DON’T LOSE Your Digital Asset investment – ACT NOW!

Yesterday morning in my livestream. I talked a little bit about what happened to an exchange over in Canada It was just reported a few days ago. I was directed on that coin Telegraph You can obviously see it on on other sites as well But this has really been weighing on my mind since I read it since I talked about in my live stream And I finally realized what it was that’s been weighing on me that’s been bothering me now We hear a lot about protecting our digital asset investments and really taking control of our digital assets with let’s say like a legend an OS or nano X Taking our investments off of the exchange now. This is really important something that we have to do right away and and here’s here’s some of the reasons and really again what’s been weighing on my mind but a few days ago is reported that quadriga CX exchange in Canada lost complete access to their wallets holding Approximately a hundred and ninety eight million dollars worth of digital asset and some Fiat Hey, this is Jeff with a how-to report join me on today’s video as we discuss having a contingency plan to protect our digital asset investments if you enjoyed today’s video Please remember to give a thumbs up leave some comments below and subscribe if you haven’t done so already if you are Planning getting nano X or a nano s there’s a link in the description below. You can buy it directly from that link obviously If you do the small Commission will then be paid to the channel or if you don’t want to do it that way Simply go to ledger comm and you can get one from there But what make sure that you get it from an authentic source meaning go direct to the source to ledger comm Don’t buy it on Amazon. Don’t buy it on ebay Don’t buy it anywhere else now a quick plug tomorrow night, Monday, February 4th, 8:00 p.m I am going to be a guest on the XR pizu Completely looking forward to that. So check that out tomorrow night then on Saturday mornings 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time of Tomorrow evenings also 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time You can join me on the more crypto, which is a new livestream Then I’m hosting to discuss a whole variety of topics engage with with the community Completely looking forward to one next week. We had a great show yesterday tons of great info that was discussed now the purpose of the video today is something that we really must learn from there was a huge mistake and that’s really Being nice that was made by quadriga CX and their founder Jerry cotton now Personally I have a contingency plan in place and I really want to make sure that my investments aren’t loss based on any kind of Lapse in judgment and if I talk about a lapse in judgment that is being super kind – what happened with quadriga? CX and their founder Jerry cotton now from this we can really take two lessons that we need to discuss number one Don’t keep your investments on in exchange. Now. You never know what’s gonna happen. Although it may appear That the exchange is infallible by nance coinbase Gemini uphold there’s others out there. They may say they’re infallible But there’s always that possibility of an exchange pact Now hopefully there’s not another repeat of The incident that just happened or it was just reported that happened by the Canadian exchange quadriga CX They should have known 100% they should have known better. Now. What was it that actually happened with a Canadian exchange Well the founder and CEO died Beginning of December when he was over in India now Unfortunately in the company and those who held their digital assets and even some fiat on the exchange lost everything So Jerry cotton died and on any took the password to his grave and I’m still in shock that quadriga C acts that in exchange had zero Contingency plan in place. It’s crazy we think about it from an individual level and I could see how that could happen now a Founder and CEO of a major exchange over in Canada. I Just don’t see how they don’t have a contingency plan or didn’t unfortunately for them and all those that put their trust into that exchange and it was so very foolish of the exchange to not have a contingency plan in place and Really? No other trusted person not even the wife to hold the key. Not the wife. Not the CFO Not the CTO. No one else at the exchange Had the key had that it’s just it’s just astonishing Now this really brings us to the second lesson number two have a contingency plan in place Make sure that you have your passwords written down Keep them safe and it really available to your loved ones You have to have a full plan in place so that your loved ones can access them So this contingency plan when I talk about write them down. Don’t type them. Don’t put them in a word file Don’t put them in a Google file handwrite them out and keep them somewhere safe now, really? nobody is talking about this because everyone has really been focused mostly on the potential of hacks of Exchanges now this isn’t anything new because people have lost ax To their own accounts and really losing their own passwords. No back up again. No contingency plan for themselves So it’s lost and and we hear you know through you know over the time how many? Bitcoin how many other digital assets have been lost due to this occurring? losing their passwords But the contingency plan in place for what happens if you die forget about keeping it safe in a drawer for yourself But what about your loved ones? So if you die What’s going to happen and no one really? Discusses the what if the contingency plan for a death now Jerri Kahn died. He’s the CEO of an exchange He took the password with him. Nobody has access so 198 million dollars poof vanished. That’s it. They can’t even get into his laptop so they’ve been spending the past month because this actually died a month ago actually almost two months ago now he died and they’ve been trying to hack into His laptop in order to gain access to any of the files that were on his laptop. So so this is a Such an important valuable lesson that we have to understand that we have to look at that we have to learn from you know, now we as individual holders may overlook this again, but you know most of most of us we really can’t be put in that kind of a position now if you think about it from this perspective we may overlook it because as holders of digital assets right now the value, isn’t that significant, however Many of us may may have invested in what it doesn’t matter what digital asset that you’ve invested in But it could be small. It could be medium size. It can be large the potential of that of that investment Has has legs it could be huge. Maybe it won’t be but it could be that’s what we’re all looking at That’s the speculation that and that’s why people are investing in this space. But why would you put that at jeopardy? Simply by not having such an easy contingency plan in place. So just because the current value might be low again This doesn’t diminish the need to checked your investment and make sure that it’s easily passed on to your loved ones now Don’t be a Jerry cotton protect your investment protect it much better than quadriga CX Exchange did for a hundred and ninety eight million dollars that they were supposed to protect now if you’re going to write this down make sure that you have a safe that you have a safety deposit box at a bank and Really having a safety deposit box at the bank is probably the best option Write down your key write down all your key words that in case you lose the key or whatever your you know You can re access and add another ledger And then put this key put this piece of paper In the safe. Now, you’ve done all of this. You have your backup Make sure that everything is written legibly so that not just you can read it but that your loved ones can read it make sure that when you have this conversation With your loved ones that they also have access to your safety deposit box that they know that you’re putting this information in the safety Deposit box that they know how to utilize the information that you’re putting in the safety deposit box So a simple you know how to here’s what I’m putting in here Here’s step one step two step three If something happens write that plan up just in case they forget if they’re not involved in investing in this space to me This is such an important lesson We you know again if it happened at the highest level in exchange, it’s so easy for it to happen You know to any of us so we want to make sure that we’re protecting our investments again It doesn’t matter how small or large that investment is at this point It’s the idea of what it could be think about all those individuals there was that story of the guy who had a hard drive and it was a hundred and fifty million dollars worth of Bitcoin on his hard drive that he accidentally threw in the garbage so that that’s him as an individual He didn’t protect his investment he tossed it in a drawer and Saw how insignificant was at that time for him because all Bitcoin know it’s not valuable at that point I think they were buying pizza They bought a pizza for like ten thousand Bitcoin or whatever it was, you know So it’s not that valuable fast forward a few years and and the guys, you know Having a heart attack because of that. So all these are important lessons to learn but that contingency plan not just for yourself Not it also for your loved ones so bottom line Protect yourself protect your investment don’t delay with that Do yourself a favor now. If you enjoyed today’s video, please remember to give a thumbs up leave some comments before Below subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet a quick note before I sign off. I’m not a financial advisor. Not a legal adviser I’m not a therapist And so the content in this video is based on my own opinions do your own research? I look forward to seeing you on my next video until then keep on huddling your crypto

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