Dime Time – Coin Roll Hunting Dimes!

I wonder what time it is??? Oh… it’s dime
time Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and we’re doing a two-box dime
hunt today I do have them labeled from the banks that I got him Wells Fargo B
of a it’s not a dime box bake battle we’re not doing that I don’t get enough
finds to make that worthwhile in my opinion that being said you know we’re
looking for proofs Oh nines for uns any heirs of varieties and of course always
sweet silver I’ve already checked them both made sure they were circulated when
they are so let’s get right into it and see if we can score ourselves some good
finds holy smokes box one is done and no fines not a one hopefully box two
produces something let’s see right here we’re gonna get our first
silver of the box rolled number 39 and we’ve got silver let’s see what it is to
Denver Mint 1962 first silver of the box here we got it on camera
whoo well we finished hunting both boxes of Dimes and at least we did get some
silver as you guys saw we found one 1962 Denver minted silver dime we’ll take it
then get skunked and to 2009’s both out of Denver as well being in Dallas I get
a lot of Denver minted coins so it’s of no surprise what you’re gonna find a lot
more stuff for you guys my eyes are a little tired from looking at sixties and
seventies coins for any DVRs and DDoS never seem to find them or the ones that
are suspicious-looking are so heavily damaged it’s not worth keeping still
more silver more fines will take it hopefully you enjoyed this quick dime
slut with me if you did I’d appreciate it thumbs up it has always everyone
happy hunting and thanks for watching

77 thoughts on “Dime Time – Coin Roll Hunting Dimes!”

  1. I picked up a few Bank Boxes of Dimes from a few of my usual Dime banks since they've been so good to me lately.

    How is your luck with Dimes? Do you only silver hunt or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mints?
    Sit back, relax and enjoy this hunt as we ended up with some sweet silver Dimes! BOOM!

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    Thanks for watching!

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    What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

    What's your best score from a box of Dimes? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?
    I hope you enjoyed the video!
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    Thanks for watching!

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  2. what is a ddr and ddo? I usually only look just for silver dimes and nickels but willing to learn about others to look out for

  3. I'm starting late this year, first box should be here next week, $500 in halves. Wish me luck! Also, nice finds! How many rolls of silver dimes do you have, Rob? And did you find all of them after starting the channel?

  4. 1 is better than none.. asked my bank for 4 rolls of dimes for the bbq truck and of course I searched them prior to putting them in the till and boom!! 3 silver dimes in 1 roll!

  5. Not great boxes, but a few finds are better than none.

    I hope you do more live opening videos as i really do enjoy them.

  6. I only look for silver. I’ve never had luck with machine wrapped rolls. The customer wrapped ones have always given me the best luck.

  7. About after Easter when I settled down from moving Massachusetts to Virginia. I am 49 years old just recently got back looking at coins since 1993 after I got out of the navy.

  8. At least you found something. I have only found 1 proof in all the boxes. I can't even find the 2009's for my book. Never a silver. Quarters have not been good either. Well done brother. Peace

  9. Thanks for sharing your hunt. Enjoyed watching and you did better than I did lol. Not one good find in the box I went through. Take care.

  10. I love how you set up the rolls to make it look like the words that say dime time! That is just 100% genius!

  11. Have you heard of the i smell pennies meme rob? It’s insane! Anyway is there anyway I could trade world coins for wheat, Indian and flying eagle cents? I can guarantee world coins 1960 and under but can’t guarantee any specific dates in that region or any specific countries.

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