mean how do you credit these statistics that the average guy or 50% of Americans couldn't lay their hands on $400 overnight for an emergency have more than half her paycheck to paycheck so if they even and just lost their job which of course in 2008 a lot of people did and the next ones could be far worse as you point out so many people are gonna get hurt but what's your thoughts on that because my I've been thinking about this a little bit and I come here to the US and because I'm not here in the u.s. very often and maybe it's because I kind of pay places like Las Vegas I kind of see like all the weird is sort of futile but they seem so detached from reality most of these people like maybe it's a good thing that they all get really just wiped out like economically financially so they guy actually get back to being like real human beings again they seem almost yeah well it may be a genetic fault I'm going to solve that in our series of seven novels in the seventh novel where 80% of the human race is wiped out by a pre-emptively law launched virus because it turns out that socialism and envy and all these terrible vices are actually genetic defects so I'd like to see a war fought that only the bad guys die and I'll solve that the novels I'm not sure we can solve it in reality though it's going to be interesting I think we both can sense that we're on the cusp of something really big happening of course you've been talking about it most of your career and you've gone through crazy times of course so you start talking in the early seventies and then if you talk to anyone at the late 70s I'd be like this is like crazy like Doug Casey was right but then it kind of like fixed itself a bit and then 888 crashing again so we kind of have these crashes but nothing I've been what you would call the big big one well here's the way here's the way I see it at this point Jeff it's that kind of a history is an interest of mine I see it as what's happened to Western civilization itself and Western civilization peaked before World War one there was freedom everywhere limited state found money he didn't need a passport kidding didn't need a passport to travel and then World War one started things on the slippery slope and World War two things got much worse and so if Western civilization itself peaked let's say in 1913 but the United States would be an interesting year 1913 year that the income tax came in the year that the Federal Reserve Act was put in the year before World War one and it was a bad year the United States though because there are two important elements that I haven't considered adequately and I don't think anybody does it's number one the average chimpanzee out there has a genetic instinct like a squirrel to produce borden he consumes and set aside those nuts for the winter he knows it's coming well most of these people are welfare and all that that's but it's still in a genetic background of his mind g-iii got assets on the side and that builds capital when you produce born you consume you save the difference that builds capital and the capital can be used that's why things have gotten better but the big thing other than that is that there are more scientists and engineers alive today right now that have lived in all of Earth's history put together and they're doing things and Moore's law is evident not just in computers but in several areas biotech and so forth and so while the government is destroying capital and wasting it and so forth you've got these two things that are working to make things better now that said I think that American civilization relative to the rest of the world absolutely but even in absolute terms are peaked in the mid-50s probably probably in 1959 with the twin bullet lights of the 1959 Cadillac how are you how can you get a car more outrageous than that and then in 1971 even by the government statistic since then the average guys Blues Ingram now it's true televisions have gotten better we got iPhones we got computers okay all right but things would have been so much but but the state's been getting bigger I think it's all going to blow up Jeff the inevitable is becoming imminent yeah absolutely I think so as well it's going to be very interesting to see what happens and of course you talk a lot about how people should what they should be doing and how they can sort of protect themselves a little bit I've sort of gone down this path personally where I don't really worry anymore and I just I just whatever happens I just sort of live in the now a little and that's actually helped me out a lot yeah that's garbage that's smart I'm a essentially a solipsistic varieties of salts of them but what I'm partial to is the fact that everything here is a constructive imagination I mean and even the physicists have determined who knows what's really real I mean matter or energy it's yeah exactly so I don't take anything seriously it's not worth it yeah I've tried taking things seriously and it just makes your leg kind of crap you just like weary of it or you become you become very depressed if you took all this stuff off you're serious yeah absolutely so so I'm not like that but some people do definitely want to you know protect themselves a profit from and if there's work we have no problem with that we also want to profit from it's good to get some capital and I got to tell you I said this to her before you were a B it was a stroke of genius on your part getting on to the crypto currencies early on you've been totally right on that and I I thought well at this is interesting there are excellent transfer device but I didn't see them as being a possible store of value and I still don't but they're so useful and the blockchain technology behind them and I don't speak as a computer guy because I'm not is so useful I think that though were like in 1998 in the last tech bubble so I think there's a lot more money to be made in these things yeah absolutely I think we're going to just like with the tech stocks I have ups and downs of course and of course we're going to have lots of losers there's you know just like what the text left I remember the nineties I was right in the middle of the whole thing and you know most of the companies are just gone now I remember bingo calm was worth like 100 million how come there are so many of them but there will be winners as well as you can see like Amazon calm today what a winner that is that could be Bitcoin ten years down the road so will be interesting what you take last year we had a really good year for the gold stocks they then pulled back at the end of the year what's your take on precious metals and the precious metal stocks right now I've been involved in gold and all of the metals on the periodic table and the companies that mined them for the last 40 years and I've come to the conclusion it is a crappy industry it is a dinosaur industry so the 19th century choo-choo train an industry where people are running around playing in the dirt with big yellow trucks so of course young people don't have any reality on it because it's about as far from you know dealing with computers and as you can get it's a dinosaur industry 19th century stuff but you need the stuff that comes out of the ground okay I'm embarrassed too it's been very very good to me but if I'd been smart I would have gotten into the tech thing the rising thing as opposed to a declining thing okay we all make mistakes but it all worked out pretty well for me I think right now that this is a good time to get into these mining stocks because they're actually quite cheap again and they're very volatile that's what I like about mining stocks it's that they're the most volatile class of securities on the planet or even more volatile than tech stocks so I think now is a good time to buy them and commodities across the board agricultural industrial all the commodities are very very cheap right now and these stocks can multiply to a great effect and I think the next step should be way up and commodities because they're printing up all these government's are putting up trillions and trillions and trillions of new currency units every year and that will be reflected in higher commodity prices so that's my argument yeah it's been very interesting to see the cryptocurrencies have done so well of course like Bitcoin since I recommended it's gone up a hundred thousand percent I wish I had bought some when I recommend it I don't even listen to my side you never have enough in the winners anyway and that they've been doing very well but you look at gold and silver and they've really been lagging our silvers down to fifteen dollars recently what's your take on like how poorly they've just been in the last few nights well this is interesting because the lowest bottom because it's up and down for both gold and silver wasn't in 1971 when gold was $35 an ounce and silver was the dollar 25 or whatever it was actually in 2001 we're in deflated dollar terms real terms gold was cheaper at two hundred and fifty dollars that it wasn't $35 when I'd been controlled by the government for 40 years and suppressed same with silver so the dollars lost about half its value in reality over that time so um in real terms they're both pretty cheap again pretty cheap not not giveaway levels like they were in 2001 but pretty darn cheap and the world's economy is so explosive and so unstable you want to have the only financial asset that is not simultaneously somebody else's liability and that's what gold and silver particularly are about so I keep buying them and it's fine because I like to have some capital in a real tangible form and that's why I bind them for savings not for speculation I think they're good speculations now but die by them for prudence for safety for insurance that's why I'm buying them yeah who knows what's going to happen cryptocurrencies the Internet gets turned off they're all gone if you know I ain't kind of hacks or a solar flare yeah all kinds of things for an EMP device which you know might go off yeah absolutely so yeah it is something very tangible so I obviously still big fans of the precious metals as well but it's just been interesting we're going to see what's going to happen in the next couple of years here I think it's going to be a very interesting couple years one of the things that a lot of people are very interested in and what probably one of the things you would suggest to people people wondering what should I be doing getting prepared for what's going to happen one of them is probably getting outside of the US you've got a place you're if you've got plates all over you're in Uruguay you've got your large development which is beautiful by the way called La Estancia the cafe shot a and Argentina I've been there actually used to put on a place where I ended up selling it and then getting into a horrible disaster if a real estate thing and losing everything so I was one you weren't me not to do it I did not listen so you see we both uh I would say live and learn absolutely but we're both still here with us still how it's some fun but what's your suggestion on sorta you know should people stay in the u.s. so or what's even going on the world like what's going on in Europe you probably have some thoughts on that a lot of people really freaking out yeah yeah well you know the problem is that every damned country in the world of maybe a few minor exceptions in the Orient but every country in the world is going in the wrong direction more rules more laws more taxes so there's almost no place you can run and hide at this point and of course the US government is becoming more out of control all the time with so it is almost no place where you can run and hide anymore the only thing that you can do is diversify because your biggest risk your financial risks your economic risks are huge today a gigantic now bigger than ever bigger than they were in 1929 in my opinion but as big as they are you've got even a bigger risk your biggest races not financials political what your government can do to you so you've got to diversify so you've got some crib outside of the bailiwick of your palm government so if you're Canadian get a place in the US if you're an American get a place in Argentina if you're a German get a place out of the EU I mean you've got to diversify at least have two cribs where you can go to get a second passport get a second citizenship because you know these citizenships are there like slave cards it shows which government owes you owns you you have a tag in your ear like a beef college now it's all it's all disgusting so you've got to be proactive and you have to treat the state with the respect it deserves which is none I mean most people think that they have an obligation to their government it's all nonsense I mean these the idea of the nation-state itself is an idiocy so um I don't know most people don't think this way and or you can understand what I'm talking about perhaps I don't know your average person doesn't but our audience does absolutely so they're very curious to hear all your thoughts on it and just briefly Argentina's turned around a little bit in last couple years what's your thoughts on what's going on there well listen I real estate internationally has been very very good to me over the years why I've been paid to live places because I've always bought into nice places where I enjoy being even when there was a financial disaster and got stuff really cheap stuff goes up then I go to the next place and that's what I thought I thought I would be a genius doing that in Argentina because I did buy at the bottom but it stayed at the bottom because of the curators who are basically criminals but they're out of office the new guy in Argentina Mochrie I would say of all the world leaders most of whom are criminals okay so it's not a high bar to jump over but he's the best guy in the whole world in high political office I really believe that I'm not saying he's a great guy or anything but he's the best out there and Argentina is turning around it's still very cheap I like it I enjoy being there it's very different from all the other countries in Latin America of course they're all very different from each other they're not all the same at all but um so I'm a fan of Argentina at this point now of course as stupid as people are four years from now after Mochrie fills the national treasury and there's something to steal they'll have some more parents come in and they'll steal it but it for at least the next four years I think it's going to be very good it's kind of out of harm's way if we have World War three oh yeah I'm still a fan of Argentina yeah that's great so web links to your development down there cut last time shut the coffee shop gate down below well I also have links to your book down below oh yes of it I do want to promote that that book because it actually is a great book talking about you know how to deal how to deal drugs and you know all kinds of really good drug stuff that next year will be even better when we come out with assassin which is going to be kind of a guidebook to the techniques as well as the morality of assassination and then the year after that terrorists will be even groovier with the techniques as well as the morality of terrorism which is a an interesting method of warfare which is all it is just like cavalry charges or artillery barrage is so yeah thank you jump I appreciate that I'm I've got to learn to promote the damn thing better yeah you're not a very good promoter I got a say but but I'm trying to help you out and I definitely from what I've read of the book it's sort of a competitor to Iran's sort of Atlas Shrugged of this generation so for anyone out there if you're looking for a good fiction novel that still has let that free market rawness to it and and talks about actual true sort of what anarchy is and talks about the the problems the way they are and then how actually the good guys most often times when government says are the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa so Doug sets a lot of that straightness books what the links to that down below and as there anything else you want to mention your newsletter or anything you're such a but if I have to put the words in here both you know my friend Porter Stansberry since I sold the company to him a couple years ago he's totally in charge of that salt you know I just I just write stuff for it but I don't quarter my mind up with selling it so no that's got a life in the phone at this point no I mean I'm more mainly concerned I guess I'm not even concerned with cosmic problems so maybe it's just a stage of life we start thinking of that I mean listen when you're in your 20s not concerned with cosmic problems you're concerned with getting laid and when you're in your 30s you start getting concerned with getting some money and so different stages of life you're concerned with different things so I'm kind of exploring the nature of reality and maybe what I ought to do in the years to come is because maybe I should become a Taoist monk and just sit in a lotus feet all day and kind of plate the cosmos well I'll try that I don't know that sounds actually pretty good I've thought about doing that a few times K something to be said for it yeah absolutely those are very interesting questions to to consider and and I'll do that while I'm watching television on my widescreen and I'll turn off the audio because I don't need to listed the blather from these idiots and I'll just put on the Rolling Stones street fighting man as as the in continuous loop because when you're watching TV in the years to come it will be very appropriate yeah it could be interesting type so you'll try you're watching from your place in Argentina yes I will actually in the lap of luxury surrounded by my grape vines and stuff like that with hot and cold running servants that's groovy yeah absolutely I got the same in Mexico you know I don't know why people lived in places like the u.s. I don't understand it quite frankly I mean Oh from what I'd say in Mexico and Acapulco's for 1500 hours a month to rent my place which is like a rap star mansion in the best part of Acapulco I lived amongst billionaires I have a maid a driver a cook they're all all included is about $2,500 a month yeah in San Francisco you can get like a top bunk of a bunk bed in a shared apartment that's yeah and then you have to go out and deal with the traffic and all this and all that well listen we tell people about these things whether they do anything different question okay so yeah I think that's what I mentioned right oh that's groovy as well we're good all right so well I placed all that down below if you liked this video please like subscribe share some of this information out there let people know about it and that's it we're going to be here at Freedom Fest for next couple days well might be doing some live video casts so subscribe to our channel down below on the dollar vigilante hit that little bell icon so you can get alerted if we do a a live broadcast and I'll be here doing a number of interviews I think we're trying to get John McAfee I just heard he's in the hospital at the moment though so nothing too serious from what I hear I don't to make anyone too scared but I had some medical or health issue but those are two different things we can get into medical we could talk forever really but we could cut this video it off right here so that's it for the dollar vigilante peace love and anarchy attention your gold is at risk recent events have sparked renewed concerns gold and silver owners could be at risk for confiscation theft or worse time to protect your assets is running short and the window for moving your gold abroad is closing fast learn more and download your free copy of getting your gold out of Dodge the guide to discover the step-by-step process you need to protect your gold today visit dollar vigilante calm / window or click on the link in the notes below before it's too late

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  9. 11:40 Doug is right! There are more scientists and engineers alive now then there have been in human history put together. That's why a lot of them are unemployed or get crappy pay. We are two a penny.
    15:04 I really like what Doug says about the mining business. He has such a 'real' and kind of wise view on things.

  10. In the 50's, the John Birchers were warning us about letting these pos libs run our schools. The NRA was warning us, in the 60's, that we were losing our rights. Not enough people listened. The violent protesters should have been gutshot in the 60's. If they had been so treated, we'd not have the bs that we have now.

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    Cheers for working with Stephanie Murphy ( lady's voice at the end of the vid ) – she's quality too !!! I like hearing her voice in vids !!! Jeff, you should interview Stephanie !!! 🙂 and Stephanie should interview you on your channel too !!! 🙂 chilled and relaxed, no major script, as it comes…something like that… 🙂 keep up the great work !!! cheers !!! 🙂

  15. Doug's book "Speculator" is just amazingly good. I enjoy reading novel by bestselling authors like John Grisham, and it was in that caliber, except the subject and the main character fit quite better with my interest. The main character thinks like I do so it was easy to associate. I highly recommend it.

  16. Australian mining companies have been ramping up production over the last couple of months and are re-employing. This is due in part to China's increasing demand for mostly Iron Ore and Coal, as well as Pres.Trumps promise of massive infrastructure rebuilding program. Of course India's continued growth has kept many miners buoyant.

  17. @25:00 If you're a thinker, you will also want to read Daniel Suarez's novel "Daemon" and its sequel, "Freedom(TM)." They're not as good as Casey's books, but they are still excellent, and, technologically, they might be even better. Also highly recommended is "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross, from Accurate Press, which is philosophically and technically masterful.

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