Dooney and Bourke – Pebble Grain Small Coin Case

hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Pauline Newman and I hope you all are doing well if you have not subscribed to my channel as yet please go ahead click the subscribe button and the notification bell so you’ll not miss any of my uploads I’d like to share with you today my Dooney & Bourke Pebbled Leather small coin case in Caribbean blue this was a gift from one of my tribe sisters my beautiful @SuzWhat I’ll leave her channel link below so you can check her out I absolutely love her I love you Suz and thank you thank you so much I love her so it’s in pebble grain leather it’s the color is Caribbean blue I love the contrast of the blue and the brown with that Sierra trim it’s just stunning so let’s go through it of course it has the Dooney and Bourke gold plate logo on front it has a zipper as well so you can put your coins here it’s so dainty so cute I just I love it so much and then on the back you have a pocket where you can put your cards if you so choose to and then you have the zip top closure she is stunning and then you have on the inside you have your key keeper or keyring on the inside so let me just take this out so you can see so that’s the inside let’s get this in so you can get the full view of her just beautiful I just absolutely stunning end up her thank you so much @SuzWhat again I will leave her channel list below for you to go check her out she’s absolutely beautiful I just love her I love u @SuzWhat thank you I just love it so be kind to yourself be kind to others pay it forward and don’t forget to go ahead and click that like button the subscribe button and the notification bell God bless you all until next time bye bye

28 thoughts on “Dooney and Bourke – Pebble Grain Small Coin Case”

  1. Out standing review. You explained everything in detail. I watched your video in full and left you a like. Happy new years!

  2. This is a great item, great to see you smile. Stay in touch more, we could sit here and listen to you read the phone book!

  3. Good Morning Pauline. Thanks For Sharing! can't wait to see more of your Videos, We Appreciate you Sharing all that God Has Blessed you! Enjoy & Stay Blessed! 👜🎒👝🛍👛

  4. Thank you for the love! I love you too. Great review! Thanks for sharing! Peace and love…SuzWhat 🌻🌼🌻🌼

  5. Hi Pauline, Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈I love the coin case. Dooney is the best ❤️ SuzWhat is so sweet and knows that everyone NEEDS to have a Dooney coin case. I know I do. ❤️❤️

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