DIMCOIN ICO: This Is Why I Invested $15,200 Into DIMCOIN ICO

hello guys today I'm going to talk about the cycle cordeen coin and this is the last week in which you can invest in this icon and maybe you don't know much about ding going but just go to the website and read the white paper read the information but this IQ is going to be basically the income is going to be a change and in which we are going to be able to trade cryptocurrency but also we're going to be able to buy into a stocks so this is this is why this coin is a good investment opportunity because if you go out is you go to the market and that's something that we're going to do right now because we make videos unlike and I like to show you why I do things so let's say for example this this watching I call in these days and look at the price with 39 cents we can say 40 cents right and supply total supply is 1 billion coins ok ding coin when you invest into being point you get two tokens do great and this these are my wallet I have two wallet because the first time I invest using nano wallet and the second time I am best using and deep wallet and I have a video tutorial step by step showing how to do it if you wanna invest into this icon after you watch this video you decide that you wanna give it a try and you want to invest into it below you're going to see a video tutorial that I make step by step even if you don't know how to buy Bitcoin and you can invest into the cycle because I explain everything from point A to point C we just say I invest this is that the door money invest into the cycle $15,000 and this is how you calculate that because when you buy into ding-ding coins you get dean talking and this is the thing they are going to send sell ten millions tokens so as you can see they are pretty close to selling all the tokens from the poem and then you're just going to providing dean coins so we just say right now at this moment we are investing in dean tokens but what happens every Dean tokens gives you 100 in coins and because there is a balance right now the bonuses 5% is the last week so it's 5% you wanna get more talking I mean more than cones because the the bonus only applies on ding and on the Dinkins and this is the thing when I invested into this ico I use da da I invest in the first week on you like so i invest and got 30% bonus by doing best using thin you can see right here you get an additional 10% so when I invest I got 40 percent is you invest right now before the iconians on the 27 you wanna get 15% and that's why you do need to be paying attention to these icons because it swelling going best into I could you make sure you invest pre Aiko to get the bonus to get them more benefits and I'm going to explain why in a second so with the stage you invest right now you're going to get the 15 percent hike oh and all my tutorial I show how to invest using them because you don't want to leave money on the table it's you invest into the income be told you by name then you invest using those name you don't want to you know 10% is different saying it's a lot depending on how much money you invest so going back into the calculations I invest I got I am passing to Dean talking's every talking has 100 in coin so with that say that means this is my investment this is my investment $15,000 so that means that the money I have on Dean coins that is pure profit there's money like because I invest during the pre-echo I got a 40 percent that means that every Dean toe every Dean coin that I have right now is pure profit so my profit right now with Dean coin because I invest during the first week is 21,000 186 dollars with 59 cents and there's only with the price a one sense if they raise over 10 million dollars if it gets to 12 Millions the price is going to beat 2 cents that means my money my dink coins are gonna double so that means it's going to double because it's going up by 1 cent and every every time it goes up you're just going to give me more money and more money and more money and that's why you need to invest in things like this they are very cheap but as we saw on the 0x this coin goes up because 0x and I use this as example because it's basically the same thing this is a change in where we can buy cryptocurrency is basically the same thing but then coin is better because then coin and this is something I have a say everything talking you have every 15 tokens is going to give you profit it's going to pay you dividends what a means the means that because ding coin is a platform patience they're going to share by and by cryptocurrency do you know like Beatrix pol onyx or obviously they take a feed so the encoding every feeding coin takes then they're gonna give us 30% is you are holding ding calling tokens you're gonna get at you gonna get a certain amount money every week I think it is at the moment is weekly but I don't know is then they change it so for holding ding talking's do are making money already and you can just sell your ding coins get your money back and keep the tokens because this you can sell whatever price you already making money by selling your doing tokens is not very smart and this is why because is paying you dividends that is free money for you is you're going to sell your tokens wait for it to heat over twenty dollars because it's only ten millions tokens there's nothing that goes up and you sell it but I don't know I'm not going to sell my you know every talking is one daughter in every talking has 100 ding coins so I have 15,000 tokens and I'm not going to sell them what I'm planning to do is buy more and I want to invest more into this I call but all the Bitcoin drama me up like Bitcoin cash or the share lose money with the so I could invest more into the in coin going let me see where it's gonna say so let's make some some simple math for example you're gonna say but I want to buy Bitcoin I wanna invest into big clinking so I say okay this is the price of Bitcoin right now becoming is and what let's say four thousand dollars and let's say you buy one Bitcoin you buy one become so four thousand dollars it goes up and just to put a random the best number that we can put let's say it goes up to $20,000 this year you and I know that is impossible eventually maybe maybe one day bitcoins gonna go over would twenty thousand yeah but the moment you want you need to remember that the price only keep going up because there are people willing to pay four thousand dollars but how many people are going to be willing to pay $20,000 for a Bitcoin not so many people right so having that in mind now a Bitcoin you're one Bitcoin is worth $20,000 that means you got fifteen thousand dollars in profit sorry that was wrong and that means you have sixteen thousand dollars profit now let's say you put four thousand dollars into the account and you best using net so that means you are getting a 15% on your Deen coins every token is $1 so you're getting four thousand coins and every coin every talking has a hundred coins so that means your fold a thousand dollars is going to give you four thousand talking's and on top of that you want to get four hundred thousand Dinkins but because you are investing using them you are getting another 15% bottoms in the main stands 15 percent plus four hundred thousand you are getting forty six hundred thousand ding coins now you cerdos ding coins for one cent is 4,600 right but this is a team like I show you like 0x you got to 40 cents and I think it went even higher you went actually went to 53 cents and then you correct and went down a bit but it's about to go up again as you can see over here having died mine is the same supply of being talking is the same supply 1 billion so if you sell you're talking for five cents is 23,000 and remember this is real profit this is profit because your order for it or your order for thousand ding tokens there is still over there we are not touching those those are those are giving us dividend those are giving us money just for holding so we still have all token the eventually they they're going to go up to let's say $50 $20 and it's going to be even more money you know it's like a simple math simple math so let's go back again and let's say you're digging coins go to the same level of these all these corners 0 X they say goes to 40 cents and then you wanna make crazy money and that is why I invest into ICO and I wanted to explain explaining this way because people ask me but why can't you just buy a Tyrian why can't you just buy Bitcoin and hold it forever because that is not how it works you I mean you go ahead but I didn't hold it forever yeah eventually you're going to make some profit but you want to make 500 profil do you want to make 5,000 or 50,000 profit this is simple math guys is you invest in things that are solid investments you always going to make money Oh always look at me I am best into n chairs before Neil he was called and chairs and I bought when he was a $1 and I got like I think 620 something and chairs also I didn't saw a terrified but I saw when he if he came in right so I just solid when I saw the hi people going crazy over this I think was a 20 let's say 27 because I don't remember but it was a bit more you know there's a lot of profit and then I just put the money into I cause I never keep Adam Hall Bitcoin you know I don't care about Bitcoin Bitcoin can go to a million tomorrow and I go them blink an eye that's how you make money into this don't follow hype you see like every time Bitcoin goes up people start selling these freaking archons they always do the same thing don't be achieved via woof do something different don't be follow the hype you know and then come didn't make more money because they aside the cycle when the beacon drama was going on you know like the hard work Bitcoin cash so with this with that so people we're afraid to invest and this is why this ICO didn't raise more money but this thing and I already explained Ana grants Peregrine but that's the guys below you're going to see a video explaining how to invest it to this ICO we are doing a giveaway where I'm doing a giveaway I'm giving away I think it is on 2500 2500 to to people and giveaways on Twitter let me go and check because let me so I'm gonna I'm gonna leave that link to the giveaway too on the video below you want to see on the comments and you want to see it on the description and let me see yes okay this is the the contest and one to participate you just need to follow me you need to follow the people adding coin you need to retweet you need to like this to it and you need to reply with this you just copy and paste it and I said you are participating the winner is going to be pick on the 27th so you have six more day to participate and then I'm going to send those tokens to your deeper wallet yes till your Deepavali whenever when a we are able to move this coin and let me see I think I think we have another old I also doing this giveaway you already I think you are really participating on this in the SE guys any question just ask me just go to the in going ask them and these people man this this is going to be huge that's the only thing I know and okay guys I think the video the video dying the video and feel free to leave your comments your likes if you haven't subscribe to my channel you can do it if you want me to review an ICO let me know in the comments below thank you for watching and see you guys soon

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  1. When i try to got to depotwallet the sit has an application error and i get a white page whats wrong w depot wallet site all my coins are on there

  2. This guy has no idea what is doing, all his coins have crashed to nothing and are now worthless ,. Follow this idiot and don't be surprised you end up broke.

  3. I've never invested before. Is it smart to invest in this? Is this a long term investment?
    Don't fully understand how to invest in crypto currency.
    Tips please 😀

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