Good afternoon everybody. It is one o’clock in the afternoon 1300 for military time people who love it if you’re in the military worked on the hospital it is Get rid of that there we have a wonderful Thursday Unless you are living on the east coast of the US then That is kind of an ugly ugly day that we’ve got going on there Thoughts and prayers with all the folks out there dealing with something. That’s pretty catastrophic. So All right, let’s get into it we’ve had a pretty nice pretty awesome Drive in the let’s let’s say one is waiting. We should be live here Hold on here Okay now I think we’re good okay, so Very nice moves this afternoon Rather this like late evening and into the morning and this afternoon We’re seeing a pretty nice move here. Really? kind of a Really not any different than what We’ve been discussing. This is kind of the expected moving behavior that we’re looking at as we’re inching up and We’re seeing Prices be pretty consistent Yeah with some really nice price action, especially looking at Ethereum, it’s up 14% Some people are saying well that is stupid. No really, it’s not that’s a pretty it’s a pretty good Pretty good rise and the kind of rise that we want to see if we want to see a short covering rally Which will just add a whole lot of fuel and cause a pretty significant burst up in price That’ll be a that’ll be an interesting. We’re already experiencing a lot of trader FOMO. I love I love the amateur news sites when it comes to trading where yesterday was all about how bearish the market is and how awful it is and then as A shock today’s gonna be a big shock to them for some reason. I don’t I’ve It’s unfortunate that, you know financial news can’t always be written by people who are traders themselves I mean Yeah Anyways, I know I’m bitching about it, but Okay, so When we were doing the Forex lens material this morning, we went over some gaen season seasonality cycles and everything we’re I’m not going to do that today, but I just want to kind of go over our Look at what we’ve got going on. What can we anticipate in the future? Moving forward here. I was actually thinking that we might experience some type of pullback because if we look at the lows of the 12th like at 2:00 in the morning on the 12th yesterday and then looking at today we’ve gone from 167 area all the way up to Testing that 212 so that’s a pretty that’s a pretty steep rise in A short amount of time especially it’s a it’s a nice bull round here short term without a lot of tests, and we’re still technically in a in a bear move, but We the fact that we broke above this channel very very positive. We held this line as support. That’s what we were talking about over over the last couple days that this is the ultimate area of support that we want to look at and What else what else what else? Yeah, that should be that so Looking at Where was that oh I wanted to recommend a book For all of you if people are interested in Gann they want to know a good book to start off with there is there’s there’s one called pattern price and time Using Gann theory and trading systems And it’s by her Schick Oh, what is his name Lemme get I’m gonna I’m gonna put the name in here. It is James a Her chick Yes, James a her chick that this is a I tell you like so his book is pretty Advanced as far as technical analysis goes. So if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of technical analysis then This might be a little bit over the head especially if you’re unfamiliar with Celestial phenomena, like planets and lunar cycles 30-day Sun cycles. Those are all important components of Gans work Also, if you think that automatically what I just said was Silly or dumb or pointless, then the book probably isn’t for you either but It pattern price and time. He does a phenomenal job and it’s really he wrote. It’s I think originally one came out in 98 and then he updated it in 2013 But it’s it’s it’s a phenomenal book it’s actually part of the Wiley trading series They’re the Wiley Trading Wiley trading series books they are Fantastic, I mean if somebody wants to get into trading if you want to understand technical analysis get into trading then these Books are are really where you want to get started because all of these books all of them or or At least all the important ones they are part of the chartered market technicians material. These are constantly updated You know if there’s anything to update, you know, if you’re an Elliott Titian, this is probably I love this book this is one of the the best books on Elliott and On Eliot Visual guide – oh wait, that’s not it. It’s a vision. Where’s that? It’s a visual guide a visual guide to Elliott Wave trading. This is a phenomenal book It’s it’s longer it’s wider than it is tall. So it’s kind of a Abnormal book but this is probably one of the best This is probably the best Elliott book ever that I’ve read Again like actually right here is what I was thinking is that they said they know that simple does not mean easy but they they really make it less of a headache by kind of eliminating a lot of the dogmatic approach that that Elie Eliot there’s a lot of Elliott ich ins who are who are like I Don’t know It’s like a religion to them it’s weird. But but if you’re interested in in Elliott Wave, this is a fantastic book there’s I Have no idea what this one there’s the art of trend trading animal spirits and your path props. I have no idea What the hell that is about no idea. It sounds ridiculous So that like this is why I want to actually pick this up and see what the hell is this about? I Haven’t even read the thing, but that title is just threw me off but Point figure chart if you like point for your charting, this is hands-down if you want a good resource for Trading material This is it Okay, this is this is the the best that I’ve ever That I’ve ever come across the most concise titles. I Think you’ll really really Find a lot of benefit here on the Ichimoku system. Yeah, that’s the weird one. So there’s a guy named Menashe Patel He wrote a book on the Ichimoku system. It’s actually really It’s a really really good. Actually, it’s two thousand knives when you wrote this book It’s a really good Book and it does a good job of going over that your mu KU system But there’s a gal named Nicole Eliot and I think hers is a little bit more Hers is better because she talks about how she she Ryan a FX floor in Japan and and her employer sent her there and when she got there She had no idea what all the Japanese floor traders were looking at cuz it was something that she was Unfamiliar with with Japanese new everything new I mean they jammu Co systems of Japanese system. And so she had to learn it there and I’m fairly certain that she’s one of the first experts that are that stuff. Anyways, kind of battling here. So Taking a look at our market Very awesome. Nice wonderful moves, you know anytime we’ve been getting a little bit of cell pressure we’ve been getting quite a bit of buying we can see a lot of buying candles here and You know the fact that we’ve traded up to 200 past 200. We’re holding above it. That is pretty bullish. I Mean we should expect a little bit of a pullback You know looking at this entire actually scroll it down I think a return to this value area here to test it the 196. I think I returned down to here a pullback is something that could definitely be Seen or just at least to this arc here. So a pull back down to here would be pretty healthy in the theorem and Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin, that’s a pretty nice breakout from the shoulder Or from the inverse head-and-shoulders break out again, where we at? We are right the 13th is where we’re sitting we have this Pivot in time this red vertical bar here represents a pivot where we should observe some pretty significant Rises in prices from this area and it should happen very very fast. Very quick move higher From where we’re sitting and again that should happen, you know Give or take a few days before or after is when we should see that move but certainly You know, the the thing is is when things are trading inside the arc like Bitcoin right now It prices do not like to stick around in these arcs they often have Dramatic moves to exit them or to stay away from them in fact, they’re kind of like accelerants or indications of some white lights wide volatility wide swings And so the fact that we’re just kind of inching up towards the edge of this arc One could have the fear that it would sell off quickly to retest the neckline or once it breaks out above it’ll move Very very swiftly to the very swiftly higher. So that is something to Take a look at and pay attention to as we’re moving forward the altcoin market has had I mean, it’s had a pretty Pretty nice Drive higher if we look at Card on o Card on o in fact is and I mean, I’m still I Really like it at this price level still because we’re still below this. Oh it harmonic This is like the I mean, there’s nothing that’s below I mean things things flatten out and and disappear when they stick down here for too long But it’s not uncommon for a new instrument to trade below here for a little while. But Yeah, this is we should not observe cardano’s sitting below this 7921 line for very much longer, I’d be surprised what’s stayed down there? before into Monday Basic attention token That is a That’s a wide distribution of price on the daily and the current daily as well We’re seeing some higher movements Walton chain. Hadden has a has a bit of recovery here on the daily. Nice volume It’s the highest volume traded on the daily in the past three six days and There’s still plenty of day left in in this market. So and Then we have Nano that’s caught a pretty nice bit. This guy’s rocketing up. Its bounced right off of this harmonic right here and Yeah, it’s a it’s a pretty pretty interesting Move how how fast it it bounced off of that yesterday and then that’s really continued into today and of course we see a little bit of profit-taking as we get up to the 39 39 this is actually the musical harmonic lines When we get up to that line Oops Then we will experience A breakout on a retest here if we look at it on a faster time frame also Though I’ll get to that later xlm Very bullish on xlm. Very nice Action here. It’s just sitting right here on the bottom We should expect to see that trade up a little higher one of the big ones that’s actually moving it’s had quite a bit of momentum behind it as Osios has had a huge Huge participation this morning. I was watching this guy just drive up higher and higher and I mean the thing is is that on iOS so there’s an hour and 45 minutes left on the close but on iOS, and a lot of these pairs right now the There’s only been a I mean We’re just seeing like two hours worth of some pull back and and flag flag formula if we were go to 15-minute chart where you would see pennants and flags forming off of these hourly inside these hourly candlesticks and so there’s there’s a high degree of of trade ability here because these are easy to trade they are their continuation patterns and We can actually go to a 15-minute chart and Yeah, we can see. Well, here’s a pennant with the breakout and right here. We have a pennant as well And so where’s the entry on a pennant? It’s got to be varies but I mean probably above this high right here, so 50/50 they’re 550 rather would be the safe entrance XMR or Mon arrow has had a really nice. That’s a head and shoulders pattern When arrows had a pretty steep drive now, it’s had some profit taking really nothing screaming that this is going to sell off or go down anywhere It’s got a lot of a lot of pomp behind it. And what the hell is this? My friends Manero looks ok ZRX Facing a little pressure here on the hourly where it looks like we’re maybe we’re gonna form a pennant or or Just a flag or our consolidation zone before the next breakout, which is what actually we’d like to see here We’ve had a had a really steep rise over the last 24 hours and It’s been it’s been nice, but we don’t want to go crazy. Ok, we would like to see a pump up like this followed by you know 8 to 8 hours to 24 hours of a pennant or a flag or a consolidation range and just sort some continuation patterns to To let it form some type of base and get some equilibrium before it makes the next move. We don’t want to go parabolic ZRX ripples actually had a pretty a pretty nice move this today to steam kind of Underperforming that really impressive steam right now q Tom Facing some pressure there populace Same thing Looks like it wants to try it’s been trying to breach a neckline and thus head and shoulders But it’s it’s so far, but unable to do that OMG Pretty nice structure. There’s just a series of more and more breakouts in a lot of these pairs that are stepping up al liske Yeah, I don’t I don’t like this one And I owe to I actually had a pretty nice Drive so, you know, we’re just sitting in a range right now where the where the Moves are nice. They’re up here. It’s not a bad idea to peel off a little profit you know as we’re going into the lunch hour Actually, we’re passing lunch hour. This is the time of day and trade like if all you’ve ever traded is crypto currencies Then you’re then you’re not really familiar. Well, maybe you’re not familiar Maybe you are but really after you know, 11:00 and noon Central time so so 12:00 and 1:00 Eastern There’s it’s pretty much Markets are pretty much kind of done There’s not, you know, barn any crazy news or random Black Swan event There’s really not a lot of things that happen after that. So You know the that we shot up in price There’s there’s definite signs of some profit taking which is normal and healthy a pullback should be expected But it doesn’t have to happen. I mean The price actions is displaying the kind of activity where People have gotten used to the short idea and they’re shorting but then those dips are getting bought up. The structure here is holding I want to take a look at all of these on the Ichimoku system because there’s a quite a bit of interesting Things going on here And if tomorrow I want to go through tomorrow is gonna be kind of a cool day because I’m gonna go over the Ichimoku System, but I’m going to share a couple a couple Systems and trading methods within the system that you can try and use on your own And they’re not my ideas. They’re actually from some of the authors that I’ve that I’ve just listed some Manoj Patel Nik Nicole Elliot and What’s the other guy’s name or I forget but actually their research into Gucci Asada’s a System they have shared in their work the the actual systems and I’ve shared one of them here because that’s when I use but I want to share the the I think there’s three of them there that that I think are a pretty appropriate for crypto. So tomorrow I really would like to go through that and Yeah, the title today for our session is don’t be an idiot and short to market Because there is a lot of I try to keep up with sentiment in in the trading via chat stock twits Futures IO in his reddit channels watch a couple other live streamers and There’s a whole crap ton of people that are still Wanting to go short now. I don’t I don’t I mean we talked about this yesterday, but I actually made a Trade I did a trade idea this morning Called don’t be an idiot and short the crypto market okay, and cuz because basically like the people advocating shorting at The crypto market right now. They’re there. They’re one or more of three things They’re new traders who decided that right now was the time? to finally get into Shorting this market probably because they’ve been in a painful long position or they’ve been unable to make money on Long’s and they just start Finally, they’d like been beaten down so many times that they’re just like, okay. Alright, I’m done I’m going I’m gonna short this market now What we owe ya than that so sorry or they’re trolls or it’s just meant to be malicious Regardless of which means fancy-shmancy theory you trade just just use some logic and think about this. Okay and And I think you can wrap your head around this like I don’t think right now is a good time to be trying to day Trade Kryptos. I mean I think right now is a good time to probably not what I mean day trade I mean You you you could think about Oh what am I trying to say like I am in like I’m in like a holding position where I mean I’m taking trades and then setting some profit targets or if it looks like the markets kind of sputtering out at a certain area for travels too far away from the baseline I’ll take some profit but I’m not actively trying to get out of a position because a Lot of these positions that I have open at these levels are just ones that I’m fine sitting there so really finding some entries on any deeper pullbacks is most important, but just just think about this first second on Shorting this market right now just use some common sense I don’t even know if you have to loot use logic but use some common sense doesn’t make sense to short a market that is Already down eighty percent from its all-time high and that all-time high was also the calendar year high and now it’s trading below Its year-over-year low so a year ago today Market, it’s it’s trading below that That’s not a good time to short Does it make sense to short a market that has been in a consolidated Accumulation pattern since late for citizens since a late February No, no, it’s not. This is been going on for months and The trading ranges have gotten tighter they’ve constricted more and more that volume has started – the volume has dropped off all of the things that point that like This would be on a technical analysis test what are some signs at an accumulation period is ending and and and entering into a new bull market a Constriction of the range and a drop in volume that is right there Does it make sense to short a market? That is today? Actually, it’s been going on since beginning in September But today just beginning the seasonal bull phase now probably it’s not a good idea to short something during a season seasonal bull phase Lastly doesn’t make sense a shorter market that has lost over 70% of its about he’s 13 times and it’s very short history only to rally exponentially higher each time Now it’s very dangerous to short sharding in is inherently dangerous in any market except for forex and futures Because it’s as easy to go short as it is to go long there’s no penalty the for shorts You don’t have to borrow shares or pay a premium to borrow for shorts And kryptos there I Mean you could say that there’s it’s easy to do it, but it’s not and there is cost associated with it. So anyways It does not make sense to short right now, it’s unless you’re like doing some scalping and you know, it’s It’s it’s just a very very bad idea to to even shorten sand that’s horrible advice right now You know we may get to a point but we may think about doing it around 7,500 just because that would be a technical pullback to look for You know that that would be an ideal area to look at a large profit taking and maybe taking some shorts, but for right now, no way not a chance, uh not gonna happen All right Take a look at the weekly charts quick We take a look at the weekly chart of Bitcoin kind of our gauge of the market But I want to do it All right, here we go And let’s just take a look here This is pretty flat This is a pretty pretty flat Bottoming zone that we’re in and on the weekly we have a definite inside a candle forming here so far and You can just see how Much the distribution or the range has just been getting tighter and tighter and tighter so You know, you can you can go from a weekly to a daily and then see how tight it gets but then eventually there’s going to be a point of equilibrium where From the weekly all the way down to like a 1-minute chart where that range has finally gotten so tight and coiled that it it cannot go anywhere and It’s just going to generate a large move and we’re really right at that time We’re sitting right there. I think that’s why that that current time pivot That we see in the the the square 52 why the 13th is such a important date to pay attention to? Is because of that pivot this daily candlestick is very bullish very healthy Really like a lot of these moves Yeah, I mean it’s just getting it’s just there’s a pretty straight It’s a pretty straight up angle. You you can kind of omit you can just imagine that angle there how straight that is but all right, let’s do the Ichimoku on this so Bitcoin Oh OneNote If we have time tomorrow – I want to go over that book again the pattern price and time It was actually I read the old well his original book. I read it a long time ago and In it, he made the point that when you’re using Gans work, okay? there’s a and it’s just something kind of figured out in my own when I first started using Gann but How do you know which angle is a 45-degree angle and I’m all over the place today good they had too much coffee How do you know in your software that an angle is a 45-degree angle that’s hard It’s hard to it’s hard to tell so I call them terrestrial angles. That’s when you take a Compass in your hand physically and you look at it and you can tell what a 45-degree angle is or use a protractor or whatever but the author and this is I think something that Everybody who wants to get yeah, who anybody anybody that that wants to do well with Gann I think you have to do this There’s only a couple people that I’ve talked to Personally who are big Gann enthusiasts and I don’t want to say what her name is but she’s from Australia and she’s like a freakin wizard and and I got to pick her brain for like two hours once and I took I took her advice along with reading that book and I and I started doing what What they all suggested is that you you will never get a more accurate 45-degree angle unless you do your charting by hand Okay, I’m not saying chart charting by hand takes a while. I have a deep respect for those old technical analysts the The founding fathers of technical analysis who had to do everything by hand. Oh my gosh I don’t I don’t know how they had the patience for it, but That is what I do, but I don’t do it on daily. CH I do it on weekly charts So I took up I took a picture on my phone. And and so this is a chart of bit That I’ve done that I do and I can’t to it obviously have to add last week’s I’m here yet but this is what Gann did and there is no more accurate 45-degree angle than what you’re going to get if You’re doing it yourself on graph paper and this paper is is eight square per inch paper this exists This is the exact same kind of paper that Gann used and So that is good enough for me. This is also makes it very easy to square because here’s the issue with Chart software as well. It’s awesome for so many many things. It’s there. There’s a There’s an issue with Logarithmic and and and things being It’s it Until you do things by hand you don’t get a real appreciation for how off some charts are You know realistically if we want to treat if we want to look at a chart and and do it squared so if I was looking at Bitcoin here and Well, I can just don’t need to do that if we were going to square our chart At like 100 or actually 10 probably be more accurate Then this would be what our chart would look like this is how we would look at our chart because this is kind of how it looks although very very Squelched in is how it looks on your when you when you chart by hand on on a graph paper, so This makes things a whole lot easier for a ton of things but there’s III have seriously found no replacement that makes it as accurate as The charting by hand Plus it’s really cool. I Don’t know. I’m a nerd. So that’s that’s alright with me my wife can’t stand it though, cuz it takes up a lot of room and you’ll end up like I have a euro chart that Takes up like a wall. I mean it’s so it’s so large it takes up a walk as you go from Because the scale on its pretty big but damn it if it isn’t accurate Okay Looking at our charter. So this is Bitcoin and the Ichimoku system Remember yesterday we were talking about actually we had some trade ideas yesterday on a number of trade ideas. So Like we had xlm The trade idea yesterday was a long at at 20 at one point 2:05 Obviously that did work one point two zero five is right here we were looking For price to cross get get to get really to Break, the prior high candle and the legging span to be above it and for price. Yeah, really? We were just waiting for the leggings Bantam price to be above the prior high over here. So that has worked out pretty well Nano the Wanted to go long it at o2 eight seven five Pretty sure that one worked out so when we were talking yesterday Nana was trading as soon as the twelfth and we were talking at One o’clock my time right here. So we were looking to trade at Or did we take that trade action? We take it right off the bat. We did didn’t we? Yeah, we did. You’re right. I’m right Talk to myself basic attention token Wanted to go long at 2284 that’s worked out brought us above the cloud on the hourly Manero Mineiro on the daily is looking pretty awesome for a nice break We’ve got this I was gonna talk about my hair here in a second But we see this actually we’ve seen a number of these bullish flag patterns show up and we now we’ve seen a breakout of that pattern and So we should we should really expect to see that breakout either Continue or maybe retest the breakout and kind of come back to that channel a little bit that would be pretty normal and okay, but On the four-hour we have that breakout The one-hour showing that we may have It’s weird that it’s finding some support around here because there’s really nothing there. But if Yeah, there we go if you if you did get long in or if I can get long in Mon arrow I have to remember to say me when I mean to say me If we have price trade back above 1755 so that’ll bring us back above the conversion line Then I’m I I would be fine entering in on the I along there on the hourly. Otherwise on the four-hour You know there, you know, if we remember that the legging span also responds to support resistance just like price does we see that? There’s kind of a big zone here that’s facing a little bit of resistance Horizontally, so there’s there’s a really thin cloud here which is which is great But we don’t have the twist done we don’t see the cloud ahead green yet and we’re sitting right on Right right at the bottom of the cloud here And then the legging span is near the top of the clairaut cloud and the baseline So once we get a breakout above both of those zones that were we’re pretty golden But I’d wait to see if that happens tonight Maybe around the Sydney and Tokyo open certainly by the London open it. I think we would if we’re gonna have a bullish another bullish Back-to-back bullish day in altcoins, then we should see this Continuing to move higher, but what probably would not expect to see that this afternoon Who knows good? OMG, oh My god neighbor’s dog Okay, so we’ve got oMG sitting here The daily has got a beautiful bullish pivot forming here. If we do close as is its its it’s pretty awesome We’ve got a really nice-looking hammer candlestick yesterday Followed by really we’re closing we could close Near the high that would be fantastic for our chart. It’s pretty healthy that we’ve moved across the baseline They didn’t sell off facing a little pressure up here. Now the data the daily, that’s pretty flat Really thin cloud though easy to trade above it and below it Shouldn’t face a lot of resistance here With the lagging span. Why is this facing some selling pressures? Because the leggings pants coming up against the bottom of the cloud. This is natural the natural thing for the easiest price likes to travel the past the least resistance and at least the easiest way for it to go is Down to avoid the cloud. So legging span if it traded down to here then what would happen is we get support off of these three zones here the top of the cloud the Conversion and the baseline act is the support the this is a big support zone right here on the hourly, but oMG we went long Oh Five even so we’re just a little bit up on that trade – – – – – well, we want to go long at one 7995 that worked out obviously very very nicely We did yes, that’s right, okay Looking at actually the hourly may pull back down to here Daily sitting inside the cloud. So that’s normal for us to be indecisive and Then cerium Ethereum we had a long idea on Ethereum at an entry at 183 and We know that that that’s Bitcoin shorts we know that that worked out just fine Pth-tt aggh Very very very bullish candlestick here forming on the daily. We still have 5 hours and 20 minutes left for this daily candlestick before it closes and the volume is pretty substantial Where we’re almost at the all the day all on trading yesterday But yesterday’s yesterday’s daily clothes. I don’t think you could find a more textbook Bullish reversal candlestick than this hammer right here All the conditions You’re at a a new or important swing low area the volume was rising as we got to this the the volume bar is higher than the than the prior candlestick and then however many more higher that kind of adds to the bullishness and then just the Shape of it itself is pretty significant. This is just a screaming bullish reversal candle here And it would be very weird to see prices trade off down from this zone So on the daily that is a gorgeous candlestick. In fact, you know daily traders would probably wait for the last 15 minutes of the clothes and then you know take the trade if it’s trade they’re so Ethereum on the for our not surprising that we are facing a little resistance here. Why? Because price it did cross love the conversion line. But now we’re you know now we’re just above the price action We’ve got the baseline as resistance and then the top of the cloud here is acting as resistance and this is a thick cloud So that’s hard for price to pierce and get into and trade above a thick cloud but on the hourly We have kind of a different story here The hourly have a nice break out. It’s a thin cloud. It’s not Not bullish or bearish the cloud is very weak We do have the cloud ahead is Green, I mean this is so far the Conversion line has acted as a pretty good Pretty good support level initial support level. There are some Ichimoku traders that don’t Give a lot of credence to the conversion line as far as a source of support resistance, they only use the baseline as a pullback level but I mean because there are technically four support levels, its Conversion base top of the cloud and on the bottom of the cloud. Those are all of your support zones And I don’t know if if I don’t know I don’t remember through if the theory says that all four of them will be tests. So that doesn’t sound right though. It doesn’t Doesn’t son right? So Ethereum looking pretty Pretty nice bullish here. Not seeing a lot of Urge to sell this off here interesting chart to look at right now is the short chart this is the short positions the daily short interest for BitFenix these are as Prices gone up in Bitcoin and Ethereum the short interest has also risen and it’s at these All-time highs. This is the all-time high for Bitcoin the short so it’s looking pretty Pretty interesting these Positions up here could cause a big rally to the south especially if Bitcoin continues to push higher the last time we saw This 51 percent rise was right before that big sell-off Last week or two weeks ago So but was that last week? I don’t remember All right What else I? Mean, we’re just kind of waiting to see really it’s just to see what happens this evening in Regards to not really bitcoins price action, but what? What Ethereum was going to do? I think it’s awesome that it’s had a lot of support to stay above 200 This art here should act to support The volume point of control is sitting right at 196 You know, I I’d like to trade the Ethereum Bitcoin pair as my kind of my favorite trading pair So any pullback down to the point of control, which is normal. It’s normal for prices to want to come back down here But this would act as us as a support zone Prices do pull back here. I’m a buyer there. I would buy on that pullback, but Real quick, you know, we we’ve been talking about this, you know on September 11th Talk about this trade idea where the the kind of the Alamo the battle thermopylae the final zone Down that we that we can be trading at safely and comfortably And and to assume that this is the actual bottom as this 1/8 or the 1/8 major harmonic of 181 $181 in the 38 cents and Ethereum has tested it lower and firmly rejected and traded higher And we should expect to see this level hold and then and just really see it continue to drive up here If we get a series of one in for our candlesticks where there’s been clear pressure to try to push price down But it just keeps getting bought up like it has been doing today That is more than likely the behavior that will continue until we surpass the last swing high so Yeah, I’m actually pretty pumped and excited about this market and I think it’s gonna be really really cool Be interesting to see how deep of a pullback we get before the next drive up, so Or three even will be a pullback because on that on the The mirrored fold back pattern I’m near fold back. We are sitting right on top of the area that would tell us that there’s a huge drive to the north or a rocket ship to borrow the phrase higher, so Anyways, I hope you guys have had a good trading week so far I hope you had a good rest of your trade day yesterday. Hope the day today has been going well for you please don’t forget to Like and subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video if you watched it live or if you’re watching the recording Forex lens folks. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning the rest of you I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. Same time at 1 o’clock Hope you guys all have a great rest of your trade day, and I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Bye


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