Digital Asset Management anchors D2L's software solution to manage creative production for brands.

watch and learn how design to launch brand manager lets you securely manage your corporate assets and makes them accessible to users throughout the organization using a standard browser quickly locate the most recent approved version of your assets repurpose assets and track changes to prevent redundant rework with brand manager being productive just got simpler there's no bloated software to power up simply launch your browser there's no huge learning curve the interface is highly intuitive it works the way your mind works there's clarity at the individual and team level because brand manager spans your entire enterprise even when your enterprise spans the globe for starters brand manager lets you customize your dashboard you organize assets and hubs the way you like want to see all the logos in one place or all your tasks how about all assets by user or those that were recently created just create a hub then define what's inside dragon place a hub where it makes sense to you because you know what makes you productive simple secure efficient with brand manager it's simple to add new assets images documents PDFs any file type you can imagine let's add a couple new assets to brand manager just choose the file then tag the asset with appropriate metadata making it easy for users to quickly find what they need let's add one more when you click add asset these two assets are made available in brand manager we make it simple to locate assets that's because brand manager features a rich meta tag search it returns only relevant search results assets you're authorized to work on and search results render meaningful visual cues of your assets so you can quickly identify what you need goodbye version panic hello clarity brand manager automatically saves all versions of an asset but it makes crystal clear which version is current approved the latest and greatest and when there's no guesswork there are no errors and you're more effective because confidence inside an enterprise is apparent from the outside underneath it all brand manager is powerful it stores your files in their native format but lets your team view them in the integrated viewers so everyone accomplishes more within one application it even lets you compare versions side by side including annotations for a full visual audit trail your teams will discover new ways to innovate creating opportunities to repurpose assets so there's less to create from scratch we know that security is critical so brand manager grants access to those you off etiquette packaging engineers art directors writers reviewers managers regulators even external partners and suppliers and blocks those you don't we make it easy for the right people to play their role effectively to become natural collaborators managing the lifecycle of your assets is simple from ideation to production to view details just click the thumbnail or select an action from the drop down menu when a campaign ends you can expire an asset to ensure it's no longer used we make it easy with just a couple of clicks you can even have assets expire automatically after a given time to enforce a scheduled periodic review it's clear with brand manager your efficiencies will improve by leaps and bounds you'll be re-energized and empowered and you'll bank the savings that accompanied secure flawless delivery designed to launch brand manager get your packaging and marketing right the first time

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