DON'T BE FOOLED: Bitcoin is Here to Stay [Cryptocurrency News]

yes welcome back everybody my name is Austin happy to have you I like that today today we are talking about Bitcoin so let's start by taking a look at the crypto market as a whole and yes as you can see we have finally seen some movement in the last 24 hours and yes unfortunately that movement was in the negative direction but but what did I mean by finally well if we hop on over to the total market cap we can see you know for the last few days now it seemed like the market was pretty stagnant right we've been hovering around the – 20 to 25 billion dollar mark and at the time at least to me it had seemed like we were trending upwards right we were headed for in the positive direction well obviously I was wrong because about 10 billion dollars down right now the market cap is at 214 billion dollars and Bitcoin dominance right now is back up to 52.1% and climbing it seems and the entire market is in the red now the mainstream media will have you believe that cryptocurrency is dying and Bitcoin is dead do you guys think that well team we're gonna talk about it we're gonna talk about Bitcoin and just like always I've pulled some of the top stories in cryptocurrency that are making headlines today and you know what if at the end of this video you still believe that bitcoin is dying and you know what you haven't been paying attention welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on crypto every single day hit that like button hit that subscribe button and let's get into it yes like we said you know the markets down and these Corrections guys they happen the part of it and they're brought up part of being an investor and Bitcoin is down almost too sent at the moment seems like we may be leveling off though we might still be headed down and these altcoins they're down anywhere from seems four to eight percent and I want I'm gonna surprise some of you guys right now and some of the biggest losers of the day and I don't want to say losers but you know the ones that have lost the most market captain last 24 hours two of them are in the top ten XRP one of the biggest losers of the day which is surprising because just a few days ago they announced that they're finally launching X rapid X rapid is going live which is something that the crypto community had been waiting for for a few days for a few months now and they announced it was live and I think at the time of the announcement x RP was around forty nine cents obviously it's shot way up but it's just funny right now we're back to 51 cents an x RP almost like it didn't happen and another one of the other biggest losers of the day again in the top ten is stellar stellar right now at twenty three cents interesting well guys like I said today we're talking about Bitcoin and Bitcoin right now is at six thousand four hundred and sixty eight bucks down almost two percent and and check this out this is a Bitcoin over the last four weeks and this is the dip right just yesterday right now we're at six thousand four hundred just yesterday we were at 6500 in just a few days before that six thousand six hundred and check this out guys because yeah we hit a monthly low about three and a half weeks ago it's six thousand two hundred but you know despite these pumps and dumps like I said we were trending upwards and it seemed like we were doing that again but you know I guess not and where is Bitcoin headed next well team the two support lines I'm looking at looking at is obviously I guess the next one is if we're heading in the bearish territory it's six thousand three hundred six thousand two hundred and bullish territory we were to see a new all-time high you know past six thousand seven hundred but let me put this hypothetical out you guys what if Bitcoin keeps dropping in a hit a low of 5,000 dollars yes the market would freak out but is Bitcoin dead well guys I pulled a few articles and we read these headlines all the time but just in the last 24 hours some bullish news how investors money how should I say it institutional money is figuring out a way to get into Bitcoin guys let's just get into it first article coinbase is an 8 billion dollar company according to a reported new 500 million funding round so guys this is what I'm talking about investors institutional money and guys the breel institutional money isn't here yet but the starting is the dribblings of institutional money they're putting money into crypto coinbase you know only the most popular American Xchange coinbase is reportedly closing a deal so they're valued at 8 billion dollars and just last year they were only valued at 1.6 billion now eight billion just last year they had investors who were contributing you know 100 million funding around last year now 500 million so despite this very very let's zoom out to paid corner the last year I mean we all know what it is bullish here we've had it went from 8 billion dollar a 1 billion dollar evaluation to 8 billion dollars investors are figuring out a way in and what else have we heard from coinbase another green flag in the market Charles Schwab exec joins coinbase board big day for coinbase chris dodd's who served on the board of directors of the charles schwab corporation huge in finance has joined crypto currency exchange coin bases board of directors according to an announcement published today the Charles Schwab Corporation do you guys know what that is is a brokerage banking and financial advisory services firm based in San Francisco so huge player in the finance game a staple in finance and now they have chris dodd's on the coinbase team and / the firm's annual kort the company has the company had three point three six trillion dollars in client assets ten point eight million active brokerage accounts in 1.2 million banking accounts as December of last year and let me ask you guys a question with a staple and Finance with the firm Charles Schwab Corporation you know handling three point three trillion dollars in client assets why would an a exact member jump ship and come to coinbase does he see the value in this emerging asset of cryptocurrency yes yes and this article goes on to list other notable people that have left their banking jobs or whatever jobs and came into cryptocurrency you know former person at Amazon I'll leave this link in the description below but to me this is a sign they're getting ready you know people would not be jumping ship like this inda cryptocurrency if this was dying and oh yeah last week thing just you know we heard this about this couple days ago coinbase is saying that's going to quicker quick more quickly expand its digital asset list a lot of people thought that man XRP was finally going to get in but in the latest announcement coinbase has informed has informed of the launching of a new operational process that will allow faster listings of more digital assets as long as they're compliant with the local legal policies in their areas of origin however the company clarified that these new digital assets will be listed on a case by case basis and they will and that they will be available for trade only in select areas so this we found out a couple days ago huge green flag coming out at point base and now they have two more let me know in the comments what you think about this guy's to me there's a big news let's keep going to more articles for you guys maybe three and then I put a little pull on Twitter I want to get your guy's opinion for our next video but real quick piece of news but mining giant abit main acquires Bitcoin cash startup wallet so crypto mining behemoth bit main announced a Monday that it has acquired the acquired a beast behind an open-source Bitcoin cash wallet called telescope any of you guys used telescope well telescope the browser-based wallet was launched earlier this year and an effort to enable instant Bitcoin cash transactions at present telescope can operate on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox according to a press release though the team plans to expand to other platforms following the acquisition do any of you guys over there do we have any big Bitcoin cash believers in the audience I'm not a fan of Bitcoin cash but you know bit Maine which is a huge contender in the cryptocurrency world obviously is and we'll find out about that at the end of this article but just a direct quote Nishant Sharma head of the international press relations and communications at bit Maine said in the release that telescope brings a simple but key innovation to the Bitcoin cash ecosystem so yeah it's a good question why did they want this wallet well they I guess it added a simple but key innovation of the Bitcoin cash ecosystem and this is the direct quote browser and abled cryptocurrency wallets are a promised promising technology the telescope development team is doing some very interesting work and we look forward to working together with them on the telescope project and future Bitcoin cash projects so team essentially bit main is betting on Bitcoin cash and if you're wondering why well they have huge invested interests bit main holds nearly 6% of the total Bitcoin cash in existence so it's in their best interest to you know invest in Bitcoin cash companies and wallets so I'm a Bitcoin cash piece of news last two articles team than that Twitter poll but new cardinal wallet you're you are oh I I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right but is released on the maintenance so simple piece of news but we have another you know small but significant green flag out a car Donna the team at card on Oh a da is stepping up its wallet game with the release the new wallet and Charles Hoskins announced today that your Ori the new wallet has launched on the main net big news and Yuri what's the significant of this new wallet what well your I should have looked this up before you to this video but your Ori is a Google Chrome browser extension do you guys use Google Chrome well it's a lightweight wallet that takes up little bandwidth because it doesn't need to download a full copy of the blockchain on to users computers so it takes up a little bandwidth and private keys are encrypted and stored on the computers not centralized servers providing an extra level of security now I know in our audience there's a lot of Cardinal fans I am very bullish on Cardno so this is big news out of their camp last piece of news before I turn it over to you guys and talk about what we should do on our next video but cool this is exactly what I'm talking about Bitcoin crypto is not dead Trump appointee and CFTC chairman says crypto is here to stay looks like a nice guy the chairman of the CFTC Commodities Futures Trading Commission J Christopher Giancarlo continues to be crypto friendly on his latest comments that cryptocurrencies are here to stay he he made would say that's praised correctly but during eighth he was recently on a CNBC interview so talk about mainstream media and he said and I quote I personally think that crypto currencies are here to stay I think that there is a future for them I'm not sure that they will ever rival the dollar or other hard currencies but there's a whole section of the world that is really hungry for functioning crypto currencies that they can't find in their local currency there's 140 countries in the world every one of them has a currency probably two-thirds are not worth the polymer or the paper that they're written on and those parts the world rely on hard currencies Bitcoin or another crypto currency may solve some of those problems guys huge green flag huge green flag you went on to say that he thinks mainstream adoption we're talking maybe 10 years down the road and I just wanna point out this guy was nominated by Trump he had worked for the CFTC under President Obama continues with Trump and he is part of the at least our government my government a huge green flag so when you guys see in the mainstream media or news articles all this father they spread that bitcoin is dying on the vine I choose not to believe it team what do you guys choose team thanks for tuning in today and last piece of you know internal news I guess I'm gonna do a video later this week saying some my top altcoin pics into quarter four and I put out this tweet three hours ago saying hey team which altcoins do you believe will have the best q4 performance and why gonna make a top altcoin video this week and I honestly would really like your opinion now let's see we've had one guy respond so far let's check this out so we've had a vote for XRP and I like this a reason why and V chain Cardno silica hmm vote from the Netherlands I appreciate those guys I'll respond to them soon but I'm making a top altcoin video and there's gonna be six options and whatever wins and this is not really a poll but in terms of comments I'm gonna mention in the video so guys let me know make your voice heard we're at alt coin daily IO link in the description below and let me know what you guys think about Bitcoin alright guys this has been altcoin daily we'll see you tomorrow

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  6. Btc is NOT dead or going away in my and I'm sure in others opinions good old Media fud is a reason why crypto's struggle to flourish and I've noticed this while only being into crypto for under a year. Looking forward to that top 6 altcoin for Q4 video. Great work team

  7. So…. I should sell my crypto and invest in the Coinbase company? JK. I know you are not a financial advisor.
    Yes, I'm listening. So… no, I don't think BTC is dead. As for Q4 alts, I am hoping that ETH, and XRP perform well, but that's just because I own some. Maybe the competition for 2nd place will push them both forward? Thanks for the video!

  8. What we need is a mass adoption of at least one of the 2000 or so crypto projects. For now, crypto projects have not proven to be useful in terms of mass adoption. Expect prices to remain stagnant for the short to medium term.

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  10. lots of positive news but noone outside the btc comunity doesnt even knowa bout all this thats why price is shit once the whales load up enough they gona start spreading good news and sheeps gona run so theywill unload it all on the sheeplets

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