One of the things I fear most about the future
of the XRP can happen. This can have very harsh effects on XRP in
the short term and long term. I’m Eren Caner. In Turkey, a lot of investors who made XRP
is a two-day rising huge rise in general do not like to hazırlanıyo Is this decline
marks the largest collapse of a, b is the hibernation period rose XRP why? Don’t leave anywhere, we’il talk about it
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the starter list. Come on, here we go. In the meantime, my friends, some videos at the end of the video is now very short and
interesting bonus information to add that the videos are finished in a completely different
subject, let’s be surprised, let’s open the horizon, I want to be more useful to you. This will be at the end of the video. Now we talk about XRP, but since the market
usually moves together, if you have another coin, you can watch this video and get ideas
for that coin. You know XRP is the third most popular crypto
currency and its goal is to become the number one transfer coin that the world will use
by making international payments very quickly and cheaply, but of course, excessive decreases
can cause the business side to be delayed because the crypto money market does not always
increase continuously. friends in the meantime I remind you that. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to
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ideas, comments … Anyway, the investors from the XRP, which has been in decline for
a while, have made a move to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple. while waiting, he was bekliyosun the attitude
Libre coins to be issued in the US senate and Trump’s Facebook and all the while Turkey
also XRP investors in quite the opposite, they stood somehow have hurt, but the last
two days XRP rose 6% vicinity . On the other hand, Twitter and Telegram’s XRP talk rate
increased by 35% according to datalight data. Now, if we look at the reasons for the rise
in price just before entering into technical analysis and discussing the price of XRP,
let’s talk about the new and perhaps big investments planned by XRPs, the CEO of the Ripple company
to which it is affiliated. Ripple’s new investment winds may have set
off whales seeking to make money from XRP. You know, like Ripple’s $ 30 million Moneygram
investment, as well as other companies, it’s possible that Ripple donated more than $ 270
million worth of XRP to Coil, the online payment platform co-founded by former CTO Stefan Thomas. . The goal could be that, both XRP’yı may
want to animate a little, and you know EOS, Voice, a social media application called introduced. And Ripple would like to support it by granting
the initiative of a person coming out of it and responding to EOS in this way. Anyway, when Ripple is in the wind and its
price is very low, it may soon launch new great big partnerships. That’s why all the folks on Ripple may have
thought that we should buy and put XRP in their pockets and wait before they look at
three to five. This may have started the long-down XRP upgrade. So this wind can continue. If we go into the details of these events,
Now we go into the details of these partnership winds, in an interview with Ripple CEO Yahoo
Finance, he speaks very audacious about these partnerships and says that we are in a very
strong position as Ripple. Our business, our business is growing strongly. Our balance sheet is good, I want to make
it even higher when everything is good for Ripple, and we’ve already invested $ 500 million
in the last 18 months. Probably the biggest investor in the world
in the world of blockchain and crypto money, he says, and as soon as you say that, he’s
something else, but he underlines it. We are looking forward to all kinds of partnerships
and potential acquisitions that will grow Ripple, and we don’t know, maybe sending messages
to companies looking for investment. That is, Ripple can now continue to make similar
investments, and it is likely that the Ripple company will be able to provide an upward
trend for both the Ripple company and the XRP coin, whether or not the XRPs are handed
over to the Sata by hand. Because, you know, brother, if a very long
time hibernation bi coin lies in the excitement, investor hopes depleted and sold at a loss
in the hands of blasphemy to the loss of a very ultra-high bi coin, even if you do not
look back. So even though we say never connect with the
coins, it’s hard. Because never mind crypto coins, human being
is an emotional being. Loss and profit, of course, an emotional response
and bi cause, of course, bi responsible bicek aricak. For example, if Ripple spends all the XRPs
he holds in his hands, If it makes investments using these coins, it can have very harsh
effects on the XRP in the short term and in the long term. In the short term, Ripple’s XRPs can move
from the wallets and cause third parties or companies to sell XRPs with lots of hands. This could lower the price. Because although Ripple started to sell XRP,
according to coindesk, Ripple still has 55% of all XRP supply. In the long run, it can actually be very beneficial
to the XRP ecosystem. It could be useful because the Ripple rule
over the XRP is lifted, and the XRP, which has been highly criticized for its centrality,
can become more decentralized. It can be harmful, one of the things I fear
most about the future of XRP. This means that the link between Ripple and
XRP may be reduced and Ripple products may stop using XRP. Even now, you do not use XRP in every product. There are even analysts who have attributed
the long-term downturn of the XRP to the weakening of this bond. Anyway, folks, if you want, let’s continue
with our analysis of why XRP is rising, whether XRP is preparing for the big rise or big collapse,
and let’s talk about the price of XRP in the light of technical analysis without making
it too difficult, folks. You know, I’ve been doing technical analysis
focused on dollars for about 1.5-2 years since Bitcoin made its big rise and started to fall. When I look back, I see how right I am. Because when you make money from the XRP,
you turn it into TL or dollar to spend it. You’re not spending it as a bitcoin. Anyway, in our dollar-focused analysis, the
XRP saw a very sharp fall on August 14, the fourth day of the sacrifice festival, after
a really long time, short-term and fell to 23 cents. Well, there’s something about these holidays. Previously there was something about Bitcoin
during our holidays, usually rising. Anyway, friends, those who know, it is a very
strong resistance zone for 20 cent XRP. I’m not saying that based on technical analysis. In 2017, XRP was used instead of the digital
dollar, which we call tether. If you took a stable coin or an XRP, it was
called a constant at 20 cents. Of course, then things changed. Anyway, let’s leave the memories and go back
to our technical analysis. The XRP saw 28 cents yesterday with a correction
after falling to 23 cents. It was a nice and small bi pump, but when
we look at it for a little longer term, we see that it is coming out of a not so strong
descending triangular formation with a decline as we expected, and I say very clearly. Right now I have to at least break this triangle
in XRP so that I can point to the short-term uptrend or it should come back to its levels. This corresponds to around 29-30 cents, so
don’t look at 29-30 cents, although it seems easy between the bi bi stage and if the pointer
turns down in the XRP, we see that it creates a strong support point at 26 cents. But in general, and if we include it in the
partnerships we just talked about, if Ripple doesn’t launch great partnerships, new businesses
may not have anything else to raise the XRP as it is, and it could even fall below 20
cents. I think we can call it a big collapse. If we can talk about the reasons, but it would
be otherwise, Ripple pat pat super works and if big acquisitions, partnerships and big
brands can put the XRP in the business models, then maybe we can go to the big rise in XRP
in a very comfortable way. Folks, before I get to the bonus info I’m
going to announce at the end of the video, I’d like to
talk to you about Apollo, which is an extra privacy coin
in this episode, and has won major competing projects like XRP. You know I give them space on my channel from
time to time. In fact, there is a full bi review. Now there are some events, some innovations
in Apollo. They put forward their 2020 visions, and they
say that when we look at the future of crypto currencies, there are problems in the adoption
of existing blockchains all over the world, they say they can’t be adopted enough, which
may be a bit justified. Now I will try to explain these innovations
as simple as possible, without going into technical details. In 2020, Apollo will make some changes to
its core to offer a new generation of bi-blockchain. They are launching an innovation called Arknet,
and we are now focusing our full potential on improving it. Arknet will come with a platform that will
facilitate decentralized Internet without the constraints of the current blockchain
and raise funds on Apollo wallets to sell tokens, and this platform will have very simplified
smart contract capabilities. They plan to respond to traditional online
storage companies like Dropbox with decentralized security and unlimited storage. In addition, in 2020, Apollo will introduce
their mobile wallets and start operations in Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya, where
they partner with 54 countries r. Friends like this. Now let’s move on to very short bonus information
if you wish. Silver, which has antibacterial properties
for the ancient Egyptians, was even more valuable than gold, because silver was found to be
less than gold. What do you think about it? In the meantime, I want to share with you
an event I had yesterday. Those lawns you see behind me. Normally I’m not much of
a football player at the same time playing barefoot ball at the side of a badly pressed
foot and left foot, he came to a sound. That’s when I canceled my foot. Right now I’m trying to walk with one foot
and although I try not to show this video while shooting, it hurts upwards .. I hope
I’ll recover soon. If
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crypto currency under this video. I’il answer in
a private video. Goodbye.


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