Don’t Hold Crypto – India Wants you in JAIL

the right and we are alive and so on tonight I wanted to really
focus in on test a few topics I
believe this will be a shorter
stream of my think it was kind o and 10:00 AM going to be on the auburn rain stream so wanted
to lock, preempts and I’d go
through a topic I wanted to get
on a little bit earlier on what
I , and exactly at the right time so for those of you that are all
I get you know while watching
the other replay then that’s great on an unbound
really I’m just gonna jump right
into it on a design a specific gun and a
topic in mind of what I wanted
to cover so and and on any help getting a paint here
with a number of messages on
this 1 to 1 see what what these
messages are many up so let’s
see the dashboard and then were to
jump right into it so let’s see your ego are a perfect to owed tonight, what I wanted
to cover and really has to do with government regulation, and
which seems to be of the primary
topic of discussion on later at
10:00 all were gonna talk about and is
actually going to more updates
on the token taxonomy act but I
find it really interesting a low overall all with
government regulation up
primarily of because as we see
there’s you know of the a subset
of governments a , and 10 others in Japan that are
truly adopting on a digital
asset to bringing digital asset
into the mainstream on as far is a government
emphasis as far as government
focus on and then we have a pit additional governments out
there that are, dragging their
feet on governments alike the
United States, but then we have other governments of
like a for instance India on and
that’s really of video
tonight and really what I wanted
to is happening over in India right
now because and for all intents
and purposes you know PF we look
at all what goes on over in In on their not looking for overall
for all of the destruction of of of the private growth of up
of businesses on it seems to be
actually the opposite in India
however tears deftly a significant
amount of a corruption in India and many different levels and so
on corruption in India and so on time and Solaris as I start out
light should await and I can go
back and edit this because I’m
actually a streaming this
instead to other there’s so much
corruption of the eight
different levels of government a
different levels of banking up
within India an on on the outcome and you know
in terms of a policy that’s actually being presented
right now in India and in its
really odd difficult you know
when you when you look over all
any that is heavily focused on on
growth, a country that’s heavily
focused on developments, that is
actually doing the exact opposit , two of the population and and
I find it and you know extremely
difficult to really you know sit
back and watch on is India you know seems to be
undermining of the to the financial stability are
pewter financial stability business is going to continue that way with are without black
chain technology were going to
see development within the space
on and you know in right now tho were to see them a developing
Medical Technology of tots a motors is a huge
organization out of India of the
manufactures cars and another
eight of actually in in
industrial a p so whether without black chain a
if it didn’t exist all were
deftly you see a lot of
development in this space on
however we kno we know where that the future of
bank in the on bank is we know
where the future of allowing
everybody an opportunity is and
wha you know so it’s it’s so
extreme, that that I couldn’t
sit back and say you know I will
wait another day and wait
another day yo you know this is just it’s been
all my mind and if he notes the number years
since I’ve been in Dion and I
can guarantee and those years
that I haven’t been in India on
the there’s so much high tech over
their of their there’s a
significant on middle class
that’s building in developing in
India and r to it that’s really it’s
stunning because if they truly
think they’re there to set a
precedent offer putting people
in prison an you know so and so what in the world of these
people thinking over there and
also that this is obvious 88 a
proposal this is another their
proposin it’s been put in front of
Congress or in front of
parliament or whatever and city
they have over there all the
third but it but , and we’ll talk a little bit
more in auburn Raymond bye to me
on on a on a show at 10:00 and
all talk more about the token
taxo a proposing bills and he’s
trying to get traction to
detract away from those who
support the token taxonomy act
Sherman is tryin it’s it’s one voice but this guy
you know obviously is afraid of
something on when you have many
have multiple the people within of the token taxonomy at who
support black chain technology
will support a crypto currency
are digital asset aware of you
might hands off for Holding Holding a holding digital asset copy you
know it’s it’s it’s
mind-boggling so when it comes
right down to it to why is it that in India on
they actually want a band
digital asset so there’s a
significant amount of corruption
at the gover there’s a significant amount of
corruption in the banking of the
levels on the financial
institutions within India it’s a
way of of coming out about the
corruption within government and
so here we have of the RBI the
central bank of that is been
diametrical of the make it more and more
difficult on to actually a
participate in this new
burgeoning economy whereas the
rest of world is , but everybody’s getting on
board so could we say that Japan
is that far off the base on is
Japan that wrong I Japan is was
was tear their economy and their
technology is booming and India
is a developing power to
developing economic power of now
with the and the purpose in mind is
because with digital asset with
blocking technology comes
transparency now nobody along
the line with the rule be on an exchange rate
has such a wide swings in
valuation that individuals
within India are saying you know
what I don , and two to a level that
doesn’t allow only on to trade
with the rest of the world a now and that being said so at the
central bank and the government
in India are are looking at
digital assets as a direct
competition of the economy of their
stranglehold of of of of
politics and a stranglehold of
the people within India on and
it’s it’s really you know there’s obviously some
hope I believe they’re still
hope of that things are to
develop in the right direction
there’s h mess up the this policy of
making holding a digital asset
illegal on to the point where
you get a 1010 year jail
sentence of tha of the government’s as to what
you are invested and teal that
is extremely extremely eyed
difficult to embrace you know so
here there fighting with congressman
of fighting on to get some us
some clarity all we have, and
then we have all people on the
oppos of the technology of what’s
being developed in this country on and he wants that he wants to
stifle development he wants to
stifle economic growth and if
you look at this guy’s policies
if eyed to develop business off
financial freedoms and in so
much more now that’s Sherman in
the United States now this guy’s
tryin army control and those who
believe in economic free done
for the individuals in the
United States and wheat we have
a lesson to a point to a billion people in
India of those 1.2300 million of
them approximately are beyond
wealthy there’s still a as
segment and end in the in the
Philippines you have a
significant amount of poverty in
Mexico City you have a sickening
a significant amo doesn’t compare onto the poverty
over in India now it’s it’s
insane to the also will it will look
out deftly look in that article
ring up but to point being is
that I believe that there is a
bill on so you know based on the
economic times all within India
on they are you know there was a
opera polls and put this on the
tab and I guess my point is is that
you know whether by the
government is embracing it as a
whole or if it’s an individual
within go that is also making it spent on
tube and digital assets now you know court into the article
of it appeared on the economic
times and this is added, out of
India on a date specifically
stat there they want a draft the law
proposing a 10 year jail term
for dealing in crypto currency
that’s holding that selling or
that would be the banning of crypto
currency on in the regulation of their own official digital
currency and I believe that’s
really about at the end of the
day of that’s what it’s all
about at and owl obviously you know we
could be in favor of a digital
economy there’s nothing wrong
with the digital economy so long
is i a day soon as you digitized your
currency in you remove of the
fiat currency and you remove all
of the potential of individuals then you begin at a problem now
if we go back not that many
months ago India removed 75% of
the fiat currency 75% of the
fiat mo teacher thinking on deck of the
you could say you want india’s
planning ahead on however you
with a burn off of 75% of all
their all of those individuals all
within India that to handle Ford ought to bank
their money and all of those individuals
that you’ll live day today on
the few dollars on the few
rupees of that they earn from
that day in sub cities of let’s leave it
that of ideal not talking about
the the transfer wealth in any
way she performed all but I am
talki government control and
regulation over the individuals
power on to earn on their own an
individual to build themselves
up off fr is because on again and in one
of the of the of the
communications of that I’ve had
recently up and a and you know
and then just of what Brad Sherman is
attempting of this guy on
California which you know is a
hill give the politics in California
but then let’s talk about this
individual an individual that
doesn’t understand the
fundamenta or maybe understands bodies in
antagonistic to the idea of
helping individuals bill
themselves up from the ground up
anno it’s i goal on automate this live
stream on to put it out there on
a dual way of maybe a 1015
minute spot to end and then led
a play an this is it’s it’s just
unbelievable you know what I see
you know this kind of a mindset
you know it’s just it’s just so
shocking a view of rain rector on we’ve
got the Spanish fly all we’ve got the panel ease up with guide of excerpt the angel
Connie thank you for pop and an
excerpt the Carolina prescient
guys coming in on notorious
excer you as on by collecting some of
these on tips and donations on
and I gonna spread them around
to the other on members in the
com you’re trying to figure out you
know what we can do on as a
community and Enstar really
putting a lot of this to use
what’s up s is a Delray wait a minute of
Delray Beach men you know what
there’s a British pub over there
on not too far from the bridge
up c , that are no so many other
there’s some great places over
there is actually there’s an
arcade ship over there there’s
the old l are on the of early days
whenever they first came out
forties that these all the way
through the eighties of you
wanted to check it’s pretty cool this a nice
place is right around the two so
anyhow wanna say what’s up your
wife and not you know of a good
gu , to any Allen EC we got on here
notorious of again yet deftly appreciate that
I wanna go back to this comment
from rain Shuman waste running
down to the streets man died of a light on it that it did it’s insane , and he let me let me tell you
a story let me tell you this
story of top of a lack of so that the first ripped the
one on over in India we get over
there on and up and I’ve seen
I’ve seen a lot so any help we
go and I said a you know what on
game you know a mall in let’s go
let’s go over and see the
sunrise over the Indian Ocean
topple ot and today one individual love
that can work with city on a
semi driver he’s gonna think you
want and 4:30 AM or 5:00 AM
whenever an easy to bring you down onto
the Indian Ocean and you’re gonna be able to see
the sunrise over the Indian
Ocean I said you know what that
saw some light let’s do what we
buy typically the streets are just
packed mob everywhere you go is
people and scope we get down to
the beach and like all right you in a big as I write you know
beach Yellow Pages nice I like
sunrise diets can be cool so we
get down there there’s a
boardwalk t car to car open up the door the
card, like all my got what the
hell is that stage it was so bad
I swear to god that we came out and he’ll get out, died you know
a 12 will make do we start
walking down the beach and the
beach and is one of the longest
a san to see some wild dogs on the
beach season garbage mixed in with a
say in on the beach to some
people living on the beach and
then I see some people with
these up l whenever you do don’t touch the
water as a way to talk about
untouchable are where the ocean
to know don’t touch the water
unlike OK, I guess so any city
see that in to dumping raw sewage and the
ocean up there and I said I’ll
write any said this entire
section of the beads which is
pretty muc and I said OK pretty much like
all the other water rates enough
to that point which a denon
relatively polluted and they
said ye with nothing but shorts on
coming in off their fish and
what of a fishing for what are
they eating and where they let
you know, the sun finally real rises they see it because there’s a
missed along the horizon,
similar to a cloudy day it along the beach appear in
Miami are lot near boulder for
law to wherever you know you get
cloudy days and you might not
see t another’s many a morning that
I’d spent in the ocean with my
son all watching the sunrise,
while were while we’re in the
ocean, and I’m not knocking Indian any
way shape or form on just tiny
out the reality of of what
happens over there and I’ll tell
you w of sounds like one dog had never
been to China by year china’s is
ridiculous , I title good ride one time
from mumbai of the ahmedabad is
about a 78 hour drive up to the
mountains and on that was
actually was was nice and fresh air it
was beautiful, beautiful scenery
it was awesome, but they also so
we pile back in the car and star to oh we start riding over in
that direction and we pass a
hotel they used to be, what
hotel was a high it built in
colony inn e the where we’re driving by this
this this place in any cell that
owe tell was destroyed in the
monsoon I know how many years
pri , wild goats wild guide dogs of
doggie a couple of wild steer
walking around all were on the
beach all run the road, a series of if you’ve ever been in in Florida, before the
puttable high-rises think about
like old floored all the single
story of hotels are motels way
back in and I think about that kind of a
building structure so here we
are driving along this area and
bodies living in their use in
the and you know was such a pawn and
high opener and from this only
my point again isn’t and knocked
them in any way is just a point was really attempting to embrace
of the concept of Health Care
and bringing Health Care to even
the most impoverished it was a r and volunteer their time on in order to support the hour
each of medical needs all within
the country so there’s a lot of areas in the
country that are extremely
difficult to get to an almost
never get a Dr. That might have
and ar setup so doctors could come in
and talk to their patience of
regardless of where they were in
India and that was just absolutely outstanding on to see
some of the things that they
were doing over there now you take this and you put it
shocks position to love the fact
that there’s corruption in
government there’s corruption
and banki , when they’re taking a
technology like black chain
technology it’ll assets and
they’re proposing a bill on to
make it in illega of the financial why the
financial flow or the monetary
flow now they’re so concerned
about the fact that there that a
digital a probably not this point of the
U.S. dollar is relatively stable
the ruby deftly not stable
similar to other remedy on in
China o not stable and manipulated and
manipulated by the government on so that we are
we have a government in India
that destroyed 75% of their fee
a currency to really Forster
peop that one of the purposes of
trying to ban of digital assets
is the fact that the government
wants to launch their own
digital cu you on type I do believe that
you know that if you look back
and again not that long ago when
they when they shore editor
burned to their intent their
anticipation as they looked
forward other intent is to love
is to move everybody to this new
digital a cur a sensual eyes digital asset is
it going to become parable to
the Petro of that maduro tried
to create in Venezuela which was
a and oh so so this is kind of the
thought process this is kind of
the direction of debt that this
is a kind of going in and in th and the most anticipated of this
happening over in India if that the Sherman eight are
sitting over Indian in
California that is attempting on
to pass a bill that is anti digital asset the
one stew of been digital assets
now team is potentially going to cause a rebel of
conflict , within Congress so we have a
handful of very important a
congressman of their supporting
digital asset that are
supporting bla to so light only look at some of
these of messages here, Eric
Kistler what’s on and on glad to
see one and the Aiu you had a message
here, many see here, I was
standing in Guangdong on a sunny
day and I realize something was
wrong it was the worst experience I he
was in that area and see was
staying in a hotel to go if
lori’s on the one outs when to
look ou any time of the day he was there
as a match is horrible and then to any of these up these all
read take us people that are are
cleaning up climate change the
one carbon taxes and they wanna
fee the year to get to the
government is somehow gonna help
of the smog in the pollution
it’s more transfer well through
taxation an will countries like China which
is it some massive country and
their polluting and they don’t
abide by any policy of that and
if and that in the seventies, when
their there was a mass ramp of
all of pollution in the United
States where people use them
throw and talk about you know of clean
up our country need of the
Indian other come out a devotee
are you know because people were
pol with one earned an environment
around this to be clean and then
and then you have a country like
China where the government can get a
crack you know and and and their
of their production there just
popping out gases like guy it’s
r many help so we also there’s
deftly some major issues you
know across the board does
doubly some major issues over
and done over , it’s it’s gone beyond insanity
and then there are some comments
I was reading Yeltsin dns a handy up you know
try to ban it you’ll see how
well that worked out for China on because people or to find a
way around it regardless, you’d
you’re either to be a push them
away and they’re in there to
keep so of me see are , start that Perot would sum and , let’s see here tech son xray Romeo watts sun
and network listening glad you
are ,, rescuing in the next hour of
a Oakley not I keep listening on
them will be on with the with
auburn rain it to the 10:00 is
Wells so a great river high 18
what’ wasn’t a tying it was an Italian
American actor that with the body know what
many ways setup that was so
passionate don’t you think about
it because before polluting the
enviro , but any help, auburn rain and
go get this Eveready boss on all
be over thereof in a little bit
of cut the cut the stream short , great neck great marketing for
sure, a only you can stop for
spiders and desert you know
memories man that’s crazy at so
crazy , a burn rain earth is can change
if a dozen years carbon tax on
the people that need the money
the most out, and yet done and
get and yet nobody nobody stops to
think, a yield another
politician they really cares
about the people as east flying
around and is young guys just a freak and scam
artist and nobody made millions
upon millions of them knocking
that you’ll fall to anyone for m and a that’s insane absolutely
insane so calm them , let’s see here the rid of it and rent a little
bit Ana done to sell board you know
that’s right you know I’m sorry
you write one starved that’s
rugged is the guy you up who
create , that’s for sure that I felt I
wanted to sell Gloria that’s
right the inventor and creator
of the Internet only of college eyes for that any owl lives prod day and skied
on to India in e.g. 20 the upcoming
some in Japan all will be aided
deftly a be interesting to see
the other thing as you know agai to still, there’s still a lot of
time I believe that India is
going to inevitably I get in
line I think us all some people
appea rebel nectar utilizing ex
current they’re not that far
away from using acts of ex rapid
on ex Curran as we know runs up
and util all over India so whether not
the one brace and not they’re
bracing and on and the fact that
the hypocrisy of it and really
need of transparency, and within a
limited quantity know that’s what’s gonna be
really interesting onto
identified or you know his of
the Indian government holding
one for one off you know what I didn’t do a
india’s Gotta do something on
but it’s the end of the De young
not stating that that you know
they’d so an event that’s up to them
now to prove their case of that they’re not going to a
manipulate other currencies
further on and really say you
know subject of their people on
to high that’s it is chip would say that’s might
say what’s yours of so any help
on that was a 145 minute, plus a
rents of on India with a little on Miyagi what’s up a good to
see one here on the more they
try and restrict us to further
the push escorts a decentralized network start running your own node and I believe there’s gonna
be enough of nodes out there
that would a deftly of makes
sense so all race as a mile a day to read
that that I see that, then on a
oh see said that done, though
the world’s gun and a 12 years
an a agenda 21 a United Nations of love,
initiative and you know what,
through a gender 21 on the attempted, two they
wanted to put always that the
AMA , and if you forget exactly what
is called all that they put a
pity on an as is and is this photo or is this photo doll, witty Sharon are mine died so the agenda 21 through that
ignition and they wanted to put,
tracking, power meters on each
individual house that was
tracking with the up with the smart
meters and then feed information
over to whomever is tracking it
with the intent of their agenda
21 o and the ultimate control of what
what people do in their own
homes I believe that was be a part of the Ida Genet 21 on and then so I’m sure there’s
a lot more to it but many of the
bed from half Indian up and
everyone here it on in Texas
things top of all you have Mexican and broke interesting enough of that
Perot, and in this area on in
Florida and, we have odd as we
have a lot of large casinos over
here ar it on my point with this this
story is that I live in an area on wall and in Florida in
general and the southern part of
Florida that if we stay Indians
a live cam is evidence of the
witzke 3000 years, and in fact it was a
number years ago there were
doing some excavation, and they town day canoe, with a girl lit
from 3000 years ago she was
modified in the canoe 3000 years ago and that that is
just you know mind-boggling I
think that’s that’s just amazing to oh, and all its ear, times in
six of 651 out there, the KNX serve,
and it was pulling it up and
then novice try to figure out
what that picture is dicey the picture I see the
picture I have been there as that the ideas that the old
hotel and is that to us at the hotel was it to looks like otani ways where
picture you sent , maret so my lecture company
Justin saw smarmy to raw man you
had to stop them from installing
a smart meter to number number y Tia I want this more meter thank
you very much , so that is although tell me up
and that’s what I thought tow cool on his awesome most a
smart appliances for their
passwords and clear text nice so that they can be hacked , eventually knoll eventually
here’s what I could see , if we want a conceptual eyes
of the smart leader on the black
chain of being able to feed back
power so that their less power the of the local law power
company now that’s interesting,
to where you then have on more
of a selection all right now you
know with the odd that the Dea solar
powered all roof tiles was to absorb enough power so
they can actually be that back
into the great right now there’s
actually no way to do that on to
f took out army year they choose
Sunday choose when you get
electricity and up excerpt the minute they have so
one I denied and let that happen
and other people did, but yet in , tarek as I was working in Vegas
on their smart grade and they
could deftly identify the
location of a gunshot a lots that’s insane that’s crazy , sees act of tax sauce here of
jail for crypto for real and so
they’re talking about over in
India man they won 10 year on it
s or real Ta KE good to see one I
do think an excerpt the escrow tied to be
sold out before excerpt he moves
up big time on and I don’t think
so mainly because you know we the tillett he hasn’t been
pumped up yet all we need full
utility of the needed to prove
that case on through whether tax
rapid is utility utility utility utility die soon as we see all
ramp up in utility of all bets
are off you know everything is
gonna it will will deftly chain
we and then of them you know we
might not see it will cease
speculative bumps up that’s my
opinion anyway is not could be
wrong on escrow doesn’t bother me
whatsoever on because it’s an
anticipated amount of one
billion excerpt he being
released every single they sell the utilized whenever
is remaining a media lee goes
back in escrow so as we dig in
to that 55 month cycle which
keeps of this going to be coming out,
so I’m so I think it’s OK when
you have in anticipation of the
amount plus of the need to pull
i so on exurbia Ali what I am not
know, you’re born in and
Hollywood when Ted day
elementary also middle cell for
our high well th , but I know a lot of people
that are its people that are not
in Florida are always amazed , that there’s some people that
actually grew up in flour to
everybody thinks abacha graders
walking around over here, that
come , let’s see here, that grow the Indian News is
crazy doesn’t dare a rebel for
there is a rebel corner 100% and
news is crazy but it’s about is
not and I also wanted a highlight us
some attention on the Sherman
eder Brad Sherman on California on who is a really
now serving as a counter onto
the token taxonomy act wealth is
insanity audio showing that he k on the voted out of congressman
from be a little bit better of
of a position form so anyhow,
that that’s a so that’s my take
wha of any of so listen II totally
appreciate you guys for jumpin’
and of the strain kind of on
spontaneous I had to make as I
had t , India will come around I
believe they will they have no
choice, you write a Sherman a
tear the Sherman eder is on
attention th , thumbs up if you’re new to the
channel of us subscribe hit the
note a fire if you wanna be
notified of one idea put up a
video Annie Hal, shenanigans up and
serve the Hollywood so yeah
drain I’m in the dream the dream
is of the train Israel and
bobbled so for coming on the look for to
seeing you guys all the
streaming again to more morning
at 8:00 AM on going to be on the
of a aubu until then until tomorrow
morning at 8:00 AM until 10:00
which is 1 minute away on make
sure you guys keep on hotaling
tour to r

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hold Crypto – India Wants you in JAIL”

  1. Thank you so much for bringing these issues to the table. People need to know this goes on. It beggars belief the level pure greed some people go to gain sickening levels of wealth. Let’s hope the Indian government do not embrace this bill and get the unbanked moving towards some relief.

  2. Legislation to maintain the caste system of the status quo, is what it sounds like.

    … because the very thought of untouchables being able to better their lives is out of the question!

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