Discussing Mix Acuity With Jonathan Brown | EP#161

Hey everyone I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness than today we’re here with Jonathan Brown who is the CEO and
founder of mix and can you start off just by telling us a little bit about
yourself I’m actually I’m from Northern Ireland originally and I’ve been
essentially traveling around the world for the past few years I’ve been a web
developer I was part of the Drupal community for 10 years and then in in
2013 I got into into Bitcoin and then aetherium and I wanted to build a
decentralized publishing platform essentially a decentralized reddit so
I’ve been I’ve been working on that for the past four years and the the project
it’s really it’s it’s become usable for the first time so now we have a desktop
application awesome awesome so with everything that you’ve got going on how
busy is your day like what does your day look like on on an average basis it
depends I’ve been working very hard this this summer to actually to put out the
app so it’s you know it can be a combination of doing a lot of work with
with with development but then you know there’s a whole other side to the
project with with with making videos you know writing right doc writing
documentation so there’s there’s a lot of different things I have to work on
yeah yeah absolutely well let’s just get right into it can you start off by just
giving us a brief introduction to mix yes so mix is based on a clone of
aetherium and it’s it uses IP FS so these are the the two main technologies
so anytime you you publish a piece of content there’s a non shame transaction
and the content itself will be stored in a file in in ipfs so it can be it can be
propagated so everyone who wants to see your content
but one of the one of the main distinguishing features is that almost
everything you do is a non change transaction so even if you have an emoji
reaction to a piece of content that’s still on a non change transaction so
this means it’s it’s it’s totally unsensible that’s awesome just for
anyone who isn’t aware of what ipfs is do you want to just give a quick summary
yes so ipfs in in some ways it’s actually quite similar to to BitTorrent
but it’s it’s created twenty years after BitTorrent so it’s a it’s a
decentralized file system so you publish a file on your computer you get an
identifier and then anyone in the world who has that identifier they can request
that file and ipfs will will find and will find it somewhere so that might be
on the computer of the person who originally published the file or maybe a
lot of people are actually sharing the file and maybe someone sitting next to
you already has the file and in that case I’d be it fast will just get it
from the from the person next to you so this is it’s a very modern system for
distributing files and it’s essentially a modern replacement for for HTTP yeah
absolutely absolutely so your your site in your
project shares a massive ecosystem with a bunch of other big names in blockchain
do you want to share a little about how you got that going and how that all
works yeah I mean I’ve you know I’ve I’ve done a lot of research selecting
different technologies you know what I wanted to use and so obviously you know
I settled on aetherium and ipfs I use another technology from
from Google called protocol buffers so that’s that’s the technology for
actually you know storing any kind of any kind of content into a binary file
and I use another open source technology from Google calls called bratli so
that’s a very powerful compression algorithm so it actually
comes it it comes prepackaged with a built-in dictionary so most you know
most compression algorithms you have to give them a large amount of content so
they can actually become more efficient so they’re not good at compressing small
files whereas with a lot of content if you’re just you know typing in a you
know a few words in a comment or a blog post or something it won’t necessarily
compress that well with with regular compression but with with with broadly
even even a small piece of content can be can be shrunk down so that’s that’s
an important an important part of the technology stack yeah absolutely
absolutely so um so what gave you the idea to start this I know you talked
about you wanted to kind of create a decentralized reddit but how did how did
it all start like when did you first start to to start you know getting the
idea start actually putting into action and how did that play out so I think it
was around 2015 notes so I don’t know if you’re familiar with the whole block
size scaling debate in in Bitcoin obviously with with Bitcoin we’ve got
the the one megabyte blocks and then with with Bitcoin cache we we’ve got 32
megabyte locks and that sort of thing you know so I was in my mind my
expectation for Bitcoin was always that the block should you know keep
increasing in size and it’s up to the the miners to actually you know they
they should be able to decide if they want to mine a large block and then they
get to you know that’s a risk for them if they mine a block that’s that’s too
big and so it kind of became clear to me just from the sentiments online that’s
you know we weren’t going to have large blocks so I was kind of disappointed
with that and then at the same time aetherium was really coming to fruition
so there was so much creativity happening in aetherium and
then it seemed like Bitcoin was reaching this this dead end so I thought right
I’m just going to start going into aetherium
and it’s it really it makes so much sense to me that when you publish any
kind of message like even if it’s just a tweet or an image or a video you should
be able to publish with without an intermediary and it just seems so wrong
that you know we’re all using these these centralized corporations to
publish our messages through and so this is really tied in to what was happening
with with with the block size debate because there was actually a lot of
censorship going on on on the Bitcoin subreddits and with the the Bitcoin talk
websites and yeah I just I find that frustrating and it was a very clear
example of how censorship can just control the narrative to the extent that
you know the vast majority of people don’t even know that it’s happening you
know it’s you have the situation where you know if you look at a subreddit you
know you don’t know what hasn’t been well you don’t know what’s been censored
because you you can’t see it and and this this this really affects like all
whole communities and this is just one example so you know so this this is one
one catalyst for why I wanted to build decentralized social media but yeah it’s
more more broadly just it makes it makes so much sense to me so that that summer
that was summer of 2015 and aetherium launched I I learned the the solidity
programming language and started thinking about how you know how would it
be possible to actually build build a decentralized publication platform with
with this technology and yeah that was really the the genesis of it and and now
four years later all the smart contracts are or mature and
I have a desktop app although it’s it’s actually it’s not running on the
etherium main that it’s running on a clone of aetherium it’s a separate
blockchain mmm yeah yeah I tested it out a little bit myself so let’s talk about
mixing its is it mix acuity is that how you pronounce it yeah yeah awesome
awesome so mix acuity how does it work and what is the benefit of people using
it and how do they get started okay so it’s it’s really I’ve just launched the
stable version in the past few weeks so it’s it’s it’s the first version that’s
actually usable but there’s there’s still a lot of usability improvements so
just just yesterday I was actually I did a onboarding session so it was my first
time of being able to have a group of people in a room together with everybody
creating their accounts and that was it’s very interesting I mean there
weren’t any shoe stopping bugs so it was good that it’s it all works but of
course it did it’s it’s very revealing when you have a group of people you know
not familiar with the project you’ve been working on for four years and then
you know of course they they need a little guidance with the user interface
because you know they’re not familiar with it and so there’s a lot of tweaks I
can make to make it more user friendly but the basic idea with with mix
security is that it’s a desktop app for for Windows Mac and Linux so you can you
can install it on your system and it actually when the first time you run it
so it will set up a full node for for mix blockchain and it will run ipfs so
these are the two main technologies so it just takes about it might take one
minute to so get set up the first time and then it brings you into the
application and you have to know you can create an account and well to do that
you actually need a small amount of the mix cryptocurrency so that that is
it is a barrier to entry but because you’re you know because you’re paying
for your own transactions you’re paying to publish even though it’s just this
this tiny fee it’s you know it’ll be you know a hundredth of of one u.s. cents so
you know to publish a comment or whatever you still need a little bit and
you need a little bit to get started so to publish your your accounts but then
once once you’re in then you can you can add your friends to a trust Network so
this is the system of controlling who you’re getting content from it’s it’s
very important on a on a decentralized system you know there’s no there’s
there’s no parental figures controlling you know what what’s happening on the
platform so it’s more like with with the regular web so you’re kind of it’s your
responsibility for who you’re interacting with what you’re publishing
what you’re consuming so having a trust network of people you know you want to
receive content from that’s that’s a really important way just to control
your experience and so how the the trusted accounts system works is that
you know obviously you’re you’re adding people that you trust but then everyone
you trust has their own pool of people that that they trust so any you know if
you’re looking at a for example a comment hierarchy or you know maybe
someone’s posted a blog post and then people are discussing it below then
you’re really gonna see comments from either someone you trust directly or
maybe the author of the comment is trusted by someone you trust so you have
that that extra degree of separation so what this actually means is that you
know you’re you’re kind of curating you you’re you’re curating people for the
people that’s that trust you so you know if someone’s going to trust use their
kind of relying on you how a good selection of people that you
trust and you know maybe you know if you start trusting a few people who are like
publishing you know a little quality content then you know people are gonna
start on trusting you so that’s kind of the that’s kind of the mechanism for for
controlling you know just receiving receiving high-quality content and so on
one question there would it be like obvious if I saw a you know a spammy
post would it be obvious that that came from you know so-and-so from my network
of trust like would I be able to easily identify that and if you click on the on
the username of the person who’s published the comment so then you see a
lot of information about about that user so first of all you’ll have a shield
icon so this is it’s kind of like on on Twitter where obviously you know the the
authorities on Twitter they can decide who gets the the check mark for
authenticity and to an extent sort of approved opinions maybe and with follow
defeat yeah yeah yeah so it’s it’s it looks like that but actually you get to
decide every user gets to decide who who gets the tick so this is actually this
is how it’s indicated if some if you either you trust someone directly or
you’re trusting them via an intermediate tree so if if the shield is kind of just
the the outline of the shield then that means you’re not trusting them at all if
it’s a shield with a tick that means you’re trusting them directly but if
it’s just a filled-in shield then this means that you’re not trusting them
directly but there’s an intermediate tree and then further down in profile
page it can actually it’ll give you a list of all the it’s called like trusted
that trusts so it’s like a list of people you trust that trust them so you
know maybe if you’re thinking well who is who is giving me this this
low quality person I don’t want to see their content and then it gives you the
list of you know who is the the intermediate Ruiz okay but but then you
can actually you can you can override the trust system so you know maybe that
that one intermediate or II you’re like well I want to be trusting this person
and there’s just this one other account they’re trusting that I I don’t want to
see that one so you can actually you can over you can override the trusted
account system for for any given account you can give them a hard blacklist or or
a hard whitelist so if you know if you blacklist someone this means you know no
matter who is trusting them you’re just never gonna see their content or if you
whitelist it means that you’re not actually adding them to your trust
network so no one else knows that you you trust them but you’re always gonna
see their content so the the white listing and black listing that’s
actually that’s just stored locally in the application so no one knows who your
white listing a blackboard or black listing so that’s kind of that’s an
important feature because you know you don’t always want it to be to be known
publicly who’s you know who’s in your network mmm yeah absolutely
okay yeah that uh that that’s really interesting in terms of in terms of the
trust network is there a way to see kind of everything like if you just wanted to
like regardless of who you trust it or didn’t trust like especially I’m
assuming when people are first starting off you might just want to see
everything that’s out there is there a way to just completely just turn that
all off and just see everything or you know toggle between that at times so if
if you look directly at a piece of content then it always brings up that
piece of content so this this trusted accounts filtering that’s more you know
if you’re looking at a specific topic you know which which pieces of contents
appear under the topic or in in terms of replies so yeah if you go directly to a
piece of content you it will come up in front of you but yeah there is
it would be fairly easy for me to add that option just kind of display
everything so yeah maybe I’ll add that to the to the app because yeah that can
be useful and depending on on what you’re actually doing you know you know
maybe you’re in your little community and actually you know just having this
distrust Network is fine for you want to talk to but if you’re you know if you’re
looking at you know hotel reviews on the other side of the world you know the
person posting that review is not necessarily hippie somewhere in your
trust network so in that situation you do have to you might be more it might be
more suitable to have you know some some other system of moderation yeah yeah
absolutely absolutely so where would you say that your project fits in with other
projects that are similar or or how does yours stand out from you know projects
that are somewhat similar in in in the in the social blockchain realm well
there’s there’s so much innovation going on I mean I really believe that there’s
going to be a an explosion if these decentralized social media platforms I
mean like I could just mention how you know any any developer on these
platforms is a first-class citizen so although I’ve I’ve built my platform you
know any any developer can do whatever they want they can extend the platform
in any way and that’s you know the potential for developers just to you
know just to innovate is you know that’s that’s huge and so I I think you know
that’s one of the most important reasons why you know these these old giants of
social media will will start looking pretty archaic because they’re so you
know they’re so inflexible and so you know with with these new you know with
with these new social media platforms coming online they all though they all
have a similar goal of you know being decentralized being censorship resistant
and so on everyone is innovating in in very
different ways I mean it’s it’s incredible just to see there’s so many
different different approaches are being are being taken you know obviously with
with with steam so that’s you know that’s you know they’ve been around for
years now they’re one of the you know the first real decentralized social
media platforms and obviously they’ve had a lot of traction and then there’s
there’s so many more projects coming online so a big distinction this kind of
is it just a clone of Twitter but it’s still centralized you know so obviously
with with something like gab where a lot of you know people may be further on on
the right they weren’t happy with where’s Twitter you know which tends to
be more more kind of left-leaning so then mm-hmm you know they thought well
okay we’re just gonna make a home for ourselves with with our own platform but
it’s still it’s it’s it’s as far as I can tell it’s it’s basically it’s very
similar to Twitter and it’s also it’s it’s kind of a centralized platform so
it’s just like in a way that’s kind of decentralized because you’re just it’s
it’s like how you can you can choose your search engine so like search is
kind of decentralized but it will try to decentralized but it’s not really
decentralized yeah yeah and you know so when people start you
know using more decentralized technologies such as as as ipfs as
blockchain you know this is this is the way to really make platforms that are
totally uncontrolled and so you know when I watched lots of interviews with
other you know other people working on decentralized social media I try out
different different platforms and then at some point there’s you know you you
get it someone will ask them a really good question that kind of like just
gets guessed directly to the point like you know what if you know what if this
happens what if well what if kind of unsavory characters
come on come on the platform and then you know it’s it’s very revealing how
how they respond to that because quite often you know almost every
decentralized social media platform has you know they do have that you know even
if you just have that tiny bit of control that’s enough where they they
have the ability to censor and if you have that ability then you really you
have to use it you know in extreme circumstances because otherwise it’s
it’s a responsible yeah as if you know with the original design of the web
which is decentralized you know anyone can publish what they want on a website
anyone can can look at what they want so you know we we don’t have people talking
about well yeah it’s it’s okay to censor these topics because you know they’re
wrong so we have to censor them you know there wasn’t that discussion with the
web because it wasn’t actually it wasn’t possible not really it’s it’s you know
just to actually shut down a website you know requires some you know some fairly
strong government action it doesn’t actually happen overtly
very often so that’s that’s kind of a clear thing like is is the platform
really decentralized or is it not and then of course you know people quite
quite often ask the question with blockchain projects like why why put it
on a blockchain so there’s like there’s a platform called secure scuttlebutt I’m
not sure if you’re familiar with that I haven’t heard of that no I’ll have to
check it out though so that’s I’m not that familiar with it but I’ve seen it a
few interviews with the founder and it seems like they’ve got a lot of traction
so it’s I think the developers from New Zealand and it’s an example of how you
can do decentralized social media without without a blockchain
oh so it’s and and the the technologies you choose it really affects you know
the the properties of the system you know for one thing you know you have
you some technology some technologies are more ephemeral than others
so if if you do have have the blockchain it means if maybe in a hundred years
time if you have some you know some some digital archaeologists and they they
want to know like what were people saying back then because it’s on the
blockchain because these these ipfs hashes are being written into the
blockchain we can you know it’s it’s such a strong records you know
everything is time-stamped on the blockchain so this is like the in some
ways it’s like the most extreme form of decentralized social media because it’s
it’s totally uncontrolled but it’s also it’s you know every every single thing
you do is archive for for eternity you know so it’s it’s kind of a funny
feeling you know you’re just like typing a reply to someone and then you know you
hit published and then you know that that’s you know until the end of
civilization that’s that’s going to be there whereas if you’re on a more
ephemeral platform then that’s not necessarily going to be the case but
then that that has its own its own use cases you know every every platform
works in a in a different way and then you know ultimately the user
has to us to decide you know for any you know for any given purpose you know how
you know do they want to spend a small fee to publish or you know are they just
putting out a lot of a lot of communication that isn’t even going to
matter you know in a month’s time and so you know maybe it’s better to use a
different platform for that mm-hmm yeah and I think Steam does something well
steam does something similar with that when in terms of like messaging other
people you have to send some sort of like amount of steam to actually message
someone so I think that people from that community it’ll be pretty familiar
coming over to here and and I think that’s really important for you know
combating spam and and all the rest of it you have to have some sort of
deterrence there as well as you know you want the people who are using it to
actually be invested in some sense like have a little bit of skin in
the game if they’re going to be you know saying whatever they’re going to say so
where do you see the project going in the next year and then in the next like
five years okay so the the main thing for the next year is to really get
people using the application and there’s you know there’s different reasons why
people would we want to do that so it’s you know some people are experiencing
you know real pain you know some people are being the platform
demonetized you know so you know there is kind of real anger existing for some
people on on the existing platform so this is you know this is an opportunity
for them to to try something new and then of course the other thing is the
the innovation so actually at the moment there’s there’s so much low-hanging
fruit for me there’s there’s so many things I can implement in the
application so I just I just want to keep going and adding adding new
features and you’re getting feedback from users but yeah really just to you
know expand the number of users and to get real traction on the site and to see
see how the trust network evolves I mean there’s there’s so many interesting
things like you know anyone can actually scan the whole blockchain and you know
harvest all that information it’s it’s an entirely public system and then
there’s so much great analysis you could do with that so you know I can imagine
you know someone will make like a 3d animation of like how the trust network
kind of grew like from the beginning you know it might create this this big
structure so there’s a lot of potential with that and then well one one major
feature that I’m gonna be enabling is is is creator tokens so this you know this
is my solution to the question of how do we pay content creators and I’ve
actually I’ve been thinking about this you know for probably 18 years or
something like that and it was I think in in 2008 I went to a presentation in
Edinburgh by by Mike Masnick of Techdirt and that was that was phenomenal because
I’d always been asking this question you know if if we want to embrace piracy
embrace open-source you know not have not not have paywalls
you know just have this free flow of information not have advertising that’s
irritating but if what if there was a way to actually you know how have all
that but then still be able to pay everyone in a in a free market way I
mean that would be the you know that would be incredible but of course you
know it just seemed like it just seemed impossible like how could you ever come
up with such a system and then when I saw this presentation by Mike masse by
Mike Masnick and he had really he had worked it all out and gave many examples
of for example with with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails so he’s always been
really innovating with business models where he he wouldn’t even bother to so
try to protect to protect his media he’s kind of he’s creating this world-class
media giving it away for free to everyone everyone and then he would come
up with great innovative business models so he would sell box sets at you know
various prices here some of them extremely expensive you know some of
them would cost hundreds of dollars and actually the the hardcore fans they they
would they would buy this because they you know they cared so much about the
brand and it’s it became part of their personal brand that they want this they
want this physical item this is proof like look how much I’m giving mm because
if you just if you just have if you just have a tip jar anyone who’s experimented
with that it never really is very effective because
okay you know you’ve donated the person knows they received something maybe they
know that that you donated it but other than that you know there’s nothing to
show for it there’s not necessarily any any accountability like what’s what’s
going to happen to the money and this sort of thing so and you know learning
about this from from Mike Masnick this was all it’s like a year before Bitcoin
was even released so I’ve been thinking about that along a long time and so what
I’m implementing on mix is the concept of creator tokens so the and this is
this is an untested concept but I I think it can work maybe you can you can
let me know what you think yeah absolutely so so the the idea is as a
content creator you can you can activate a token so this is kind of similar to
like an ER c20 token on aetherium you know it can be freely traded so when you
create the token you actually you specify how much of the token you want
to get paid every day so maybe you know you’re you’ve got a popular YouTube
channel and you create a token for your channel and you who is the creator
you’re getting continually paid in in your own token so as soon as you
activate the token this is actually it’s already in in make security but it’s you
have to enable the developer mode to try it out so as soon as you as soon as you
enable the token then you start getting paid immediately so you’re the only one
who gets paid directly by the system but of course to begin with this this token
is you know it’s it’s totally worthless it’s worth it’s worth nothing because
you know you’re just you’re the only person holding it and then of course to
monetize what you’re doing you want to be able to sell this token you know
there has to be a reason why why people want to buy it and the mechanism for
that is it’s it’s really it’s a way of gamifying the purchasing and holding of
these tokens so if you look at anyone’s profile you can you can see how many
tokens they have for you know for any given content creator and you can you
can look at the token and you know you can see a rich list of who has you know
who is holding them with the the most units of this token board yeah yeah yeah
so because because this and you know because you’re you’re volunteering to to
make this information public this is as a fan you’re actually declaring you know
I’m I’m a real fan look at me you look how big a fan I am this is who I’m
supporting you know so you’re associating yourself with the brands and
you’re proving to the content creator that you’re a real fan and you’re
proving to everyone else you know how much you’re giving and then this is
actually it gave rise it because you know in a lot of these community a lot
of these communities you know in any subculture people can get very very
competitive you know it’s like it becomes this this game like who you know
who is the strongest person within the subculture you know here’s the most
important than this kind of thing yeah absolutely cuz I think there would be
like like social recognition for you know say like a very big influencer the
top like the person holding the most of their creator coin would get some sort
of social recognition just for holding that coin from someone who’s got a lot
of influence so then I think that would be really really interesting seeing how
people try to acquire certain coins to just just for the social recognition if
even if you know aside even from do I like this influencer it can even just be
like I want to appear on their leaderboard so I think that’s really
really interesting yeah and then you know once once every
influencer has their own token traded on the free market with a market cap you
know that’s that starts to make things very interesting I mean obviously well
with with Instagram you know I think they’ve they just removed you know being
able to see how many likes people have and this sort of thing so that was quite
controversial in in Instagram but you know I like how many views you get for
YouTube video you’re like what does that even mean you know are they fake views
what if you know what if you know it’s one view but there were twenty people
watching I mean it’s such a you know it’s like a meaningless metric but
everyone’s like they want you know some some videos and music videos go like
twenty million views it’s just like it’s kind of this number like it’s it’s it’s
like a it’s just an indicator of popularity but it’s it’s actually kind
of meaningless so with I know you can say the same for you know cryptocurrency
market cap I mean market cap is a terrible measure of kind of you know the
success or even you know how much how much money is really in in a
cryptocurrency you know everyone knows that market cap is a bad metric but yet
it’s kind of the best one we have so what what I’m kind of what I’m thinking
is instead of instead of ranking these tokens and these influencers buy by
market cap you could actually you could use you could use a different metric
where you actually because you know how many tokens that are getting paid per
day and you know the market value of the token so you could actually you could
rank them by how much well essentially by how much the market cap is expanding
per day so how much how much they’re getting
paid per day to do what what they’re doing so I think that might be a better
metric so you know in in the the blockchain lingu you would call it a
civil resistant mechanism you know it’s it’s hard to so I think it I think that
would be hard to to you know to kind of break that that
system it would be a strong measure of you know who is actually making the most
money I guess that’s the you know that’s that’s a good metric and then you could
have the situation you know obviously on on social media every so often there’s
you know there’s some drama you know some some news will come out about
something and then everyone gets angry so if you know this would tie very
closely with how much the tokens being traded for so maybe someone’s very
successful and then there’s a scandal and you know they’re there their token
price collapses cuz everyone’s like oh I don’t want to be associated with them
anymore so I’m gonna sell and then and then it turns out it was all a lie you
know actually it was somebody else and then everyone’s like okay let’s buy back
in again so there’s a lot of interesting dynamics that that could happen I think
so actually I’ve this is all kind of it is in the application at the moment but
it’s still it’s still experimental I’ve also I’ve deployed there’s a
decentralized exchange called unit swap which is becoming very popular on on a
theory in main net so the the the actual the the idea for this was actually
invented by Vitalik deuteron so he just wrote a paper about it and then I think
he didn’t implement it himself it was another developer implemented it and
this is actually being extremely popular because you have a decentralized
exchange you can trade any ERC 20 tokens just without having you know all usual
complexities of of using an exchange or you know having to do kyc and all this
sort of thing and it’s well it’s an interesting technology because it
doesn’t actually have an order book which is it uses it’s a totally
different kind of exchange so it kind of it just works like a slot machine so if
you know you have your balance of mix in in the application and then you want to
buy the token of you know some influence or you like so you just you know you you
just put in the mix and then you get you get back the the token you know so so it
means that yeah you can very easily just you know change your holdings you know
switch your your holdings from one influence or another and then of course
you know that the token there’s a lot of things that the
influencer can do with the token so it’s not it’s not just about game applying
the token based on you know how much how much every fan is in possession of
there’s analyst scope for innovation where you know it might be if you want
to attend this conference or this this concerts you know you have to have a
crews X number of tokens or something like that like there’s it’s there’s
endless things you can do to to try and incentivize the purchasing of your token
mm-hmm yeah no that’s very interesting because um I think it was like two years
ago or something I was wondering why well when I was first getting into
crypto I was wondering like why wouldn’t influencers all just have their own toke
like some sort of digital asset that they would offer and you know it never
really happened because I mean obviously there’s a lot of complications around
them each launching their own like cryptocurrency in blockchain
but I think yeah this is a very very interesting way to to bring that to the
masses so that’ll be really interesting to see how people play around with that
and I I just read your blog about it so I’m interested to try testing that out
as well so I don’t know if you I don’t know if you really touched on the next
five years do you have like a very long term vision for for how the next five
years might play out or the ideal scenario that it would look like five
years from now so you know assuming the project becomes
you know wildly popular there is of course with blockchain technology
there’s always the concern for for scalability and because I wanted to do
all Unchained transactions word for just about everything that was part of the
decision to actually have a clone of aetherium
because you know in a theory immuno transactions they it cost a few cents
now but because this is with mixed blockchain it’s it’s a separate
independent blockchain with you know not a lot of transactions because it’s it’s
a blockchain for this project so this means everything you do is you know a
thousandth of a cent or whatever but if you know if we were getting you know you
know more than like a hundred posts per minute or something like that at that
point it might it might start to actually get more expensive and then of
course that under undermines the you know the whole platform so I’m it’s it’s
running on the you know it’s it’s now called the etherium one point X movement
so although the theorem is moving on so you know 2.0 at some points there’s a
lot of people are still still improving if they’re in one point X and there’s so
they they just announced the the upcoming hard Forks for for a theory and
one point X and almost every change they are doing is to reduce gas costs so if
they’re in one point X is becoming more efficient although it’s still it’s
nowhere near as efficient as efficient as as blockchains can be so that that
kind of I have a lot of scalability runway but of course you know it will
run out at some points so I can’t I have you know I’m following kind of two
tracks so one track is to follow it there in one point X but then and to
keep that going as long as possible but then at some point you know the project
will have to the rebuilds with with with more modern
technologies and of course at the moment there’s so many new platforms when I
started this it was really just aetherium and not a lot of other
projects but now there’s there’s endless endless blockchain construction kits so
at some point the project will have to be rebuilt but I want to wait as long as
possible to do that but yeah I just I want to just have as many developers
innovating you know just I want it to be out of control so you know there’s
certain ways to facilitate that you know obviously at the moment it’s this sort
of monolithic application there is another application called called double
plus that’s that’s being developed that’s more of a web app we need you
know we need Android app for example but also with like within within my app
within mixed acuity there’s potential for either having plug-ins where people
can you know kind of like in a web browser you can add a plug-in so if you
want to add certain functionality it could be a plug-in you enable or a you
know it could actually have its own little App Store so you would you know a
an application that’s really just another another piece of content so
rather than just forking my whole projects and making you know another
version of mix acuity that works a little bit differently you could just
have like a micro application that you know you could you can download and that
would just do something within the application because you want to you know
maybe you don’t want to use the trust of the count system maybe you’ve got a
whole other idea for how you control content curation you know maybe you want
some kind of moderation system where people can vote in moderators or
something like that you know that that could be like a plugin or a separate
application so there’s yeah it’s there’s just endless
and this innovations I can make you know that’s awesome
that’s awesome so when is the next big update or or or what is the next big
update that you see coming out in the near future I know you just launched so
but well the the token functionality have just been discussing so that’s an
app that’s currently in in development mode so you can use it but it’s it’s
experimental so actually getting that in in production and you know so people can
actually use it that that’ll be that’ll be a an important milestone for the
project also I want to add video tunc ssin allottee you know back back when I
was a Drupal developer I actually I built a drupal module that it actually
added YouTube functionality to your so your your drupal website so you could
upload video and this would be transcoded on on the back end so it’s
it’s fairly easy for me to implement the same thing with with with mix acuity so
I’m yeah I really want to add the video functionality no absolutely
my next question is what is the current user base size and do you know how well
it’s growing I mean this is a pretty preliminary question since you literally
just launched so I mean if there isn’t like a solid answer yet then that’s fine
too I mean it’s like on the discord Channel
we’ve got almost a thousand people so I’m you know I’m encouraging people to
start use the application and actually instead of discussing the project on
discord we should be discussing it with the application because that’s that’s
becoming viable yesterday I just ran a onboarding session so yeah that was
really the the first time we’re in in one room we could all sit down everybody
made their accounts some people were on like Windows Mac or Linux and there
weren’t any like showstopper you know it was interesting for me just
to see how it runs on different people’s computers and then we created the the
trust network just within the room and that was that was fascinating to watch
and then everyone everyone was able to post content but yeah there isn’t
there’s not a lot of users at the moment it’s kind of like I’ve I’ve opened the
gates and now everyone needs to kind of to come in yeah you heard him everyone
make sure to join yeah so uh III guess you’re mainly focused on just working on
development but do you have any plans to attend any events or maybe if not this
year do you plan on it trying to get to some events next year what are your
thoughts there well I mean I have promoted this project in in events all
over the world I so in in September well you know just in just a few weeks
there’s the the Bitcoin cash City conference in in in Townsville
Queensland so I I would like to go to that I don’t know if I’m going to be
able to make it but I’d love to go there because there’s a lot of a lot of people
attending that conference or the right kind of mindset they’d be very
interested in in a project like this but yeah I think in the meantime I really I
want to concentrate more on just on development because it seems like
there’s there’s so much low-hanging fruit where I can just I can implement
so many things and you know travel and going to conferences it it just takes is
so much time and energy and money you know it’s so I think for the next few
months I really want to just concentrate on you know on making the app as good as
it can be yeah yeah no absolutely so last question then where can everyone go
to learn more about this and what are your social handles that they can follow
so the the website for for mix as a whole is mix – blockchain org for for
the application for mix acuity it’s mixed acuity comm my my personal Twitter
handle is blue droplet so I think yeah I think if you if you go to – mix –
blockchain or you can you’ll be able to find everything from from there awesome
and is there anything else that you would like to say to the audience before
we end this off I don’t think so I’m just thanks for for having me on and I’m
very interested to see how this whole this whole space vaults yeah absolutely
and thanks so much again for coming on everyone makes sure to go and check out
mix and yeah this was a really great chat I think I learned a lot myself so
you know everyone make sure to get on there and check that out
thanks again. Thanks, cheers.

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