Discussing Ethereum’s future with Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin

So I’m going to start with trying
something new and a couple of hours ago a tweet war, if you like, started out
between Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin It’s here on the screen.
And Elon is asking “What should be developed on Ethereum” and Vitalik,
that’s the founder of Ethereum; that’s like Satoshi Nakamoto of Ethereum says
a couple of different ideas. You like this one? Looks great so far! So what I’m
going to do is that I’m going to listen up a couple of them and I want you to
say afterward what you would say is your favorite thing. So, from Vitalik’s list of
11 things, what is your main one? So you need to keep close attention.
Top picks: a globally accessible financial system. 2. Identity. Sign in with Ethereum instead of sign in with Facebook 3. All sorts of registries
should publish on-chain 4. Experimenting with new forms of human
organizational structures 5. All sorts of micropayment use cases via payment
channels 6. Markets for personal data 7. Crypto economics for preventing spam (8) Ok, crypto-economics micropayment schemes to reward publishers (9) Testing ground for new market designs (10) Peer-to-peer marketplaces (11) Identity reputation
and credit system and lastly decentralized DNS like the ENS. Did you
choose one? Are you ready to start at one side, go through and say what your
main thing is? It’s hard… I’m still in shock that this is even happening. Woah, worlds collide. If’ve told me three years ago that we were gonna wind up with Vitalik and Elon Musk,
openly discussing the future of the universe on Twitter it’s entirely
improbable and I refuse to believe it I’m gonna type in your tweets
right back from Oslo Blockchain Day day so that Vitalik and Elon Musk is
up to date on our thoughts. I think that’s important. Nice, nice. Wow yeah this is amazing. When Vitalik brings
out the A-game, his stuff is incredibly dence. It’s just like tweet land
summaries of entire theses. Katie, you want to head off and start with picking one. I think for me the most interesting one that’s not on the list
and my friends… Is that legal? Yeah but it hasn’t been mentioned here and it’s probably
out of respect for the security people who cringe whenever someone mentions
this idea is voting but you know think about the impact around the world of
having transparent authentic auditable you know legitimate elections you know
think about you know all the negative knock-on effects right of all this
election in legitimacy you know you know accessibility – right the fact you can’t
vote using a mobile device in many countries I know that’s not on the list
but you know if the principles a blockchain can be securely applied to
voting huge huge game changer for the world huge one perfect
lil it has already been done in Norway in Norway yeah in 2011 12 13 and 14 we
conducted like pilot digital elections in Norway and the way they handled the
ananias vote which verify the identity was deeply inspired by the Bitcoin white
paper interesting there’s something going on in Asia too I think if I’m not
mistaken there was a Vietnam or I guess I could interject and say that it
worries me part folklore is to have origin voting
and launching government so I’m very much behind this idea of voting and
being on chain but when you’re voting on a blockchain
you’re not really voting at the national level and for the national level and
governments I’m still happy to have everything paper-based I know people
talk about hacking in social hacking and kimbridge analytic and all that sort rap
but at the same time I still feel there’s less attack vectors for
paper-based foods and having previously worked in information security I know
there’s a shit ton of attack vectors with computers and so voting was done
internationally electronically even with a blockchain I’m still worried the hell
out of me I’m not sure we’re there yet perfect you agree yeah I in principle
yes voting on the blockchain sounds good but I think putting this into practice won’t happen but because there’s gonna
be too much risk that humans either don’t think about or yeah implementation
details that will go away that will make this whole thing collapse and be more
corruptible than the existing paper-based system and in Norway we did
actually not go for the system it’s not not now not being used no no it’s the
they didn’t carry on after a pilot due to lack of political will and I think
also important factors mention areas that there is basically the decision
makers or the law makers doesn’t really have a good incentive to want this
Johnny you need to ask you on whether you are in Vitalik weather will get to
Mars first or have secure electronic voting which is going to happen first surely asteroid mining truly I need the
security food for managing and governing your Mars colony what train is how you
keep track of like where the wrenches are and how much oxygen is in the tax
and who’s got the right to pull how much power of the solar panels because it’s a
dust storm and that stuff is scarce right so you know this looks like the
beginning of a beautiful friendship I’m gonna so for me the really interesting
piece is the international aid piece with this kind of technology especially
when you’re dealing with high levels of corruption and the amount of aid that
gets lost across borders due to corruption is is is huge
appreciate it’s a very like rosy picture of want the world to be a better place
but I’m for us it’s a big picture is about bridging that gap between humanity
and tech I think this technology does have the ability in many many ways to
enable human beings to be better and for me that that international a piece is is
a really interesting piece but but then again that would just be like like a
result of having for example like a global financial system right I mean you
would need to have some way to like facilitate those things and I mean so of
course if I had to pick one working at maker I would have to pick like global
financial system probably huh yeah probably the same for me I mean because
it covers a multitude of sins yeah it will be like the infrastructure
that like a lot of these things would have to be build upon right because I
mean of course like if you need to deal with like like eight for example and we
have we have had discussions with like some of the largest organization in the
world dealing with these things so just like the World Bank but like the whole
issue and it’s still that like you can create all these like pilots alive about
like how will we transfer funds but if the funds are transferring will not be
you know like inherently like better than what we have now it doesn’t matter
right because you would still find ways to be able to corrupt it I don’t think
it’s about money though I think there’s there’s more to it than just the
financial piece so I’m that there’s an organization out there that provides a
platform to connect people in those countries and either internationally
that have ideas to fix problems that they have in their countries to connect
them to financial aid but also to developers to you know advisers because
they don’t have the stuff on the ground so I’m yeah absolutely that’s sure what
then again don’t have to entertain developers they would have to pay those
people I mean it’s a new financial system for that right right you need a
payment platform ultimately and so that that’s just um yeah I don’t know I think
there’s multiple facets to when you talk about international aid right 400
services is one small part of it but there is a huge range of things and I
want to get to the van to this discussion also now I think to me this
is a little bit like first of all he you know he has the opportunity and the
privilege to state so many things and then among some things like completely
new organizational structures and new democracy and new economics he says
speakers and badges you know it’s a technology that’s almost too powerful
because it can be used to too many things and we sound like those 16 blind
people that are trying to describe an elephant you know everybody describes
the feat that the part that makes sense to them and especially relevant and I
think blockchain is one of those things that AI if you think about the amount of
science fiction that has been written related to AI its immense and we’ve
taught those scenarios really well through for many many years with
blockchain there is so little long thinking you know it’s new and we’re
trying to figure it out as we are implementing on the ground and I think
then the only way to go about figuring out what it really can be useful for is
to go Katie’s way and let’s see what works and let’s see what sells and let
you know without and I think it’ll be too slow if we’re waiting for the
regulators to tell us what’s really good or not good and you know because because
they are going to just be super risk-averse they can’t allow themselves
to allow technology that you know will well we saw what happens with with Trump
and and crane by genetical and so on so everybody who has the right to say no
will by instinct be super risk-averse and I think we need to figure out who
wants this what’s this now and start doing it without trying to have some
kind of top-down priority list that makes sense but still can’t hit use what
part of that elephant makes most sense to you I think it depends on who you are
and you know I was on a board of a big international bank and I wasn’t even
allowed to touch anything related to this so for very good reasons you know
so I think we have so many different aspects of what to me maybe the
decentralized aspect and the transparency smart contracts are the
sort of blockchain I like most but I think
this is like a really good like like showcase of like why this is so amazing
right because we’re like a bunch of people here and all of us are like
vitally different like passions and ideas like what we think it should be
used for so they’re also just means like instant like we cannot really have like
a top down list that’s like general of everyone right because all of us are
gonna put a lot of energy and effort into specific products that make sense
for us so we have like a bunch of like very passionate and driven people
driving their own project how they think it should be done so whether you focus
like I don’t really get what you would focus on but like whether you focus on
like Financial Inclusion like financial structures we do or your like building
out like like you know facilities for these local projects to help each other
that actually it doesn’t really matter too much in the end right because we
just have a bunch of people who like drive their passion out into the world I
think this is actually like a showcase of like why it’s so amazing
ya know so I I have played with smart contracts and I’ve been playing with
transparency of supply chain and things that can prove you know where the
product comes from and who’s been dealing with it in what way not just the
financial aspects of the value chain but really the whole story I think those
those things are possible to sell I’ve also been using some of these for for
like real-time audit and and automation of some of that I think that’s amazing
but but again I think that you’re actually right we should all do the work
on problems that we are really passionate about and then see how this
technology can solve them in completely new ways now we’re gonna try to move on
to the next question this remind this reminds Bill of mid nineties discussions
about what the World Wide Web is for I get so that same thing effect it’s for
everything it turns out to be for everything

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