DJcoin ICO – Cryptocurrency for DJs (PARODY)

Hey guys DJ Ravine here! Have you guys
ever wondered what life would be like with a DJ related cryptocurrency? Me neither!
Presenting DJcoin. DJcoin, the premier blockchain solution for taking requests
on the dancefloor. And with the power of the blockchain you can see which songs have
been requested live. Oh and there’s no need to worry about the value of DJ coin
it’s always gonna be and the value of the DJcoin, let me tell you the value of
DJ coin hahaha! Remember we’re strictly limited to 128 quadrillion DJ coin so
make sure you send your dogecoin to this address right now. If you have any more
questions feel free to consult our whitepaper. And if you have any positive
feedback I’m happy to accept it. If have any negative feedback Go fuck yourself

40 thoughts on “DJcoin ICO – Cryptocurrency for DJs (PARODY)”

  1. Guide to "Deejaying"
    Use premade mixes, you're sure that people will like the music and nothing is worse than messing up right?
    Plus it gives you an extra time to put your hand in the air and to turn usless knobs and faders, because it's all about the show, make it look like you're buisy!
    If you're stupid and want to risk mixing anyways, remember to use sync, as said before it's all about the visual show so gaining that extra time by sync to put your hands in the air can really enhance your Dj set!
    And remember to play all the greatest pop hits! You can't go wrong!

  2. i got that last line of "go fuck yourself" and im slowly turning it into vocal chops for a song. iIl post to the address when im done XD

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