1. I am not Satoshi, but I do have access to his coins… but you won't believe me… Watch my BTC wallets on 27th May at 12:00 GMT for proof. Be ready.

  2. This dude has no shame. His words are hollow now. All he cares about now is monetizing his channel. Nothing of any substance. He sold out. His subs are bailing on him left and right. It's a shame to, because initially he showed some potential. Now its just click bait after click bait….

  3. Can’t believe the mileage you get out of mcafees tweets, you are relentless. I guess YouTube is your only source of income.

  4. I can’t believe how often you make videos.

    Crazy amount of work.

    Great job at grinding!!!

  5. Anybody notice that vids like this come up everytime the price drops? Like it's obvious. I'll get a notification about this dude's vids, it'll say something like"don't worry!", or "don't ever sale!", I them go Anna's check my bitcoin balance, and of course, it's fallen off a cliff. Like every time. I'm never gonna dale anyway, considering I've already lost so much of my investment, it wouldn't make since for me.

  6. I had a friend asking me about buying BTC. I told him "don't buy it because I told you I think it's a good investment. Do your own research on it and decide for yourself if you feel it would be a good investment for you. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR INVESTING IN!" A week later after the price shot up I talked to him and he said he was going to get some but wanted to learn more about it but he had $200 to put in. He bought some that day at about $7200. As one of those holders I discovered I can only recover my loss by trading what I have left, I was busy making research on how I could make profit to recover my losses and came in contact with Walter Aarav, A pro trader who helped me not only in recovering my loss using his strategies but also showed me how I can make 6Btc weekly with 1btc, How great and effective his strategies are, if you have lost so much in trading crypto and want to recover all your loss or you are a newbie in the crypto life you can reach out to Edwin on Email *[email protected] com *

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