Digitex Futures Dump, Panic selling or Insider Trading?!?! The evidence is CRAZY!!!

What’s up everyone, its austin here at the
crypto playhouse, and today we have a particularly unpleasant topic to talk about: Digitex Futures. I’m sure that many of you in the crypto space
probably saw the absolute debacle of their price dropping about 70% recently. And we had a ton of followers contacting us,
asking what’s going on, trying to get more information. For those of you that dont know, we had helped
them out with some marketing back in 2018, and we had actually told them from the get
go that we weren’t really comfortable going in with a full partnership until they launched
their exchange. So, we kind of got a base level at least look
at the team members and things like that. But we actually, we stopped our relationship
just prior to the new year, which lo and behold ended up beginning when the delays started. So there are certain things in terms of internal
talks that we aren’t allowed to put out there. But I can honestly say, you know, even with
our NDA there’s absolutely nothing i’ve heard internally thats definitive proof of something
unscrupulous. But all the same I was interested from the
fact that we were working together, to look more into the recent price drop and kind of
what happened the background. So I’m going to lay out for you guys today,
my research, what i’ve found, what I really think is going on, and yeah. You guys can take a look at the evidence and
see what you think as well. Okay so, obviously the whole thing with Digitex,
a few weeks back for the second time now…second or third? They announced another delay, but this time
it was really about five days before they were actually supposed to launch to their
beta testers and it was basically just a complete stonewall. “This isn’t happening right now, were hiring
another team, the whole things screwed up”. Now when that happened were accusations flying
left and right, I saw a bunch of youtube videos, people saying exit scam, this and that. Look, I will say it right up front, this looks
horrible, absolutely terrible. I’m not going to say that there’s anything
definitive, I’m not going to say that I have undeniable proof of what’s going on. But what I will say is I’ve dug up a lot
of evidence that says, there were things going on in the background being done by team members
that absolutely were not right. So for this first part were really just going
to be concentrating on strictly numbers. You know, i’m not going to make any assumptions
here, this is just very simple, this is what I’ve seen. So, those of you that know kind of about blockchain
forensics and exploration, etherscan is a great tool for tracking all of the transactions
done on the ethereum network and erc20 token transactions. Now back in 2018 when we were doing some marketing
work for them, obviously we had been paid by them. So my personal etherscan address had links
to theirs when they paid us. And what i’ve done is ive basically gone back
and just followed the money. I’ve watched basically where the money flow
was coming in and out of. And there’s no question, there’s some real
red flags here. So the first one were going to start with,
i’ll just pop the screenshots up on the screen for you. The first one were going to start with is
obviously my account. Now this isn’t a wallet that I use much anymore,
but you know we received our last digitex payment a couple months ago and I took that
up one level, so this was the baseline payment account if you will, that digitex had sent
me payments out from multiple times. Now this one doesn’t have anything particularly
telling, other than the fact that it was inactive for a few months and then so happened to boot
back up and send out a couple million digitex right when all this happened. But the nitty gritty of this is one level
above that. So we’ve got my account, the account everyone
was paying me from in digitex, and then we have the feeder account. And that feeder account was what funded the
payment account. And this is really where the red flags start
popping up. I’ve only provided four of the output transactions
here, but basically were looking at four different addresses, within there. That within the 24 to 48 hours prior to this
major downturn occurring just suddenly started generating massive, massive digitex transactions
and sending them out to either mercatox or HitBTC, both where they are listed. Now, obviously people send big transactions,
but for this to suddenly pop up 24 to 48 hours prior. And were talking you know, a quarter million,
a half million at a time from multiple addresses. It’s really a red flag, and really quite suspicious
considering how long prior these addresses had been inactive. So those are just the four outputs, but there
are actually a second layer to the payments if you will. Because above this, I’ve also dug up ten
more accounts that funded that digitex feeder, which also have another collective forty plus
output transactions to hitBTC or Mercatox in the days prior to this dump. Now is that definitive proof of something
happening? No. But you can do the math, you can see it for
yourself. I’ll provide the links down in the description,
if you’re curious you can go and you can follow the trail yourself, and you can very clearly
see, money started moving very very suspiciously. I inquired about this to digitex and they
had told me that there was some concern about one particular party that may have had ill
will. But the reality is this was a lot of addresses,
this was a lot of digitex. And along with the amounts, the thing that
really has to be looked at is the timing, okay? So they released their announcement of the
absolute end all, this isn’t happening right now; at 12:03 in the afternoon. The two telling things are that on both mercatox
and HitBTC there was a small dump of a couple of million of digitex prior to the actual
downturn, and prior to the release of this information. Having a big dump five minutes prior is obviously
a little bit suspicious. But someone that’s been in crypto for a while
can obviously see the other side once that twitter post went ups. So that post went up at 12:03. Within twelve minutes of that post going u0p
and starting the second it went up the price began to tank. Okay. Twelve minutes. The average deposit time on most exchanges
is 20 minutes to 2 hours. So were expected to believe this entire downturn
was caused by non team members, just responding to news. Well, first of all those people would have
had to be responding the second of and watching twitter and dumped the moment they saw that. And it also assumes that all these people
all already had their money on exchanges. Guys, it just doesn’t make sense, it really
doesn’t add up, to have a 70% in 12 minutes, im sorry but to me, it screams insiders. The sheer volume that was transacted in that
period of time, it is completely ludacris to believe that money was brought in from
outside sources and sold off in response to that news in 12 minutes. I honestly don’t think there were enough people
that would even have seen that post in the first 12 minutes to cause this volume. So, you know; i’m a numbers guy. I love numbers, I like timing, because it
doesn’t lie. It’s very simple, huge amounts transacted,
it was done too quickly for it to be really external sources. And you know, 70%? I’ve only seen 70% in that period of time
in two other situations. ZClassic being completely pump and dumped
by Bittrex during the bitcoin private turnover. And the other? When bitconnect got shut down. It’s literally the only other two timers
i’ve seen a fall like this with a project of this size. Now obviously i have no definitive answers
herte, i’m just looking at the evidence. But there are kind of some follow up points
to that. Even if I am completely wrong on this and
these payments just look extremely suspicious, you know i dont think thats the case, but
there’s always that possibility. Even if that’s the case, the way that this
was handled was completely unprofessional, and you know that’s something that we really,
really need to change in the crypto space, alright. This announcement, you know that they were
basically closing the doors until further notice to get this done, this cam eoff the
tails of a twitter posts that went up 24 hours prior. And in the week leading up to it they went
from posting once or twice a week to sometimes twice a day. Now to me, this just screams that they’re
trying, to build attention, build attention, build attention and keep eyes off what’s going
wrong, and that they were basically trying to drive things as far as they humanly could
before making this announcement. You know adam claimed in his video that they
didn’t know until right before it happened, and all of this was a complete blindside. Sure it’s possible, but straight up, I don’t
buy it. There were some really big issues back at
new years when they were supposed to launch, obviously that didn’t happen, they’re on,
you know, kind of walking a tightrope after that. The idea that a company could go and completely
screw that up so much, and then come up to their secondary date, which is you know, everyone
in the community has their eyes on them. The idea that they could come this close to
that date and blindsided by this, I just don’t believe it. 24 hours notice for features, key features
being missing? It just doesn’t add up. And especially considering the fact that a
w3eek prior adam had gone and done a live demo of the platform. Granted it wasn’t the most in depth demo,
but how are we expected to believe this guy sat down and used the platform for 15 minutes
to give people a demo and none of these primary issues showed up to him? I mean one of the things was he was saying
that he couldn’t get a correct 24 hour volume count. That should’ve been there on the demo, it
was right there on the screen. How were these things not noticed? You know, it just doesn’t add up. You know, if it quacks like a duck, it walks
like a duck, it’s probably a duck. But once again i’ll give them the benefit
of the doubt another time, and say maybe they really didn’t know. Okay, maybe this was a complete blindside. And if that’s the case it begs one simple
question. What the hell is a company that is three months
behind their schedule doing in terms of management to not know that key features of their platform
that is to be released in five days are not ready. Okay. This is absolute mismanagement on the worst
level at the very best. At the very worst this was a scam. I leave it up to you guys to kind of look
at the data, look at the evidence and really see what you think. Let us know in the comments, you know obviously
we have our own opinions. Were not trying to throw anyone under the
bus here, but you know i’m an engineer, 1 + 1=2. And you know, that’s what we’re seeing here
in my opinion. So anyways hope you guys didn’t get burned
too badly by them, I know a lot of people did, its hard but that’s part of an emerging
asset class, these things happen. We just gotta see less and less of it in crypto
for this to go mainstream. And one of the first things with doing that
is making sure these companies are held accountable, and that traders and investors aren’t getting
played by them. So anyways, we hope to see you next time,
and have a good day crypto people.

26 thoughts on “Digitex Futures Dump, Panic selling or Insider Trading?!?! The evidence is CRAZY!!!”

  1. Just follow the money and the evidence is there. It's just too fishy that Digitex didn't know until a few days before dump. I call BS!

  2. It would be nice to get a cloak update especially since all the tech & auditable supply questions around Zcash, Zcoin, and monero

  3. I do agree that there was obvious insider trading. I think there was a scramble to cash out ahead of the news so they could keep capital and figure out the direction. I wouldn't call it a scam unless it was a complete exit but definitely scammish behavior. Without Smartdec stepping in I don't know if anything would've happened after that though. Cautiously optimistic, thanks for the video.

  4. I wonder who was the idiot who thumbed down the video. This industry needs a major clean up act because a lot of projects are getting away with murder.

  5. Austin, you should get yourself a better freaking microphone for recording. You sound like you're talking into a tin can. Also, the big dump happened almost 3 weeks ago or so, why do you need to discuss this now, and not back then? WTF

  6. Good Detective Work Austin! Digitex should be Investigated for Sure. BTW, I like your new hairstyle. Keep up the Good Work. πŸ™‚

  7. So many scam crypto projects out there it's not even funny. Great job in sharing your research with the market.

  8. I don't think it's a scam, didn't they get some tokens unlocked for funding around this time?
    Also they did know about the problems, they were just shitting themselves and praying they'd be fixed in time.
    I think intent is good, Adam is just a bit of a dick and shouldn't be running a company, see how we go with SmartDec.

  9. My respect for cryptoplayhouse has just shot through the roof, good work guys. Thank you for doing right by the community.

  10. let's suppose you have the right evidences, my question is, is Digitex the lonely project that delay? What about smartdec? Humble11

  11. Good video, calling it like it is while everyone else is treading lightly or are in total denial of the current shitstorm.

  12. insider trading maybe but they will launch with smardec team cus one of the devolpers has won most eth hackathons out of all developers in crypto space and dgtx will go above its all time high its inevitable and when it comes to innovation delays are expected.

  13. Dgtx was a pump and dump give them a false date pump to 15 cents sell price dumps give another date the second time pump to 16 cents cancel date it dumps give a thrid date price goes back up cancel 3 strikes your out

  14. Now Mercatox has another scam going called xbase 1 billion supply another exchange yet another date that will come and go anything coming from Mercatox is a scam

  15. You're right bro..the team dumped and ran off with the money before they told Adam the project fail because they know that Adam is going to announce it..now, obviously Adam did not ran with the money..he stayed and continue to try harder to complete the project…in conclusion,I think Adam is innocent here ppl…

  16. Firstly, in business, you generally do not put your former clients under the bus without substantive evidence. You are basing your claims on assumptions. The post indicating that there was a delay was posted on their blog sometime before their Twitter post stating the delay.

    Secondly, the wallets that were selling belong to former employees, advisors as well as investors (who had doubts due to Nov.).

    Third, a comment below by a user named "Conspiracy Theorist" stating Digitex is a pump and dump, to which you, representing crypto playhouse, have affirmed. This statement of yours affirming, as a representative of your channel, is likely defamation and can potentially lead to a lawsuit since you have no grounds that Digitex is a "Pump and Dump."

    When SmartDEC (An innovative tech company with international offices and widely recognized by the Ethereum community who would never ruin their reputation by accepting "Pump and Dumps") posts their Githubs and the world sees that the exchange is coming and being built, I am curious to know how investors will look at you and your channel.

    Fourth, the individual you claimed that just got up and left, actually did not just get up and leave. Indeed, the individual whom you are referring to resigned from his position, however, that same individual will still advise Digitex in-case need be.

    Thank You.

  17. interesting…..i just heard you guys work closely with Spotware??? is this true? if so, would explain this video coming out and motive, post spotware's screw up with dgtx….very very interesting

  18. I'd like to hear your thoughts now with the recent price hike and the news Adam just posted about turning it into a DAO. Looks like the exchange will be launching after all.

  19. This project has many red flags. Their smartdec team they are partnered with is working on "development" on the exchange but no sign of github or roadmap as of yet and its been what two months since they started on this. They are coming up with all these new ideas such as a DAO and token burning and whatever bull they come up with next to get people's focus off on the exchange progress..reel them all in for one last pump and boom gone! lol!

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