Digital Currency Facts – Understand The Trend Of Cryptocurrency

some digital currency facts a lot of people are not familiar with it it's been around for about six years or so and there are a hundred of digital currencies you may not be aware of around the world in fact a very well-known digital currency that came out maybe about five years ago has grown by over 16,000 percent more and more merchants are accepting digital currency and the demand for digital currency will increase its value in fact there are countries out there right now talking about adding the digital virtual currency so we're ahead of the game and you could be a part of that understanding the trend of cryptocurrency you see Bitcoin was the one that was the first developer of cryptocurrency and this happened like six years ago and most of us don't even know about it or haven't even heard about it well now in 2015 crypto currencies all over the news it's all over the internet and Bitcoin went from pennies on the dollar literally where you could buy tens of thousands of Bitcoin for dollars went all the way up to six years later up to over twelve hundred dollars for a one single coin now imagine if you were able to buy this virtual cryptocurrency when it was under a dollar well it's created tons of millionaires I mean there was a man who for $27 bought Bitcoin he forgot that even had it and now it's worth today 886 thousand dollars and that was recorded in 2013 so understand that there's a lot of people that have made money from this trend even there was a guy in 2010 that bought a pizza for 10,000 Bitcoin now what happened was there was a gentleman that had tens of thousands of Bitcoin or maybe a hundreds of thousands he said to his buddy aged man if you'll buy me a pizza I'll just go ahead and send you this virtual currency this Bitcoin and I'll put into your account and the guys like sure no problem i'll take the 10,000 Bitcoin well guess what today it's worth around 2.8 million dollars this is the most profitable pizza in the world and you know he could have made up to 12 a million dollars by purchasing this pizza at the height of the cryptocurrency bitcoin trend and so bitcoin is now stabilized around two hundred and eighty dollars per coin and can you imagine it used to be worth you know pennies on the dollar and what bitcoin is done it's created multiple multiple millionaires all around the world now it's so valued and so many people respect this cryptocurrency that even the two twins that helped develop facebook they put tens of millions of their own dollars into bitcoin not only them but the owner of linkedin put tens of millions of his own dollars into bitcoin and there's many other people around the world that have put millions of dollars into cryptocurrency now this is the crypto currency exchange you see once Bitcoin did what they did and they became very profitable and people became millionaires a lot of people felt that they missed the boat so there were other people that develop their own cryptocurrency and launch them like the ripple coin the litecoin the dark dark coin the doggy coin and people had an opportunity again to buy into coins that were under a dollar fifty cents twenty cents and make you know tons of profit on it and so what is this cryptocurrency well think of it like regular currency you've got the forex exchange where people could trade dollars for euros per yen's and you could trade that well you could do the same thing with this cryptocurrency this is the crypto currency exchange where you could trade different currencies amongst each other however the governments and the banks don't look at cryptocurrency as a currency they look at it more as like a commodity or like a stock so they know that if you buy a cryptocurrency at fifty cents and it goes up to 23 bucks you're going to make profit so it's your responsibility to share those gains with whatever you know wherever you live and share that you know you've made profit on behalf of a cryptocurrency but what's so exciting is that we created a one concept dr. usha decided that she was going to create her own cryptocurrency because she knew the pros and she studied the cons of the industry and she said if I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do it right and I'm going to just take the best of both worlds and combine them and that's the world of you know the home based business industry word of mouth marketing and then combined with crypto currency and what she's done in the short period of the last five to six months now she's been building this project for several years but in the last five or six months when she launched his company she's blowing away the numbers of other cryptocurrencies that have launched and her goal is to make it in the top 10 chart to bring more visibility notoriety and credibility so the coin besides the members that are in the company that are utilizing this coin right now now this is the one coin model you can see it's located in Europe in Bulgaria this is the office the Home Office and the team these are the different packages that you can get involved with you can start for as little as a starter pack for a hundred 500 euros a thousand euros three thousand euros or five thousand euros now understand if you're going to decide to build this business you're going to want to add the activation on to whatever package you choose now each package has its own benefits for instance the higher the package you go the more bonus coins that you'll be able to get you also get more education basically this is what you're going to get the starter which is a hundred euros you're going to end up with 1001 tokens and you're also going to get these agc coins which I'll explain a little bit about that later but these are Arab coins that are backed by one milligram of gold in Dubai so you get so not only do you get a thousand one tokens but you also get bonuses of these agc coins each level if you put in 500 euros you get 5,000 tokens 1,000 years 10,000 tokens 3,000 euros 30,000 tokens and then when you order the tycoon packages is 5,000 euros they give you an extra ten thousand tokens one tokens which as a bonus and then they also give you 2,500 of these Arab coins or a GC coins besides what you get here you're also going to get education about crypto currency and how to profit so what do I learn from this one Academy all educational packages provide trading skills in the form of interactive videos manuals quizzes and lots more you're going to learn what cryptocurrency is you're going to learn how to profit from trading cryptocurrency and tokens you're going to be able to predict the price of the point and buy low and sell high and you're going to learn everything about investing in gold all the members are going to receive a free e-wallet with a one payment system all members with the trader package or higher will receive a free mastercard you'll be able to get all your bonuses and commission payments paid out in your e-wallet use this at ATMs where master cards are accepted and this is international instant money transfers so this is also an added benefit of what you're going to get with these packages now understand that there's no auto ships there's no monthly commitment once you buy your package that's it so how do you actually make money here well you make money from direct sales which means that if you refer somebody you're going to get a commission you're also going to get paid from a network bonus that means that as your team builds you're going to get matching bonuses we also going to get startup bonuses you're going to get one life you're going to be a part of the one life club which is these points that you can use for free trips and different vacations and things that they're going to add to the program you're also going to be able to earn money when the coin or the token split which I'll get into that where your account will literally double in value you're also going to be able to make money from the gold coins the Leadership Program and you're also going to get the one payment card system so this is a lucrative simple compensation plan i'm going to go through a few highlights here you're going to earn a direct sales bonus of ten percent so if you refer somebody for five hundred dollars you're going to get 50 bucks if you refer somebody for a five-thousand-year-old package you're going to get 500 euros that's how it works right ten percent you'll also get a start-up bonus in your first 30 days an extra ten percent as long as you qualify how do you qualify well once you've done five thousand five hundred euros in personal business volume so that means if you refer somebody let's say for a five thousand package and you for another person for a 1000 package well that's 6,000 in volume well what the company is going to do is they're going to give you an extra ten percent so instead of you making six hundred euros you're going to end up making 1,200 so you'll double your money just because you did you know five thousand five hundred euros in volume in your first 30 days you're also going to receive a network bonus of ten percent of the business volume on your weaker side you see this business is like a binary a binary compensation plan which means you can only build two teams you can refer as many people as you want 5 10 20 but they're only going to fall up on one or two sides on your left side or your right side well one side is always going to be stronger and one side is always going to be a slightly lesser and weaker well you're going to earn ten percent of whatever the volume is on your wet lesser leg or your lesser team so if that team let's say produces $10,000 this week well you're going to earn a thousand dollars if that team produces let's say someone decides to buy in any and it pays to infinity unlimited depth that's what's exciting about the network bonus you get paid to infinity unlimited depth meaning that if somebody on your weaker side lives in Timbuktu in China and Europe anywhere in the world and they decide to buy a five thousand euro package the tycoon package you're going to earn a five-hundred-dollar bonus right and that's somebody that you didn't even personally know or refer and they could be a hundred levels down from you that's the power of the network bonus it pays to unlimited depth the power of the generational matching bonus is that it pays for generations down but it pays unlimited width which means if you were 45 people 10 people 100 people you're going to get paid more the wider it goes this is one of the most lucrative compensation plans that I've ever seen and when I share some of the testimonies of what's happening here because of this compensation plan you're going to be very impressed so these are the recognition and awards table of all the different ranks that somebody can achieve anywhere from sapphire ruby emerald diamond blue diamond black diamond and crown diamond these are the different ranks these are the qualifications you'll end up getting you know at different ranks like MacBook Air trips you know rolex watches and much more and this is all the benefits that they throw an extra on top of all the bonuses that you're able to get this company has secured a unique opportunity and partnered with a new cryptocurrency which is an Arum gold coin to understand this is a hybrid currency and it's based in Dubai every Arab coin is backed by one milligram of solid gold and this gold is physically stored in a vault in Dubai so all members receive this depending on the packages that you buy you receive these free gold coins and the more the bigger the package the more of these gold coins that you receive now these are the different levels you know if you come in at the starter you get the 50 50 NM coins if you come in at the pro trader 500 executive trader 59 the tycoon you get 2500 of these gold coins and if you see on the right there it's actually backed by one milligram of gold for every crypto arum coin currency besides everything that I've shared with you this is extremely exciting where your accounts are actually going to be doubling and splitting which means that your accounts are going to double in value because of this and because of the value of the coin going up and the fact that the coin is valued at literally 50 cents right now and it can only go up from here it's never been worth more it's like getting involved in Bitcoin which is valued at over two hundred dollars right now getting it for under a dollar and so you do not have to refer people or recruit people to make money here and understand is that your money is going to go up in value because your art you're buying things that are that have it as an asset these gold coins and these one coins are in intrinsic there's an intrinsic value to it so what let me explain to you the power of these splits which depending on when you're watching this video a split could be happening at any moment because they happen anywhere from every 40 to 60 days where people's accounts double now if you look here on the right if you get a starter package a traitor a pro trader executive trader you're only guaranteed one split so it means your accounts only going to double one time if you purchase the tycoon package your account or double two times and so let me show you how to type packaged example is when you buy the tycoon package for five thousand thirty euros you're going to receive 60,000 tokens okay now these 60,000 tokens are going to convert into one coins at approximately five to one so you'll end up with about twelve thousand of these coins valued at fifty cents a coin currently now each split so imagine your account will split so your coins will go from 12,000 to 24,000 because what will happen is is the company will give you another 60,000 tokens and so you'll be able to mine more coins which will give you twenty four thousand coins when the first split happens when the second split happens you could end up around forty eight thousand coins so the value of 48,000 coins at fifty cents is worth twenty four thousand euros understand you only purchase the tycoon package for five thousand thirty euros yet the value of your account is at twenty four thousand euros and that's at fifty cents which is the very beginning of the price going up now imagine when it goes to a dollar you're looking at forty eight thousand euros is what your accounts going to be worth if it goes to two dollars you're talking about ninety six thousand euros is what your account will be worth and if it does anything close to Bitcoin you're talking about astronomical numbers here and an opportunity that you do not want to ignore so this is the predicted growth and the growth potential of our one coin in its first year on a base scenario it could be between you know fifty cents to around two dollars and fifty cents at the end of 52 weeks on an optimistic scenario you're talking about five dollars per coin and right now you're able to get them at fifty cents a coin so you can see how much profit is in this program without even referring people or recruiting anybody just the value of the coins going up no auto-ship no monthly requirement now this is based on three years and it's based on the success of Bitcoin so you can see after three years it could be anywhere worth fifty dollars up to a hundred dollars per coin in the next three years and what's exciting to know is that dr. usha is an attorney she's crossing all her T's dotting all her eyes she makes sure that she's paying everybody on time people are absolutely making a ton of money in this business right now and she's even working with top attorneys here in America to make sure that everything is above board for all of us to be able to capitalize that are in the United States and be able to make sure that we have a business and a program for a long period of time to earn huge income for us in our family this is the trading strategies and general description of what the potential is if you're going for a short term strategy you're talking about if you have a tycoon package it'll be worth anywhere from twenty four thousand to forty-five thousand euros if you've got the long term strategy and you want to hold it for 24 months you're talking about 96,000 to possibly up to half a million dollars worth half a million euros worth your account and a balanced strategy maybe you know 5050 where you sell some and you keep some you're talking about maybe you know two hundred thousand to about four hundred and thirty two thousand euros worth is what your account will be worth and your coins and value so this is just to give you a glimpse of perhaps if you're looking at seeing where the numbers fall in the next coming months and years this company is creating more success stories than I've ever seen before there's over a hundred thousand members worldwide in six months the company is paying on time people are making huge income and we're at the ground floor of a cryptocurrency that's going to break records not only that there's over a hundred and thirty-five people maxing out this compensation plan let me explain to you what that means and how huge this is I've been in the home based business industry for many years I've made tens of thousands of dollars a month and even a week before and even you know thousands of dollars a day and understand this much for somebody to max out a comp plan usually a company is in business for at least two to three years right and out of a hundred thousand members usually there's a handful of people that are making over a hundred thousand dollars a month usually maybe five ten people in the whole bini that are making over a hundred thousand dollars a month maxing out the comp plan while in this company there's over 135 people that are making four hundred and forty thousand euros per month right now can you believe that I'm going to repeat that one hundred and forty thousand euros per month there's over 135 people maxing out the comp plan being able to do that what that means for you is that there are people right now on our team that are making huge income because if so many people can max it out even if you never make one hundred and forty thousand dollars a month but because the compensation plan is so lucrative and you're able to make maybe 20,000 or fifty thousand dollars a month a lot easier than any other business or program out there it's absolutely well worth your time so many people on our team in their first couple weeks are making thousands of dollars weekly already and the USA is just getting started the timing is perfect even though there's over a hundred thousand members worldwide in this company there's less than 2,000 members in the United States of America right now as you're watching this presentation so understand the timing couldn't be more perfect you've got a cryptocurrency that's never gone up of higher than fifty cents it's at fifty cents you're at the launch you've got members around the world making over a hundred forty thousand euros a month you've got the USA and people that you know that haven't even heard about this by now you're probably realizing that what I've shared with you is real authentic and we were totally transparent and that you do not want to miss out on this program or this business no matter what level you decide to get started at so what I recommend you do is position yourself for success and partner with our team today get back to the person that shared this presentation with you and thank them that they shared this with you now and not six months from now a year from now when the coin is worth several dollars and you could have made a ton of money when the people that you know are ready in the business when America has tens of thousands of people involved here is the best time and the right time to get involved the company is stable they're paying on time people are making tens of thousands of dollars a week all around the world and you have the chance to do the exact same thing as I said we have a great opportunity here for you to save take your money let it grow let your money work hard for you you can do that by contacting the person that invited you to this video we thank you for your time and we wish you the best

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