DIY Money Separator – (coin sorter)

Coin separator,that is made out of
cardboard and plastic bottles Let’s Make it ok you will need 22 by 16 inches and foldable part is 22 by 5 inches Also 2 triangle shapes of cardboard you will need to cut with glue for paper,we gona glue the triangle parts and you gonna get something like this,In
description I’ll put template with dimensions This 16”by 1” paper piece,we gona glue it under 25 degrees angle Of course you will need little calibration for coins to roll properly properly On highest end of this piece we’re gonna
glue small paper slot for inserting coins and give them right direction Next you will cut 3 plastic bottles and stick them
up to the cardboard Push pins we gonna place it under each plastic container,distance between push pin and slide paper is calibrated by which type of
coin will passing thru Great project for your kids and learn them how to save
money.Like this video and hackscribe to my channel American Hacker siya in four
days with new project

35 thoughts on “DIY Money Separator – (coin sorter)”

  1. kinda redundant. you are putting in one coin at a time. why not go ahead and put it in the bottle. cool idea, though.

  2. In your land the coins have a other size, but in my land all coins has the same size?
    But you has a like from me, because for play coins it is good?

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