I’m Eren Caner. In September, the critical day we need to
pay attention to Bitcoin which is the king of cryptocurrency and what can happen in the top 5 crypto currencies At the following days, we should expect a dump or pump and how we should take a position. It’s all in this section. In the meantime, please watch the video to until end of the video. Mind-opening at the end of the video, an interesting
bonus information will also be waiting for you. I have some good news for you. Anymore, there are now both Turkish and English subtitles
in Crypto Dictionary. If you can choose the subtitle you want from
the top right if you are on the phone, or the bottom right if you are on the computer,
let’s analyze every aspect of Bitcoin in the most current way in the first article, but
first of all, I want to bring up an important issue. Sometimes, for various reasons, prices in
Bitcoin and other coins on the stock exchanges can go up or fall to an unbelievably cold
price. If the asset does not have a buy and sell
order, it is not investment advice, but you can enter buy and sell in very cold figures. If he doesn’t come, there is no loss. Look, a very similar event was also experienced
recently in both Stellar and Bitcoin, but I shared the first warning from my Telegram
channel on November 23rd. The same thing happened at the Bitstamp stock
exchange at the time. Now, for example, under $ 1 Bitcoin sold,
man. Under the $ 1 this happened on the Bitmax
exchange recently, due to problems caused by Amazon cloud servers. Okay, that’s a very extreme example. I don’t come to you with such a harsh proposal,
but as I said, if I don’t have an active buy order, Bitcoin can be expected to buy for
$ 8,000, $ 7500, or vice versa, or vice versa. Of course, the bottom of the bottom, there
is a summit of the summit must not forget that. There is a risk in this business as there
is a risk. Don’t go into what you can’t risk. After all, I’m not giving investment advice. Now, let me remind you that before we arrive
at the critical date, the critical day that we should wait at Bitcoin. We continue to draw. Subscribe to my channel, tap the bell, like
my videos and write comments, and easily join our gift box draw with a total value of 300-350
pounds. I’m waiting for all of you. Now, folks, Bitcoin is on its way to a critical
day in September. We’ve talked before, but I want to go over
it in the simplest way just in case there are newcomers. Bitcoin started futures transactions in December
2017. These futures transactions are foreseeing
that Bitcoin’s price will decrease or increase, and to make transactions for future purchases
and sales, in other words, to make a claim with the safe. When you say that it will fall on that date,
if you took a position for the decline, you win, you will rise if you get the appropriate
position when you say you win again. The event is simple, but all this plot, these
high volumes to date, without using Bitcoin only by making a bet on the price of Bitcoin. Now we’re on the real issue. Bakkt platform, including companies such as
Starbucks, Microsoft said that we will open futures in Bitcoin, but with a margin. We’re not gonna make money on Bitcoin in an
imaginary way. He said that if someone is going to trade
futures in Bitcoin, he will get Bitcoin in person. This was of course important news for the
crypto currency sector. Because the transactions with Bitcoin, which
we know is not imaginary, would be more volume for Bitcoin, more users and of course a lifeline. Now this Bakkt platform wants to start the
event. To do this, on September 23, yes, friends
are launching on September 23, and will now be offering physical term Bitcoin transactions
to their corporate customers. Of course we expect this news for 1 year or
so, postponed ahead, postponed again or something, but I think on September 23 the same day an
extra volume, movement or rise may not come immediately, but I think the long-term impact
of Bitcoin can be very positive. Tim Draper de Bakkt platform, which is already
one of the well-known investors, let us start, and then we will have a time to buy coffee
with Bitcoin at Starbucks, one of the brands in the platform. Now, while hopeful for the long term, let
me give you another news that might be hopeful in the short term. Those who are in the crypto currency market
know how much CNBC is working as a reverse indicator. So whatever he says is usually the opposite. Even in Reddit, a user had shown in the past
that he had risen when CNBC said Bitcoin was going to fall, and when he said it would rise,
he fell. Anyway the same CNBC says it may have entered
the Bitcoin bear season now. This is of course not for any investment advice,
but it may be a sign of an increase in Bitcoin. Apart from that, folks, given the technical
analysis of Bitcoin, we haven’t looked at it for a while. In Bitcoin, for example, in the video I shared
with you before, we talked about the symmetrical triangle, and you see those three. How the gene broke down. Then, for example, there was a wedge and broke
it with a fall or something, but unfortunately, we see an OBO formation that shoulders head
to shoulder. Of course, not all technical analysis will
take place 100 percent, but the OBO formation is a trend return pattern. In other words, if we interpret with Bakkt
and CNBC news, there is a possibility that we may experience a moderate sugary decline
and then we may be open in the long run. Trend returns are normal, by the way, nothing
rises and falls forever. For a while, for example, I have shared with
you the level of 10 thousand 100 dollars Bitcoin is using as a very good support zone. If we can catch and hold 10 thousand 800s,
then the 11 thousand500s can wait for us. The bottom of 10bin100 is not very solid and
9070 dollars in the support zone can work as a support but at least 3 Bitcoin analysis
video that I say that the most solid support in the region of 7750, but I wish we do not
fall there, and now you want to talk to friends enough if you want the second article and
Bitcoin Let’s move to Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto currency, and then continue
quickly with XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Istanbul hard fork is coming at Ethereum,
friends. You know it was the previous Constantinople
update. In this hard fork, Ethereum blockchain can
be considered as a new turning point. The first will come to life as of October
after September. Got some more time for the other part. Together with the Istanbul hard fork there
will be a total of 6 major changes, which we call Ethereum development offerings, but
they were announced on Ethereum’s official blog. Anyway, in September, even closer to October,
the Ethereum may be forked, which may raise its price. The price of Ethereum has been moving with
Bitcoin for several weeks. We didn’t see much excitement in the Ethereum. In technical analysis, there is a movement
that I can more like the descending triangle. This usually means a drop, but Ethereum is
currently in a decision-making phase, but I would hold it over $ 195 and expect it to
break $ 200 as a psychological limit if I were to open a position for its rise. Or six of these are empty. You can even retreat for up to $ 149. Of course, these things should not be interpreted
alone. Now, if this Istanbul hard fork comes with
a better weather, they can break the Ethereum 230 and 255 dollar levels in September and
rise again. Apart from the price, the Ethereum Foundation
has launched an educational scholarship program, including Unicef ​​and Coursera, the online
training platform. It’s on Ethereum’s blog. You can get detailed information there, if
you are interested. Now, if you want, let’s move on to Article
3 and talk about XRP. I already shared important news with you at
XRP last week. If you didn’t watch it, folks. We are at a stage where we expect partnerships,
partnerships or acquisitions that will make a difference from Ripple, but only that will
not be enough for us to use XRP for new jobs. Otherwise, the most unwanted event can happen
and the connection between XRP and Ripple can be very weak. The company Ripple also partnered with an
online payment company called Xendpay. As far as I’m researching, Xendpay has been
struggling to deal with small units and complex applications when internationally transferring
money other than the dollar, but now Ripple will strengthen itself at this point, but
as we just said, it’s not what we expect from Ripple. It’s not Xendpay. Ability to make permanent, solid businesses,
partnerships with large companies such as Amazon and Google, or to purchase large companies. That’s what we’re looking for, the CEO said. Looking at the price of the XRP is still quiet
nowadays. He’s walking around 27 cents. TL 1.59 in the last week around 1.42 TL or
something had fallen. In technical analysis, there is also a symmetrical
triangle which is also a small triangle. There are two ways to break here, but when
we look at the market, we do not see any signs of early recovery. There are support points in 26-25 and 24 cents
respectively, but I think it is early to say great things. Let’s talk about Bitcoin Cash in point four,
fellas. Very fast. In technical analysis, I’ve already become
a coin following Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin. So Bitcoin Cash 5 increases, Bitcoin Cash
5 drops, Bitcoin 3 drops. Bitcoin Cash will have a conference in Australia
on September 4-5. I thought of Bitcoin Cash. I just saw him walking around Reddit. Now the bitcoin.com site belongs to the Bitcoin
Cash team, or their minds were perceptive of perception in the past. They gave BCH as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash,
and BTC as Bitcoin Core. I’m telling you this for. If you’ve been trying to replace Bitcoin,
you’ve personally it is actually a formation that makes various perception games that I
experience. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not a Bitcoin,
although they try to replace it. Let’s go to Article 5 and talk to Litecoin,
fellas. As you know, the block halfway at Litecoin
took place in August, and after that, Litecoin miners have started to produce less than half
Litecoin. This led to a 28% increase in power consumption
for Litecoin production after the block half. Why am I saying that? Because in May 2020 there will be a half-block
in this way in Bitcoin. Therefore, a price increase such as the increase
in Litecoin’s price may be in the coming months, but it is certainly not investment advice. Litecoin also came up with a salary crisis
recently. The Litecoin Foundation was in crisis and
the employees’ salaries were not paid. That could be friends. Look, I’il tell you something. Think of the innovative and destructive effect
of crypto coins, but don’t grow the coin companies you invest in. Ha long term yes the devastating effect of
crypto coins will affect many companies and perhaps countries. Even a recent confession came from the President
of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and the dominance of the dollar all over the world
is an obstacle to the world’s long-term growth, recovery, and let’s make a crypto currency
to replace the dollar, but these are early for now. Anyway, when we look at the technical analysis
of Litecoin, it seems to be going down in a descending wedge formation after the block
half. We broke this wedge without going up to 79-80
dollars and staying here, it is hard to say that we will rise now, but when we look at
it from a wide angle, the level of 71 dollars is a good support in this short term. If it breaks down there, we may be down to
$ 66, but if it breaks. Right now it’s above the 50-day moving average. I think it’s important that he stays on it. In the meantime, if you like watching this
video, it’s great if you can share it with your friends and on your social media accounts. Now, folks, I’d like to do a subcoin review
with you on some stock exchanges. Then I’m going to switch to bonus information. Now it’s called Betmatch. According to Betmatch, it is a platform that
combines business with betting games. Within the platform you can play in many sports
such as football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis and table tennis, or esports, including
live betting. In the meantime, I would like to summarize
E-sports in a few sentences in case there may be new participants. Today, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas
clubs, such as clubs with each passing day is an ever growing sector e-sports sector. Professional teaming happens. Enter the camps. They have a coach at the beginning and go
out on the field on the match day. Those who know me will. My thoughts about the Esports area are very
clear. Eren said, we will talk much more in the future. Anyway, you can also play in Betmatch through
CounterStrike, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and League League of Legends, which we call LOL. If we go back to Betmatch, do you know what
this business actually says, although I do not give investment advice? I say, I’ll take the security opportunities
offered by Blockchain to bring this sector says. That’s the main motivation. Betmatch also has XBM tokens running on the
Ethereum platform. When using these tokens, 50% less commissions
are paid to the platform and this is traded on XBM token, latoken and crex24 exchanges. In addition, Betmatch says that the XBM token
has increased by 500% since its inception and we continue to grow. I’m telling you this, but just take it as
information, fellas. Let me tell you this. What happens in such platforms is generally,
in such but decentralized versions, there may be a problem of liquidity. So you play well, you win, but when you want
to withdraw your money, you may have problems. As we have seen, Betmatch has designed a liquidity
pool and shares its budgets vividly with its users. In the meantime, if you want to register at
the link below the first 3 deposits, say that you can play up to 2 times the money if you
want to say at the beginning of the video we move to the mind-opening bonus information
section. You know Monopoly, don’t you? It’s a game I love too. I can play for hours without getting up. That was the purpose of the inventor of the
game was something else entirely. When the game was found in 1904, it was called
The Landlord’s Game. The inventor was a woman. Actually, there are two systems in the game
at first. In one, all players need to prosper to win
the game. The other comes from the classic monopoly
that we know. In order to win, a person must crush and destroy
all players. The inventor your name, if this game is played
in succession injustices, inequalities, we may draw attention to the thought, even the
patent has taken, but no matter the system has taken the game to use for its own use. Folks, if you like this part, don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel, touch the bell next to you and write your comments right below to thank
me and participate in the gift box draw we organized with the Huobi exchange. See you on Wednesday.


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