Do Not Sell! Trust Me…You Need To Watch This. [Bitcoin Market Analysis]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily here at ulta coin daily the reason you subscribe is for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space it's very important that you watch this entire video got to watch the whole thing I'm about to try to prove to you as in I'm about to try and make a case provide support provide evidence that bitcoin is a great investment specifically what I mean by that is although I suspect that we will enter this year with a lot of sideways price action I think we're going to end 2019 with a bull run that will begin an uptrend that will last for the next three years straight possibly with a parabolic rise in the year 2021 know something that I want to try to convey to you right up front something I want you to take away from this video is that in my opinion right now is not a time to sell the time to sell has came and passed you know now is it time to buy hold or accumulate which is what I'm doing I'm accumulating and full disclosure what I'm about to show you is another person's work he's an expert his name is Bob Lucas and he's been a professional trader for over 25 years and more than that he's an expert on market cycles and I stumbled on his video just yesterday I mean I just got posted yesterday on January 11th 2019 it's very fresh and at the time of recording this video has less than 230 views has only 16 likes and it's on a channel with only 12 subscribers so I got to get this to your attention you know this video this information in this video it's too good for you not to know Plus and this is also very important I want to try and help this guy I want this guy because it's his ideas it's his thoughts I want his video to gain traction I'm gonna leave a link to his 25-minute video in the description do yourself a favor do him a favor watch his video he's the expert I mean I'm gonna sum it up for you but also make sure you head over to his channel and watch it and also make sure you like his video so that it's his video that possibly you know gets this traction and gets out there because this is great information ok let's get into it I'm going to sum up his points and I'm gonna play you parts of his video all right so let's start things off real straightforward you know that the market goes in cycles and there are big cycles there are small cycles there are cycles within cycles and for now let's focus on bitcoins 4-year cycles now maybe something you didn't know is that we're just ending a 4-year cycle and we are just about to begin the next four year cycle and to fully understand what is possible or what is probable within these next four years we need to look back and see what happened in the other four year cycles and which has only been – we have one that started in 2011 to the end of 2014 and we have one that started in 2015 until the end of 2018 or or right about now and we really can't go before 2011 because you know we can't really analyze 2009 or 2010 because it just really wasn't a lot of participation in the Bitcoin market at that time and we really don't have a good price history back then because you know Bitcoin really didn't have a price it was just a collectible for nerds at that time however in 2011 that is when we started to see more participation a lot more we started to see exchanges being developed most notably Mount GOx and for the first time we could analyze price data so let's go through bitcoins to four year cycles and what you're going to find and what I want you to notice is that in each cycle Bitcoin will spend about 70 to 75% of its time rising and about 25% it's time declining and each cycle is right skewed meaning that the high point the all-time high of that cycle does not happen in the center in the midpoint of the cycle but it happens skewed right meaning that for the first three years approximately Bitcoin will go on and run and for the last year Bitcoin will go on a decline okay so let's get into the first cycle alright so the first cycle begins in 2011 goes to 2014 for a total of 201 weeks and we spent 142 weeks about three years on an uptrend the final few months we had that parabolic rise for a total of seventy percent of the time in an uptrend and then 30% of the time or 59 weeks in a downtrend let's get to cycle number two all right so cycle number two begins in 2015 and although a lot of people associate at least the beginning of 2015 as part or a continuation of the prior bear market it's actually the start of the next four year cycle so as you can see the cycle starts off pretty flat a lot of sideways price action at first and I'm sure at this time just like right now there's a lot of despair a lot of uncertainty a lot of hopelessness but besides that there was a lot of accumulation going on you know not a lot of selling and this is when smart money was accumulating and then after several months we start seeing the price definitely go in an uptrend that uptrend lasted 152 weeks for about 75% of the four-year cycle and the uptrend ended as you remember late 2017 when Bitcoin rallied up all the way to almost $20,000 another parabolic rise and what you will notice is that just like the first cycle we have this three quarter uptrend and one quarter downtrend so this is us right now and what we have right now is what we're in is 50 week decline which is very similar to the 59 week decline that we saw in the first cycle and I'm not here to say that you know now the price is just gonna go up not here to say that we won't go any lower personally I think there's a very good chance that we will go lower than $3,000 I don't know the point of this is to show you that right now what we're seeing in the market is normal and that we're probably very close to bottom all right so what does this mean for us what does this mean for smart investors right now if you panic so right now you're gonna regret that for a very long time people who sold out right the nd they held on the held on they regretted that because they never will be able to get back in they saw the market move 50 percent from the lows even a hundred percent of the lows very rapidly and then seeing price 100 percent higher from the lows from when they sold out never allowed them the opportunity at least in their mind to get back in and establish in position and that was unfortunate because many of those people who also came back in later on in the cycle when it was well and truly in the advanced stage of a bull market ran and got in because they just couldn't take missing out on future gains and everybody talking about how much money they had me alright so we're just about to enter this new four-year cycle what can we expect in the next four years I'm gonna let Bob explain it to you just give you an idea of what we're looking at potentially in the future here so again let's go in and get some drawing tools here I want to show you first of all I want to draw out from this law I want to go out and let's go 150 weeks okay because that's kind of 145 let's just leave it at that I'm gonna take 145 weeks and take my blue bar and draw out there and then I'm going to take kind of the same tool and I'm gonna draw that out for 55 weeks and that's gonna represent the bad phase okay in total that should be around about 200 weeks or 210 weeks if I've done that correctly so I'll just take this just to confirm there's 200 bars 199 okay so that's close enough that's gonna certainly serve its purpose I'm gonna unlock the auto I'm gonna kind of try and bring this out and give you an idea now that if we're looking at a repeat here in the coming coming weeks either starting from a low this week or a low in February I think at this point when you look at the grand scheme of things here it's kind of irrelevant but now what we're looking at here is first of all another kind of winter period right so we rally back up but then it kind of chopped sideways for probably half of the year come back up and then it will start to break out of that range and this is where I start to build back up and build the base up here to test the twenty thousand dollar level and then I would think chopped sideways again for a little bit of a little bit of time there before it begins to then come out and gain a lot more attention and a lot more a lot more of a leveraged speculative bid at this point so at this point is kind of a stealth move and certainly at least the the base around the five to seven thousand dollar area knocking up against all this what was support would be now resistance once it breaks from that it's not going to have much attention people have already moved on I SEOs have for the most part either ran out of funds dried out capitulated salted off the many successful projects will remain but in general this is a cleansing this is the cleansing period of kind of bear mark or early bull market this is accumulation phase for new institutions or the savvy investors then when we start breaking out and starts to regain some of that price between 7,000 and 20,000 you're going to start to get more and more interest more media attention again until back to this $20,000 you know if you look at past charts if you look at this sort of move here and then this move that's the equivalent phase once starts to get back up to the old highs that's when it begins to accelerate and this is when it begins to sort of go parabolic let me see lose my chart higher now I'm gonna bring this up into this area here okay reconnect so this is kind of and obviously price you know somewhat arbitrary at this point I can really stop it at eighty thousand I can go up to a three hundred thousand I'm not trying to predict a price point in the future what I'm trying to tell you is that from a time-based approach we most likely will see another right translated four-year cycle that's gonna move up and kind of get up into this point here I would say around about the hundred to ten hundred thousand dollar range why is that because at that point we're looking at from the breaking up point of the the prior bull market it's a 10x extension so kind of you know eighteen thousand twenty thousand dollar level a 10x extension gets you a two hundred thousand dollars we had similar from this thirteen hundred all level we had almost a 20x extensions like a fifteen x extension we had similar extensions in the past from bull markets so getting up into the hundreds of twenty thousand dollar range is probably not unrealistic just a point on that let's talk a market cap at fifty six thousand dollars Bitcoin he becomes a one trillion market cap over 110-thousand becomes two trillion that's still as a significant amount but of course in relation to go an eight trillion it's still only twenty percent or 25 percent of that number and today when you look at bitcoins market cap at seventy to eighty billion dollars it is really a drop in the ocean consider that some of the sort of mid tier SMP companies have market caps in the fifty and seventy billion dollar range we're talking about just one company in the SP based in the US that's not even a top 30 or 40 has the market cap of Bitcoin I think once you start to rewrap your head around that you realize that we've all been focused on a nominal Bitcoin price for too long and that has clouded the fact that bitcoin is still grossly undervalued for the future potential that it provides and that's also because there's been a lot of media attention on the speculative 4-year bubbles that we see and the fact that we have a high sticker price of sort of you know eighteen twenty thousand but also what we hate to realize is that bitcoin has been priced since inception and one of the technology has been priced since inception feel alright like I said link in the description go over and watch the whole thing but we are early adopters I am accumulating and I really liked what this person said in the comments he or she said I don't see why this cycle wouldn't be time compressed compared to the last cycle there is vastly more awareness government action industry build-out in this cycle the whole space can move at the speed of software money can move at the speed of email I've really see the last cycle as the birth of awareness let me know your thoughts on this alright if you want to be a part of a channel that puts out daily content feel free to subscribe to altcoin daily join the team it is going to be a great year possibly great three to four years alright I will see you tomorrow my friends

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  1. its triple topped now, it might smack up against 4100 again and then tank down to 2k. Eventual target is 1200, thats where the long term support is.

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  3. Can't listen to anyone who calls any fiat currency a 'investment' …. im all for bitcoin and crypto as what its intended as… a currency… but when people start calling it an 'investment' I become skeptical. Those people don't seem to understand the purpose of bitcoin or what its meant to be used for, and if they cant understand those basics how can you take their advise on such a speculative topic? …. I mean; its like "investing' in the US Dollar, Euro, or British Pound… I mean, I guess you technically CAN do that… but… not what those things are really intended for… a person can invest in inflation and/or deflation of a fiat… sure but acting like thats what its for? Meh.

  4. 2 cycles, doesn't seem like a good sample size. What about all the other factors in play. This could easily just a coincidence, if you would even call it that because it's not like it's unlikely to be caused randomly..

  5. im not the brightest button , the fact that any Crypto so uncertain is why the losses can be huge aswell as the profits . How can you relate what happened year ago to 2017 crazy

  6. Can somebody please tell me how I can get into investing him bitcoin I am only 17 years old but very eager to learn. Thanks.

  7. Crypto is dead, not going to be a future currency as it stands because of its poor scalability and the ones that do scale well have some form of centralization involved. Even bitcoin is slowly becoming centralized as a result of the lightning network. Crypto needs to be redesigned. To that I say sell.

  8. I just invested into BTC after it bottomed out (Hopefully it never drops bellow $3,000) ,blew $600, I’ll be accumulating big time aswell, on the weekly.

  9. I would say cycles are intertwined with the halving instead – 2012, 2016, 2020 etc..

    And then the 4 years would instead be explained as in.
    Year 1: going up (2012, 2016, 2020)
    Year 2: going crazy up (2013, 2017, 2021)
    Year 3: capitulation and bear – mid of the cycle (2014, 2018, 2022)
    Year 4: stabilization phase and restarting of rise (2015, 2019, 2023)

    With that said we are still in year 3 now, moving to year 4. The halving is May 2020 so we might hit further lows till May before moving to stabilization phase in May/June 2019.

  10. @professional_cyberhacking on instagram they sent me 2 whole bitcoin for just 200$ i am really pleased and doing more bitcoin exchange with them you guy should try them quickly…

  11. Bitcoin saved my ass when I was I need.I put the little I had in my vanguard stock and bonds that never makes much into Bitcoin when I was drunk.My wife went jail so I couldn't work and I don't know how it worked but Bitcoin turned a little money into 2 new Audis played of credit cards and got me threw a tough time.The rooms on the beaches with my kids and restraint food we never had was something we never forget.Thank you who ever made Bitcoin
    I now buy Bitcoin when I can and every device I own is mining.I go with what works for me and performs for me.Fedral Reserve never done nothing for me.Bitcoin saved my ass.Ya

  12. I want to say this video has good content. Most of us can agree that we do not know where this market is going to end up. The true believers in BTC are the ones who own a trezor or ledger wallet and are stocking their wallets with it somewhere safe. I truly believe this currency will change the world even more so than it already has. If you do not fully understand bitcoin there is an audiobook out there called "the bitcoin standard" i would check out. It will fill you in with some good knowledge on why bitcoin is valuable and why it will most likely remain valuable. As always Great work Alcoin Daily!!!!

  13. Skycoin releasing three mainnet launches in 2019!

  14. I used to disbelieve that BTC can reach such high levels as 100k +. But that was simply because I didn't understand the macroeconomic / game theory aspect of the equation. Sad, because I'm trained in economics. However, I'm beginning to see the bigger picture. I'm rooting for bitcoin, while also investing in other coins as well. Here's to the future!

  15. If it was proven that 4-year investment cycles were so clear, so many more people could make better investment decisions. But stock, gold, or other investments follow much wilder trends. Where is the critical thinking here? Should I trust a trader who got less than 100 views as your source of knowledge? Altcoin Daily, man — where is your mind here? Especially considering your ignorance of the first four year period. These two don't look very similar to each other, especially the first two-years. What arbitrary conclusions.

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