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hi it's David and today we're going to talk about digital currency mining this is a hot topic and the average person really has no idea how much money is involved in this arena and what the potential is but more importantly how to get involved for the IT professional it's not so bad but for the average person it's extremely difficult and with companies like Home Depot dell target kmart series victoria secrets and even subway taking it it's something that really is gripped the attention of a lot of us and we feel we've got something here that can really benefit you today so we hope you enjoy this presentation the bottom of this is our website there's more information there if you like what you see simply go to our website watch more of the videos and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have so here are some of the things we're going to talk about today what is digital currency what's digital currency mining profiting from digital currency and of course the benefits of our company did you say and at the end of this video you may want to join us or you may just want more information we're going to tell you a lot about our company we hope you like what you see so what's digital currency well it's electronic money basically like traditional money the dollar and the euro it's used to purchase goods and services particularly over the Internet most important thing you need to know about digital currency is it can be exchanged for real live cash today between twenty and thirty thousand merchants accepted worldwide we'd like to be conservative so we say twenty thousand but about a hundred to two hundred merchants per day are starting to accept digital currency this is a marketplace that's growing and something you may want to take a close look at question is how do you profit from digital currency might well you can purchase Hardware in right customized software that'll mine things like Bitcoin or like one but you've got to have some expertise to write that software you can also buy out of the box systems which are basically you know a little more simple but still unless you're an IT professional much more difficult to implement you can also join mining pools and try to profit from those pools however they're limited usually to a single currency or you can join us a digi say where our mining pools automatically mind the most profitable currency at any time during the day currently we have 16 currencies available to mine and we're scaling up to have about 60 here in the near future so I want to stop for a second and point something out that I think is critically important our software automatically mines the most profitable currency during the day while you're at work or while you're asleep or while you're out on the golf course now the average person just knows that well bitcoin exists so they go out may try to mine bitcoin bitcoin is one of the most difficult coins to earn money from we can literally earn 20 to 30 times more by earning different coins and converting them to bitcoin at the end of the business day you learn more about that in some of the videos on the page that you see listed here at the bottom of this video benefits of digi see well we kind of alluded to the fact that our software can mine coins for you 24 7 on autopilot it's simple plug-and-play my daughter she could even do it all you got to do is press a button you're going to see it in the videos on our page and you can convert the earned coins directly to cash or you can even hold them for possible accumulation and appreciation you can share this opportunity with others if you choose let me be clear there are no requirements to sell this product or to even share it however like a good movie or a good dinner chances are if you start earning money on autopilot you're going to want to share this so should you join did you say well there's a couple things you can think about number one you can earn currency which can be converted to cash automatically let that sink in a little bit where else can you earn cash automatically 24-hours a day seven days a week appreciation we mentioned earlier that you could hold the coins build a portfolio for appreciation well in 2012 if you owned one thousand dollars worth of bitcoin four months later that was worth 2.4 million and although we know that's a crazy and extreme example check the source the source here is Forbes they'll prove that this is true so we're hoping that this possible appreciation could happen for some of the coins weird we all know who eBay is and you may not know this but ebay owens paypal ebay says that paypal is going to have to integrate digital currency again the source is written there feel free to google this so let me just move my screen down here so you can see the rest of it but did she see it our company will allow the average user to participate in dozens of digital currencies where the average minor today has only access to one or two these are major considerations when you consider joining digi say we have something right now that nobody else has plug and play software that lets you mind digital coin on autopilot so if you liked what you saw just go to the website and get more information will be happy to answer all your questions have a great day

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