1. Great video explaining the use for Digibyte (DiguSign) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Kbq24TKDg

  2. Digibyte is now on Exodus Eden. You don't need to go to an exchange. Its in Beta to go on Exodus. Personally have 40k in DGB. Gonna go get some while its still cheap

  3. Take a look at ADC AudioCoin….new road map, excellent relationships and a great concept with a low market cap ready to go off.

  4. People are pouring billions into the top 50 Crypto this one should explode from investment. I just bought over 200000 I made the mistake not to but enough Ripple I'm not missing out on DGB. I still hold plenty of BTC because I believe it's the most secure and love it all.

  5. Not a fan of digibyte, specially if the market cap will increase over time. Sure it has the potential to reach .25, but $1 is another thing. It would have to offer the same inflation ripple did for it to have a chance at $1 and I just don't see that happening with Digibyte. Anything is possible sure, but it's less likely… I see projects such as Verge, FunFair, and Golem having more potential than Digibyte could ever be, but that is just my opinion. Digibyte is good for short term flipping, but for long term expecting it to reach $1 is very unlikely.

  6. I downloaded the core wallet for Digibytes, Linux, synched up with the network, took about 24 hours with my lousy connection, then sent a test from my Bittrex wallet. Once Bittrex shuffled stuff around and sent the coins, it was instant. Then it took 7 secs to confirm … SEVEN SECONDS … I would never pour all my money into one coin, but if I did, this would be it.

  7. In 2018 DGB enterprise will go to Andromeda Galaxy. Well established coin with crazy speed, huge scalability and extreme low fees!

  8. I believe DGB will pump and then drop for the majority of the year just like last year. I dont really care if John Mcafee said something about it. Although he does make coins pump and dump real fast and Bittrex already warned that if you participate in pump and dumps you can lose your account.

  9. Correct me if I;m wrong but digitbyte was designed to be 1000X smaller than Bitcoin so it would ned to have a market cap 100 times bigger than BTC and it would still only be worth a dollar. Its a small coin by design. IT won't go to the moon but orbit. Yet you need to buy big quants. Whos got the nuts to skink $20k into digibyte and wait a year? Exactly.

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