25 thoughts on “Digital Assets Will Do To Finance What Netflix Did To Cable And Ripple XRP”

  1. im xrp but you missing the 1 link that can kill XRP. Hyper Ledger tech is becoming OUTDATED… Taking too loooonggg will be there downfall if you ask me bro… Blockchain now has bigger better brains all over it ,. So if time to move or lose….

  2. Crypto currencies are the beginning of a mass extinction event for the current banking system as we know it! In the future banks will be nothing more than a glorified application on your phone competing for your business in this block chain space! Brick and mortar banks will start closing at an accelerated pace over the next 10 years and eventually just like the typewriter repairman they will be gone forever! ?

  3. Speculation of XRP is really getting old and I don't even watch a full video anymore. I want to see price movement! price movement! price movement!

  4. I felt your justifiable Anger towards politicians like Maxine Waters. Some are characters staite out of the old sitcomes like the 'Jeffersons'. Now we can see the humour all the way to the bank.

  5. You Are Spot On. Local, State, And Federal Governments Are Being Run By Stupid Morons. All They Know How To Do Is Pass Out Fees, Fines, Permits, Taxes, Stifling Regulations, And Gobs Of Other Crap To Justify Their Stupid Non Productive Job. They Produce Nothing. They Only Extort And Steal.

  6. They simply don't care.
    ONLY Mr Trump knows the importance of XRP. Don't you worry DAI he will make America great again by flipping that switch when time comes

  7. but hey DAI….you talk about "moron politicians"….you DO know your boy Trump is a lying pile of shyte politician who ALSO does not like crypto….what do you have to say about THAT? think you can get Trump's D out of your mouth any time soon? you are a Trump D sucking phony

  8. Crypto Bitlord is now reduced to bragging about 35% gains in obscure shitcoins as "Altseason"….he is full of shit…..and is everyone into XRP for 35%? i dont think so

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