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so we actually have a winner from yesterday shout out to Ryan Cooper for winning the free cryptic coin has been taken oh yeah Ryan's right killing it man we tell you if you want to win I got to do is comment shout-out to him in response to our question about auger maker and he OS being added to coinbase do you think they're good decisions do you think that bad I definitely said that right now you know maker has no competition and we haven't even gotten the eSports with iOS long way to go so he thinks it's a good decision for coinbase shoutout to him and we'll send you those free coins alright thank you for that Ryan Cooper absolute always appreciated in as we stated top story today Michigan House of Representatives votes to include crypto currencies and criminal laws that is right crypto is becoming criminalized further and further and Michigan is leading the way it was actually pretty funny as soon as I saw Michigan House of Reps I was gonna make this a criminal law I mean look people I'm from Michigan and it this this the whoever made this drawing again shot the coin so the ribbon is drawing they must be from Michigan too because if you don't know anything about Michigan right now it isn't it created I mean antiquated excuse me it is old-school we are still using few literally have to fax them things you can't me email something you have them fax it to them so as this little Bitcoin and coin Telegraph has all this paperwork next to them that exactly what goes on every day all day a year round the Michigan so I don't know how they all of a sudden have the time energy and money to create another bill to pass that has to do it correct but it looks like the Michigan House of Representatives has already passed a bill HB 4 1:02 on April 9th that would include crypto currencies and criminal codes regarding illegal actions for financial gain the reason why this came up it looks to be actually is because there was a criminal offense that happen a lot of criminals got off it prohibits this legislation prohibits the collection of cryptocurrency or any currency for the fighting baiting or shooting of an animal the reason why is the shooting the fighting or betting of the animals because we had a Mike Vick case go down up in a Michigan I know it's not popular everywhere but in certain inner-cities dogfighting is a real thing we human fight people hunt animals wow game again I'm a lover of dogs but it is big business and then Detroit dogfighting ring which this case was inspired by looks like state senator Republican representative is a state representative Ryan bourbon so the Detroit News that the bill was inspired by a case of dogfighting and cyber dogfighting ring wherein the organizer was prosecuted but did but not individual participants as they place their bets using cryptocurrency which was not expressly prohibited under the law Wow so a bunch of criminals and all clamoring get away because no one place their bets and fiat currency oh cripton Wow yeah and I would be honest I didn't know dogfighting was illegal until the Michael Vick case so I was legal to say I did not know I mean I was like kind of like oh I know I thought it was ronald upon people didn't like it I didn't know is legal um but after that learn something new and then now that we know that it is a crime in certain areas and if they wanted to know go ahead with uh with prosecuting people you have to have find the money that they bet and with digital currency doesn't have to do it I've actually seen some people will roll dice using crypto – hilarious we won't get into that as far as like how people gamble but one of the funniest parts about this is like he said they couldn't make any arrests and it had to come up with the new law like we said you'll wake up tomorrow new law is created literally was like a tomorrow type was a Monday morning Monday and April just passed it a fortnight I guess well a guy's got a new law how long was it uh how long did it take to vote on it yeah I wonder when to enter enter the house but uh yeah they got it through and whenever they want something to pass with a quick it will go through trust me it will definitely find his way across that disk and it looks like Berman continued that the new bill provides a much needed update to current criminal codes some of which were written in the 1990s he added quote digital currency is now a part of our economy is a part of our society so now is actually going to be written into law alright so here's the crazy thing this is a state representative Brian Berman congressman House of Representatives who is saying that not only are the criminal codes basically antiquated as well you know they're from the 90s he's also saying that real currency is here it's here to stay as part of our economy and society we need to start making laws wrong well that's the case then I've been lower than 1990s is already dated then wouldn't the Howey test which was made back in the 1800s be outdated when it comes to providing what is secure to you when you talk about these icos what did things like you know digital digital currencies now part of the economy it says digital currently actually some coin telegraph whoever wrote this story Adam and then you do a good job editor get that editor on top of this but uh yeah it's one of those things where all right if the laws old and dated then so is the laws that has to do with taxation on cryptocurrency the laws that has to say which ICO is a security or not and that also flows over to right now in society why aren't we talking about cryptocurrency more in America as is representative just said it's a part of it we need to start making laws who around and you mean but you see I mean they're very quick to do things that can restrict or take crypto but they don't want to do anything to actually expand the technology or make it you know the innovations happen faster it's crazy yeah and they have opened a Pandora's box because unfortunately if you say you can't spawn cryptocurrency on something you can say you cannot spend on this you cannot spend it on that and you see how swiftly this bullet bill moved through if they literally like you can't by setting such from cryptocurrency well it's not a law a word a week from now to be a law like that's literally how quick they're doing it so hopefully in other states they don't do it you know with everything but for stuff that they deem illegal this will probably be a regular occurrence and this crazy it looks like the legislation has also defined cryptocurrency as quote digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds and that operates independently of a central bank so they are literally saying digital currencies any digital money anything you consider a digital value actually that has been encrypted which means they can't see it the government can't see that is and a central bank doesn't operate it a central bank is a private company I am not sure why we have are we literally have government people telling us that unless a private company is running our money we can't use anything else or it becomes a little bit more criminal absolutely madness people and again this is the Michigan you know I'm from Michigan so this goes to show I'll talk about places I'm from too this is one of the last States that should be standing up leading the way when it comes to regulation legacies like I said I think Michigan might actually be bankrupt still at least Detroit is so it's crazy that all the madness that happens right Flint doesn't have water and you try to steal Detroit yeah we're making digital currency crypto bills to stop dogfighting rings so they say madness people gets priorities again let's get them together speaking of the United States going crazy as you as always looks like US subsidiary of EU crypto exchange bitstamp has silt one of these coveted depending on what side aisle you're on bit license from New York regulator what is going on here with this this regulated extortion yeah pretty much regulated extortion from the NY DFS New York Department of Financial Services comes back around and shout-out to sergeant crypto with some of those homology as few other people who are out there in New York once again the bitlicense strikes and the Luxembourg registered exchange bit step has received it the subsidiary they're talking about it's just bitstamp USA so it's basically bitstamp is the overarching and in its bits misstep USA Europe and then going from there but in order for them to facilitate transfer of funds on ripple Australian dollar all these other things they needed to make sure that they get license from the New York I still don't know why they have to get the slice from the New York bit license but they must have enough power to sway people towards it because they've got firms like square bitpay coinbase they've all got this bit license so it looks as though you know it's gonna get down you're gonna lay down it's become a legitimate and I understand why will become legitimate in New York in a place where you know regulation is everything Wall Street is number one and they're not gonna give a power that easily so I mean if you want operator she's gotta pay us right that's to pay us you know as those private bankers again billions is back on people start watching that but you know it kind of goes a shot I want to get the spoilers but one of the main characters who works for the government which we talked about before you know the whole thing between him and other government workers is like yeah you know how it works in New York nice all right somebody somebody's gonna pay us something before we get business done um but again this is absurd that literally you have this bitlicense that has been around for what about five years now or so six years at mode and you've only given out 19 of them or thirteen wherever the number is you gave another teen amount less than 20 I think three so three years you're right you work for us New York politicians you work for the American people yet these people have come to you to open up businesses and start businesses yet you've only given out 19 this goes along with the ETF's and some of the things that the the sec is doing i mean i'm telling you they're literally getting applications and either throwing them in the trash shredding them or just not looking at them they work for us like I don't understand why this is something we have to discuss and continuously discuss they work for us this is not up to them to say well maybe we'll give you the each hip now or later or maybe we look at your application or maybe in this case we might give you a bit license once you basically have the amount of money that it's needed to pay off all the people in government here's I mean this is ridiculous yeah but they don't really have to be hard like that and on top of that if they book the train and they don't get this license I'm sure there's a way that they can use regulations to either take down their business or to stop you know they'll even try and arrest them – oh yeah yeah but the thing I'm disheartened about is the fact that we had a chance to say no to look and then we just kind of went right hey crap oh crap what would say creep open that door look all right we'll play by your rules as I are whenever buying a statement everybody else and now there's no criminal businesses in New York because again you had a couple people I'm looking at you Jim Nightwind said all right we'll play by the rules here in New York and everyone else basically filled that but hey you have your your forts over there your moat on your empire in the great state of New York and a great city of New York City however it doesn't look like anyone's coming to join but for these few companies like bitstamp which I highly doubt they get a lot action into I mean if you're gonna open up New York has exchanged right now among the likes a big stamp you're saying I'm being regulated play by the rules there's no reason to use you versus Jim and I yeah like literally there's no reason to use you over Jim not going bass Gemini's done a great job honestly I mean their fees are higher but that's because they really take care of business at a tizzy so again when they were playing by these rules I don't get why especially you're in the EU stops yeah yeah it's all go in the same way anyway I just changed I mean if I was at European exchange for one I will understand them the money is coming but I would just talk to other people who have exchanged why let's just freeze out the US like I'm really the way we act if I was in another car would demonstrate frozen I see what happens to nobody in the US key if we're gonna make their citizens speak up for us exactly because what they're doing now is they're laying down to the people that we're telling them no no don't lay down to me but the thing is the money comes after you do it right so I understand that but if they would just be like well let's just not care about money for a little bit we might have to struggle to us you know 2021 but at the same time we all do it the same we'd never have to worry about these people again well uh great point because I'll say all money is a good money yeah it's good right now they're getting it now but listen you you didn't fancy the beast now you gotta keep feeding the bees there's no I'll have your food today no no I want it every first and 15 what what they say burn down the joint there we get it sure is like I don't care about this restaurant this is your restaurant I want money so interesting to see as you said companies do that because they're only seeing this short you know short term picture and not long term pictures as you said everyone worried about the system right now would it be ugly up front of course it would be it may be terrible but another 10 or 15 years like we literally wouldn't be talking about this but instead but everyone they try to give people a bit license and another 10 or 15 years now we're gonna be talking about how did the curtain of Texas jump all the way up to 42% how did that just happen that's what we hit um and it's crazy I want to give some shoutouts real quick I know we started selling a few people came in because you know we kind of the thing was messing up but it was up Dillon darts and build in the building Malik Howard Richard tear we crypto and culture Alison Thompson Ronin Bushido style geo DTV was going on a long time to see antonio from the UK what's up Brian Cooper Ronin said I'm going to be doing a presentation and talk for kids and adults own so stoked to be paid to talk about crypto congratulations huge on you ninety-two was going on and said now when Samsung has released a crypto wallet do we think Google Apple and Hawaii released a competitor to Samsung Krivda well of course oh yeah yeah they can't sit on their hands on that one no yeah no it no matter whatever curve the product is gonna be made by any of those type of companies like that including Facebook's and all those you can almost guarantee everyone's gonna come I mean at this point it just doesn't make sense not to unless there's some type of patent or non-compete clauses whatever yeah literally we're gonna see copycats and here's the crazy thing as soon as we see those we're gonna see them overseas and vice versa there's some things in the crypto community overseas they already have up and running you're going to see American companies start to literally as much as we complain while these companies copying us we're gonna do the same thing we're gonna look at some of these companies especially you know talking about South Korea Hong Kong some of these places has been on crypto for a while once those floodgates open here people are gonna just grab those ideals and just replicating here so yeah of course Ronan said aren't most states almost broke they are so it's crazy I was gonna might bit quaint outlaw get used to do tell Evan what's going on Evan Evan said driving but what's up shout out the Evan and everyone who's listening again we got his microphone quarterback the podcasts are coming back to you again we had to slow it down that was going on everyone IT says super late I got detention I'm assuming here a teacher at when you guys know so good China wants to ban Bitcoin mining again we've said his time times again we are back let's give him a hand bring it back 2016 we are a 2000 pick it back to us I think honestly if we were to drop the price by was it was April yeah I mean it's almost at the same place this is let's take a zero off while this was about thousand two thousand last but yeah I was thinking about zero at first yeah no you're right there's no such thing yeah take a zero what's China go what's going on chattering oh we just had a Bitcoin Randy are bigger numerology this is the year 2016 game all over again the price was $500 China was banning Bitcoin people were going crazy trying to sell and it was around on April yeah and here we are here we are three years later and before you get started on China quick aside this is when I got into crypto people and there's when bitcoins day was like trying to do it all the time as I said people that has gonna be new in the next few months if we do kind of take off the first thing they gonna say is watch Channel China banning it why can I think about it man just ignore it it literally happened at zero ago three years ago wow it's amazing but what yeah why is China planning to ban Bitcoin si what's going on well they are a they are a state-owned country they own everything so if they're banning it they're making it so that the state has to run it and in my opinion they're gonna make it so that if you want to be involved the only way to be involved with crypto and to really stay completely anonymous is to mine it and then put it in your wallet and then not use it because that way there is no tracking of you sending it anywhere there's no you know the actual IP address that you use you can change all that so the only way you usually get caught is purchasing it through an exchange or from a person who keeps a receipt and they record on their taxes or whatnot so the what I think they're trying to do is to get rid of as much antenna MIDI as prime as possible make it so that you have to buy it from an exchange and put a premium on it so they can make their money because if everybody's encouraged to mine which you know in Bitcoin everybody sort of is or in all points in general that keeps it decentralized and that keeps more people anonymous because you can't find all the miners you can find everybody on these exchanges though so I think that's why China's doing it however them banning it completely is sort of just news headline we're not really gonna happen cuz you can't you can't stop everybody right you just can't so they may have some laws that come in but wait to see exactly what they are and again we've seen this literally time at the time again I mean the only thing they've added differently besides the whole banning of it is their list of ranking cryptocurrencies where they continuously range Bitcoin with 13 or 14 right so it is crazy crazy crazy that China is literally doing this again I mean again and I think I could see that once Bitcoin is 50,000 nice but we're gonna be like hey it was just another zero go they're talking about banning it so they well this would never stop yeah sergeant crypto saying they're trying to influence the prices of course the banhammer would never stop from China but at least I give them props for the consistency they are like listen we will never right exactly thank you for the what and I we know this is what we're doing and JPM coin is technically a government coin because they you know how they work right so China says they don't have all that middleman private company stuff it's just gonna be China's coin I think that's coming in about the same time period it took for them to build JPL about two edges college China coins yeah just straight China core business but sorry the crypto says open-source how could it be non-compete no I was speaking in regards to a competitor doing it I wish you can't have not a piece for a competitor doing anything else in that same industry I said that was specifically for that one what's going on Andre dirt in was going Ronin Bushido saw said did we hear anything about Bitcoin transaction being sent via radio way for the first time yep we talked about that I think we discussed a couple of them through radio waves to satellite using block stream also using mesh networks so yeah there's been a few that were offline transactions those type of transactions like near-field communication and all that those gonna be the transactions that you know crypto enthusiasts move towards in the future but it is gonna take some time to to get it right because most of the people that did it they you know are super technical and there's no way there's no people right now say there's break they can bit they can barely stand QR codes right now some people so let's give another 10 years for that once it happens the good news is the tech is people it is moving extremely fast yes I was just hearing a talked earlier about Airbnb and uber how basically how they have the app technology that didn't come till later you know at first it was about answering phone calls riding records and books I mean literally you see where they're at now the apps I mean they haven't been around that long yeah how long has ever been around right six seven eight years maybe so but you know expect to see that same thing here when we talk about this technology hopefully it'll increase use as fast true all right bringing it back to quadriga CX has been more going on Canadian crypto exchange quadriga CX that is right the 150 to 190 million dollar missing and funds exchange has officially been declared bankrupt yeah that is right if you remember who was in there earnest and young came in and do their audit they earnest was a young basically took the remaining fund saying this doesn't cover our costs and then they say you know what you all can't pay us this is still this thing off intake was left and it looks like they are moving in that direction artisan Young's legal team argued that the ongoing restructuring progress process for our quadriga CX under the Companies creditors arrangement act CCA a shift to an alternative process under the bankruptcy and insolvency Act BIA again just from reading about cryptocurrency news I haven't seen more acronyms than I ever had in my life right it is crazy but tells more about this case they're going to bankruptcy their claim they're insolvent why are they doing this and what's the next move I guess well it looks like today would he is granted a a so-called asset preservation order which extends to all the assets held by jennifer Robinson who's the wife and order prohibits her from selling we're moving or transferring any assets so basically she got nothing I mean if somebody handed you crypto says yeah here's a million dollars of crypto but you can't sell it move it or use it you basically just have a flash drive for your hands so that's basically what they told her says yeah they're yours but you can't use it because you're a bank rook and you know they stuff figure it out Ernst and Young I'm sure they got their cutting up front so they that's why they were on the case so quick and fast like yeah we're in case and I'm not sure what's gonna happen with Jesse Powell they were sort of a part of it with Kraken they were trying to help with the investigation so you know at this point if they're bankrupt I don't know legally what happens from this point but I do know a few people got paid from it and that's what ever happens equation you can see it doesn't matter like I just don't go away so very interesting case and sort of a glum way to end for this akka because we've got five six stories I was hoping there's more fires over years now a hundred million today because mal Cox is still going people so I thought that would be over years ago so we this will definitely develop more but so far it's just like a good stopping point for critic wad Rica CX until more comes out yes that would be crazy literally like a year now six months three months it's just like somebody just made a hundred and fifty two million dollar trends like one transactions you know people don't know no better exactly and it's just like everyone just like this must be there's only one movie to watch right this is only one fun that's been missing the last year or whatever unless Vinick just got out of jail hilarious and with that I think I had partly I don't have the article camera on for you all but you can see this and it looks like a comet just saw it really good comment uh who was it Oh Antonio said the cartoon Bitcoin and friends on YouTube have you seen it haven't watched it yet I saw somebody retweeted but yeah I'm gonna check it out today Bitcoin and friends I have not seen right that is getting loaded up right now you can bet your cell phone that oh yeah yeah your private screenings and all that personalized characters different episode oh wow okay we're gonna we're gonna jump to that last as a wrap up but before we do let's go ahead and talk about opera they released a new browser with built-in crypto wallet and a web 3.0 Explorer whatever that means for people who don't know I'm sure bitcoins days oh yeah well web 3 it allows you to conduct transactions and interact with blockchain based internet so 2.0 is what we have now 3.0 was just blockchain base the only difference you know usually is that there is more secure they make you use a VPN or opera and it's decentralized so it's not on one single server everybody who runs the software has access to it so opera wallet in my opinion you know isn't as big as it should be however if you have a built-in crypto wallet you don't have people worrying about downloading a wallet putting it on their phone or downloaded putting a desktop NIC is simply if they have it in their browser and they want to make a payment those payments can be can be made instantly and I'm sure they'll have a way for those crypto payments to return to Fiat at some point so very good from opera I think that opera all these new I think every new browser that comes out is going to have to have this in their their browser going forward it's simply you just simply can't go for it and since we're talking about browsers that have plugins Lally lolol I if you look up Lally is on a Google Chrome right now but in your browser whenever you purchase anything from a hundreds of stores they actually give you free crypto so for those of you looking to earn crypto they have this la loi LOL i dot-com Lally I got lollipop yup so going along with web browser plugins anytime you shop you get free Bitcoin so it's a bunch of stores on there Priceline Gap Macy's Best Buy CVS Old Navy anytime you buy anything if you're gonna buy it anyway they give you free Bitcoin for getting it sort of like a rewards card except in Bitcoin so these these plugins are starting to become very popular in the browsers and you'll almost expect every browser to have some sort of go yeah these are a lot of brands 500 top brands Mart Priceline Hotwire Wow Barnes & Noble initial on Best Buy Oh Navy CBS mmm you gonna get into your awards and see I could tell a few people that if you saw the Barnes & Noble News where they say they bout to start serving drinks and Barnes & Noble and everybody have like more chill out area hey man order you a book get some Bitcoin back for it go to the Barnes & Noble to go pick it up and then sit there and fake read for a few hours like trying to press somebody while you drink it's a good time man it's a lot of good stuff you can do a crypto right it all starts like I said with opera brave or opera browsers being able to be interoperable with crypto wallets samsung has their wallet everything is have a crypto wallet attached and it'll have certain security standards that I think will work out long term alright so a few things first Krypton culture said all browsers are going to have a wallet what does that mean for brave brave as well well that's the same all browsers are gonna have this come on competition was its competition but the thing brave has ahead of it is the bat token the ability to block ads the ability to use it it's what you use it for because if you just have a wallet there people will like what's there but if you have a wallet there that actually actively helps you pay for ads or you can choose that's where that there are so brave does have like different things going on with this browser but oh yeah I mean when you really think about it even if all browsers work you know let's say I gives you say chrome does an option for the payment and all that like brave hmm I think it would be popular because again you talk about competition market share and all that people are really are switching browsers like that I mean well we got four browsers out there that mostly most people most going to use really the majority use maybe two but regardless it's one of those things where even if the likes of Google Firefox or some of these other browsers with you know what's the Internet Explorer some of them you got the same things as Braves far I think that brave would still do fine because people would recognize the difference they would say well I'm sure Safari and the chrome one has some type of backdoor to it but I know this brave one this is where they pride themselves on that's just my initial thought see but we'll see and they go get that admin ok Edwin IT also asks any reputable blockchain courses for complete noobs that you can recommend let's see blockchain courses that I've seen are on udemy you did I forget the exact name but you go to udemy here you go to if you type in blocks on courses the guy's name and it's escaping me right now but the only blockchain course I sort of took on there was before I took the C for test and for Python coding Python asking about a theorem in Python his name is going away from it but type in Python blockchain it's the first one on the list yes twenty forty thousand students great guy and you know long-term that's a good thing to learn because that's where we're headed okay nice everyone ITC I already have I've been udemy in Coursera there you go I haven't yeah I've been on tech yeah I can't Alec Alec put us on I haven't set one of our moderators I was really good as well but the the only other thing I would say as well of course is make sure you have all the I guess what this craze is gonna be like the prerequisite courses for blockchain stuff is complain have you read these Bitcoin book so you understand this part of the market yeah I guess stuff but once you do get that up and running you start taking whatever courses uh let us know so we can share it with the rest of the warriors because I'm sure there's other people watching I know I would take them as well because I want to learn Python that's like on my to-do list for the next 12 to 16 months so you start to find a good program also I appreciate you let me know oh yeah yeah every when I see say Ivan is it from noobs that's why I can only watch them kind of tap dance in and out right now because I'm still learning a lot of stuff but yep antonio say I haven't teach you from scratch so like I said people I'm on the same trainings with you uh I spoke to I can't remember I spoke to somebody earlier today Cameron was like uh somebody working at the spot I'm gonna go find some food at whatever but they were saying saying that hey like this is just Internet stuff and technology's getting even crazier like people are still saying that for a reason yeah like we are still at the beginning and Moore's law is still in effect right and I'm not gonna let behind in this way all right and last but not least here's the Bitcoin at friends Antonio said is too lit so I'm definitely checking out a couple other people says it's pretty funny but Bitcoin and Friends six episodes out I'm definitely on watching is Rogers choice I can only imagine on my way to El Oso these are okay here's the full episode 22 hours a 22-minute show mmm and it closes out let's do it on my way to LA and as this starts to play for the free cryptic coin what are we doing today oh yeah so for our free cryptic oi we saw that China is banning crypto mining do you think it's good because it will force people to buy it do you think it's bad let us know what you think put that cryptic coin address and we'll send those free coins to you there we go and shout the Malik Malik said he's taking a Python or udemy got busy but halfway through nice good stuff I'm actually retaking a job when I had done but I'm like I got busy I'm half way through it – all right 49 seconds vegan model name I know that is so la all right so my regular mill is the terrible areas it's like you know but a lot slower oh we're definitely checking this out i watch that check that out i he said is like email but slower I don't know why anybody would do it all right there we go other than that last night Alesia antonio say if you want to check out if you want job of free check out free code camp I think that's the way I actually used as well was the code camp want for my JavaScript courses so yeah oh yeah all right as always folks thanks for watching have a happy Tuesday make sure you smash that like and share in that subscribe buttom you enjoy this big noisy oh yeah that's all for me people alright Cheers hey

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  1. You two always know how to give information and make it interesting while making it funny at time. Great job!

  2. Terrible idea for China to ban mining. Not only are you taking away from average techie's that have invested hundereds if not thousands into their mining rig(s), you have companies that were banking on mining as a major ROI. Banning mining then encourages more people to underground and start mining illegally. Is China going to also ban the Honey miner app. I don't know how China thinks this is a win for them unless they are planning on monopolizing mining themselves to disperse that wealth to the community and overnment. Just me opnion. CRYP address – c1Zn7XvWByBUVzoCxjMn2zc3nmXNHNwDJCL

  3. Michael Vick has been doing the doggy do from NoVA to Baltimore to New York to, now, Michigan since, at least, 2007(Indicted Bad Newz Kennels owner). No cryptocurrency involved. He is an embarrassment to all. He should not be used as a model for anything.

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