Don’t loose $1000’s of dollars with Cryptohopper!!

Hey Old Man Krypto here trying to take
the intimidation out of crypto for us old folks. Last night I made a huge
mistake and I don’t want you to make the same one using Cryptohopper so hang in
there with me for a few minutes I’ll show you what I did and hopefully you
won’t make the same mistake as I did. Okay, so let’s get into this real quick
here I made a big mistake last night I don’t know if you’ve heard a Cryptohopper yet or not but I just started using it last night. I’m on my trial
version right now and the trial version is actually free for 30 days. I thought I’d give it a little a little go around see how things work. I do
want to get into the mistake I made so you don’t make the same mistake, but I
also wanted to show you real quick some of the cool features on this that I like. I tried trading on profit trailer for the last couple months and I’m sorry I
just can’t get it to work for me. I watched tons of YouTube videos. I’ve
tried different settings. I’ve used it with PT Feeder and I just I just can’t get
it to work for me. One of the reasons that I’m challenged
with it is because I like trading using the the moving average crosses, up and
down, and it won’t allow me…at least I’ve not found a setting that will allow me
to trade on the down cross, so, you know I’m DC-ing a lot and all of that I
just I don’t like that. So, I found this and this will actually allow me to do
both, buy on the cross and on the cross down. And it also has a lot of other configurations that you can use. Let me show you the mistake I made and how to avoid it. As you can see I bought
VERGE here for 3200 shares and VERGE here for 3200 shares and
VERGE here and VERGE here and VERGE here. I do not like VERGE
that much. I made a lot of money off of it a long time ago, but I do not like it
that much. But let me just show you real quick some of the things that you
can do in this. First of all on your configurations, you can have
multiple settings before it will buy. I like the GUI as well it’s just real easy
to get to. These are all the different settings that you can use and you can use. And you can use a combination of any of these to determine whether or
not you wanted to buy, so you can use you know, two or three confirmations four
confirmations or whatever before you buy your pair in the system. The other thing
I like is on this back-testing you can then test out those those settings to see how they work for you. They also have in these, kind of current,
best configurations for each pair and you can set up each pair differently
it’s super easy. So let’s just go into WAVES real quick. And this is the configuration they’re recommending with kind of an average profit of sixteen percent if you use this setting, there’s candle sizes up,
what they’re using as far as these settings go and then you can deploy this
configuration just by clicking a button and then it’ll use that as your
configuration. You can test it. And you test it over different periods of time. I’m going to select a period of time we’ll look at it. I could do that here
and then it gives you a little summary of how this theoretically could work for
you if you use those settings, or your settings, so here’s the 2.6 percent.
All of your settings that it’s set at. We’d have 22 successful sells. You’d have
a couple different loss sells and you have holding time and all that. Which is
really cool. There’s some other features in here that maybe I’ll get into after I use this some more to talk about But let me just show you the
mistake that I made so you don’t make it. In my configurations. These are my
base configurations and if I deploy one from that set list that I just showed
you then it overrides most of these, and you
can see some of the stuff that’s in here right now. We can set how long you might
your open time sell and open time to buy. You can have the number of open
positions maximum open positions right here. I’ve got mine set 250. I think
it’s a limited to 100 on the test or on the trial. I’m not quite sure, but this is
where I made the mistake. So your max percentage open positions per coin is
how many of those VERGE’s can you buy. And I had it set at 10 which is
fine, except that I had my percentage buy amount at 10 as well. So this is the
amount of BTC of Bitcoin that I had in here to trade with or actually had it lower
earlier tonight but what happened was because I had maximum positions at 10
and 10 as my percentage buy amount then when it qualified…it shows
you over here it shows you over here on the dashboard where your different pairs are. You can only set up 15 shares on the on the trial version that you can trade
against. So it shows you kind of where based upon your settings those are
sitting right now. What’s in a position to potentially buy… right here
and VERGE was one of them. It was the first one to qualify against the
settings that I had, and I just kept buying. 10% each time, until it
reached the 100% of the Bitcoin that I had in there, because
again I had it set up for ten pairs maximum and 10% percent buy amount. So that could really get you into trouble. It’s kind of got me into trouble.
I had to lower my percentage to sell right now on VERGE just to try and make back, I may just dump it and start over again…
knowing what I know now, but hopefully that’ll help you out. And please do me a
favor. Please “Like” or “Subscribe”. I’m like zero subscribers, zero likes so far. If
you found this useful I would really appreciate it
I’d love to make some more videos on this as I go along and and find out how
it works. There’s an affiliate link below and you want to try
out the trial version please use that too and thanks a lot for your

35 thoughts on “Don’t loose $1000’s of dollars with Cryptohopper!!”

  1. Just started trying this out over the weekend but I'm on the Bunny free version. Look foeward to see how you get on. Good luck

  2. I'm using PT/PF and it took me 2 months to figure out how to make it work properly. I'm interested to see what cryptohopper can do. Although I don't like how it is priced.

  3. I’m running my Profit Trailer on a VPS so the cost may end up being a wash or less. We’ll see.

  4. a bit confused. So it's set to buy 10% worth of your total allocated balance, and each time it buys it buys 10% of the 10%? so 1% of your total allocated balance 10 times. Is that what it was doing?

  5. I wish you the best of luck! I tried all sorts of settings with Hopper but ended up with nothing but bags. There's no way I'm gonna be able to make the $50 needed to pay the monthly fee. I actually bought PT/PF before I even tried the Hopper so I'm going in the opposite direction as you. I think that Max Open Coin Percentage is really a percentage because what you're saying doesn't jibe with my experience.

  6. Good video, pace, tone, information, etc. I was going to blow my dinner on the screen if I heard one more, "This is your b-o-o-o-y crypto-Too-Cool…(talkin to my gangsta hos n bros)" Thanks for the heads up on Profit Trailer hassles. Was considering that, CWE, and Hopper. Crossing PT off the list. Keep em coming.

  7. Are you guys testing your configs out? And this is a market that is 100% going to make the hopper have a hard time to make sells at a profit. Right now is time to HODL or buy in cheap, but stick to top 100 coins with good reputations. Cheap alt coins may not be here by next month or even on the exchange you are using.

  8. s I am learning fast and the hard way the migration of people with BOT's to a newer exchange hurts the BTC count just lokk at the one minute chart of salt on bittrex then the same on Binance if the stop loss has nothing to sell to it adds up

  9. Old Man Crypto; you don't look old. You make it sound like you're 99! BTW old man; (if you care) your title should be "Don't 'lose' $1000s of blah, blah, bla"… and not loose. Loose is something that's too big; like your belt is loose. Everything else is 'lose.' I'm an old fart too and I think we should show the younger people that we can spell as well. Great video; though I don't get into the bots. You might follow a YouTuber known as the 'aka the professor' he has a bunch of videos on crypto hopper. later:)

  10. I'm so excited of this hopper! Thanks for the warning. You can definitely trade with down EMAs (the slow over fast EMA) with PT, you just need to use the EMACROSS with minus value. However, that's not going to help you avoid bags. It's impossible to avoid bags if you keep trading many pairs without selecting the coins. I think LOWBB with RSI is the safest buy with PT2 but still..can't avoid bags. Anyway, I will try switch to hopper for a while and see how it goes. It looks pretty promising and much better user friendly then PT.

  11. Say this is too funny! I have that exact same shirt on right Now!! For Real! check it out: Maybe I should be paying real close attention to you brother.Oh, your video is good.

  12. IT WORKED! Your settings worked Old Man! and it bought quick too!Thank you here is a screenshot: your the man old man!

  13. Hey Old Man Crypto. I found this video about setup and Backtesting this guy seem to know what he talking about. It's an hour long

  14. I rather do all of the trading myself to learn instead of these bots. Nowadays there’s too many things that makes us so lazy…

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