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  1. Interesting stuff! Thumbs up. But can't you place your floating pic further off the screen as it blocks other images and text? Cheers from Upstate New York.

  2. Most people misunderstand technical analysis . Technical analysis never tells you it is a buy or sell . Technical analysis can only be used in terms of probability and never certainty . There are over 500 technical indicators but not a single indicator will tell buy or sell with certainty . If those TI worked we would all be wealthy . In fact TI are one of the reason why 90% of traders lose money in market . The chart is a tool that displays the action of buyers and sellers . You have to find the way to interpret it . Only your experience with it might give you an edge . Technical is very useful if you are trading with perticular time frame in mind like day trading or swing or position . Charts are fractal in nature and buy on one time frame but at the same time it can be sell on other time frame . Unfortunately traders are not deciplined and use indicator to base entry and end up on wrong side of the trade . Fundamentals may turn out to be right over long time frame but trading is mostly short term and your skill in interpreting chart will give you an edge. For technical trader fundamental is useless and any published news is dangerous to traders wealth . Technical and fundamental have conflict because time frames are different .

  3. In futures market not anybody can become market maker . You need millions of dollars and best of the best trader to be market maker . The roll of market maker is to provide liquidity . They are obliged to fill any size at market price order . Market maker guarranties to fill but they choose the price . Market maker takes opposite side of your trade and does not matter long or short . They mostly make money from spread between ask and bid . In futures there is a short contract for every long contract or vice versa . Number of long contracts are equals to short contract . Price does not move because there are more buyer or sellers . The price moves up because of at market price orders ( FOMO orders ) . Limit orders do not move the price regardless how large it is . If you can get your head wrapped around this concept then you will do just fine with trading . To do proper analysis you need order flow data which tell you the status of at market price orders . Futures market is highly liquid and leveraged and now mostly dominated by day traders , individuals as well as institutional traders . Over 90% of volume is day trading volume. I hope this explains little bit about market .

  4. Another great contribution Eri. There are a lot of XRP enthusiasts including several prominent tubers and bloggers who use 'liquidity' like its some emergent property of XRP. Liquidity is a characteristic of a pair of assets in a market at a specific time so XRP/USD liquidity can be very different to XRP/JPY liquidity on any day depending on prevailing market conditions. One of the things that interests me is whether Ripplenet uses institutional Core Liquidity Providers (makers/takers) in the same way as the Forex market does or simply relies on the open market book on each exchange. I doubt it's the later. Perhaps each partnered exchange fulfills that role but for Ripplenet to work efficiently I would speculate that it needs the market depth and pricing best attained through competition.

  5. Not sure how to send u a message on youtube. But I just got a message from bittrex they are adding usd markets for South Carolina. Slowly coinbase is becoming more and more irrelevant 🙂

  6. Love your videos lady…awesome! Keep them comming ???
    NEVER is the worst time to buy !❤?❤?

  7. Your videos are so smooth and professional Eri. It raises questions about your journey through life. If you ever felt like telling us something about your background, I'm sure that your subscribers would love to hear about your story! I really enjoyed the cat and dog fluff. I'm a lover of animals. Your perspective from Japan is really valuable and appreciated. Thank you.

  8. I am curious about the Japanese populations general sentiment toward crypto currency. It's my understanding that daily transactions are largely cash based. I am curious if a push by the banking industry there could spawn the wide spread use of digital currency for day to day transactions. How much resistance do you think this would meet? For that matter, why do they still largely use cash rather than say a debit card?

  9. First thing I learned in my study of crypto is that Asia is probably way more important than the US, going forward. Thanks for your work. XRP's University outreach is here in Austin at UT. Very exciting. Makes me want to go back to grad school at age 63.

  10. max keiser of keiser report is saying XRP has a centralized protocal so is insecure and so bitcoin and lightening network will bury all other crypts. especially XRP and litecoin.. https://youtu.be/7o6zOZxQHUw thoughts anyone? thanks

  11. The CME course looks interesting! Keep up great work, love your channel! Have a beautiful day in Japan. XRP to the moon!

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