DLive Is Overly Centralized And Misleading | EP#189

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today I want to make a quick video just briefly covering the
change for D live merging with theta Network and how this really doesn’t fix
all of the underlying issues that they had before with centralization and
barely really using their cryptocurrency or the blockchain and you know and I’ll
explain why by sharing my screen and and showing you directly on D live because
just the other day somewhat of a more prominent crypto influencer said that
while he’s a D livestreamer go figure but he said that he watched one of my
videos previously talking about D live and he said I was just generalizing and
saying what I think about the network and like I didn’t know what I was
talking about I don’t really need to speculate I can literally just show you
right now what is wrong with this platform and it’s really easy
I’ve dealt I’ve already gone through everything before today I want to just
go over some of the really really obvious things that that really just
make this not viable especially not decentralized so to get
your money that you’ve earned also the minimum that you can that you can
withdraw is is four thousand two hundred fifty Lionel points I swear before I
remember it personally this is just from what I remember it was like twenty five
hundred I think they upped it but maybe not
regardless originally I bought like 1500 and then I realized oh wow like I can’t
even get that back until I’ve earned like $40 worth or something I don’t
understand why that’s the case because again if this was a real cryptocurrency
how could there be a minimum value that you can withdraw right
to withdraw you need to upload a government ID that’s insane to to take
your own money and it’s not even like oh you earned it and then you want to take
it you might have literally bought it for some reason you’re allowed to buy it
without an ID but you can’t take it back without an ID so this is the only
platform I’ve ever seen that requires an ID to take your own money and do what
you want with your own money that’s probably the most egregious if we
actually look at line oh yeah so so this is lion-o again I don’t really consider
this a real cryptocurrency because they control everything they control the
price it’s completely centralized you can’t even take your money back without
an ID which is insane to me and yet previously you could just get
your money and it’s getting more centralized ironically they’re saying
it’s becoming more decentralized and you know more blockchain the more moving
towards the values behind blockchain technology but they’re really moving
away from it and yeah like so I almost have about 2000 but again you can’t get
your money back unless you withdraw at four thousand two hundred and fifty and
you upload your ID and I’m not going to do either because I’m not going to earn
that much and I’m not going to give them more money in hopes that I could get my
money back again they they sell it at the price that they set which again they
could also change at any time so get lion-o points so if I wanted to buy 88
today it’s a dollar fifty three and I would I also don’t know why they have
these really weird bounces that you have to buy at right because I just want four
thousand two hundred fifty so I and just get my money back so apparently
I would have to buy 2888 for the reason is beyond me
and that would cost me $36 and then I would be able to upload my ID and then
finally get all my money back it would just be such a hassle and I don’t know
why anyone doesn’t see this right away I mean here’s the thing I understand why
people like D live they’re coming from twitch they see that there’s no fees for
the money that they’re earning and they think this is amazing this is also a new
platform it’s much easier to get started there is an amazing value proposition
for people leaving twitch and coming here for people who are coming here for
the blockchain aspect for the decentralization they’re all being
misled Alex Jones was banned off of this platform it is not censorship resistant
it’s unfortunate because PewDiePie endorsed this platform but he didn’t
know I guarantee he doesn’t know because he’s probably looking at it from the
lens of like twitch to this he’s not really looking into the fact that you
know you can only withdraw after after 4250 you need to upload a government ID
it’s line upon line o points are not traded on any exchange the price is
solely determined by the company and again could be changed at any time you
buy 4,000 today next week they might decide that it’s worth half as much now
sorry you know it’s not determined by the market it’s not determined by
anything aside from what they decide and yeah I mean it’s just so obvious it has
nothing to do with the theta network regardless that the theta network
improves their use of the blockchain or somehow decentralizes more if it takes
them to 50 million users if any of that stuff happens that’s great but the basic
stuff that they’ve set up here is just so
anteye blockchain crypto the values of that like because no one wants to give
their government ID just to be able to to take their own money whether or not
you even earned if you just bought just to take your stuff back you need to give
your government ID that’s insane that is insane that’s like imagine if
you went to the store one day and you bought something and then you wanted to
return it all you need is a receipt and when you go up and you give them a
receipt they say I need to see a driver’s license and you say I don’t
have a driver’s license because I don’t drive and they say sorry you can’t get
your money back because even though it’s your money
we’ve decided to now lay some big obstacle in between and we know you
don’t want to give up this information but we’re gonna demand it if we’re going
to allow you they say it’s for anti money laundering yeah D live does not store any of your
personal info I don’t I don’t believe that either you also have to be 16 years
or older okay so so what happens then why why can’t why don’t you have to be
16 years or older to purchase you could be a 13 year old and you could purchase
lie no but if you want to take your money back you can’t now honestly the
fact that people don’t just see this and recognize this right away I mean I
understand why this guy said that on Twitter because he’s a D live streamer
so naturally the only people who are really going to be upset with this
information and and you know clash with the stuff that I’m putting out is
because their D live streamers like no one else is going to refute this they’re
gonna come on here and be like yeah why would I upload an ID that’s insane
why would I have this minimum of four thousand 250 why would I trust
lyonell points that aren’t on exchanges are anywhere in the price is completely
determined by the company they’ve been claiming that they were going to
actually start using the blockchain for years and years and even if they finally
do now all of this all the stuff they’ve set up is still the most centralized
effort it doesn’t even matter if they start using the blockchain finally so
you know you you can you can claim that I’m speculating or giving my opinion or
generalizing or whatever you want to do but it’s it’s self-evident if you just
go and look at the website and you just based like to jump around a few of their
tabs related to lino and you can see all the information yourself this isn’t my
opinion this is just this is what it is and it’s really centralized it’s really
on ideal again great value proposition for twitch users who aren’t concerned
about you know maybe the value changing or all the sketchy shit that’s going in
the background but you know I think anyone who uses blockchain platforms
crypto monetized platforms can clearly see that this is an egregious platform
to be going around claiming that it is a blockchain platform and that it is a
crypto monetized platform where you can earn cryptocurrency I felt like I had to
make this video today because it’s just it’s so ridiculous it’s honestly so
ridiculous that people actually think that these guys are out for their best
interest they previously used to be on Steam they abruptly left steam and
abandon all of their users and everyone was dumbfounded and they’re like what
happened and they moved to lino and they’ve been on here there for almost
like a year two years now and nothing has really changed I wouldn’t be
surprised if they switch I mean for me seeing that they’re you know merging
with the theta Network seems more of a another like attempt at
being able to claim that they’re doing some radical change again because
they’re always making well every like year or so they make some radical change
that doesn’t really fix anything or make anything better it’s just a change so
that they can say you know like we’re we’re making strides we’re doing things
differently we’re you know making improvements so to speak but yeah I I
think people are more than likely gonna get scammed or maybe this will go up to
50 million users and then people will eventually turn around and like smear me
for pointing out that it’s extremely centralized extremely like it’s not good
for the users of the platform and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of
great live streaming blockchain alternatives so I don’t blame them for
using this but to go around claiming that it isn’t very centralized and it
isn’t prone to censorship and and all these terrible things that they have set
up with this platform that is just blind loyalty and you’re just happy that
you’re doing so well on this new platform and it’s going so well that you
gotta try to like smite down anyone who is pointing out the obvious flaws and for me the most important thing on on a
blockchain platform is free speech so anti censorship like or censorship
resistant right actually using the blockchain to some extent or at least
decentralized if you’re not gonna use the blockchain at least decentralized to
some degree right mine’s calm they only really use the
blockchain for the crypto currency that you can boost with but they tried to
decentralize as best as they can they don’t involve themselves in disputes
unless it’s basically a legal issue they they give all the tools to the users
even like the jury system they’re trying to take
the centralization out of moderation they are making strides for
decentralization D live is not if anything it actually seems more
centralized than the last time I reviewed it
hey everyone so I wanted to jump back on real quick because I ended this and I
was in the middle of editing and I realized that um I thought it was
interesting to point out that whether you’re paying in Amazon pay which is odd
that they switched from PayPal to Amazon because I don’t think one is better or
worse than the other you have to pay a huge fee on top of whatever you buy
these are selling for basically 0.17 whereas if you just pay with
cryptocurrency it’s selling each line of point for point zero one two so ascent
and then a 1/5 of a cent on top of that so it is extremely cheaper to use crypto
but I think it’s really weird that there’s completely different pricing for
the two now you could just argue that’s based on fees but another thing that I
thought was really interesting was in April they made it so that if you buy
off of their app if you happen to be using their app and you were unaware
you’re also paying 30% fees if you buy through the app and I’m pretty sure most
people are using the app so this is just a way to like screw people over because
they don’t realize they could just go buy it on the website for 30% cheaper
honestly I think the majority of the stuff D live is doing is extremely
misleading and just very disingenuous and yeah it recommends that you use
cryptocurrency because there’s no there’s no extra fees but they don’t
even look it says this option is not available in the United States that’s
the majority of the user base so they can’t use crypto currencies they have to
pay all the extra fees plus if they’re buying it on a on a mobile app they’re
paying another 30% Wow that’s insane
the I honestly if people don’t recognize that this is like regardless of the
theta Network the theta network doesn’t even matter at this point it’s the fact
that it’s extremely misleading they’re charging crazy fees every buying it in
different countries and different applications it’s all different prices
no one else does this at least not in blockchain and crypto is it’s just it’s
one price that’s it why would there be all these different prices why would
there be a 30% fee if you decide to buy it on your phone
you know like honestly I don’t know what I don’t know what else to say you guys
it’s it’s funny that people will criticize my previous videos talking
about D live and it really just inspires me to come back and see what else
they’ve done wrong and I just end up finding so many more things that are
just so much more worse that you’d think they would just be like okay okay never
mind never mind stop stop you know poking the bear cuz I’ll come
and I’ll double check and see what else is going terribly wrong with Lionel
points and D live and it honestly seems to be worse every time I check so it’s
pretty hilarious that people you know get me slowly to come back and take a
look at it because I honestly would love to come back and be like you know what
maybe I was wrong let’s take a look and then I look and then it’s way worse
I’m just gonna share that because it’s important to know especially when
they’re saying oh maybe this will go up to 50 million users and it’s really
unfortunate because I just looked at the website and right this minute PewDiePie
is streaming and that’s that’s all the influence they need to just take over
the live-streaming market for blockchain even though they’re not really using it
at all and it’s just it’s completely bogus yeah let me know you guys think it’s
crazy feel free to point out something that I
got wrong though I mean I was just like verbatim showing you what I was looking
at and reading it to you and it’s from the D live website that’s why it’s like
it’s hard to say that it’s an opinion where I’m generalizing or speculating
because it’s just right there in front of you but again feel free to let me
know what you guys think make sure to comment hashtag number one ham if you
watched all the way to the very end of this video thank you so much for
watching don’t forget to come and like him subscribe comment like and subscribe
you are amazing have an amazing day I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness
signing off Cheers

8 thoughts on “DLive Is Overly Centralized And Misleading | EP#189”

  1. Thought your first video on this was clear enough. Not surprised to see someone supporting that platform themselves dismiss your thoughts as generalizations.

    Pewdiepie also ought to know better at some point.

  2. I have been suspicious of dLive ever since they moved off the Steem blockchain in favour of their own “blockchain”. That move away from Steem alway had the stink on Ponzi scheme to it.

    Disappointing that PewDiePie fell for it.

  3. Some inside info for you:

    30% is the transaction fee that Google and Apple apply to in app purchases. Most companies will hide transaction fees by accepting a lower profit margin.

    Especially since Apple forbids you from linking to alternative purchasing options if those are cheaper then an in app purchase.

  4. Every other day I'm looking for news about this "Dlive" concept with Lino points… but all the reddit posts are 4-6 months old? thought it would be a kind of big thing to dissect since Pewdiepie joined. I got the impression that they have like 99% Lino points "locked". I know nothing to little about crypto but if people are using it to donate, what's preventing them (the owners) from siphoning from this supply to make themselves rich? Where is even the real money located?

  5. I'm suspicious myselfe of Lino, thats why I watched this video, cus I want to learn more about what their system is going to be. However either I am missing somehing important (which I am since im looking for more information) and maybe you also are.
    From what I understand.

    1. Lino is NOT a crypto currency (YET), it also said that when I bought some Lino points a few months back.
    Their goal as I can tell is to soon convert Lino into a cryptocurrency.
    As I understand it Dlive and Lino has been a test for this so far.
    Since it currently is not a crypto currency but just a coin, ofc it will be centralized, and also not tradeable on any exchange.

    2. IDA: When they are making the switch, and making Lino a cryptocurrency, you will NOT be donating Lino to streamers as Lino will be a crypto currency the market will fluctuate hence that will not make it a sutible donation currency.
    From the lino team
    "Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, large price swings are inevitable and hence they are not optimal to be used for daily transactions. Just imagine: A 20% drop in your cryptocurrency value for the past months earnings due to fluctuations in price. Which content creator would find this acceptable? That’s why IDA is designed to be used for donations and gifting without worrying about price fluctuation. Moreover, IDA is superior to fiat currencies in the Lino model since it’s programmable and all related economic behaviors can be recorded onto the blockchain."
    The IDA coin will be called Lemon on the Dlive site. Any other app/website developer that wishes to build their site/app on the Lino currency and then also use the IDA coin can call the IDA coin what ever they want, but it will be the same.
    For clarification IDA and Lino will not be the same thing, but they will be linked (here is where I would want some more information)

    You can learn more about IDA here https://docs.lino.network/blockchain/ida.html

    3. Since Lino is not YET a crypto currency you can ofc not trade it on any exchange. This is where I am looking for more information regarding their plan so I can see how serious they are about this.

    I have a million question marks regarding their plan and how it will be, but you seem just like me to be missing alot of information. What you say in this video does not correlate with the little research i've been able to do. And you seem to be mistaken as to what Lino is now, and what they plan it to be.
    I sugest you read the Lino whitepapers https://docsend.com/view/g69mipj
    Sorry for any bad grammer, I'm not native eng.

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