hi guys welcome back and today we're talking about gold maybe we're going to discuss the fact that all fiat goes to zero that is a non-negotiable fact if you're in the crypto space that is the number one thing you've learned but we're also going to discuss the differences between gold and vision because many people compare gold and Bitcoin they say that because digital gold we're going to discuss why that is wrong and also why that is right we're also going to discuss the more of a technical difference between gold and visca because beacon is a payment network and an asset and gold is just an asset so who have some thoughts on that and then we're going to discuss why gold is undervalued because in my view it is undervalued I mean how can gold decline decrease against the dollar when everyone should understand that gold is gold gold is huge that since you know thousands of years ago and dollar is just fluff it is not backed by anything and printed by the minute anyway all of that coming soon and we are here with Philip if you are in our courses you understand that Philip is my colleague you have seen him do the programming courses the business courses we work a lot together and we're here in our office and so Philip I want to start by asking you the question gold versus disk and white are people confused do people have too much tribalism gold versus Bitcoin or what's going on yeah I think people have people have been fighting quite a lot of this and and a lot about it I think is because the gold people really get irritated one of the Bitcoin people call it digital gold because the gold people don't recognize Bitcoin as any sort of real asset but it's not backed by anything and you know you can just Google I will take Peter Schiff and you will see our misunderstandings alive yeah Google that yeah but I think that the debate really shouldn't exist at all it shouldn't be big converses gold it maybe should be comparisons between the two but they are not we don't have to pick one we can have both and still and join them they're both good we both invest in gold we both invest in Bitcoin we love both they're good for different things yes and so if you just talk about the similarities for example both of them are limited supply bit contains 1 million who knows how much gold is there in existence but it should be limited supply if it is not the case that we find some kind of rock in space with a lot of gold what else a similar mining mining is similar the if you did not know already my name is you know copied from the gold mining procedure the incentives are the same in gold as in the coal mining so that's the same and so one important difference we discussed is the fact that bitcoin is both an asset and a payments Network while gold is just an asset so can we explore that a bit more yeah yeah I think that that's a common misunderstanding when people discussed Bitcoin and they try to value it and compare it between other assets because it's the same with fiat and gold there are there some sort of asset I mean fiat maybe not good as if I still an asset but that is that acid it's separate from the payment network we have payment networks on top of that like PayPal like bank transfers and Visa and MasterCard but with Bitcoin we can't separate the asset from the actual payment network they're all in one and I think we should take that into account when we value it and first I mean and so price of because is the value of both the asset and the value of payment network how convenient is yeah and this is something you hear a lot with people discussing the scalability issues it's not that people are saying you know gold your liability is so bad we need to improve gold scalability but in between you have the discussion about the infrastructure side of things and so in your view is Victorian they're more you know theoretically more valuable because it's not only an asset is also a any famous Network yeah I think so because if you take I saw that on this I don't remember the number but if you take only the US companies on the stock exchange public companies that deal with payments like payment gateways and all of our PayPal all of those kind of companies you aggregate their value it's huge it's absolutely huge and that's just in the US beacon is a global payment network it does all of that very interesting so you know go look that up if you want to know the data I don't have it in my head but it's very interesting so I mean a comparison would be that you value both gold the entire market up of gold and all the payment providers and then you could compare it to Vikram which is also an asset and the payment provider and in gold case it's a lot about transport right so all of that is about transporting physical gold with guards and with all these trucks yeah and talk about how much energy dot-com whenever people talk about and so that is very interesting however of course Britain is not physical you cannot use Bitcoin for electronics you cannot use Bitcoin for tea you cannot use Bitcoin for just this historic thing that everyone has used the gold for thousands of years so that is something we as a group to community need to acknowledge I mean you cannot just come with an asset that has existed for only ten years and say that you know what it's automatically better than an asset that has been here for thousands of years and is proven so definitely new technology is wonderful it's exciting I think bitumen will have a bright future but I mean currently we still need to think about the risk and just the technicalities of gold versus bitumen and just the time span both have existed and so finally my third point here that I really want to discuss with you guys and with you Phillip is the fact that you know I think that gold is very undervalued and the fact that you know during the past eight years if you look at the chart gold has been declining versus the dollar and so everyone with the same grain would think how can that happen because gold is has been here for thousands of years if you look at how much a car costed 100 years ago it's about four hundred and fifty grams of gold and you compare that to how much a car costs today it's approximately the same number of grams of gold that you need to pay for a new car but of course in dollars it's a night and day situation so it might be just mind-blowing that people are not understanding that gold is gold is real as physical it can be used why while dollar is being printed on a daily basis is a fiat currency so Philip why do you think people do not understand that and how come the markets value to the dollar more than gold if you look at the past few years yeah it's interesting because the dollar keeps printing every day right it just gets and yet the price of gold decreases against yeah yeah yeah exactly but I think that people tend to forget when we live in a good economy right like we have right now especially in the US and the West at least the economy is doing really really well at least on paper when you thought people have that impression yeah and people you know live good lives and the fiat currency works for many people right it works for normal people they think it's okay and I think once the actual crisis comes people are always surprised and that's why you see gold rise when there's a crisis right well there's a currency crisis or financial this gold tend to rise the demand for gold tend to rise when times are tough and because that is only when people start to thinking about fiat and gold for real no one is thinking about that I mean the only reason we were talking about this is because this is our interest and also we work with crypto we work with blockchain and so this is also on our agenda each and every day to discuss the price is to discuss the technology also it's natural for us to discuss but for normal people I mean that is maybe the least on their agenda to discuss yeah I mean and we've also been in Sweden right and the crew now the the currency here yeah it's not been doing very well not around here so it's very it's interesting for people holding gold and so if we're to summarize these three points number one gold versus Bitcoin sure you can try to compare it but at the same time they are very different and we like both number two gold is only an asset bitcoin is an asset and the famous Network so if you are to compare the just evaluation of gold I mean maybe you should take the valuation of gold and all of the valuation for all of the transfer companies and just the whole infrastructure evaluation that surrounds gold and maybe then you can compare that to the potential of Bitcoin and finally you know who knows how people think many people don't think about gold versus fiat for real until the crisis hits and maybe there is a good opportunity so you you have seen a chart on this yeah maybe you can share it in the description or something yeah yes there's an interesting moment right now at least in the in the shorter timeframe we'll have a lot of people shorting the the gold the gold the gold future and that tend to lead to some sort of short squeeze down the line very interesting I have an interesting charts for you guys I want to see it alright guys thank you so much for watching smash the light never forget that leave your thoughts I mean what do you think do you hate gold because you are in crypto or do you hate cryptic because you are in gold do you like fiat do you love to hate fear let us know everything in the comments thanks so much for watching and I'll see you all guys tomorrow have a great day and check out Philips channel also in the description good bye guys bye good bye

37 thoughts on “DOLLAR COLLAPSE – BITCOIN VS GOLD 2019?”

  1. Great video guys!! Here I am thinking about selling my Bitcoin and buying all silver. I guess it is cool to have both

  2. I really appreciate your programs.
    You are one of the few youtubers (in cryptp space) with professional and ethical attitude and in our age group surely among the very few

  3. I like both. More currencies the better, let the best one win. Not even "win" cause there's plenty of room for plenty of competition.

  4. bitcoin. new fake money!!! we can stop it. If we don't accept it. but you will be fool when the government ask for taxes

  5. I dont think gold is undervalued. I just think these are the extreme times and extreme always breaks the model or trend. Gold was rising for thousands years, but our society working much differently now. That could be big fundamental change…. I am technical trader trading only one pattern. And its showing me Gold Short- Very fresh SP500 short on Weekly chart of which I am very afraid of. USDX Huge Short. Where all those money will flow then? Right Crypto is the anwser for me

  6. Thank you , i loved the video ! I hate central banks and all the other banks who have robbed us since their inception at least 100 years ago . The problem with people is they do not understand enough about the paper money in their pockets , where it comes from , who makes it and how our purchasing power is eroded year by year and yet people chase this paper money all their life and yet they say bitcoin is a scam whenever it drops 60% even so its still up compared year to year basis . Ivan i got a but of a request / a challenge for you . Why dont you make a video where you go into how people traded for thousands of years to establishment of banks and central bank 100 years ago and explain how that all works with fractional reserve banking and why it is people seem to pay more money for their every day goods and services when in reality their purchasing power declines . And then explain what potential crypto currencies ie. Bitcoin have and what a great opportunity we the people have once everyone uses it . We can completely reverse the last 100 years and be in control of our lives and our money creation/supply hopefully without going to wars in countries to instal central banks etc . Just an idea . Thank you . Keep up great work !

  7. The printing up of USD is being offset by other nations fiat failure and adoption of the USD (this is what Tone Vays says). While QE has been excessive post market crisis of 2008, that has slowed significantly by 2014. However, this state of affairs won't last for the USD. Eventually an equity drain will form leaking equity away from all national fiat into crypto.

  8. I don't dislike gold but I do believe the Financial use case is less prominent in gold now that Bitcoin exist. Also, Bitcoin has put a new perspective on finite supply. Gold is a great metal.. Its a jack of all trades but there are other materials that will excel golds performance in any industry. It'll be here forever but it's not perfect in everything.

  9. Some people value things based on rational and careful assessment. Most people value things based on faith and trust in authority. Until the masses awake and decide to retake their liberty through means of sound money they will continue to be extorted and robbed by their masters.

  10. I think that one idea Schiff had is certainly plausible, namely gold-backed centralised cryptocurrency (yeah, I know – but it has to be centralised in some way due to the transport and storage). It could be a potential stepping stone that certain obvious countries consider, at least on an institutional level, as an advantageous compromise to create a rival system to the SWIFT-petrodollar hegemony. It'd be a shame because it'd be centralised around questionable countries, but they would see the advantage in keeping it at least functional and it's a step above FIAT, I guess.

  11. Just look at ancient babylon, meddling with the scarcity of the Currency back then was absolutely forbidden and punished with death. The so called solidus, the currency back then, reamined stable for about 800 Years and brought wealth and stability to babylon. Fiat money on the other hand is the root of all evil, in the long term it only brings debt and misery to the peole while enriching its printers…

  12. Luv your work Ivan. I think you are incorrect though in your assertion that fiat keeps getting printed but gold is fixed. Gold is mined and therefore the supply is constantly increasing

  13. Also when humans finally get off this stupid rock and make serious settlements elsewhere – they are not going to be lugging around gold. Cryptos are eventually going to spearhead future economies on other planets. Both metals and cryptos are going to be needed. The interesting thing about cryptos is that they will evolve with how the technology evolves, when you look at a unit now such as EOS representing a unit of data – you can see how future cryptos could represent a unit of robotic labor. At any rate – we know that the era of Fiat is coming to an end in one form or another… I just hope that the IMF doesn't jump in to "save" us with some weird SDR backed crypto world currency… because then we get another bullshit slow burn bubble economy for another few decades.

  14. Gold is maluable, so is bitcoin; you can mold it into thousands of different types of altcoins and back again.

  15. There is a planet in outer space which is made out of diamond, I wouldn't be surprised if there was one with gold, but by the time we ever reach it, we'll be all dead 🙂 At least with Bitcoin we know it's finite.

  16. Rehypothecation of gold contracts has inflated the gold reserve far beyond its physical reserve. Holding your own gold protects you from this but the vast number of gold holders have paper only which may turn out to be nothing more. This is what has to be prevented as the financialisation of BTC continues.

  17. The dollar has been up this year because the FED tightening. Assets especially crypto have taken a hit as a result. Hopefully they ease off before a crisis.

  18. Eventually in the same way cryptos are saving the savings of millions of south americans whose currencies became worthless due to hyperinflation, cryptos will also save the savings of millions of americans when the dollar finally collapses.

  19. Scammers in comment section looking for fresh meat … Giving ridiculous claims of gaining 4X BTC & dubious emails.

  20. We all know that Oct-Dec  are  the Best months in the History of Bitcoin, its  about that Time of the year where Bitcoin gets to Sky Rocket, so many people are ignorant, they are staying on the sideline, waiting for a move up and the right time to get in. I suspect that the rise will happen in a very short period of time, leaving those waiters behind and their reaction will push the price even higher, so that they will end up under water when btc is consolidating, I know the price will speed up more, then bleed off and have an extended winter and actually go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, All we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to CryptoScholar and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 3.4BTC to 16BTC So i contacted him, Behold I have made 20Btc in less than one month with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout/whatsApp +44 7482 875028,( wesleywillsclinic @  solution4u  com )and thank me later.

  21. man you should stop comparing gold to bitcoin, you can not contest gold as the king of metal an atom (79), a result of collision between two stars (supernova)… with a cryptocurrency that can be contested by another crypto or substitute by better tech

  22. Ivan great content as usual. I also love gold and BTC. However, when we talk about the devaluation about FIAT currency we should also keep in mind the in "normal" times the devaluation of Fiat is compensated by higher interest rates.

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