In this section, I would like to examine a
different project with you as a sponsor without giving investment advice. I’m not gonna name you right now, so wonder. In the meantime, there will be no pure review
video. Because of the cold wallets, masternodes,
automic swap technology and Turkish users to enter the stock market as we have a lot
of problems we have that 2FA or my phone is broken codes gone, Binance 2fa’yi not accept,
I can not enter the stock market, I try to look for solutions we will always talk about
U2Fs, which are technically safer when entering crypto money exchanges. Get one more reason to watch this video to
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both bonus information and I will read the questions and comments from you in the previous
video. Now, the project we’re going to talk and analyze
with the curve today is called Centex. Centex says it is a comprehensive decentralized
financial platform powered by Blockchain. Let me open a parenthesis here and say this. Centex is an IEO, which is a pre-sale project
in the stock market and has its own coin, but we will talk about it later. There are certain highlights at the Centex,
friends. The first one is Centex share, the second
is the decentralized stock exchange, the third is the masterno, the fourth is the cold wallet,
the fifth is the atomic swap and the sixth is the IEO feature I just mentioned. We’ll talk about all of this, but beyond that
Centex says that we need the trust of our customers first to do a good job. For this, we didn’t go to produce and sell
tokens in another blockchain, they say, we have directly produced our own blockchain
and coin, which is compatible with Centex’s own decentralized ecosystem. I tell you what they say, folks. Of course I will make my comments in the following
minutes. Now let’s go step by step over the 6 items
I just mentioned. The first is what we said, Centex share. The payment channel of the Centex ecosystem. Centex says it will act as a crypto money
payment service provider. So for everyone to understand if we talk a
little bit to the present day, hepsiburada.comn today, many e-commerce sites such as teknosa.com
almost all if they want to pay with crypto money, but if you ask and my question at this
point, but if you ask my comment is already many brother in the project. For the most part, Pundix, for example, had
introduced his own pos devices or was recently integrated into some restaurants in Nigeria. Then I realized that these guys are working
on a small scale. So I can not say super, but I have to follow
how big the Centex can work., I have to see it as a result of this promise is likely to
be used in the future, such a service is already used, but who is going to use that service
is important. Anyway, secondly, besides the main blockchain,
we also establish a decentralized stock market as a side chain, this stock exchange will
have its own IEO platform and CNDX token that will translate the network to cover transaction
fees in this stock market. You know Ethereum and NEO ‘ or the gas token
that translates the network. Speaking of coin and token system, they also
emphasize this. We see the CNTX coin holders as a community
that can decide on the future of the platform under the name of the Centex community, which
is where the masternode event, which we will talk about in the third article, comes into
play. We said masternode but if you are new to crypto
coins what can you say this or. Technically, there is a very detailed explanation,
but the important thing is to tell everyone. So in the simplest and most understandable
way I can explain masternode as follows. On a computer that is open 24/7 or on a virtual
server that you can rent from the Internet, you install a company’s software on your computer,
assign as many coins as they want, and keep that device open as I said, technically that
keeps the blockchain of that company alive You will become a member of the This is the
extra prize that you can return as a coin, but of course I’m not saying for Centex, but
it also came out in the last 2 years or something. Every day, various kinds of masternode project
emerged users to buy abuk sober amounts of coin hollow masternode kurduruyorlardı and
which is not clear how to buy and sell in the market but what the wisdom 2000 dollar
coin and masternode kur, 15-day $ 3000 boiler-style projects that will not fit into the logic
. You say, if you make $ 3,000 in 15 days, you sit down and you win, why do you give
me $ 2,000? I guess I told you what I wanted to tell you. in masternode it’s a good thing, but as you
look at it the way it makes money the easy way, investors continue to drive. I’m trying to say this. It’s a good thing if you do it without removing
Masternode’s water and offering very cold promises. You can investigate the details if you are
interested. I know I wanted to drown too much technical
knowledge and wanted to talk about the old masternode subject opened. Otherwise, let’s continue and go to the fourth
article. Let’s talk about the cold wallet. Folks, the white paper says Centex keeps the
crypto coins in the cold wallet. Cold wallets are cold wallets, which are thought
to be safer than crypto money wallets that you use on your mobile phone and have an online
connection. You know the most widely used and generally
used Ledger brand’s Nano S and Nano X. There is also the Trezor brand, of course,
as it is not very common, but let’s not underestimate it. That’s what Centex says you’re hiding in that
cold wallet. In other words, personal information, private
key codes of the wallets called private keys are stored in an encrypted manner distributed
to different points, and in addition to 2FA hardware supports the so-called 2FA U2F’i
says. Hardware 2FA codes are not produced on your
mobile phone, it is produced in specially manufactured devices, which is a feature that
Binance has brought after a total of 7000 Bitcoin roughly equivalent to 60 million dollars. Let’s move on to the fifth article that we
analyze, namely the automic swap. We can also convert what we call Automic Swap
into Turkish as an automic swap. Automic swap meanwhile mean the following
in the literature. It is the direct exchange of two different
crypto currencies that work on different blockchains. According to Centex, Centex has a 2p2 interpersonal
automic swap feature. This is also a process that can reduce some
costs, let’s talk about the IEO event in article six. As I said in the beginning, IEO means that
the new projects will be pre-sold in a stock exchange and then open to normal purchase
and sale in that stock market shortly after the pre-sale is finished. Centex has entered the IEO process on a stock
exchange called sistemkoin and its plans include opening its own IEO transactions and its own
stock exchange. We’ll see that as soon as we do, but if we’re
talking about a 2-3 year period, I’m talking for the IEO platform, not for the decentralized
stock market, but this is a process. How did the Binance Launchpad come from the
ICOs in the crypto scale investment model to the IEOs. I think the next will follow, and the work
will go to other points. So after 5-10 years, I think we will talk
about other things instead of IEO, investment models through other formations. Ha or not, regulations come in or we start
to see signs of slight, as well as the crypto-money market, which is somewhat empty by the regulators,
continues to self-regulate and makes IEO participants really trustworthy, sometimes to a lot of
money for IEO participants. one or two stock exchanges remain, the road
can be continued with them. We’il see. In addition, friends, according to Centex’s
stock exchange, according to the smart contract-based automatic buy-sell transaction will be. In addition to all of these, you have the
lending feature that comes to Binance a month or two ago, lend your coins to leveraged traders
and earn extra coins at a certain maturity in return. This is the future of the lending feature. As you can see there are many features, but
I approach it with this logic. You know, there are a lot of features here
in Binance. If you are not one of the first in the market,
you cannot differentiate with the products already on the market. For example, it could be simpler than all
the stock exchanges, much more minimal, but completely new design trends with a beautiful,
spacious application, and then could do it all here slowly. They have chosen this strategy. It’s gonna show some time. Friends, to sum up, though we have already
recovered a little, but Centex seems to be quite comprehensive, very featured, but I
don’t know how to come up with more promises at the IEO stage, of course you can do what
you say, but first of all you need to find users that demand these features, and then
develop these features. Let him do his tests and take him alive. When we look at the road maps they have already
put a time before the end of 2021, but those who are intertwined with the software know
very well that seldom a job occurs on a specified date. I wouldn’t give a name, but when I was working
at a digital marketing agency, there was a job in front of us, the front end, the back
end, the front side and back side development, the design and so on. It was not about the traitor or anything,
and he could have been published about 7-8 months after the planned date when he said
tests, revisions, coding or something. I mean, it’s a little like this. Yeah, guys, I wanted to talk to you about
Centex today. Now, if you want, let’s move on to the 2 events
we do in almost every section. What were these, first of today’s bonus information,
and then immediately comments from you in the previous video. I want to tell you a very short story of the
word quarantine in today’s bonus information, fellas. Look, the plague epidemic that emerged in
China in the 14th century reaches many port cities in Europe with fleas on the
rats on the ships, and for the first time in Venice, the ships start to wait in the
port because of the possibility of infectious diseases. All ships are subject to a 30-day and 40-day
ban on land. In Venetian, friends are 40, cuaranta. The word quarantine derives from this 40-day
ban, the word cuaranta, though some sources say
it derives from the French word quarante, but the logic is the same. I love words with a story like that. They are not derived from the head, they are
based on a past. Yes, folks, if you want to answer the questions
from the previous section live here, let’s read live comments. Let’s see what we got. In the meantime, if you like this video, don’t
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