DigixDAO is the latest cryptocurrency mania

hi everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister were going to talk about the a today I will
remind everyone to keep spreading the word word about the Bitcoin having we
can make a difference in the Bitcoin price by telling everyone about the
having tagged your stuff with found having high anyway back two DigixDAO
so adding the bloom I see this new cryptocurrency in the top six in market
capitalization and like what the heck is going on here I don’t exactly understand
what did Jakes Diego has something to do with it I can’t do that its price is up
there because people want to get in on the ground floor of something good
everybody wants to get in on an IPO they all heard the stories about people
making incredible amounts of money by getting in on the ground floor something
I mean this man’s desire to be early and make a huge profit and I think everyone
is forgetting that is super super early in Bitcoin so getting into big line is a
lot safer then plopped down a lot of money on DJax dao and take a long-term
view here I think that odds are better Bitcoin doubling its price from today by
the year 2020 then did da you’re still being legitimate in 2020 ok I think of
it that way I am really true it is respectable that you want to make money
I think it’s great that people want to make money out there but some
speculations are very very risky and that’s why their speculations investments otherwise Gao Xin total tremendous speculation I
personally again think we’re super early in Bitcoin so he went to get in early on
something Bitcoin I don’t sell bitcoins by the way
everyone I i have been telling everybody to hold you keep on buying and hold at
least hold most ubiquinol they at least until 2020 ok be patient here I know
everyone is got a short-term in town here we have to think sort of long-term
here twenty 20 isn’t that long be patient don’t get caught up in all
these digits things because and maybe digi-key is gonna work rate but I gotta
tell you there are a lot of other things just like like it and they’re not all
going to work out great you’re gonna lose all your money on most of them so I
am I stirred the Bitcoin meister I will talk you later

5 thoughts on “DigixDAO is the latest cryptocurrency mania”

  1. Each coin is backed by gold so it makes perfect sense why it has a market cap so high…it's the only coin that has something more then speculation behind it… With that being said I own no digix coins but the truth is the truth

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